Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/19/2018 – Mark Geragos + Phone Calls

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/19/2018 – Mark Geragos + Phone Calls

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mark Geragos + Phone Calls

Recorded 02-16-2018 – Release Date 02-19-2018

Production Number #2263

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Adam opens the show after a new Toolbox intro, today’s song is dedicated to a 12yr old redhead girl with ‘Waiting for a Girl Like You’ by Foreigner.

Adam welcomes the gang to the show after Dawson and Lynch’s “RCS Flare-Up” intro comments on the 9th year anniversary of the podcast which is this month, the Feb. 22nd recording that will post on the 23rd to be exact.

BB has Dennis Prager’s “Wow what a lucky dude I am” from ACS #2262 and Adam immediately gets to the story of Ray shooting water out of his asshole at the Jack in the box drive through and how amazed he is that person has never heard about the story and reached out.


Adam brings up his catholic little brother Nate who almost vanished as Adam became famous and he hasn’t spoken to him since, though he did call into Loveline once.

Adam recalls the interview he went to for the Catholic Big Brother program, sharing the unusual comments from the other guys about wanting to volunteer, including a recent transplant who was lonely and didn’t know anyone, sad.

Adam shares her first question of “how often do you think about sex per day” Adam answered with “three” in a calm fashion, Adam shares how they asked about drug use.


Adam shares his super honest answer of not “buying drugs” and BB recalls ‘Love Actually’ and the message from the rock star character in the movie.


A&E ‘UnReal’ New season on Lifetime – Plug/Mention


Adam is now talking about indicators in others that allow him to identify people he can or cannot hang out with, he brings up a woman who didn’t use her turn indicator and he brings up the freeway traffic jam on the way home the other night.

Adam asks them to imagine all of the accidents, injuries, death and time lost because someone was negligent in using their turn signal each day in every city across the globe.

Adam is now sharing how Phil decided to leave the backseat and climb into the passenger seat mid-drive setting off Adam’s seatbelt sensor and causing him to put the seatbelt on his dog because of the annoying chime.

Adam brings up the time someone pulled the fire alarm at his hotel while he was on the road speaking at a college with Dr. Drew and he chose not to exit, assuming he would be able to jump from the 2nd floor and survive the fall.


Adam is now breaking down the populace of Los Angeles who are broken down into two groups, those who do use their seatbelt and those who have chosen not to.

BB and Gina agree, Adam jokes about putting “click-it or ticket” in Spanish and how these things never work in other languages as they don’t rhyme the same way they do in English.

Adam predicts that if someone is driving a car without seatbelts that person at least speaks some Spanish and they should put these signs in Spanish, they would get much more bang for the buck and it’s the opposite of racist as it actually shows concern for their wellbeing of people who may not be using their belts.


Adam asks about a freeway sign that encourages and instructs people how to properly use their turn signals, Gina reads the Spanish variant and she says “No Bryan!” telling him not to clip it, Chris Laxamana gets on mic and BB jokes about leaving his comments in the show, hilarious!

Adam now wants a ratio on people signaling, he wants to make it fair and he asks the gang to estimate their guess on the percentage of Los Angelinos who consistently uses their turn signals.

Chris says 78%, he defends his reasoning to a surprised Adam. Dawson estimates 30% and no higher, Gina estimates 61% and BB goes with 53%, Adam says 40% and admits it’s pessimistic.


Adam says if the powers that be got behind this like they did “click-it or ticket” and gets to the arguments about expanding the freeways and why that is vastly more difficult than this, which is free.

Adam says there should be a traffic Czar and he should be that man, he jokes about a hat that is a traffic cone with a black brim around it, he would say “Don’t be a dunce, use your signal” and goes on to say he’s insanely profoundly disappointed in adult human beings and their collective stupidity.

Adam says the worst part is the apathy, Gina corrects his initial “empathy” use to his appreciation, Adam is back to Chris and he asks him about the lack of modality to fix this issue, he says March should be “signal month” and suggests collecting data to analyze the effect of the sign.


Gina suggests they hit up Mayor Garcetti on twitter, Adam brings up the sad little redhead rejected and gets a great “come on” from both Gina and BB.

Adam is now talking about the fattest, dumbest losers who work in the department in charge of coming up with new traffic signs, they’re riffing some ‘Star Wars’ themed sign ideas, mocking the staff trying to power through the writing session before they break and make a Quiznos run.

Adam asks if we could get a blue-ribbon panel together to communicate better messages to the populace that passes beneath the freeway signs, he suggests asking Elon Musk his ideas for signs.


