Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/31/2017 – Ernie Hudson

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/31/2017 – Ernie Hudson

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Ernie Hudson

Recorded 01-30-2017 – Release Date 01-31-2017

Production Number #1998

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Adam opens the show to a “TSA at LAX are Assholes” protest intro and BB has Gina’s “Ms. Bim Bim” drop for today’s #TopDrop and Adam explains how humans respond to drops and how universal it seems to be.

Adam says he was going over the calendar with Matt Fondiler last week, he mentions how Friday he was set to leave LAX at 4:10pm, Adam wanted to fly Burbank to Sacramento via Southwest.

Adam says Matt told him he checked Burbank first and he then was forced to doublecheck Matt’s work and see if there weren’t more options, perhaps Matt wasn’t aware that Southwest aren’t sold via most consolidators nor 3rd parties.


Adam says Matt farmed it out to Dylan and BB just reminded Adam of another jag he needs to go down, Adam is sharing the variety of acceptable answers when you can’t find a flight, Adam says it’s weird but you got to double check what people tell you regarding things sold online.

Adam is recalling how he was trying to text back and forth with Drew while he was at the beach with Natalia, Adam wrote back “Prime Rib” to Drew’s two options for dinner.

Drew wrote back and told him there is no restaurant called “Prime Rib” and he says nobody knows old town Pasadena more than Drew, nobody who knows it less than Adam.


BB now proposes how Drew is too smart for his own good and had come back around to dumb, Adam says it’s possible and he brings up the show ‘Get Smart’ with Hymie the Robot and Gina says Drew is a people pleaser.

Adam says they got some giant boned meat dish, not quite prime rib but it was delectable.

Adam says they went to a point at the end of Point Dume, him and Natalia at the beach yesterday with Phil.


Adam says you should always go to Point Dume, not Santa Monica. BB tells them to go to Venice instead, jerk!

BB says it’s a defacto private beach and Adam says you can park near Howie Mandel’s old house and the open lot that is mistaken for a parking lot.

Adam says there was a Sherriff’s car sitting there waiting to ticket people, Adam says he has a power move that he would never engage in and he wants to share it with them.


Adam says the people who know enough to park about a half mile away and then transport themselves on their collapsible scooter a half mile away.

BB says he has done that and he used to do with Christie, the used bikes. Adam likes the motorized scooters and motorized coolers that Gina didn’t know were a thing.

Adam says they did a lap around the neighborhood and a car was leaving from the opening of the trail as Gina laughs at the photo of a motorized cooler, Adam says there is no barrier to entry for that, it’s just planning meets self-esteem.


Adam is back to his parking space, he was past it and had to turn around and whip around, the two ranger chicks backed up and blocked the entry, Adam was betting that Phil wasn’t allowed on the beach and he didn’t want to let the women in the truck see Phil.

Adam tipped Natalia off, he says Sonny would have dropped the dime on him, walked away to pee and called 911 on his dad, hahahaha!

Adam shares how coveted the parking space was, they were having the conversation you never want to have telling the other motorists you had just arrived.


Adam says the passenger ranger kept getting out of the truck and getting back in, she kept repeating the behavior, Adam says at a certain point they had to get the dog out of the car and they went hiking the other way.

Adam says they were running out of sand and real estate, Natalia refused to keep walking and they were about 100 yards away watching this ranger truck and the weird chick.

Adam is now talking about the joy he gets from seeing people playing with their dogs at the beach, he says “dogs on the plane but not on the beach” and proclaims we sculpted this society.


Legal ZoomEven Mark Geragos uses it, it’s better and faster than even he is edition


Adam gets the rules about public smoking in the building or public saunas, Adam says he couldn’t walk to the ranger truck and say hi to the rangers, he can’t be on a weird recon mission.

Adam is back to Natalia sitting on the curb, Adam realized there was another inlet and he had Natalia go over and see if the sign says you can bring a dog.

Adam says it didn’t prohibit dogs on the sign, Gina says she’s heard less planning for bank heists, he jokes about being a millionaire stuck on the curb while the two 37k per year chicks rule his life.


