Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/02/2015 – Jimmy Kimmel, Cousin Sal, Bill Simmons, David Alan Grier, and more

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/02/2015 – Jimmy Kimmel, Cousin Sal, Bill Simmons, David Alan Grier, and more

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jimmy Kimmel, Cousin Sal, Bill Simmons, David Alan Grier, and more

Recorded 02-01-2015 – Release Date 02-02-2015

Production Number #1502

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Dawson has a solid prerecorded intro, Natalia interrupts Adam’s intro and its right after the Patriots have won the game, Ben Affleck has left the building but Matt Damon is scheduled to arrive soon.

Adam explains the multitude of celebrities rolling around the place, Natalia is talking into a live mic, Sonny is talking into a dead mic and Adam calls Natalia his son.

Adam says it’s been a crazy night and he’s had a couple of drinks, Natalia’s friend Cammie is also present with them.


Adam is asking Cammie about her allergies, eggs, dairy and nuts.

Adam has her EpiPen and explains what it is to Sonny, Adam is now asking his daughter about throwing ice-cream on Cammie.

Natalia explains the music room outside of Jimmy’s house where they’re recording this, Adam is having them paint a picture of the room, they’re all chiming and it’s super cute.


Adam won 5k off the game, Sonny doesn’t know who Ben Affleck is, he’s batman dude!

Adam is trying to rustle up the guests, Gary is heading into the main house to get some guests, Adam is doing his best to describe the room they’re in.

Natalia has a killer closing line and now it’s just Adam and Cammie hanging out on mic, this is great!


Adam is now quizzing Cammie about what she likes about Natalia, the girls are doing the “Be Aggressive” cheer and DAG is entering the studio.

DAG is now sharing the “we’ll win the fight in the parking lot” cheer as he demonstrated on Classic Loveline and Sonny is shouting about the Seahawks loss, he’s knowledge.

DAG is commenting on the barn that Jimmy has on his property, Dag is giving out some plugs for his upcoming standup and Adam is now asking him about doing standup when he’s able to do so many other things.


Bill Simmons is joining them and giving his take on The Patriots winning, he’s sharing what a surprise it was and he’s got a funny serial killer reply.

DAG is asking Bill about his red face and they’re talking about favorite QB’s and Adam jokes about Russell Wilson being so well spoken, mocking the inherent racism in comments like that.

Natalia gets on mic and explains the patriots cheated and Bill asks if he can leave and see his kids, now they’re talking about the latest Fast and Furious trailer.


Adam is going on about his bet, his kids are protesting and DAG tells him it’s his fault for telling the kids how much he bet, Adam marvels at betting and having his kids root against him for it.

Cousin Sal is now on mic and Sonny is right in the mix with his football knowledge, DAG jokes about Sal having the voice of a broken man and Sal tells Adam he will give his cash to August but what happens to it after that isn’t his responsibility.

DAG has a killer riff about what Tom Brady could be praying for, his life is magical, hilarious use of “colored.”


Jimmy Kimmel is now joining them with some kids in tow as well, DAG shares how Jimmy showed him a backway to get to his house.

DAG is talking about Jimmy approaching him for his barn construction, Jimmy jokes that he wanted a place for humans and animals to come together.

Jimmy shares that Sonny knows more about building than he does, funny “reclaimed wood” comment while describing showing Sonny around the house.


They’re all commenting on the look of displeasure on the Seahawks player’s faces after losing, now they’re discussing dreadlocks and Adam asks DAG why he never styled his hair that way and he’s got an anecdote about his father.

Jimmy comments on this room being used for his Karaoke events and now Adam is asking him how the bits for JKL work, Jimmy explains that John Krasinski and Matt Damon approached him for their last bit of last week.

Jimmy is now listing off all of the famous people in the bit, they’re talking about Chris Evans fake moustache.


DAG is thanking Jimmy for the feedback he got about his appearance on JKL, Adam jokes about doing more for DAG than Jimmy ever has.

Jimmy takes it back to Sonny and asks him some hard hitting relationship questions, DAG is now doing his impression of Sonny as an adult.

Adam is now sharing his take on the Menendez brothers, Jimmy says they talked about this topic all the time when they first met, now it’s a podcast, solid!


Jimmy tells them about getting Lasik nearly 20yrs ago, Adam is bringing up a great anecdote of Jimmy’s contacts and he tells the story of “Huevos rancheros” in El Segundo at 3am before they went fishing and Jimmy got very seasick.

Jimmy has a great quote of Adam declaring the fish dowry’s left for Jimmy by the other fishermen as the “spirit of the mariner” and Sonny is still trying to get into the conversational mix despite some more adult topics, including the transition of Bruce Jenner into a woman.

Sonny has a funny “thinking of football” comment and Adam and the guys are talking about Liberace having his boyfriend get surgery to look like him, Adam does a funny “am I right Sonny” and they take it back to Bruce Jenner and his transition and ponder if it’s a reality show stunt or actual reality.


Adam asks Dag if Bruce is becoming a woman, Adam is now setting up the greatest celebrity boxing match of all time, Bruce vs. Chaz Bono.

DAG asks about Manny Pacquiáo and Adam is bringing up the time Manny called off the fatwa placed on Adam’s head for his comments about the Philippines in 2010.

Adam is now giving his take/expertise on the upcoming fight between Manny and Floyd, Adam says this is it and it’s going to finally happen this summer.


Adam says he would fight Pacquiáo for 70 million, he would do anything for that amount.


Adam is doing a Pro Flowers live read

DAG snoring 2015 edition


Dag is now quizzing Jimmy about flowers, they’re joking about dude’s giving flowers to other dudes and they’re talking about Evander Holyfield.

Adam is now bringing up “Fan Man” and the incident most people have forgotten, Adam is now apologizing for saying badass motherfucker in front of Sonny, he says he hears that every day.

Adam comments on Evander’s willingness to trade with the likes of Tyson, just without fear.


DAG is now doing his impression of Evander and Adam is rolling with it, solid improv.

Dag is now on a funny “Turrist” (terrorist) bit and they’re back to Evander’s style of not being scared of any human being on earth.

Mrs. Kimmel has shown up, the wonderful Molly.


Jimmy is commenting on the betting they did, he mentions buying squares for his daughter Katie.

DAG is telling Molly about the sleepovers that Jimmy used to have over at Adam’s place.

Jimmy is asking Adam about his notes, Adam says it’s a live read.


Adam is doing an Iron Planet live read


DAG is quizzing Jimmy about his chickens and Adam asks DAG about his latest pork acquisitions, DAG is getting serious about the drama of his pork dealing and Jimmy has a killer polio one liner to close things out.

Adam fumbles the JKL plug and jokes about running out of time for Matt Damon to join them, nice.

Adam wraps up the show and gives out the remaining plugs.