Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/30/2014 – Dr. Drew and Dan ‘Bad Rad’ Radakovich

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/30/2014 – Dr. Drew and Dan ‘Bad Rad’ Radakovich

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Guest Dr. Drew and Dan ‘Bad Rad’ Radakovich

Recorded 01-29-2014 – Release Date 01-30-2014

Production Number #1250

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Adam is welcoming Drew to the show for a very special episode recorded earlier in the day to accommodate the upcoming live tour.

Adam is explaining that Alison is en route to the show as she didn’t know they had to start rolling early, BB has a choice #TopDrop and Adam is asking him to walk us through the story of his brain tumor.

Drew is reminding people that’s he’s read an advance copy of BB’s book and it’s really fucking good, BB loves the praise and Adam is now getting him to let up so BB can tell the story.


BB is telling the new listeners the full story of his tumor without mentioning his past connection to the radio show, Drew is apologizing and Alison is now on mic.

Adam has a reference for the late Jennifer and the death sentence Drew relayed to Adam along with BB’s own prognosis from Drew.

Adam cried on air after Jennifer passed, it’s a legendary moment in the show’s history with Guest “Unwritten Law”.


Drew is calling BB the new case, the new outcome for these diagnosis and they’re joking with him about hippy nonsense alternative cures.

BB is referencing his unintelligible nature at times during his treatment, Drew is telling Adam of the praise for him in BB’s book and how he’s not likely to find that elsewhere, Adam replies “I write books”, gold!

BB is bringing up how he was treated with a new drug and how it saved his life, Adam is getting to the nature of science and how certain inventions can have unintended benefits unforeseen when it was being developed.


Adam is now advocating for people wanting paychecks and big Pharma being motivated by money, Drew and BB agree about how they don’t care why the person is motivated as long as they provide drugs to save your life.

BB is telling them about a recent concern and life with his spouse, Adam is taking it back to the early symptoms and the bad harbinger that Adam was witnessing.

Adam is telling the gang about Dr. Bruce and his sister who has the exact same tumor as BB, Drew wasn’t aware of that story and is stunned by the spooky connection.


I met her and BB at ShakesBeer in 2009, after I met her I told BB that he would survive it like her and end up back on the podcast full time, hosting his own film podcast and he could write a book about it.

Adam is joking about the metric system and the medical system using it, Adam is joking about the pilots and their use of knots for speed measurement, Alison has a funny joke about Drew’s oath and Adam gets a “smurfs cunt hair” reply in.

Nice “trapper keeper” reference from Alison, Adam is now saying that a gold ball is around the range of millimeters that BB is describing his tumor.


Adam is now going even further in depth on BB’s tumor and its changes in size, they’re referencing BB’s call to Adam once again.

BB is now taking it to the day where he learned the tumor had shrunk by more than half, Adam is spelling out the life or death news the doctor was about to read to BB.

BB tells them it was the female physician’s assistant who walked in the room and had a “MRI looks good, come on”.


Drew is now chiming in and getting back to the book and he’s explaining how he would recommend this book to patients and Adam is now saying that BB is probably smarter than most people who are randomly stricken with things.

Adam just made up “death’s dog walk” for the nutjobs who were pitching some book or project claiming they were on death’s door.

BB is sharing how he wrote the book after and used his wife’s blog in addition to other recourses to help remember many of the foggy details.


“But your back to cruisin’ Dudes” – Adam on BB sharing his nice anecdote about returning to the gym.

Adam is giving BB a plug and asking Dr. Drew about Just Bieber and his latest offenses, Adam jokes about taking a pause saying his name because he prefers “The Beebs”.

Drew is now giving his take on what these arrests could be a sign of and contrasting it against Adam and his friends.

Drew has some insight into Beiber’s family and is wrapping up his thoughts on this.


Adam is asking Drew about the new drug “Meow Meow” and Drew is commenting on people going for synthetic drugs and why drug screening causes people to then resort to these nearly poisonous products.

