Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/29/2014 – David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/29/2014 – David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest David Wild

Recorded 01-28-2014 – Release Date 01-29-2014

Production Number #1249

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Adam is opening the show with David Wild giving him the definitive update on whether or not John Mayer is or is not a douchebag.

David is explaining asking him that very question, David is describing the encounter and Alison is giving some interesting feedback.

Everyone is forgetting John’s 2004 Loveline appearance where Adam loved the dude, David is now explaining why John doesn’t like to be recorded due to past incidents where his jokes were used to get him in trouble.


David has an anecdote about a mystery young starlet in tears leaving the red carpet after reading twitter reactions, great “Harry Styles” back and forth with Alison.

Adam is now sharing how interviews can become “potential trouble” for artists and he’s further explaining his take on this.

Adam is getting to how none of the good things he does are brought up, just his words being twisted to frame him as a homophobe or misogynist, thanks non-partisan media!


Adam is asking David about Queen Latifah’s sexuality and if she’s now out of the closet and David is giving his take and saying he doesn’t think that anyone else should answer this question but the person themselves.

Adam is using Liberace to make a point. “You’re wife wishes you sucked more cock” – Adam on David and his sexuality proclamation.

Adam is plugging Neal Brennan’s arrival, based on the show title I assume he never makes it.


Adam is now asking David to prepare for this Beatles Tribute discussion and Adam is listing all of his favorite “Beatles” songs and the ones that never get played, Adam is sharing his favorite song of theirs that never gets played, Adam says John Hiatt or Graham Parker should have recorded it as it gets so little airplay.

Adam says “Nowhere Man” must be one of the least “spinned” songs from their catalog.

Adam has a funny description of what should be done to radio program directors, David is sharing how he got Natalie Merchant to record a version for the John Lennon tribute from a decade ago.


Adam is joking about “I Am Sam” with David Wild who brought up Sean Penn, Adam is now breaking down “The Beatles” and their various sounds, Adam says this song captures all eras of their sound, right in the middle.

Adam is now sharing how he’ll be giving his super bowl pick on the Carolla Instagram account, he’s joking about his “pox” and “Appoximation” for picking teams and how it only works if he gambles on a team.

Adam is giving his take on the odds, BB is jumping in and asking Gary to get the actual numbers, Adam was dead nuts on, funny one liner form him joking about the info.


Adam is now plugging “10th Avenue Podcast” Lynette’s new Bruce Springsteen fan podcast, she’ll be interviewing fans and people involved with the man’s work, this sounds a lot like my own podcast about Adam.

Adam is talking to David about the fundraiser that’s going on at Phil Rosenthal’s home, Adam is sharing his “give a tour of air force one” idea for fundraising.

David is sharing how he won’t be attending, nice questions from everyone asking why, Alison thinks he didn’t get an invite.


Adam is asking David about taping the tribute for “The Beatles” last night and David is sharing the details of running between both live shows.

David says that Peter Frampton wants to guest on the podcast and Adam is referencing the classic Family Guy season 3 episode he starred in with Peter.

David is now listing all the artists who performed, Adam’s reaction to the “Eurhythmics” news is pretty great.


David is sharing an old anecdote about Linda McCartney and her connection to his marriage to his wife, Adam likes the story and has an update on Paul McCartney seeing the family and ordering a picture with them.

Adam is now getting to the “emotional bank account” that you leave behind, he’s asking why celebrities don’t go over the top and be super kind to fans during encounters to leave them with something nice.

Adam is explaining how he demands bro hugs from the tentative and shy quiet dudes he meets while on the road, he says it’s much better to do something sort of weird than to blow someone off.


David is sharing the Jeff Lynne anecdote he has from the show and Adam is referencing his appearance on the podcast and singing the praises of the man.

They’re singing the praise of Dave Grohl and Alison is confirming that he is a most wanted guest, but the reason is because Adam joked about the girl he was dating, in 1997 with the chick from Veruca Salt and in 2003 at Dave’s home with his now wife.

Adam is doing a live read.


Q and Ace

1st Caller David, he’s calling from Atlanta and has some kind words for the last episode with Joy Koy and DFG, great use of the new drop from BB.

David wants to know when to fight for something, with women and potential jobs, he wants to know when he should try to sell someone on him.

Adam is now telling him to hold on and saying that movies have it backwards, he’s getting to the 80’s movie montages.


Adam is now getting to “Cocktail” and the job interview montage scene, he’s vividly describing this cinema trope.

