Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/30/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 505

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/30/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 505

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-26-2017 – Release Date 01-30-2017

Production Number #505 – The Boys are Back in Town

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Adam has a standard intro, he says ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’ and Adam tells Drew there are two songs with that title/lyric and he cites the song from ‘Beverly Hills Cops’ which Drew claims not to know and then claims to know once he hears it.

Adam talks about his ability to know what people will or won’t know, Adam knows Drew must’ve heard this song on KROQ, ‘The Bus Boys’ whom he saw live in Reseda at the Country Club.

Adam talks about ‘The Bleda (bleedah or Bleeder) in Reseda’ the fight between Jimmy Kimmel and Michael the Maintenance Man, Adam says the songs are 18 years apart.


Adam is correct it’s 12 years, Gary was on mic and said 1998.

Gary says it’s from ’48 Hours’ and he learns the movie is from 1982, now Gary is going to dig in and try to figure things out.

Drew talks about the math of his life and measuring his birthdate to graduates from the 1950’s, Adam is now informed the songs are only 6 years apart.

They sound like they’re from totally different eras, not like 2000 until now.


Dr. Drew says things feel like they’re different and it’s a new era, Drew says the government switched over during those past decades, it was a massive change from Carter to Reagan and Adam jokes about his mom clutching her armpit hair worried about Ronald Reagan telling Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the wall.
Drew asks about Leah Remini’s appearance on the ACS, Drew says he had some weird stuff with the Los Angeles Times after the scripted apology was sent in.

Adam is now telling Drew about the dates involved and he goes over the details of the events that led up to the script showing up.

Drew brings up the death at the hospital where he was working at in 2009, he got paranoid about their flawed reporting, he worried it was still some payback from The Church of Scientology.


Adam is talking about the new world order of Usain Bolt’s teammate who got popped for drugs, and the bullshit cover with Usain and the news that he was stripped of his medal due to drugs, not the drug use of another guy.

Adam has a great “wife found dead” headline that could be used to frame Dr. Drew for his wife’s demise, Drew says it was as if he was blamed for someone dying in a hospital where he was also working, that’s how ludicrous was.

Adam says that if everyone is going to the principal’s office then nobody is going, he comments on how the events are different, Adam says he’s not in trouble anymore if everyone is in trouble all the time, we can’t weed out “Johnny Finnegan” for rock throwing because you’re in the same principal’s office due clerical mistake on the P.E. form.


Adam says at some point everyone stopped listening and caring about the latest Trump faux pas during the election, boots on the ground and practicality won out over words and ideas about fictitious futures and imagined slights.


Rich UnclesYou can get involved in commercial real estate while living in your apartment Wall Street Jounicle Edition


1st Caller Brandon, he’s going through a rough time as he just separated from his wife after 5 years.

Brandon has the details on their one sides relationship and how his wife refuses to follow through with the changes she needed to make, let alone even try.

Adam is talking about the people who can let you vacuum while they sit and eat around you, Adam says how can you leave and have fun while others work and suffer, he says 90% or more of his past girlfriend’s, roommates and friends are of that mindset.

Adam says if that’s bad then those people will rule the world, Adam is talking about how infuriated he is by people who don’t participate.


Drew has some pertinent information for Brandon about his wife being responsible for her own care, Adam says some people have different timelines, for some people that time is never (Self Satisfied Sniff) and Brandon tells them about how it feels to have a wife who is like his kid.

Brandon shares what he told her about what she will have to do once he goes away, cook, walk her own dog etc.

Adam says another wildly devastating part of being an adult is trying to help a roommate or friend move their stuff out of your mutual space.

Adam says it wasn’t hoarding as Drew argues it was, Adam says it was shame and a reaction to the reality of the person’s chaotic life they didn’t want shoved back in their face.


True CarConnect to a local certified dealer, Adam is going with the brand-new Jaguar F-Pace Edition


2nd Caller Julian, he’s unclear if he’s a sex addict and he tells them about attending meetings to deal with is preoccupation and shares his declining attraction to his wife and Drew says suicidal thoughts are a medical emergency.

Julian did see someone and stayed in therapy and worked things out, Adam says a lot of things come out of the penis, he talks about compulsive behaviors and how people need to smoke to deal with their general discomfort of being in any given moment.

Julian shares his previous addictions to video games and Drew suggests they formulate a plan and Adam jokes about the Symbionese Liberation Army, they joke about the term Symbionese being made up and they wrap up the show with some plugs.