Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/30/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 113

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/30/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 113

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-24-2014 – Release Date 01-30-2014

Production Number #113 Moving In Together  

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Drew is opening this episode solo, he’s got lots of plugs up top and his typical style of riffing about Mr. Carolla and his insane schedule as of late.

Drew is giving out the plugs, there seems to be some noise from the booth coming through for a moment.

Drew is now getting to the regulation of affect and emotions, he’s now saying he’s beginning to believe that consciousness itself is a shared experience, almost a mosaic of those we’ve had important relationships.


Drew is further discussing these topics and promoting the Dr. Drew podcast episodes #65 and #104.

Drew is telling the guys in the booth about being asked to speak on behalf of Dr. Shore at a lecture from ep 65 and what that meant to him.

Drew is explaining that he had lunch with Dr. Siegel and told him of the over 20yr old cassette tapes of the first conference they held of this type.


Drew and Gary have a nice back and forth about cassette tapes and Drew is describing behavior I’m not unfamiliar with, he’s like us Loveline fans.

Drew is now asking if Adam is continuing his therapy and what the status of that is, Gary is throwing it to a call.


1st Caller Adam and his gf Caroline, they’ve been talking about moving in together after dating for over a year and they want Drew’s take on it.

Drew is clarifying what types of movement/signs this is supposed to lead to and how 18-24 months should lead to an engagement and they should set up some ground rules about not letting this end up indefinite cohabitation.

Caroline is now giving her response to Drew’s advice and Adam is now joining the show, Caroline is telling Drew a living situation of someone she knows and comparing that to what they intend to do.


This is Adam Speaking – Adam, Adam is joking about where he hails from and is doing the annoying thing where someone cracks themselves up midway through a not funny comment, the chocoholics of the world.

Adam is saying that his thoughts have changed over the years, evolving or devolving. Adam is saying he’s now not a fan of living together and how all of his experience was out of necessity.

You could have a dude roommate or a chick roommate – Adam on the necessity of sharing a small apartment with someone else and what ends up happening, especially at their age.


Adam is giving extended advice, a great point about a professional couple in their 30s and what they would do in their shoes along with some comments about his own maturity level when living with women in his 20’s.

Caller Adam is now stroking Carolla’s ego about the online meeting and confirming that they’re not where they want to be financially and Drew is now giving it the official A&D blessing.


2nd Caller Jake calling from Hungary, he sounds great.

Drew is asking him about where he’s calling from and it turns out he works on cellphone towers, Drew is sharing that every time he has a patient with a true photographic memory they’re of Hungarian descent.

Adam is now addressing the ethnicities of his family after noting his Hungarian step grandfather.


Adam is now joking about his parents with Drew and he’s citing how his grandmother would claim to be a daughter of the American Revolution while everyone else just sort of immigrated over here.

Adam is bringing up how his mom doesn’t know her dad and how he’s not spoken of, Adam is back to Helen and her claims to being linked to the revolution and how his mom would always call bullshit being super passive aggressive, refusing to let her mom “have it”.

Adam is telling Drew about his step grandfather losing his sight around age 70 and the ability to enjoy his favorite pastime of reading and then lived another 20yrs like that.


Adam is telling Drew about his grandpa Lotzi’s combination of Mexican and Jewish food and “EnchaLatka” a hypothetical word combination for a dish he didn’t care about making.

Adam is telling Drew about the stories that Lotzi would “scat” for the kids, Drew is sharing his own difficulties doing the same for his daughter.


“What was he doing with your grandmother?” – Drew, Adam has a funny making dinner reply and his own third hand info regarding Hungarians and communication/language skills.

Adam is now naming the others Hungarian guys who came over with Lotzi and became a close knit group of guys who wrote together, he’s citing Ivan something and telling Gary to figure it out.


Jake is a big fan and downloads old Loveline even, you’re welcome.

Jake is telling them about a relationship he wound up in that he only wants to experience while overseas and doesn’t want to bring it back to the states.

Jake is telling them about the beauty of Budapest and his quality of life on his average U.S. salary, Adam is quoting himself and Jake reveals it to be a bogus call.


Jake says he wishes Loveline was still on, it is! Drew says he was feeling bad for this girl, Jake isn’t even in Hungary any longer, no wonder the audio was so clear.

Adam and Drew are offering up tips on pulling off a bogus call, Drew is asking about the smoke detector bogus call Sarah from 2009, when Adam guested on Loveline.

Drew is now explaining that call that was aired on ACP # Production Number #


Jake wants to know about the pregnancy risk on the pill and Adam says any kid born would be the golden child, one that can defy science.


3rd Caller Chris, he commutes over 170 miles per day and works for his parents.

Adam is complimenting him on his 85mph average and Drew is telling Adam how awful the roads in Syracuse are.