Adam is joking about when to take no for an answer and how women and job things are very different, Alison is sharing how she would act if given the chance to relive her past and how she would shift focus from relationships to work.

Adam is getting to what makes chicks repel even further away from you and how it works on 43yr old dudes who might hire you, Adam thanks David for provoking that thought in him.


Adam says David shouldn’t take an ether rag to his next job interview with intent to rape the person interviewing him in an alley, wow!


2nd Caller David, he had a great time at Cinco De Mangria back in May and wants to know if he’ll be doing another one of these events, it was 4 years between the last two.

Adam is explaining his upcoming schedule and extremely full plate, David wants a partial refund due to Alison and BB not being present at the event.

Adam is trying to remember the event and can’t separate it from the last one in 2009, Adam is now being reminded of the day’s activities.


3rd Caller Casey, he wants Adam’s take on the “Skirball cultural center” and Adam is now explaining what it is to the listeners outside of L.A. at BB’s behest.

Adam is really going in depth on this, Ennis Cosby reference mid description of the location.

Adam is now sharing why he hates this place, he’s telling the gang about 8-9 years ago and trying to do what normal people might do on a Sunday.


Adam is sharing how they made reservations for the restaurant with a scenic view of the surrounding areas, Adam is being informed he was at the center being interviewed by Meghan Daum in 2007.

Adam is sharing the passion fruit iced tea incident at the Skirball center and what it meant to Adam.

BB is bringing up the listener info about the passion fruit tea requiring them to have to clean their dispensers less, Adam says he loved the architecture but their tea is shit and he judges a building by their tea.


Alison is sharing the story of making out with a guy and her “ask me anything” reply that she didn’t have any follow ups for. Great Story!

Adam is sharing how Dr. Drew wants Adam to guest on his HLN show and Adam is describing the panels on the show and how it’s a nonstop parade or apologizing for a lack of content, traffic copping with no fucking opinions.

Adam is brilliantly breaking down the clusterfuck of the show, Adam is telling the gang about one that he was showed, 14 people in boxes on the screen at once.


Adam is revealing that Neal Brennan is not going to make it due to a scheduling conflict that was not his fault.


4th Caller Eric, he has OCD and other conditions.

Adam wants to know how his OCD manifest and Adam is joking about having him as a roommate and how superior he would have been to his actual roommates.

Adam is asking now if this isn’t just the ultimate narcissism, thinking that you have such power and control over the natural order of the universe.

Adam says it’s trying to control the gods.


Adam is now asking about really religious people and wondering if they have OCD just as frequently as the secular.

Eric tells Adam is t’s funny that he mentions that, he attends bible college and is very religious, Adam wants to know why he doesn’t just “fucking let god…just let god” handle things for him.

Adam is sharing his standard advice for life for people suffering with depression and Adam tells him he sounds like a candidate for medication, Adam asks if he does know what’s going on.


Adam is offering up a hypothetical push-up idea, Eric actually responds to it and is going to give it a try.

Adam has a nice Herschel Walker reference and how he “un-Jewed the shit out of his name”, Adam is now riffing on guys with physiques that are encoded in their genes and their advice to everyone else about getting in shape.

Adam is telling Alison about how his shoulders have shoulders, Adam is now doing a stamps. Come live read incorporating the physique comedy into the read.

The gang are now reacting to Herschel’s physique and Adam is teasing an update on Gavin Newsom from Producer Gary. They’re now going to break with plugs for David Wild.


They’re back form break with the update from Gary.

Adam is explaining the scenario and how Gavin was interviewed by a fan who is a superintendent at a school where Gavin recently spoke.

Gary is now reading the quotes and according to Gavin they did change the freeway signs for Adam and Gavin agrees to come back and guest again, I knew it!


Adam is now asking what city and state has the most contempt for its people, Alison says you would be hard pressed to find one worse than L.A. and Adam is now citing the LAX airport vs. SeaTac.

BB is bringing up the dichotomy of intelligent between L.A. and the bay area and he wonders if anywhere else has such range in one state.

Adam is now getting to the quality of life and how bumper to bumper traffic is among the worst parts of modern life in the 1st world.

Adam is now joking about the “Takes time to change” idea and saying not for street signs, he’s got a great Jumbo-Tron analogy and he’s bringing up the timeline for the changes being made.


BB is now comparing Gavin to a child for wanting credit for finally changing the signs, Adam is going off on the contempt for citizens and Gary is reading the rest of the email.

Adam says he would love to get Gavin back on the show but is telling the audience to not hold their breath, BB says “I would love to” means fuck off.

