Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/02/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 114

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/02/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 114

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-24-2014 – Release Date 02-02-2014

Production Number #114 Nude Scenes  

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro and some “good juju” from Drew.

Adam is asking Drew to weigh in on an article and giving out a plug for an upcoming Mangria event and some live podcasts.

Adam is sharing the premise of the article with Drew, regarding Lena Dunham and her nudity in “Girls” and the questions she gets about it, Adam is riffing on the book advance she got and how it can work with such a relatively small audience.


Adam is giving his take on “Girls” and the nudity within it saying he likes the show and doesn’t mind the nudity at all, he’s sharing the L.A. Times piece about Dunham “forcing us to reconsider what bodies we celebrate and why”.

Drew says that has to have been written by a woman, Adam is joking about being forced to reconsider with a funny series of comment.

Drew is making a point about the hardwired sexual attraction of men, including the past of rubenesque women and the differences between images and real life, Adam is clarifying that images are what men would prefer if they could get to it in their real life.


Adam has a killer surf and turf food analogy, Drew is bringing up the Huffington post piece on the school to prison pipeline where Adam was being interviewed on Huffpo live.

Adam is taking it back to the topic at hand and how you can’t shape what people are attracted to.

They’re now playing the clip from Huffpo live where the woman launched into the pipeline nonsense, Drew’s laughing his ass off at her points and Adam’s great logic in his replies, nice use of “white privilege” too.

Adam shows Drew his new book cover.


Adam is now adding Rob to the pantheon of greats who can’t name their favorite toppings for food.

He’s citing his recent hotdog run and Rob’s reply to what kind of dogs he would prefer.

Rob is now on mic and the guys are quizzing him on his favorite dog, this is great.


Rob’s in luck and now Adam is going off on Dr. Bruce’s kids and the infamous pizza preference story, Drew is acting as if he’s never heard this before, he could be right.

Drew is bringing up the “you scare them” angle and Adam is now bringing up how Lynette says this too, Adam is bringing up an example of someone insulting him and that being an example of him intimidating them.

Adam has a hilarious “best book I ever read, you wanna blowjob!” exasperated reply of someone who’s truly in fear of him.


Drew is now asking Chris and Gary if they’re scared of Adam, they both have solid replies.

Gary is now calling Drew out on his absolute bullshit of him saying “it’s too scary”.

Drew is further walking through the story with Adam, trying to figure out the kid’s motivation.

Drew is launching into a live read.


They’re returning from break with the standard plugs from Adam, reminding the fans to do show some appreciation.

Drew is once again insisting he will bring a portable recorder to tape a podcast over dinner with Adam, Adam is wisely saying that Drew announces things on air like it somehow then makes them happen, he’s got a very elegant way to describe it.


1st Caller Dennis, he’s an attorney and his sister’s husband recently committed suicide, Dennis is telling them the details of the man’s mental health and his previous attempts to jump from a bridge.

Adam has a great roommate hazing/bullying retort mocking Huffpo, Adam is giving his take on nature and is asking Drew about nature programming individuals to be prone to suicide.

Adam is walking Drew through his logic and Drew agrees that nature wants to thin the heard.


Dennis wants to know his boundaries in dealing with his sister and her family, he reveals he’s an attorney and Adam is making a point about people who sound like what they do and comparing his voice to ACS guest Ben Shapiro.

Drew is now explaining how he needs to choose a north star in dealing with these kids, instead of using his attorney brain.

Adam is making a point about men and women, calling this a male and female thing, Adam says women don’t respond to this targeted way of thinking, Adam is giving an example that ends up with “why are you coming at me that way” and Drew says it’s infusing feelings into interpersonal relations.


Adam is telling Drew that all of his excuses and reasoning are things you would do with a pet, not a human, Dennis is laughing in agreement and gets a thanks from Ace.

Adam is now telling Drew why Dennis is right, he’s explaining how these interactions probably go down between Dennis and his sister, Drew is offering up advice and telling Dennis to hire her a good attorney to set a boundary with her.

Adam explains that Drew wouldn’t accept this behavior from his kids, why should Dennis from a grown adult with children. Adam is offering up some very practical advice and asking him to call back.


Adam is explaining why he thinks Drew is a hypocrite in the department of what he expects from his kids vs. what he expects from the rest of society.

Adam is calling it a little bit of elitism and Drew is agreeing while trying to explore why that might hold weight, Adam is now clarifying it for him.

To me it’s like Drew’s point about the opiate addicts, if you’re sitting on your couch slamming welfare checks you’re fine to go on replacement therapy, if you fly a plane you need be 100% clean, Adam has a made comparisons to this in the past as well.


Adam is making a point about treating people with different forms of discipline to influence them into positive actions, he’s using an inner city magnet school staffed by former gangbangers.

Adam is now explaining that people should not backpedal when met with negative reactions.


2nd Caller Alex, he’s recently quit smoking pot for an upcoming drug test, Adam and Drew are quizzing him about his use over the past 17 years.

Drew is walking him through all of the symptoms including the possible 6 months of sleep disturbances.

Adam is joking with Drew about medications, hilarious!


Drew predicts Alex will go back to using and he totally agrees with him, Drew clarifies it’s his biology that mandates he relates to marijuana in the way he does.

Adam is asking him about his daily use levels, trying to discern how he uses it.

Adam is making his point about regular marijuana users and contrasting their habits against that of habitual smokers and their declarations of quitting as a New Year’s Resolution.


Adam is saying that these people are bullshitting themselves and refuse to even try to reduce their intake, Adam is saying that most people are that way and wants to know if it’s their wiring.

Adam thinks half of it is bullshit, he’s making a point about convincing other people to adapt their behavior and relationships to substances, and Drew is now getting to the moderation approach to substance abuse.

Adam is now taking it back to his booze vs. weed discussions with Drew on this show, his point is about the casual consumption and how that never leads to a wake and brew unlike the weed user who is most likely using throughout the day.


3rd Caller Adam he has 3 prominent pock marks on his forehead, Adam is interrupting to mock the laser skin treatments that never seemed to do shit.

Adam wants to know what he can do to fix the appearance, Drew wants to know why he’s so depressed and affected by this.

Adam is telling him to get it filled with some cosmetic filler, Drew agrees and Adam is asking him about his mood and mocking his bad year of 19.


Adam is now telling Adam to be aware that the years from 19-23 aren’t going to be his salad days, he needs to take this time to improve his station in life and he’s sharing the misery of his own 19-23.

Adam is saying that one day they’ll break down the best years for women vs. men and desirability.


4th Caller Elizabeth she wants to know what to do when you know a family member needs help but can’t afford it, Drew is giving her practical advice of 12 step meeting and Al-Anon for herself.

Adam is chiming and supporting Drew’s advice, Adam is thanking everyone and wrapping up the show.