Adam says he would have loved to bribe to the two ranger ladies, Adam walked to the sign to see it prohibited dogs, it was the 2nd thing listed.

As they headed back the ladies left and they were able to get down to the beach with the dog, it all worked out, Adam says even though it did then why does he need to engage in the crazy dance and he asks the guy what he would need to do to get a service dog certification.

Gary informs him and Adam explains why he has no problem now forging one of those documents as they should have never made dogs prohibited in the first place.


Adam talks about the bureaucrats who never go to the beach yet somehow get to decide what you do on the beach, Adam has some sensible don’t burn your dog in the bonfire rule.

Adam says now he must get a fake bullshit certification and vets off amazon as BB suggested, Gina shares the interaction her boyfriend had with a “sarcastic question asker” on the beach who wanted to know if he knew dogs were prohibited.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Rob, he brings up Adam’s former makeup lady who claimed she got preferred routes because she participated in WAZE by notifying the app of various things while driving.

Rob shares his theory and Gary is shaking his head no, BB has his own take and Rob thinks it’s connected to shopping habits, Gary says they curate the ads and he doesn’t think they can reroute people based on their location and proximity to things they like.

Adam believes this is possible and thinks this is the next wave of getting people to businesses where they can spend money, BB says it’s conspiracy theory’ish but it makes sense.


2nd Caller Tom, he’s calling from Hawaii and wants to know if they will be coming to the islands for a live show or tour, Adam brings up how he was banned from coming to the island in 2003.

BB jokes about the alternative rock station in Honolulu, K-POI.

Adam, promises to book this at some point, he will bring it up with Mike August.


3rd Caller Kyle, he tells the gang about trying to get healthy and the confusion of chicken wings and boneless chicken wings between him and his friends.

Adam hates chicken wings due to the skin, the bones and the goo and he prefers the drumette.

Adam is riffing about the celery being the garnish for chicken wings and how it’s calorically akin to ‘The Mamas and the Papas’ lineup, he goes off on how homely Mama Cass truly was and how hot 19yr old Michelle Phillips was in contrast.

BB has a nice sound bed and they move on.


4th Caller Andrew he’s having a disagreement with his wife regarding an out of state birthday party in Las Vegas, Andrew explains the various expectations and he shares his opposition to this idea.

Adam gets the distance between Phoenix and Vegas and the argument about the strain on the relationship is poppycock, nobody is going to disown him if he doesn’t attend.

Gina tries to assist Andrew with a sick excuse, Adam says it’s no when to hold them and when to fold them in relationships and he asks why doesn’t Andrew just go along with it for the sake of the relationship.


Adam asks if the friends have money and he makes a point about not having the “stopped listening posture” have a posture of being will to explore and consider things, don’t jump to no.

Adam says he uses “I Don’t Know” and then he teases the arrival of Ernie Hudson.


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They head to break and play a new clip of Alec Baldwin congratulating Adam on his 2000th podcast, awesome! This is great! It’s True.

Adam welcomes Ernie Hudson to the show and Adam compliments his vibe, he mentions his kind appearances on TMZ whenever they bother him at the airport.

Adam is talking about measuring sticks of people, people who like to go to the beach and the ocean and what that means, he says it’s a good measure of temperament of celebrities to bother them right when they get off a plane.


Ernie is now sharing how he first learned of the death of Harold Ramis while he was inflight, the TMZ guy was the first person to inform him and he comments on how he was once approached by TMZ in a parking lot and Adam says you could argue it shouldn’t be legal without your consent.

Adam has a great “loop” riff and he talks about how you could fuck with someone by bringing up shit that never happened.

Adam plugs Ernie’s new show and Adam talks about the theme of the program, how timely it is and Ernie explains the premise.


Adam is reflecting on weapons and technology, citing the sheriff and his six-gun, is technology inherently evil or is it about the person wielding said weapon and their character.

Ernie has a great complimentary point and Adam is talking to Ernie about boxer Jack Johnson and his incredible life, Adam asks why Ernie was not that popular with black fans and society.

Ernie has some compelling arguments for why he was disliked, Ernie tells them about Jack’s struggle to get into professional racing and Adam jokes about Jack speaking in front of the KKK as a corporate gig.


