Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/31/2014 – Workaholics and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/31/2014 – Workaholics and Matt Atchity

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Guest Workaholics and Matt Atchity

Recorded 01-29-2014 – Release Date 01-31-2014

Production Number #1251

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Adam is opening the show with Matt Atchity in studio, he’s talking to Dawson about the intro where he used “Ders” to refer to Anders from Workaholics.

Adam is sharing his intention to see “Her” and Matt is giving his take, Adam is telling them about finishing “Nebraska” he calls it “perfectly nice” and is sharing his only problem with these types of movies.

Adam is comparing these types of movies to unique stuff and blockbusters while saying there are thousands of small movies about nothing much like “Nebraska”.


Matt is sharing how the black and white bothered him and Adam is further describing the movie and how he’s wired, the further away you get away from what he could do the better he thinks it is.

Adam is asking Matt about its nominations and gives a nice “hrrrrm” in reply to it being in the running for “Best Picture” and Matt is telling everyone to avoid “That Awkward Moment”.

Adam is joking about the trailer and why it reveals what a shitty movie it actually is.


Adam is sharing an internet “send up” vignette video made by a web series, he’s explaining the premise and now they’re playing the video, Gary is jumping in to explain things.

Everyone is commenting on it and Adam is flattered, the gang seem to like it and think its comprehensive, Adam has no problem with being made fun of.

As Darrell Hammond said on Loveline, nobody can do an impression of Adam, not a proper one, it will never be done, and his voice lacks the qualities to imitate fully.


Adam is sharing his tip for life, he had assistant Matt seek out a large display alarm clock for his bedroom, and Adam is explaining all the reasons why it’s beneficial to a shared bedroom.

Adam is explaining that he has the 18 inch version and Alison says it looks like a scoreboard, Adam is commenting on the dim blue light that helps for late night bedroom navigation and is great for middle of the night wake up calls.

Adam is explaining where he positioned his clock and has a great “Oh shit I paid that much for a fucking clock!” comedic reaction to Alison reading the actual price tag.


Adam and BB are now riffing about a clock scenario and AM vs. PM, Adam has a great “fuck you Stu” closer and Alison has a nice “hot clock talk” callback.


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Football Theme


1st Movie Friday Night Lights

Alison didn’t know it was a movie and Adam is singing the praises of the film, Billy Bob’s performance and Peter Berg in general.

BB is giving his take and contrasting it against “Any Given Sunday”.

Adam is schooling everyone on how to play this game and how to consider “who wouldn’t like this movie” and Matt is giving his take on the international critics who don’t are about American football.


2nd Movie The Waterboy

Adam is telling the guys about a douchebag executive who told him about being responsible for the two highest grossing sports movies of all time, this being one and the other being “The Longest Yard” remake.

Adam is commenting on the piece of shit’atude of this movie in comparison to something like “Grown Ups 2”.


3rd Movie Rudy

Adam is asking who could not like this movie, making a point about the international community too.

Adam is now going off on people who review things that they don’t like and he’s got some excellent analogies to back up his logic, Matt is backing up the website and its methodology.


4th Movie The Blind Side

Everyone agrees it may be one of her most forgettable movies and Adam has an excellent summation and Alison has a killer “The Net” reference.

Adam is breaking down the plot of the film and the lack of complexities found therein.

Adam is calling it a movie of the week type movie and explaining the reasons why it gets a pass, Matt calls it the movie equivalent of a police procedural.


5th Movie Any Given Sunday

Adam is clarifying the movie’s watchable status while not calling it a good movie, BB seems to agree and Adam thinks this is about the time Oliver Stone was “hanging onto a root on the side of the crazy cliff”, nice reaction from Alison.

Adam says it’s a “Twinkie” and how he would pick re-watching this over “Nebraska” while calling it interesting and incredibly flawed.

Adam is calling for someone to go for the haymaker and Alison is asking for someone to break it down for her.


They’re all breaking down the best strategy for this last movie, Alison is having a nice back and forth and Adam is closes it with his “50%”.

