Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/30/2013 – Eugene Mirman

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/30/2013 – Eugene Mirman

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-29-2013 – Release Date 01-30-2013

Production Number #1003

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Adam is opening the show with a plug for the live steam on YouTube thanks to VPN, you can see the show live streaming every Tuesday.

Adam is now telling the gang about walking through the airport in Detroit and encountering/running after a woman with a full size German shepherd so he could grab a picture, you can view the picture via the show page link above.

Adam is now proposing an analogy comparing the airport, flying and society as a whole to a packed line at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, Alison steps in with an attempt to make it less racist but now Adam is pouncing on her with some great riffing.


Adam is now going further in depth on his take on the people who travel with their pets and Bryan is chiming in with a theory about Hilary Clinton having the record for most flown air miles of any woman in history.

Bryan is very impressed with his idea; Adam and Alison don’t seem as keen. Alison is now asking Adam what he really thinks about the people who travel with their pets.

Adam is now ranting against the people who criticize him for complaining about the people traveling with their dogs, he’s now on an incredible riff/rant combo about what relieves stress for him.

Adam is further elaborating on his point about the dogs being a sign of what’s taking place in society as a whole and it’s not just about the dogs, it’s more about the sense of entitlement it represents in a populace.


Adam is now showing the gang his new “Water Displacement” windbreaker from Superfan Ed Malinowski ( to follow him on twitter) he’s frequently the one who submits Adam’s new phrases and words to the Urban Dictionary.

Adam is now congratulating himself on being in the top 20 percent; Bryan has a hilarious reaction too!

Alison is jumping and they’re all exploring the ways these windbreakers would benefit society, Adam is once again explaining the rules of the system.

Adam is declaring it would make for a fun year, Bryan has a great point and Alison is right in the mix too.


Adam is now going off on the hotels he stays at on the road, he’s explaining how you can verify if you’re staying at a shitbox by whether or not it features a default prerecorded greeting on the TV.

Adam is now telling the gang about the hotel he was staying at in Detroit and the exotic locations featured in the recorded in hotel message on the TV that was making him depressed.

He’s now showing the gang a photo he took from his hotel room that’s in stark contrast to the locales featured in the video.


Adam is explaining how a guy was thrown out of the show in Detroit; Mike Lynch is now mic to confirm what happened. Bryan is giving his take on people bragging about ruining shows and now Mike is filling in more details.

Adam is telling the gang about talking with the guy who ran the theater in Detroit about Morrissey, Adam knows his tour manager.

Adam is now sharing a funny anecdote about Morrissey, and comparing it to a classic story from Ginger Lynn as told on Loveline in 2003. Adam is making a funny point about the marquee guy at the Royal Oak Theater.


Adam is now telling the gang about DAG guesting on the Adam and Drew show for an upcoming episode; Adam observed the parking style of Drew and DAG.

They’re now playing a clip of the show where DAG is going off on the full parking lot and revealing Adam was correct about his theory on why DAG purposely parked that way.

Adam is now elaborating on how he picks up on these things and Alison is explaining that’s the nature of passive aggressive gestures; Adam is disagreeing with her on an aspect of her point about everyone having that aggression inside of them.

Adam is now citing the time he had palm surgery and purposely removed the hand brace as not to be viewed as wearing a professional bowling glove for a charity bowling event hosted by Kobe Bryant.


Eugene is now making his return to the podcast; Adam is plugging his various projects and his hour long special for comedy central.

Adam is now asking if Eugene was on a flight with him, but now he’s being told it was Dan Mintz.

Adam is now sharing his theory on 1st class travel and food/alcohol consumption, citing the one time he saw a guy not take a single item during a 6hr flight.

Adam is now asking Eugene if his immigrant parents would freak out if they were to travel in 1st class, Eugene is now jumping in and mixing it up.

Adam is firing back and now explaining where he comes from to Eugene, Bryan is chiming in and Adam gets some good one liners in.


Eugene is now telling the gang about the differences between Russia and the United States for his family, Adam is telling Eugene his theory on Russian people being the most fucked up white people on earth.

Eugene is agreeing and citing some hilarious examples, Adam is now asking what happened to those people to make them how they are.

Adam is asking Eugene how things are there now, he’s telling the gang he hasn’t been back since moving to the states but would like to make a documentary out of returning. Eugene is telling the gang how is parents object to him returning and actually says it’s a “lawless country”.


Eugene is now telling the gang about where he grew up and being in special Ed, Adam is now asking about Rocky IV’s release and trying to connect that to Eugene’s upbringing.

Eugene just shared his GPA and Adam dropped his lower GPA dong on the table, Eugene is explaining his parents take on his comedy and improv aspirations.

Adam now has his diploma displayed and Eugene is asking him why he did so badly in school, Adam just made a huge math gaff with his hands, good thing it was being live streamed!

Adam is saying his parents were too lazy to even make him a “latch key kid”, hilarious!

Eugene seems shocked that Adam couldn’t read and Alison wants to know how he was able to learn, Adam is now doing a live read to explain how he learned to read because of showbiz.

