Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/01/2013 – Domenick Lombardozzi and Ray Oldhafer

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/01/2013 – Domenick Lombardozzi and Ray Oldhafer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-31-2013 – Release Date 02-01-2013

Production Number #1005

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Adam is opening the show with a very enthusiast welcome and even super nice to his old Buddy Ray from the 5th grade. Adam is praising Ray while insulting everyone else in the construction field.

Adam is quizzing Ray on how many drug addicts and guys with DUI’s he works with, Adam is taking it this even further and now Alison just revealed a very intimate personal detail, awesome!

Adam is now telling the gang about Russ and working at the “Gardenia Box Factory” with him, Adam had a very funny quote about what it would have been like to try to talk to Russ while driving with him.

Adam is now explaining the super ironic and cruel joke about the employees working at the box factory who would never receive one.

Adam is now telling the gang about Russ and his drinking ability, Adam is citing the Taco Bell from his book and the woman at the liquor store who ordered a special case of Old English per day for Russ.


Ray just referenced someone else and now Adam is telling the guys about Mallory, Ray is chiming in and they’re breaking down what type of guy he was and comparing him to “The Camel Man”.

Adam is riffing on “The Camel Man” ad campaign; Bryan and Ray are jumping in too.

Adam is now joking about the guy in the ad also being named Joe, Bryan is making it gold and spelling out what Adam was implying, good stuff!

They’re now referencing some specific ads featuring “The Camel Man” that you can find on the site via the link up top.

Adam is now telling the guys another story about Russ and his inexperience in dealing with Jewish women, Alison’s reply is great.

Adam is now exploring how many guys in the construction field are sex offenders. Ray is offering some real world stats and his own expertise; he’s got some hilarious reactions too!


Ace on the House with Ray

Ray was thinking up an old story, Adam thinks he’s aiming for the classic “Shit in the Rams Beanie” story and says it’s fucked out; Ray is actually talking about their old football days.

Great pinching, wedgie and abuse stories, Ray just jumped in and now they’re delving into the showers and the macabre events that took place.

Adam is describing the events as “Gay Gladiator Shit” and now he’s leading up to Coach Nielsen’s most inspirational speech and telling the gang about “Garrett” who joined the team mid-season.

Adam is now telling them about Garrett’s reaction to their teammate Donahue’s “new wave romantic phase” and working out with Garrett doing bicep curls, hilarious!

Adam is quoting the speech from Coach Nielsen and they’re further reminiscing about Garrett.


1st caller Alex wants to know how to patch the hole in his bathroom door, Adam is explaining the story to ray who is confused. Alex is getting a bit uppity now, whoa.

Adam is now advising how there should be a building code for no hollow core doors on bathrooms; he’s citing various reasons why.

Ray is telling Alison about breaking his hand punching walls and doors and the time the doctor reset the hand by breaking it again without telling him, Adam has a killer reply.


2nd Caller Monet got her first home and would like to replace the hardwood floors, Adam is teasing Ray about her being a home owner at 28, Ray is going along with it and it’s pretty funny.

Adam is having Alison walk on two different parts of the floor to report the difference she perceives between the ground and the raised foundation.

Adam is now mocking Ray’s pronunciation of “Raised Foundation” and calling it Ray’s Foundation, Adam is now on a riff like he’s doing an infomercial for this foundation.

Adam is revealing hilarious details from past Ray atrocities, Bryan is jumping in as a guy viewing the commercial at home with his wife, and wow this is gold.


3rd Caller Will, he wants to know some test questions to run by a carpenter to make sure they’re knowledgeable before hiring them.

Adam is giving him some examples and wrapping up the segment, Ray gives a funny plug for Maxima and a nice thank you to the whole crew.

Adam is telling Ray about getting a strongly worded email from one of Coach Nielsen’s “descendants” telling Adam that he was wrong, Ray is chiming in and confirming Adam is correct and that they’re actually a Mormon family.