BB says the freeway signs are the microcosm of what humans are capable of, in their design but lack of depth in the actual message marking a distinct duality of man.

Adam gets to all of the extreme messages about human trafficking we’re trying to get out there, we care about some issues but not all, least of which the most common.

Adam and BB are riffing about human trafficking messages being able to sway the minds of human traffickers, as if reason works on such a criminal.


Adam talks about bringing up these issues with Garcetti and Newsom.


UnRealNew season on lifetime, Drew’s favorite show. Hunky Male Suitors Edition


Q and Ace

1st Caller Alex, shares Adam’s pet peeve with people not being aware of the song that shares their same name.

Alex suggests ‘Obvious Child’ by Paul Simon, Adam is now sharing his appreciation for Simon and Garfunkel and some of Paul’s solo work, before he went all in on world music.

Dawson asks if Adam hates ‘Call Me Al’ presuming he hates it, Adam doesn’t and he brings up ‘Walking in Memphis’ as a song that bumps him, the subject matter and cloying tone.


BB is now reading off some of Paul’s most popular songs, Adam doesn’t like ‘Diamonds on The Soles of Her Shoes’ which they listen to as BB likes it and Adam doesn’t, Adam says it never kicks in and is proven right.

BB is now reading the top 5 Simon and Garfunkel tracks, he gives the nod to Simon and Garfunkel having the better range of hits.

BB brings up Shawn Colvin’s ‘Sunny Came Home’ and they hear a quick snippet before going back to Alex, he tells them the song he suggested from Paul Simon is a bit obscure, from a 1990 CD release, past Paul’s commercial relevance as a solo artist.


2nd Caller Andrew, he says Adam sounds like anti-tourism advertisement for California.

Adam is now having Chris Maxipada pull up an article form Los Angeles magazine where he stated everything he loves about California was present before humans arrived, except maybe Walt Disney.

Adam says he doesn’t think there is that much worthwhile made by humans in Los Angeles and he brings up the Skirball center and a dinner with Lynette where he was brought passion fruit iced tea, his 27yr old waiter wasn’t able to conceptualize a tea without potpourri in it, that is the normal plain iced tea to him.


Adam is now speaking more positively about Los Angeles and he tells him about seeing the world famous Sunset Strip, he jokes about being able to check out Tijuana by driving into Van Nuys to see all of the graffiti, bacon wrapped street dogs and tents lining the streets and sidewalks.

Adam says it’s a Mexican version of Lion country safari, Dawson says Adam isn’t exaggerating his describing of Sherman Way and Adam calls him out for saying “its gets worse” pointing out how offensive that could be, hilarious!

Gina is now reading the article’s quotes from Adam about the state, “Potholes and Assholes, that’s Los Angeles” and BB jokes about Adam owing the city movement an apology.

Adam says Andrew didn’t even get to his question but they move on and promise to go back to him.


3rd Caller Taaryn, Adam is making a point about female Taryn’s and why they make him angry and why this Taryn the male gets a pass.

Gina is now doing an improv scene with Adam talking about women correcting people about their bizarre names.

Taaryn wants Adam’s take on using a urinal, penis through the boxers or above the waistband?


Adam says most guys just pull it down and skip the fly, BB jokes about that being for popcorn tricks in the movie theater and that’s it!


Adam jokes that Maxipada says 78% of men use the fly, Gina asks about boxer shorts and if men as a whole have moved on.

Chris has an excerpt from the article with Steve Martin’s comments about Los Angeles, Gina reads that as well in.


4th Caller Daniel, he’s in Fresno and he says they’re not big enough to have actual carpool lanes on the freeways but they do have them on the freeway onramps.

Adam says Carpooling is an example of wishful thinking about who we are and what we do as a populace, Adam shares how he carpools as often as he can, but for most people that is not an option, BB plays Dawson’s new “you are not exaggerating one bit” drop after Adam mentions Tijuana and how he would love to swing by and pick up Dawson on the way to work but it’s not feasible.


5th Caller Justin, he works for an engineering company in the oil business and has a job offer in Kazakhstan, he is waiting on word on the gig and has to turn down jobs and delay a honeymoon, he asks Adam how long he should wait?

They ask him about the schedule and the 28 days on and then 28 days off, asking if he’ll come back to Los Angeles in his off time, he thinks he might live in Thailand to “live on the cheap” and Adam jokes about that being the name of the transsexual woman he plans on sleeping on while in Thailand.

Adam makes a point and BB summarizes that it’s a sweet spot and they wrap up the first half of the show.


Good Sports

Dave opens the segment mentioning the Olympics and the other active sports, Adam tells Dave about doing 20 minutes on rinsing out coffee mugs and wine glasses.

