Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/29/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 208

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/29/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 208

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 01-27-2015 – Release Date 01-29-2015

Production Number #208 – Wetting the Bed

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Adam is laughing and comments on the early recording time, he asks Drew about the radio show Dr. Drew shares with Mike Catherwood and the unique format they utilize.

Dr. Drew is commenting on how talk radio can’t escape from the habits of old and Adam is carefully giving Drew his review of the show, telling him he missed Brian on it.

Adam says he doesn’t listen to Drew with a critical ear, cannot judge.


Adam reveals that ‘Road Hard’ is being released on March 6th.

Adam is explaining how building a home or finishing a car gets you incremental “attaboy’s” that don’t come with something like making a film.

Adam finishes his complex construction metaphor for delayed gratification and he’s now explaining the do/undo process of editing along with the ADR experience.


Adam says it’s a lot of sitting bays alone and Drew asks him about the reward of the experience, he says it’s March 6th for VOD and a theatrical release.

Adam is telling Drew about the modern business model he’s utilizing for this film’s released.

Adam is now contrasting his current type of release deal vs. the one for ‘The Hammer’ with the Weinstein’s, he shares the reality of his experiences dealing with their company.


Drew asks Adam about ‘The Interview’ and Dr. Drew says not that good doesn’t being to describe what a piece of shit that movie is.

Adam shares his “I’m out!’ moment upon seeing the trailer.

Adam excuses Seth Rogen’s recent twitter controversy regarding his comments about the movie ‘American Sniper’ and Drew joins him for an observation about Canadians disdainfully viewing America.


Drew says that Seth Rogen doesn’t like him and thinks he presumes Drew is anti-pot, Drew and Adam both forget he was on Loveline twice in 2000 and 2001.

Adam is commenting on the panels on diversity in television complaining about the lack of diversity despite the makeup of the panel.

Adam is now connecting that to the marijuana supporters who want weed and can get all the weed they want.


Drew asks if it isn’t weird that no matter how much he reassures people he doesn’t want to take away their pot they see him as their version of him.

Adam is mocking the notion of him being homophobic and mentions hiring a gay man to direct ‘The Hammer’ and he further explains the reality vs. fictional narrative about him.

Drew is bringing up the notion of war/battle films and historical accuracy.


Adam jokes about ‘235’ an all-female version of the movie ‘300’ and Drew asks if they can book Kevin Frasier for ADS after Adam once again references this talking head panelists show.

Drew wants to talk about his battle with Nancy Grace and gets mixed up about this show’s release date, Adam has a killer “she’s fighting with bifocals” one liner. Gold!

Adam asks if Nancy Grace is the female Dr. Phil and comments on listing to these talking head TV personalities like her, he’s now mimicking her and joking about the broken logic presented in her arguments.


Drew says that T.V. lends itself to being cartoony, Adam is now once again doing his Nancy Grace impression, solid!

Drew plugs his live show with Mike Carano where they’re going to breakdown the flaws of the 1970s as a decade.

Adam is now bringing up the Buick LeSabre incident from the ACS to make a point about his phone call into ‘Calling Out with Susan Pinsky’ to get a psychic reading.


Drew is sharing his scientific explanation for psychic intuition.


Drew is launching into a Cremo live read


Chris has a letter from Sarah, her boyfriend’s son’s friend wets the bed. Drew struggles to understand the strange wording.

Drew reacts to the guy being 18, Adam is now asking if people couldn’t all just listen to him, he’s screaming “look around! Who do you want to listen to!” and bringing up his childhood bedwetting.

Drew brings up the one time Adam pissed the bed with an ex, he is now back to the method his late grandfather Lotzi employed to cure Adam of his bedwetting.


Adam is now explaining how much time he spent at his grandparents’ home, he tells Drew about peeing in a bucket and dumping it the next morning.

Adam brings up the arguments with his wife about his son and further describes how this system eliminates bedwetting.

Drew agrees with Adam about his problem solving skills and wants to know why he’s getting the pushback from his wife.


Drew is explaining the medical treatment that is the exact same as the pharmacological approach but mechanical in nature and probably healthier for the long term.

Drew is now pitching that Adam pretend to be Psychic and conjuring this logic, Adam is now doing some Chief Thunderbear for the first time in nearly a decade.

Adam says he was thinking about the recent Tom Brady Deflate Gate controversy, Adam says the one thing that hasn’t come up is that in the playoff game before The Patriots had a guy check in as ineligible.


Adam is commenting how the move is legal but certainly not in the spirit of the game, Adam is commenting on the spirit of the game attempts to get an edge such as “play action” and he says the reason there is so much scrutiny on the Patriots is due to their history of trying to get past the rules.

Adam would like the same courtesy in the other direction, he’s right all the time and he should be able to earn goodwill while the patriots have earned their own bad will.

Adam is now asking Gary what happened on that strange play, Gary is on mic and he explains the strange formation they were utilizing for the game.


Adam tells Gary he’s fucking his story and Gary says he’s reading as fast as possible, Adam is commenting on the play and the ineligible check in with the ref.


1st Caller Steve, he got a seatbelt ticket and wants to know if he should fight this.

Steve is now explaining the scenario and how he wanted to re-apply his seatbelt when he got to the four way stop.

Adam is telling him to fight it, he says it’s worth his time and brings up the people who marched in Selma.


2nd Caller Jordan, Drew brings up the NYC shutdown for the expected blizzard that never really came, Jordan wants to know about investing in a house in lieu of a big wedding.

Adam sand Drew are unanimous that he should buy the house, Adam checks in with Gary.


Adam is doing a live read


Adam is sharing his rule of thumb for costs of wedding vs. assets and his 1000 max for a wedding dress with a clause of a woman having to fit into the dress for an additional year after the wedding.

Adam jokes about women bulking up on protein shakes before getting married.

Gary is explaining what he’s learned so far and Adam is asking Matt to find the game clip.


Adam is clarifying with Gary, it’s not the Colts game but the game against the Panthers, Gary finds out it was the Ravens game.


3rd Caller Steven he wants to know how to help fight the symptoms of sex addiction, Drew says this is a marriage that’s in trouble.

Adam is asking him about his wife’s self-confidence and lack of interest in intimacy.

Adam is giving some practical advice and Drew is stressing the therapy angle and says this marriage is in trouble.


Adam is asking Maxipada to look at him and tells him to clear the calls and plugs the upcoming Take a Knee guests, sounds like a great range of guests.

Adam and Drew are talking about the clip of the Ravens game, Adam tells Gary to please make it stop and Drew talks over him with his plugs.

Gary doesn’t want to give Adam the wrong information and Chris chimes in with some of the info.

Gary reads more about this play, Adam brings up racing and the IRS and makes a closing point about people trying to skirt around the rules.