Chris parents have a party rental service and he’s telling them about his demands, Adam and Drew are asking him more about the business and how it all works.

Chris has a funny comment about working with guys who have 9th grade educations and Adam has a killer joke reply.


Chris says he’s not making enough money to justify this commute and workload, he wants to know if sticks around making about half the salary he could make with his MBA.

Drew says he should apply his craft elsewhere and if he ever does decide to take over his parents company, then he will have a diversified work history.

Adam is saying not everything is astronaut, some jobs are boring and he’s praising the business of doing business.


They’re back from break, Adam is telling Drew about the photo shoot and promo stuff he had to do for his new Spike TV show “Catch a Contractor”.

Adam is commenting on how great show business is for women and gay men, people into fashion and the accoutrement of celebrity.

Adam is now giving a Matt D’andria free oil equivalent, he’s saying it’s all about what you’re into, he’s not into makeup, hair or clothes and he’s acknowledging how fun it could be for people who are.


Adam is telling Drew about his shirt approximation and how it was hassle for him to have to keep track of the wardrobe and pose for the photos.

Adam is telling Drew about Sharon the head of Spike who they first met back on MTV Loveline, Adam is saying she has great fashion sense and that’s the one thing he doesn’t appreciate.

Adam is giving his take on the “dark jeans” mandate from the network. Adam is explaining this is just a “season 1 note” and says with more seasons this kind of stuff won’t fly.


Adam is saying he only goes around the retard block once, he’s sharing the light jeans twist on this story and Drew is commenting on Adam’s reaction.

Adam says Jean hue is not a thing to give a shit about, Drew is sharing that someone sent him a personality profile that fit Adam.

Adam is giving out some plugs for Detroit, Drew is now reading the details of the ISTP personality type after saying that personality tests have never been useful in his own work.


Adam is asking Drew about “I tried my best” and Drew is connecting that to “I told the truth” and they’re commiserating on those replies not meaning what the people intend.

Adam is saying he doesn’t get the retarded procedures of life that waste the precious time we all have, Adam is agreeing to the rest of the features that Drew mentions.

Drew is asking Adam about the actual show quality and he’s saying why he’s done with that side of the show, he refuses to even sit in an edit bay and deal with network notes.


Drew is bringing up the TLC show “The Adam Carolla Project” that aired on TLC and he’s contrasting Adam’s mood in regards to his current home improvement to that one back in 2005.

Adam is now telling Drew about “The Man Show” bits and how Adam would often be the guy in the edit bay, combing the footage frame by frame while Jimmy wrote a new idea.

Adam doesn’t have time to go sit in the bay.

Adam says he’s sure the show will be good but he’s detached himself from caring too much, Adam found that personality assessment to be interesting.


Adam is telling Drew about a Winston Churchill quote he tweeted and he’s getting Gary to look it up, Adam is quoting conversations he has with his wife about Molly shitting up the backyard.

Adam is having Drew read the quote and mocks him for stalling, Adam is sharing how it’s been 3 months and he stepped in shit yesterday and how all the but’s don’t end up getting them closer to success.

Adam is bringing up the 3 months he spent trying to get Tom Cruise to sit down with him for the Paul Newman documentary, Adam is sharing how John Krasinski was going to set it up then politely wrote back.


Adam is getting to all the sizzle reels and 25 different emails and 15 phone calls, a lot of effort and they still didn’t book him for the documentary.

Adam says the result is exactly the same as him never being born, that is the result, the same we would have had for the documentary Maxipada is not making about nothing.

Adam is now explaining how you always do the best you can and sometimes you get Robert Redford, Drew is chiming in to sum it all up.


Adam is sharing the arguments he gets into over and over again, citing the shitty yard, Drew is further trying to make excuses and Adam is explaining the difference between the dog and booking Tom.

Adam ultimately agrees with Drew and has a funny “I’m listening” reply to Drew about the dog.

Adam is saying that he’s out of resources and can’t book Tom Cruise, but he’s leaving open the caveat that someone like Daniel Kellison could probably book him.


Adam is telling Drew about the fence he and his guy Rob ended up building to keep Molly from ruining the lawn.

Adam is now asking Drew to dig this, he’s talking about his atheist level awareness of the passing amount of finite time, he’s citing the casual way other people go about their lives and stats about the amount of time people spend looking for items in a lifetime.

Adam wants to know if the super duper casual way some folks have of approaching life is a form of denial about their own mortality, Drew says it belies that very thing and Adam is right.


Drew says he feels that way about how precious his time in with many things, including people and movies.

Adam is now riffing about a Buddhist dojo and hypothetical hook for their dog leash to make a point about inward thoughts and what activities they should be saved for, such as walking said dog.

Adam is now doing a live read, riffing about the one separated toe on Buddhist footwear.

Adam is wrapping the show.