Adam tells Alison to not listen to him and BB has a nice reaction to the results of the game.

Alison has an even better bit of trash talking in reply, good stuff and accurate.


They’re wrapping up the game, Adam is doing a live read, giving out some plugs and saying by to Matt.


Adam, Blake and Anders from Workaholics are returning to the show for their 5th appearance, Anders is back for the first time since 2011.

Adam is complimenting them on their extended run at Comedy Central and all the ways shows can slip through the cracks over there, the guys are now weighing in on it.

Adam D. references “tight butthole” and has a “The More You Know” moment with BB over cock comedy and young people.


Alison is now getting them to explain the origin of the use of “tight butthole” and Adam is sharing his “Douche nozzle” theory that dates back to Loveline in 2001 if not earlier even.

Adam is giving the classic “cab driver” and “construction foreman” examples, the guys are joking about Adam’s infomercial for Douche nozzle.

Alison is bringing up the term flipping a tit that nobody knows, they know flipping a bitch and Adam is unsure of how it got the name and now he’s getting to sitting bitch.


They’re all breaking these phrases down now and what shotgun is exactly, Blake has a nice use of Adam’s term mocking Adam D.

Adam has a funny “tranny tunnel” comment and is joking about the guys with it, BB has him launching into a “Cherry Pie/Stripper DJ” bit.

Adam is asking them about hiring their jackoff buddies and has some nice comedy with them about it, Adam D. is sharing an anecdote about a friend with a cushy gig and free rent.


Adam is commenting on the guys who choose to not own cars and telling them about Don Barris and his former status as a non-car owner.

The guys just saw him over at Jimmy Kimmel Live and Adam is explaining what it was like hanging out with Don who always needed a ride home.

Adam D. is telling them about a buddy who was pitching himself as his personal driver, Adam has a nice callback to Don Barris.


Alison is asking the guys about moving apart from their previous roommate situation and they’re telling the gang about Anders and his wife and child.

Adam is asking him about how long he’s been married and commenting on the “Boogie Nights” look he’s sporting.

Adam is now saying he looks like Thomas Jane and Alison is remembering how he wasn’t wearing shoes while guesting on the podcast, the guys just mentioned seeing him shoeless at a party.


Adam is now sharing his “Rich Man Poor Man” theory that originated at Jimmy Kimmel Live back in 2003 when Adam was in the writer’s room.

Adam is explaining the idea to the boys and adding no shoes to rich man poor man with an “or artist” possible exception.

Adam is sharing the Classic Loveline story of Ron Livingston and Heather Graham guesting in 1996 where she first told him the premise of “Boogie Nights” and his reaction.


Adam is nailing all the details and including the “Ernie Anderson” info about meeting Paul Thomas Anderson as one of Ernie’s kids who he used to deliver liquor to when he was working for “The Flask Liquor Store”.

Adam has a great “We got to check your feet” comment in reply to Ders asking which one he’s supposed to look like in response to an image on the screen.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the shortage of lethal injection drugs, Alison is explaining the details and reading the consequences that will have, and she’s sharing what the European Union’s take is on this.

Adam is telling Europe and Mexico to fuck off, any country that refuses extradition of murderers wanted in the states, Adam is riffing on Douche nozzle again.

Adam has an excellent “buddy who helps you move” without reciprocity analogy for American and the rest of the world.


Alison is now asking about everyone’s take on the death penalty after sharing her own, Adam is now breaking it down with his logic about Manson Family vs. controversial possibly innocent people.

Adam is saying for him it’s not about the life and death part, he’s making a point about guys like Tim McVeigh who are now gone, just fucking dead.

Adam is getting the guys to agree and now he’s making a point about agreement on the death penalty and how not everything has to be black and white.


Alison is explaining her fundamental problem with the idea of the state executing someone, and Adam is saying that if you take someone’s life you run the risk of taking more from behind bars or worse if you ever get released.