Adam is bringing up Drew’s old quotes about cocaine and it’s half-life in your urine, Adam is lamenting how it’s sad about marijuana being the most harmless drug that sticks around the longest.

Adam is quoting a “Real Sports” episode about players and former players using marijuana, Adam is remarking on the bullshit type of reporting this is.


He’s quoting the Barbara Walters “Tea Bagging” interview, he’s ranted about this before, Adam is remarking on how she knew what it was before recording the interview.

Adam is joking about what “Tea Bagging” would have been to him as a youth with his crazy monster pals, Drew has a funny one liner and Alison has a nice reaction.

Adam is bringing up his grandma and her lack of knowledge about “rim jobs” and he’s connecting that to Barbara’s holier than thou attitude in said interview.


Adam is getting back to the point that BB made about Andrea Kramer and they’re both riffing about the bullshit naïveté.

Adam is bringing up testing on mice, he jokes about using king cobras instead and bringing up the possible benefits shown in these mice.

Drew even concedes that there could be some possible benefits, Alison has a killer joke about who gives the mice concussions.


Adam is on a crazy riff about a mouse NFL team, hilarious shouting and quotes, this is comedy gold.

Adam wants to know if Drew wouldn’t prefer these guys smoking pot over taking Oxycontin, Drew is sharing his take on “good drugs s. bad drugs” and how there is no such thing.

He’s telling everyone to kiss his ass and destroying the “marijuana isn’t addictive” nonsense, with a wise statement about substances not needing to be illegal because they or may not be addictive, but because people want them to be that way or don’t.

Adam and Drew are summing it up with a very interesting conclusion. Alison has a nice point about most listeners of the ACS probably being aware of “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show”.


Adam is doing a DDP yoga live read and connecting it to the conversation about the “Real Sports” he watched.

They’re doing another round of plugs for Dr. Drew and his podcast, he’s pledging to try and get it back up to 3 episodes per week.

Drew is trying to get Adam to return to his HLN show, funny hack producer’s comment from Ace, and a great “fu…wha” reply from Drew.


Drew is giving a closing bit of info on “Dragon Moms” and what tactics are used to shape their kids, Adam read the same article and describes it as basically “how you become successful”.

Adam and Drew are really going off on this and the entitlement on the other side of the spectrum, Adam is saying that the message is you have to work your ass off and manifest your own opportunities.

Alison has a nice point and Drew kind of shits on it in the classic way he would do to Adam back on Loveline, Adam is wrapping up with Drew who’s off to catch a flight.


They’re returning from break to a listener voicemail about “The Adam and Dr. Drew show” episode about delayed gratification.

Alison is telling the gang about her experience getting her point all shitted upon by Dr. Drew, Adam is explaining away his behavior, funny one liner from BB.


Dan Radakovich is now on the line, making his ACS debut.

Adam is asking him to brag a bit about his legacy and career in the NFL, he’s telling them his whole history with football, from Penn State to The Steelers in 1971.

Adam is going back and forth with Dan about his career and the early 70’s era of the NFL, he’s talking about “The Steel Curtain” and Adam is bringing up “The Rams”.


Dan is now commenting on working in Denver with Mike August’s dad, Dan is telling them all about him and Adam is revealing Mike’s rarely told legal last name.

Adam wants to know if he ever spotted a young stoned pelican, he can’t seem to recall it.

Adam is commenting on the offensive line getting giant arms, Adam says it’s the first time he remembers seeing an offensive line who were rocking the preacher curls to get stronger arms.


Adam is joking about the uniform innovation that Dan had done to prevent the other team from grabbing the jerseys, Adam is saying it’s a diabolical way to ensure your players work out nonstop.

Adam is bringing up the Jim and Jack Youngblood factoid about the 1979 Rams defense.

This riff was first done live on stage in Kirkland Washington in 2010, I was running the laptop, awesome!


Adam is getting Dan to plug his new book and the 50 years of coaching and playing in the book.

Adam wants to know if he can remember anything funny about Mike August’s dad, Adam has a “boys in the shower” question.