Dom is in studio for his first appearance, Adam is telling Dom he forgot about his stint on Entourage, they’re reminiscing about it briefly and Adam is explaining how this booking came to be thanks to their mutual friend Nick Santora.

Dom is now telling Adam how much he loved Adam’s movie “The Hammer”, Dom has nothing to plug at the moment but does have some upcoming movies he’s telling Adam about.

Dom is telling Adam about getting his first role in “A Bronx Tale” when he was 14 or 15yrs old; Adam is jumping in and walking him through the details of the casting process.


They’re now discussing their mutual love of “Raging Bull” and Adam is telling the gang about someone showing him a top 20 boxing movie list and how there were several  Rocky movies listed before Raging Bull.

Bryan is jumping in and now they’re all discussing Joe Pesci, Adam even likes him in the Snickers commercials.

They’re discussing Dom’s upcoming Luc Besson film with Robert DeNiro and some details about Tommy Lee Jones.

Adam is now giving an update on Mangria, Dom is requesting a sample and telling Adam about how Nick was plugging Mangria for him. Adam is telling Dom about Nick trying the stuff at a football party and how he became fan very quickly, awesome story.

Dom is telling Adam that the Mangria reminds him of his homemade Italian wine, Adam is asking him about the process and how he makes it. Dom is quite eloquent about making wine but his accent makes it hilarious, Adam is picking up on it and just killed it with his reply.


Alison’s News

Her top story is inadvertently an update on her perilous Bra situation and danger of projectiles, Bryan is mocking her with drops and comments.

Adam is now telling the gang about having to take the scissors out to remove an anti-shoplifting RFID tag from a sweater.


2nd story is about the guy responsible for the Manti Te’o controversy giving his interview on Dr. Phil, Alison is reading the details of what was revealed and Adam is on a funny riff about also being in love with Manti.

Adam is now going off on the weird 3rd realm society has created between reality and fiction, he’s making larger points and analogies to explain the behavior presented in the Manti Te’o controversy.

Dom is agreeing and Adam is now making an air conditioning in cars and CG analogy, Adam is working the evolution of the human brain into the tangent and he’s now on a hilarious robot twist.

Adam is now riffing about Dr. Phil trying to pose as a woman over the phone, he’s now doing a hilarious in character improv as Phil trying to describe his body to Manti Te’o, and Bryan is jumping in as the guy on the other end of the line, nice work BB!

Adam is still riffing and BB is playing a great straight man, this is the funniest riff of the episode, the improv takes a break but now Adam and Bryan are right back in the mix doing it again, this is ACE AWARDS 2013 material!

Alison is reading more details from the story and how Dr. Phil had the audiotapes analyzed.


3rd story is about Beyoncé’s press conference where she admitted to lip syncing the national anthem at the inauguration and then sung it live to prove she really can do it, Alison is setting up a clip.

Adam is now explaining his new club hit “You know you want it boy” as they play it, always gold. Adam is trying to work out what show the clips originate from as he tells the gang about how the topic came up while he was getting his haircut.

Alison is prompting Dom to list some of his complaints he teased earlier, he’s going off on the lack of plain milk at the gas station where he stopped for coffee, Adam is now riffing about his complaint as he tries to jump topics too early and apparently Gary refills Dom’s Mangria cup.


4th story is about a clip from a local Florida news station, Alison is explaining what’s happening while the clip plays.

The gang is all now discussing the rude “reporter” from the clip; Adam is giving Bryan crap over being partial because the woman in the clip is a 49’ers fan, Adam Carolla Emotional Chiropractor.

Adam is now making them play the clip again to settle Bryan’s hash over the dispute they’re having, classic ACS.

Adam is telling the gang about filming on bourbon street during Mardi Gras and the challenges it presents for the camera operators, Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is saying despite her ‘tude he doesn’t want the woman in the clip to be fired.

Adam is now busting out a Go to My PC live read and working the winter weather as well as Dom into it, very funny live read, don’t miss this one.

Adam is wrapping the show and giving some plugs.