The guys are all giving their take, Alison has an excellent reply and Adam is now point out how right Anders was, that the 3 months waiting for the execution vs. a bullet.

Adam has an hilarious “Double Double” joke and he’s now suggesting people be thrown in a giant Cuisinart, Alison has a change of topic and one of the guys has a funny “Golden Globes” sarcastic reply.


Alison is sharing the process of getting her wedding dress fitted and the blood on the outside of the dress, Alison couldn’t tell whose it was and Adam is joking about virginity and Anders is asking about the blank bullet used in executions.

Alison wants to know if this is legit and Adam is explaining the historical reasoning behind this, Adam is replying to Alison’s take turns implication and how cruel that would be, the guys are jumping in and joking it up.

Alison is bringing up the past news story about cutbacks in the last meal programs at prisons, The guys are all joking about it.


2nd Story is on Motley Crüe retiring in 2015, Adam brings up the spinning drum kit and Adam is joking about Tommy knocking himself out with his own cock, Alison’s reaction is priceless as they all riff about this.

Adam is joking about the Pam and Tommy Lee sex tape, the one he refused to watch for half a decade, the guys are all well versed in it too and Adam has a nice improv with BB.

Alison wants to know where everyone saw the tape, Adam is giving his horrible story of being raped by in hotel PPV.


Adam is taking it back to when he was doing a live stage show with Dr. Drew in Pennsylvania, Adam is painting the scene and sharing how he finally decided to watch the video.

Adam is getting to the horrible edit that took all of the cock out of the tape, Alison is reacting to Adam’s burp that hit her right in the face, great reaction!

“I was telling a story about jacking off in Philadelphia” – Adam joking about everyone rudely interrupting him.


Adam is lamenting the lack of “the good stuff” and tell them about how he ordered it again to find the missing cock and closes it with a strange grandma memory beat off comment.

Adam is explaining how hotel porn was diluted back in the day, and everyone is describing the evolution in hotel porn and the guys are sharing how they would use P2P sharing to get porn as teens.


3rd Story is on a porn studio in California that are digitally removing condoms from their titles, Alison is sharing the details of their first film produced this way.

Alison has a green condoms idea, so they can edit in a bigger one.

The guys are all joking about fake monster dicks with giant fake jizz used in some porn, Adam is now joking about the over under for faking it when it comes to ejaculation.


Adam is getting super graphic and joking about it, the guys are right in the mix and Adam is joking about the “tells” in the monster cock business, he’s sharing all the ways you can tell it’s a fake dick.

Adam D. is telling the guys about an ex who wouldn’t believe they were using fake penises and assumed that he was trying to manipulate reality due to his own insecurity.

Adam is joking about the guys with jizz in porn, Adam abandons a “Cherry Pie” riff right off the bat, Adam is now sharing his hypothetical, and “daughter works at the Spearmint Rhino or appears on the Billboard but doesn’t work there”.


The guys are all on the side of billboard, Adam is trying to talk them into reconsidering and now he’s asking the obvious follow up question.

Adam is now sharing the “small amount of real semen or hosed by fake semen” hypothetical first discussed on the show back in 2009 with Bill Simmons.

The guys are now joking about their decisions for gallons of novelty instead of 9 cc’s of the real stuff, and he’s clarifying that they’re split on the billboard/club question.


Adam is now doing an “Adam and Eve” live read for the first time in possibly 4 years, the guys are kind of joining in and Adam is commenting on the prying eyes of the porn shot, nice butt plug dept. jokes from Ace.

Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam D. is telling the guys about getting spotted in the “Hustler” store by one of the P.A.’s from their show, Miles.

He’s telling them all the details of the scene and Anders is now joking with him about it, good stuff.


Adam is sharing the tales of the home depot/porn shop similarity in firing up battery powered devices before you leave the store, Alison has a killer one liner.

Adam is now telling the guys about being in a porn shop and having the clerk fire up the device to prove it was functioning.

Adam is wrapping up the show and saying mahalo.