BB is now joking about Adam’s speedy exits from the warehouse and how it can be misconstrued by Gavin.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on a paper published in 2008 regarding the cost of keeping people alive in their advancing ages.

This story may have been brought up on the KLSX ACS in 2008 actually, Alison is now reading the details and findings from the study.

Adam is getting to the lie about smokers costing more than non-smokers and he’s making a larger point about people who will lie to you to influence your behavior, much like secondhand smoke.


Adam is getting to how these things become lies, BB and Alison are making find points and Adam is now taking it to the lies about drugs, referencing Alison’s point from the last show.

Alison is making a point, saying that a lie is not ok, good or bad and she’s explaining why this is a hot button issue for her personally.

Adam has a funny joke about Alison being told she was boy, Adam is making sure that BB got the drop of her asking where her penis is, gold!


BB is getting to the last point from the study, he’s bringing up the mention of Alzheimer’s in the study and calling secondhand smoke a totally, no largely preventable disease, I assume taking a step back based on Adam’s posture about to correct him.


2nd Story is on Quentin Tarantino suing Gawker over leaking his “Hateful Eight” script

Alison is reading the quotes from the lawsuit and accusations against “Gawker”.

Adam says that QT is going to make a great old crazy guy, he’s riffing about Phi Spector and how people when he was 22 must have been waiting to see him in his 60s.

Adam is now joking about the list of the people going nuts in their 70’s, Rihanna and Chris Brown are nice mentions, Alison wants to know who else can be added to the list.


Adam is differentiating the looks vs. the behaviors of these people in his fictional/likely future scenarios.

BB says Courtney Love will make a great old lady, Alison is now sharing Adam’s astute point about Mike “The Situation” having “Old Timey face” and Alison now wants to know what gives someone that look.

Adam is trying to figure it out and is using the way people were drawn in that time, Adam is now saying that it has more to do with what the subject was thinking.


Alison has a funny reaction to Adam’s theory on adult grown up thoughts making people look different in old timey photos.

Adam is making a point about gay guys starting to eventually look gay in their face, angry guys, racist guys, happy guys, Adam is clarifying his point it’s not about expression, more overall demeanor and it’s a result of what they’re thinking.

Adam has a series of interesting observations about the way people look like they’re thinking and how that attracts people to them.


Alison wants to know what would be in the thought bubbles for the various caricatures of these guys, if they were in a comic strip/cartoon.

Adam says you would have to do it without expressions on the faces, he’s now pitching an “Automotive Ethnicity Parking Lot Showdown” where contestants need to label the ethnicity of the car owner’s sight unseen.

Alison wants to know if Adam has had the experience of meeting someone who seems smart initially and slowly reveal themselves to be somewhat dense.

Adam is using celebrity parties to gauge this very thing and how he’s noticed it too.


3rd Story is on the death of Pete Seeger

Adam is admiring his career and Alison has the names of some of his biggest hits.

Adam is joking about “If I had a Hammer” and the lyrics and riffs his own song “If I had a set of vice grips”, he’s killing it and BB jams up the volume on the real version cutting Adam’s impromptu original short.

Adam is now jumping in and singing some original lyrics in place of the ones used.

Adam says this type of music is the musical equivalent to the “end war” bumper stickers, Adam just sang another impromptu song, this one about a cow bell.


Alison wants Adam and BB’s take on “Puff the Magic Dragon” and Adam is calling it a copout to name the fictional land rhyme with the lyric that came before it.

Adam is joking about these songs being so boring you have to add weird pot myths to them, they’re now playing the song and Adam is peppering in some commentary singing along with it too, this is wonderful.

If you like Adam singing, this episode is a gem!


Alison has a hilarious “Dragon Boots” one liner in reply to Adam’s question about how the song ends and what happens to Puff, nice work Alison!

Adam is saying this is right up there with children’s books, couldn’t anyone shit one of these out.

Adam is now referencing “Luca” by Suzanne Vega and how much he likes that song and doesn’t think he could do better.


4th Story is on an opera singer who is suing her doctor after an operation that has left her unable to control her flatulence and bowels, rendering her unable to work in her profession.

Adam is now commenting on this gig and how it’s the one job besides strong man competitor where this won’t work.

Adam is now joking about her moving more tickets if she chose to mic up her ass, Alison has a nice reactions.

Adam and BB are riffing about Bugs Bunny dressing up as his Opera Character and Opera being considered stuffy and mocked by his childhood cartoons.


They’re playing the cartoon and Adam is wrapping it up saying this is the case where it’s good Doctors have insurance.

Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, great use of the new Alison drop!