Adam is now joking about Mike’s dad talking Dan into leaving the Steelers coaching staff.


Adam is getting him to go in depth on the time working for the Steelers and the touch years they ended up being in Dan’s life.

Adam wants to know if he has any Terry Bradshaw stories, then has a funny one liner joking about book content.

Adam is now calling for a clip of Terry from one of his movie roles playing a hick, they’re now wrapping up the interview.


Adam is talking about Hal Needham and his film legacy, they’re now watching a clip of Terry on of his movies, Adam is commenting on the clips doing a mini basic cable commentary over it.

Adam is saying that there used to be a time where you could get a lot of work in Hollywood by shaving your head and lifting a few weights.

Adam is joking about the “don’t get any ideas while I’m gone” movie trope and a hilarious “I was thinking about sucking your dick” reply.


BB is now complimenting Adam on his joke about molesting boys in the shower to a Penn State alumni, they’re now talking about Mike’s dad and how rarely he comes up.

BB wants to know what coaching job he had.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Mike, he’s asking BB about freezing his jizz, BB has a killer joke in reply.

Alison has a funny “someone hacked your jizz?” reply to Mike’s points about possible concerns.

BB is explaining why he froze his semen samples and why it’s standard advice, Adam has a great “dog days of summer” semen cubes joke.

BB has a funny lemonade reply to Adam, this is great.

Adam is thanking him for changing his Mangria question to one focusing on jizz, haha.


2nd Caller Sam he wants to know about the audiobook running time for “President Me” and Adam is telling him he’s contractually obliged to do it, he’s saying it’s as long as his last book and he hopes they make it to 8hrs.

Dawson is now on mic and calls Sam a dick for bringing this up, Adam is covering the incident with the last book and it’s running time.

Alison sums it up with Adam’s curse, he can see the future but is powerless to change it.


Adam is now explaining that the book is never just a set length, he’s riffing within his chapters and has plenty of “accordion room” and is bringing up the science of pricing items from the Episode with Jon from Bar Rescue.

Alison wants to know why these things happen and Adam says its two factors, he’s asking what does anyone give a shit for, he’s joking about people always acting like they’re being underpaid and worked too hard.

Alison is bringing up how Adam is more comfortable with people not giving a shit about him or his projects and how she doesn’t have quite the same feelings.


Adam is joking about Dawson’s current guacamole projects and how he doesn’t find himself spending a lot of time thinking about Dawson and his shit, Alison says the most ever is right now.

Adam wants to know how you can then ask someone to look out for you in ways they’re not looking out for you and what payment changes in that dynamic.

Dawson is now on mic sharing how crushed he was by the final running time and how it was edited down from 45hrs.


Adam is summing it up and saying people think about their own shit and most people kind of just go through life without many questions or moments of reflection.

Adam is saying its nothing personal good nor bad and extrapolating that to the government as well as other people.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the State of the union and some of what President Obama said, she’s setting up a clip of him referencing patent trolls.

Adam is saying thank you for that pledge, Alison is commenting on the paper thin material stronger than steel, Adam is now saying that we need to move away from steel as our reference point for comparing other materials.

Alison is calling for people to stop using sliced bread as their go to clichéd example for modern convenience.


Adam is going in depth on the super vague part of these speeches and how there needs to be a meter to analyze how much of the speeches are targeted goals and how much is vague platitudes.

Alison is reading the rest of the info from the President’s speech.

BB is asking Adam about his take on immigration and he’s sharing his thoughts on the shadow economy that’s been created.


Alison has a hilarious comment about how she wants it to be “puppies” in reply to Adam’s comment about counterfeit hotdogs.

Adam is referencing Mike August running down the illegal alien who hit him in traffic than tried to run off, Adam is going off the groups from too many sides that will fuck you for making common sense decisions and how he doesn’t want politicians nor school teachers responding to the whims of those they’re governing.


Adam is saying the left and the right both have some bad ideas and is explaining the way to handle the border issues.

Alison is now wrapping the show and Adam is doing a live read with Matt Fondiler.