Adam is sharing his admiration for Jack and his life, Gina asks about Jackie Robinson and Ernie says that was much later and Joe Louis, Ernie explains how Jack died and lived into his late 60’s.

Adam talks about the bygone era of boxing without round limits, Ernie shares some history about Jack’s legacy and Adam asks Ernie about the play/one man show he was working on.

Ernie mentions Tony Todd and Adam jokes about doing the Duane Bobick story, Adam gives out the plugs for Ernie’s new show.


Adam is now sharing how he tried to find out if the Super Bowl was on Fox this year, he is making a point about erroneous information and misinformation in the modern era despite the immediate access to the internet and the answers to all questions.

Adam is sharing how he knew ahead of time it wasn’t CBS as he saw a Les Moonves gaff on TMZ.

Gina asks about the show ‘OZ’ on HBO, Ernie says he was disturbed by watching the show but not in acting in it, Adam talks about the new promo for Pete Holmes HBO series.


Adam says that if you tell anyone you never watched ‘OZ’ they get visibly upset, Adam says they can use the O in Oz as part of the loop from the earlier riff.


Tommy John – Adam wears them while swimming, then to embarrass his daughter joking about his bikini edition


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Ernie Hudson Movies Theme

1st Movie ‘The Crow’ (1994)

Ernie tells them about how Brandon Lee died on set, he had dinner with him the night before and they agree he was on his way to being a superstar, Ernie has a sweet eulogy and they talk about the young death of Bruce Lee as well.

Ernie talks about how Brandon was giving him a pep talk about life, citing his own good fortune and they go over the freakish accident, Ernie says it was a union production and the studio got rid of the gun guys a few days before.

Ernie shares how much of an accident it was and Adam jokes about Bruce Lee’s death having to deal with Feng Shui.

Gina is dead nuts on with 82% and Ernie is happy to lose this time.


2nd Movie ‘Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous’ (2005)

They’re all shocked it only got a 15% and Ernie confirms it was not a great picture, Adam shares how bad ‘Cobra’ was with its 13% score, it was insane and awful, who are the 13% that liked the movie, they need to be identified and shamed.

Gina reads the plot synopsis and Adam is now going insane on the premise and the various logical discrepancies, saying of course Stallone scripted a movie with him rocking shades and chewing on a match for the entire running time.


3rd Movie ‘Congo’ (1995)

Adam mocks Dylan and they all talk about the movie, Adam mentions his buddy Chris Darga and seeing the movie with him.

Ernie says people are still convinced it was a real gorilla to this day, BB goes low and so does Gina.

Ernie likes the movie and likes his performance in it, they react to the 24%.


Adam is back to ‘Cobra’ and the opening of the movie, Adam mocks the concept of his two boots and the close up on them.

Adam wants Gary to play the scene where they call Cobra, Adam says “awesome!” to learning they have the part where he pulls up to the grocery store.

Adam is doing scene by scene commentary mocking the movie and the rest of the gang are joining in, BB has a killer one liner and Adam says he does a great move with a Coors Tall Boy.


Adam asks if you specifically need Cobretti for this hostage situation, Adam jokes about internal affairs getting ahold of the “I’m going to waste you” recording and Ernie says the bad guy was his costar in ‘The Crow’ Marco Rodríguez.

They wrap up the commentary and move on.


4th Movie ‘The Basketball Diaries’ (1995)


Life LockWith life lock you have the best in the business, industry standard! Edition


Adam has never seen the movie and Ernie says he likes it, Adam asks about Jim Carroll and they learn the movie is rotten according to the critics.


5th Movie ‘The Hand That Rocks The Cradle’ (1992)

BB and Gina both went with 70% and Adam says he has no idea what’s going on score wise, Adam says we only play this game with black guests and cites Omar Epps appearance on the show.

Gina takes the win.

They wrap the game.


SimpliSafeStolen Safe in Los Angeles update edition


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show plugging Ernie’s new show ‘APB’ and BB has a solid drop of Adam saying “Nnnoo Daddy” quoting Natalia while bragging about his European cut speedo he was going to wear to the beach to humiliate her.

Great episode!