Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/19/2018 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 768

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/19/2018 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 768

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 02-13-2018 – Release Date 02-19-2018

Production Number #768 – Most Fattys Don’t Start Out On A Schwinn

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, mandating they get it on, we love that about you don’t we Drewsky/Drewski!

Drew calls Adam “Pat’na” the hip-hop vernacular of partner, Adam tells Drew about walking from the Watergate office complex to the Kennedy center.

Adam shares how he insists upon correcting people and why he can’t take credit for things he didn’t achieve, he mentions Carnegie Hall and jokes that Dr. Drew hurts his ticket sales, he doesn’t improve them.


Adam shares a conversation he had with his son, who is a “good soul” and shares a funny example of how you can mess with him, citing him looking at old pictures of Adam when he was young.

Adam shares how he discussed the venue size with Sonny, how there was more people in attendance at the venue than Sonny’s entire school.

Adam shares his less than pleasant flight home on the 737, unlike the days where he would fly from Los Angeles to Denver in a 777.


Adam shares his fascination regarding human wiring, he cites a flight he had to Utah or Denver, he can’t recall.

Adam says it was a regional airline aircraft, the landing gear made a loud popping noise when the plane was descending, which resulted in everyone on the plane gasping in fear and jumping from their seats.

Adam got on the same flight back and he was ready not to jump if the landing gear popped, but he noticed the same bitch was the flight attendant again and didn’t warn everyone about the landing gear noise.


Adam asks if she wants to warn the people but is afraid to or unsure, if she enjoys the reaction or if she is too dumb to realize she might want to warn people.

Drew adds on the possibility she had previously done it, became tired of it or found it didn’t work, he’s leaving out the other possibility it was newly occurring and mentioning it would be an FAA violation as the plane was fit for air travel but they were trying to fly anyway without a mechanical inspection or fix applied.


1st Caller Katie, she wants to know why Adam still speaks to his parents after everything.

Drew asks her about the “Hi Guy” intro Adam gave her, Adam says it was from a deodorant commercial and they explain it to her.

Adam says he’s not interested in being overtly mean to his parents, nor does he want to keep them from his kids and Drew suggests the kids have more energy and concern about them than Adam can understand.

Adam says sure if that means never saying their names, asking about them nor how they’re doing then yes!


Drew says that sounds bizarre and Adam explains his parents weren’t physically abusive, you’re not supposed to invalidate kids nor shut them down whenever they speak.

Katie shares how her husband has a similar relationship with his parents and she likes to avoid seeing them, Drew says he is someone’s son and he may wish to own that and be a good son, regardless of their actions.

Drew says he could be “seeing this through” and Adam says not seeing his parents would take energy, they’re flatliners and don’t want to see nor speak to him, so he just leaves it open and it’s not a big calorie burner for him, they wrap up the call.

Great call Katie!


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2nd Caller Jeff, he has a backstory and goes over being a lifelong overweight person, he was close to 300lbs.

Drew doesn’t understand Jeff’s quick and confusing comments about his marriage deteriorating and falling apart as he started to retreat to physical activity.

Adam deciphers it and says he got into mountain biking to get through the bad times of his marriage, Jeff says it was exactly that and he began riding a mountain bike and then moves right passed it.

Holy Shit!

Adam stops and retraces their steps to clarify what just fucking happened, Jeff now says it’s not that impressive as Adam has suggested biking to people in the past, he never says that!

Drew says this is interesting to him and he tells Adam not to be a dick, Jeff is being the dick!

Adam coins the episode’s title, hilarious one liner! “Most Fattys Don’t Start Out On A Schwinn.”


Jeff tells them about some perfect woman he met, he does talk a lot.

Jeff is complaining about this perfect woman gaining 30lbs. and becoming less attracted to her, Adam brings up the agreement and social contract about appearance that couples make to keep their partner happy.

Adam says it’s unfair if one partner gets out of shape, Drew clarifies that Adam isn’t saying only women should be subject to this relationship contract.


Jeff tells them about her saying “let’s get old and grow fat together” and then drops a shitty “sex with a fat chick” comment.

Adam is back to the topic at hand, Drew says “Stern listeners” and then mumbles a caller’s name I think.

Adam is now talking about the human sniffing for what’s wrong, because humans are “what’s wrong monkeys” and he shares how we often ascribe things to people and relationships based on little to no information.


Adam comments on the double standard for women, how if they gain weight everyone presumes something is wrong, if the guy gains weight he’s too busy or something else is keeping him from staying in shape.

Adam brings up the thoughts we have as a species and cites someone with 1000 former sexual partners, Drew wants to have a bigger conversation with Adam about the Sports illustrated Swimsuit edition on the next episode.


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Adam says a lot of guys have a lot of things they would love to say to the women in their lives but are kept from doing so based on reactions, guys don’t want to treat their partners like equals and say things they would say to anyone else they cared about.

Drew picks up on Adam’s judging comment, Drew was uncomfortable while recently in San Francisco and it wasn’t the gay guys checking him out, he brings up the ‘South Park’ “Smug alert” joke about the city and how he felts judged the whole time he was there.


Adam is telling them about eating with strangers at the Quail Lodge & Golf Club and a conversation they were having about very specific expensive models of cars, Adam joked that was a conversation that black people must assume white people have commonly, like his coffee table book idea.

Everyone was enjoying it until the dumb white chick in her 20’s or possibly early 30’s started doing the “ok, ok” shut up move, while he was trying to explain the premise of the joke, she was offended because he merely said “black people” without even listening.

Adam is mocking her cunty tone and shitty follow ups, Drew says Adam must interview a guy named Steele, he can’t get his full name right.

The author in question is Shelby Steele and the book is ‘White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era.’


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Adam and Drew are giving out the plugs and wrap up the show.