Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/31/2013 – Harland Williams Live from Amalfi Restaurant

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/31/2013 – Harland Williams Live from Amalfi Restaurant

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-30-2013 – Release Date 01-31-2013

Production Number #1004

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Adam is opening the show live from Amalfi with Harland Williams on stage. Harland is making his 11th visit to the show, with 4 appearances on the original format ACP’s #37, #54, #179 and #254 and 6 more visits to this current format ACS ep’s #66, #127, #162, #314, #429 and #589 which can all be obtained by signing up for the official archive.

Adam is attempting to throw out a plug for the company that provided the gear rental for tonight’s recording, he’s having difficulty with the URL and now Alison and BB are jumping in and mocking him a bit.

Adam is demanding Alison struggle with the plug just as he did as not to make him look bad, hilarious attempt from Alison to do just that.


Adam is now asking Harland about his weirdness, specifically about his pizza coaster used backstage. Harland just brought up owls and now Adam is forcing him to do an impression, he’s resisting but Adam overpowers him this time.

Adam is now asking Harland about his new “concept” standup album that was recorded in the Mojave Desert without an audience.

Adam is now busting his balls about the credits and how he made his own shirt design, Harland is explaining how he used sharpies to create the shirt, and Adam’s reply is off the charts amazing!


Adam is now bringing up something else he noticed from the credits of Harland’s special, the director Tom Stern aka Yurgi from the 2006 ACS and a man of a million amazing stories, most of which can’t be committed to text.

Adam is now explaining how Tom was the guy who ordered him to unlash his other tire and lead to one of Adam’s most legendary stories and one of the greatest moments of his life.

Adam is on several topics at once, Harland is keeping up and they’re diving off into deeper tangents about every 30 seconds, hilarious quotes and one liners.

Adam is now back to the tow truck story and explaining how it all went down, Harland is jumping in and actually taking the side of the shitty tow truck driver, Adam is now defending himself to Harland as if he worked for the tow company.


Adam is now ranting about how shitty the song “Beasts of Burden” by the Rolling Stones is, Harland is not playing ball and throwing a stick in Adam’s gripe spokes, Alison is jumping in and trying to get him to go along with the rant, nice work A Rose!

Harland just mentioned how Adam brought up “Dukes of Hazard” earlier and that he has a story pertaining to that, Harland actually brought that up.

Harland is now telling his story from the set of the “Dukes of Hazard” direct to DVD sequel, they’re asking Harland who made the first movie, and Adam thinks it might have been McG but it actually was directed by Jay Chandrasekhar.


Adam is now riffing about Willie Nelson as he was the only carryover from the first movie to the direct to DVD remake. Adam is telling the gang and Harland about Willie’s tour bus when he visited loveline a decade ago.

Adam is now on a longer riff about scents of people’s homes and cars, he’s describing the best possible scenario is that someone doesn’t start thinking about what must go in your home upon entering.

They’re trying to start Blah Blah Blog but Adam noticed a single audience member who ordered a pizza for himself, Adam is commenting on the gent’s leftover pizza crust that he avoided eating and has a great Sees candy analogy.

Harland is running with the Sees candy mention and now they’re lost on a crazy “See” related series of tangents, Adam and Harland wrestling verbally while falling through an abyss.


Blah Blah Blog

1st Blog choices are Peter Farrelly, Norman Lear and Slash from Guns and Roses.

Hilarious that Harland didn’t get this one right; he’s protesting and mocking Adam’s glee.

2nd Blog choices are Michael Stipe, Moby and Quest Love.

Adam’s reactions to the blog entry and choices are hilarious, and for the record Moby and Adam always got along swimmingly on Loveline.

Adam is incorporating his earlier riff about dwarfs into the ideas presented in the blog, Alison is jumping in and riffing with Adam, it’s good.

3rd Blog choices are Marcia Cross, Victoria Beckham and Katherine Heigl.

Adam has a hilarious riff about “International Day of the Girl”; Harland is now jumping in and joking about how he celebrates the day.

4th Blog choices are Eddie Van Halen, John Mellencamp and Neil Young

Bryan once again reveals he’s fan of Mellencamp and Adam is now mocking him, Adam and Alison have a very funny callback to the last blog.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Ron Jeremy’s heart surgery; Adam has a funny laugh out of nowhere and comes up with a great get-well message for the man. Adam is riffing about the hospital staff having to pretend to not know who Ron is due to the implications.

Harland has a funny riff that Adam takes on an “Alien” tangent and then an even funnier melding of concepts to top that, wow!

Harland is telling the gang about going to Ron Jeremy’s apartment, Adam has a hilarious reply initially, Harland calls it back to his earlier riff about Ron’s penis and now even dropped Adam’s classic “Silkwood Shower” retort.


2nd story is on Gabrielle Giffords speaking before congress urging gun control, Adam seems to like and agree with her message but says it’s too late and there are too many guns in circulation.

Adam is now bringing up the amount of kids who die here in IL each month and the hypocrisy in that being overlooked while these mass shootings are focused on, very interesting argument.

Adam is now making an even bigger point about racism and his logic is flawless. Adam is now expressing how he doesn’t give a shit one way or another when it comes to gun laws but doesn’t think it’s going to change anything.

Adam is saying things won’t change until we change how we handle mental illness in this country, Alison is now quizzing Adam about his ideal gun laws and he’s going in depth and has a great Air Marshal riff.

Alison is now asking the guys about accepting offers for willfully skipping an overbooked flight; they all have a funny riff about people and their plans being so flexible.


3rd story is on Rihanna admitting she’s back together with Chris Brown.

Adam is now riffing about them being the two dumbest people on the planet, hilarious, brutal and extended riff from Adam.

Adam is now going off on “luncheon” and the gang is all weighing in.

A guy fell asleep in the front row and now Adam is remarking on how he resembles George C. Scott in “Hardcore”, he’s now in character and drops a hilarious quote.

Adam is riffing about how adding an initial for SAG registration means the death of the career of the guy without the initial; Alison just told him he should keep killing all the other guys with his name.

They’re now back to Rihanna’s quote and Adam is explaining why perhaps Chris Brown might be the best guy for her to be with, very interesting twist!

Alison brought up Frank Ocean and Adam’s reply about what his name sounds like is perfect!

Adam is explaining how someone tweeted him that Frank is actually Billy Ocean’s nephew and now Adam is testing the audience, hilarious!


4th story is on a new study that shows how many men and women are keeping major secrets in relationships, Adam has a funny riff about Major Secret.

Harland just asked Adam what his secret is, Adam is now racking his brain and can’t come up with any.

Adam is now picking Harland’s brain about why he hasn’t settled down, Adam is describing Harland’s “Fuck Nest” and now Adam is trying to give his daughter away to Harland, wow!


5th story is on the announcement of the Entourage movie, Adam is thrilled and Alison is checking to see if he’s serious. Adam is explaining why he doesn’t even see it as a guilty pleasure when it comes to TV shows.

Alison just brought up Adam in line for “Sex and The City 2” and now Adam is telling everyone the story of his birthday celebration, he just got an update that Frank and Billy are for sure not related and now the audience member is verifying the release day for “Sex and The City 2”.

Adam is going super in depth on the story, a fun and new telling.  Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is explaining how he was offered a role on Entourage but never got the message.

Adam is now doing some plugs and wrapping the show.