Adam is now finishing up the live read and has a great rant mid read about people always trying to take away credit and minimize what you’ve accomplished, he’s dead on!

Adam has a funny observation about the type of Russian Eugene looks like, Alison is now asking how his parents found out they were being bugged by the KGB.

Adam is now explaining his take on Reagan’s “Evil Empire” declaration and how he’s not a cultural relativist.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on John Kerry becoming the new secretary of state, Adam is glad and explaining his theory on why he likes large or imposing guys being sent on foreign convoys in order to intimidate Middle Eastern leaders.

Adam is now giving an example involving the first gulf war and they’re agreeing Daniel Day Lewis combined with Suge Knight would make the ideal secretary of state.

Adam is mocking Hilary’s pantsuits for not being very intimidating; they’re all riffing on who would make the most frightening secretary of state.


2nd story is on Ashton Kutcher adopting Steve Jobs “Fruitarian” diet and ending up in the hospital with pancreatic trouble and the connection perhaps falsely being linked to Jobs cancer.

Adam is now going off on how the lack of certain things in society cause humans to spin out with crazy diets and self-obsessed rituals, Adam is now quoting the bizarre lengths people go to cleanse and has a funny comedy twist.

Eugene picks up on it and has a killer reply to Adam’s quote, Adam is now setting up a funny bit about Dr. Drew tricking him but Eugene seems to mishear it and now they’re on the topic of butt chugging.

Eugene is telling them about a funny YouTube clip and now Adam is correcting some of the science on butt chugging. Adam is telling the gang about a Ted Koppel news piece about “2 Live Crew” being arrested from the pre YouTube era.


3rd story is on a man who shot and killed his Doctor in Orange County; Adam has a funny reply and is now riffing on the guy winding up in prison.

Adam is making this hilarious, awesome one man improv. Alison waited till Adam wrapped it up to correct him on the details, nice work not stepping on the gold Alison!


4th story is on the iPhone app “condom size” and the control room now has the definition for incontinence and now Adam has a great point about why urine is the default form.

Adam is sharing his game on “Oh you can do that” theory, he’s once again citing the 4 minute mile and really elaborating on how this stuff is only going to increase.

Alison is now explaining the app and its function along with its “world record” system, once again somebody borrows one of Adam’s ideas.

Eugene has a water displacement question and Adam could never possibly begin to explain what he just stepped into, so instead Adam is riffing on the app and it’s true function.


Adam is now pondering the length of the iPhone, Bryan has a funny retort and Eugene is chiming in, Alison just dropped one of the funniest lines of all time, wow!

Adam is now trying to quickly explain his water displacement test for America to Eugene, Adam is now riffing on the self-selecting test group for this app and how it’s not an average sampling.

Alison wants to know how often Adam thinks about penis size, Adam is explaining how he’s the bill gates of cock thought. Alison is asking Eugene and he’s giving his take.

Eugene is joking about weighing vaginas, Alison has a funny reply and now Adam is adding a 3rd app that merges both apps with a dating app, a genital based E harmony, wow!

Adam is closing up his riff on his new app/website “”.


5th story is on Entertainment Weekly running an article on celebrities who have their own lines of alcohol that failed to mention the Aceman.

Adam is now riffing on EW and asking them his perfect “Stupid or Liar” hypothetical question and mentioning all the times they showed an anti-Adam and Jimmy agenda.

Alison is asking Adam if he was even tempted by the 50k per episode to stay and continue the Man Show.

Adam is going off on Tom Shales and his perceived bias against Adam and Jimmy, Alison is now reading the quotes from the early man show review by Tom.

Adam is exploring the hypocrisy that allows Tom to write these things against Adam, Jimmy and Drew but doesn’t allow for the same types of critiques to be made about tom.


Adam is further laying into EW for the “Braying sports aficionado” line and their terrible and confusing writing.

Alison is reporting on Marilyn Manson’s absinthe line and Adam is sharing how Marilyn brought a bottle into loveline one night and they drank it on air, well he mostly drank it. Adam says it’s like drinking mushrooms and now explaining how he did Loveline shitfaced a million times.

Adam has a great pro wrestling analogy to make sense of Donald Trump’s place in society; Bryan has a killer one liner about black man servants, that was gold BB!

Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is exploring Trump some more and declaring Janeane Garofalo the antithesis version of trump and describing how she also became a caricature of herself just like he did.


Adam is further exploring his theory on people becoming the concentrated essence of their personality as they age in the public eye, Eugene is jumping in a bunch and Alison is helping to clarify Adam’s points for Eugene, nice work.

Adam is now explaining how society encourages this behavior and he’s making a great analogy to a misbehaving kid, another great go to my PC live read and Adam is once again struggling with the “PC” part.

Adam is explaining how Zorbas Pizza in San Francisco now carries Mangria, Bryan chimes in with some great tips about Zorbas and says they’ll even bring you a bottle with no extra charge along with your pizza, wow good going San Francisco!