Adam is now making a point about the rings that coffee burns into the mug when left alone to stain it, Adam goes over his rant off mic about his rinse police.

Adam says it’s evidently not achievable, Gary says he’s been listening to Adam yell about this since before he worked at Carolla Digital and he’s been there almost 9 years.


Dave asks about an event-based competition around this to turn this negative into a positive, what award could be provided to incentivize his staff, Adam suggests future employment and not having your boss think you’re retarded.


Dave shares his points-based system for cleaning up that Mo Dameshek established when he was 6, Adam’s staff are in their 30’s.

Gary suggested a “Creep of the Week” segment be added to Good Sports and Dave agreed, it will be coming in the last episode of the week from here forward.

Adam is now sharing how he appreciates the winter Olympics, the activities are very intense and dangerous.


Adam is digging the half pipe snowboarding element of the games, Dave is surprised and Adam says he’s realized with himself that he’s a car and sports guy.

Adam makes a point about how he likes any cool or beautiful car as a car enthusiast, he feels the same about any sport, he loves all things that are visually compelling, he references Shaun White the “flying tomato” a couple of times.

Adam clarifies that he likes the modern winter games and suggests they’ve done a lot to beef them up and make them more marketable over the years.

Dave closes the segment


Totally Topical TiVo Trivia Time Today – Cancelled due to running short of time


Gina’s News

Dollar Shave Club and True Car sponsored

1st Story is on a ruling in the favor graffiti artists whose work was destroyed when a building they painted on was demolished.

Gina apologizes for keeping Adam angry, he remarks on her not saying “make you angry” implying heh has resting bitch face according to BB who jumps in immediately to riff and joke along with them.

Adam is going to tuck his dick between his legs and take a long look in the mirror in response to her attack.


Gina has all of the details of the judge ordering the landlord to pay for the graffiti’s destruction as the landlord was unrepentant.

Adam says it was an abandoned building, the owner told the artists they were free to paint all they wanted but he was eventually going to tear the building down.

Adam is sharing his feelings about it and he brings up art, citing Andy Warhol and his bizarre “art” which is hard to argue about, but the building owner owns the building.


BB brings up tattoo artists, Adam says it’s not the same as there is a financial exchange, Adam shares how that could work and suggests a scenario that proves BB’s point.

Adam says Geragos is pretty prompt and they put it aside to discuss with him.

Adam asks if there is something he is missing as this sounds like a slippery slope, Adam says this is about right and wrong, not about what people with money can afford to have taken from them to give to people.


Adam says judges and politicians should not be spouting off about this stuff, it’s not for them to decide who gets what and who has what.

Dawson is yelling off mic as observed by Gina, Dawson is now on mic and he asks what the guy has to be sorry for and suggests some logic citing the “unrepentant” comment in the ruling.


True CarMSRP what does it stand for, alright you might know that one, but what does it mean Edition

They take another break.


They’re back from break


2nd Story is on a Florida man who called 911 after his accelerator became stuck while driving a 2003 BMW X5, Adam says it should be able to go faster if it’s fully depressed.

Adam brings up the ability to throw cars into neutral even when moving, Gina brings up the Malcom Gladwell research on this and how it almost always comes down to operator error.

BB says there is a button in this car, it’s an electronic shifting mechanism, BB says he had this exact same car, wow!

Mark Geragos is now in studio and they go back to the 1st story.


Adam tells Mark about the case and Gina reads him the details, Geragos goes over the case as he sees it with this limited information and he shares how he would offer to take the case for 40% of whatever he can save him in losses.

Mark brings up the historical landmark element that could come into play, Mark tells them about his building and how everyone freaked out when he tried to repair part of it after someone hit it with a car, citing the extra steps and rules in place.

Adam jokes about buying and demolishing the Watts towers, he says it’s a bunch of rebar with broken glass attached to it, he says nobody can say it looks like shit and was made a by a crazy person.


Mark brings up the bullet ridden human shaped art piece near the Los Angeles courthouse.

Adam brings up the Washington Bullets becoming the Wizards.


Dollar Shave ClubBB shares how he just used one to shave his head, Adam jokes about other people’s baby’s butts Edition

(Dawson flubs it and repeats, almost says Dollar Slave club)


Mark asks about them having shit in the ad copy for a clean episode, Adam remarks on it and starts to give out the plugs.

Adam jokes about his upcoming steak with Mark Geragos in Vegas, joking about using some of his Casino bucks to pay for it.

BB plays Gina’s Spanish translation of Click-It or Ticket for the closing plug, solid episode!