Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/29/2013 – Tim Ferriss, Boomer Esiason, and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/29/2013 – Tim Ferriss, Boomer Esiason, and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-28-2013 – Release Date 01-29-2013

Production Number #1002

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Adam is opening the show with David Wild in studio; Adam is now sharing some anecdotes from the road. He’s explaining how he went to dinner with Mike in Detroit and was met with a hilarious response when Mike asked what their specialty was.

Adam is now sharing another anecdote with the gang; this one is aimed at Alison as Adam has deemed she’ll appreciate it most.

Adam is now losing it mid story explaining how he doesn’t want the shows loaded up with 3 guests when he returns from the road and how he’s told Mike the same thing many times. Gary is now on mic trying to smooth things over, nice work.

Bryan is playing the drop to make the control room guys look bad but this one is a scheduling error so it’s not on them, Adam is still ranting.

Adam is now trying to figure out what to do, this is intense and relatable, and I’ve given these exact same quotes myself! Now David Wild is crestfallen and Adam is remarking on that.

Whoa this show got weird really quick; David is now saying he thinks ACS #997 with DAG was the greatest ACS episode he’s ever heard.


Adam is now getting invested in something emotionally so Boomer will call in, hilarious commentary on his own luck and existence.

Adam is now having the gang fire up the cover featuring his ad in “Variety” celebrating Jimmy’s success and move to 1135pm. Alison is now reading the words form the advertisement and Adam is saying how Jimmy actually got a kick out of it.

Adam is now calling it quits on Boomer’s phoner segment; Gary is now chiming in to tell Adam that Boomer is on the line, hilarious!


Boomer is now on the line, Adam is asking him about working with Aisha Tyler who was a semi frequent Loveline, ACS morning show and now podcast guest too.

Adam is now quizzing Boomer about head trauma in the NFL; Boomer is explaining he doesn’t have any ill will towards the NFL. He’s now breaking down the percentages of what he thinks are legitimate claims against the NFL.

Boomer is now explaining how he only regrets never winning the Super bowl, Adam brought up the 49’ers and now Boomer is walking Adam through what happened to him in super bowl 23.

Boomer is now fully down memory lane breaking down super bowl 23, Adam is right there with him and reasoning through it alongside him.

They’re wrapping up with Boomer and now Adam is knocking out a live read for

Adam is launching into the running time for his book and how it was just shy of 8hrs by a few seconds, hilarious rehash!


Adam is now telling the gang about flying Jet Blue and having to store his bag 15 rows back; Adam is now explaining how he can eyeball the aisle distance on a plane.

He’s going in depth on waiting the 20-30min for the plane to clear out so he can get his bag; Adam is now citing the C in the back of the plane who purposely left her bag above his seat.

Adam is now making a larger point about rule enforcement and society; he’s got a great comparison between what happens before you board a plane and what happens once you’re trapped in the tube.

Adam is explaining how he attempts to shorten his journey time by not waiting on planes, he’s got a great bus analogy and now Alison is chiming in with a hilarious question.

Adam is now riffing on the jet way and the extreme temperatures found within them. Alison has a hilarious quote in reply to Adam’s argument citing feminine problems for the woman not storing her bag above his seat.


Bryan is arguing that the chaos allowed on planes is intentional so airlines can upsell you, Adam is agreeing and now Alison is agreeing to pay a fee to get certain access to the overhead bin.

Adam is now explaining how it all comes down to the cost of jet fuel and he’s fine with paying for baggage, he’s now riffing on the response from everyone else.

Adam is now ranting about self-entitlement and making a larger point about society as a whole.


Adam is now wrapping up his story from the people mover/motorized walkway at the Detroit Airport. Adam is now explaining the woman behind them with her “Excuse me” chambered who still had to use it.

Alison is jumping and Adam is now further elaborating about the scene, Adam is now explaining how he’s jealous of the sense of entitlement of a person who can yell at two strangers.

Alison is now explaining how she waited out her parent’s maid while holding in some urine because she’s such the antithesis of the woman Adam encountered at the Detroit airport.

Adam is now telling David about seeing him in the documentary about the band “Heart” while flying home.

Instead of the usual song picks from Adam and David, Adam is now playing “you know you want me boy” a fan created song using clips from Adam singing about the horrible tween girl music he’s forced to experience while on the road.


Adam is returning to the show with Tim Ferriss now in studio making his return to the show, Adam is explaining how Tim is an expert in doing things more efficiently and is now asking him about his new book “The 4 Hour Chef”.

Tim is now sampling the Mangria and Adam is asking Tim about Joel McHale using his “Slow Carb Diet”. Tim is now explaining how he sent a copy of “The 4 Hour Body” to literary agents and it made its way from them to celebrities.

Adam is now breaking down the “Slow Carb Diet” for Adam, He’s telling the gang about a reader who lost over 200lbs and Adam has a killer reply.

Tim is now explaining the dietary restrictions of your ancestors, Adam is agreeing and adding to it, he’s giving Tim and example of his wife constantly moisturizing the kids and how it’s an endless cycle, he’s giving his Chap Stick analogy.

Adam is now citing the shampoo he doesn’t use and eating 2nd hand pigeon rejected cashews, Adam is now agreeing with Tim and explaining how he couldn’t get peaches in the winter as a kid.


They’re now going off on serving size, Adam and the gang are all over the place and now Tim is chiming and explaining the reality behind serving sizes and how it’s done to scam consumers.

Tim is now explaining eating pigeons and referencing Steve Rinella for all your Deathsquad listeners, Tim’s explaining how you capture and kill a pigeon in NYC where it’s illegal.

Tim is breaking down the process of capturing and killing pigeons, he’s explaining he wanted to send some samples into a lab but most of the process was illegal so he didn’t complete it.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on a nightclub fire in Brazil with over 200 deaths, she’s reading the details and Adam is explaining how these things happen and reading the details of the “Great White” nightclub fire.

Adam is now going off on building codes, explaining while he’s not a fan of what goes in Los Angeles but codes are needed for safety and why it’s so much worse in certain places and better in others like Germany.


2nd story is about Chris Brown getting into a brawl with Frank Ocean, Adam is now obsessed with the idea of Frank being Billy Ocean’s son.

Alison is reading the details of the story and quotes from Frank about why he won’t be able to perform at the Grammys.

Adam is now congratulating Chris on hitting a dude for once, Alison just informed Adam of Frank’s sexuality and Adam is now taking a step back.

Adam is riffing on neck kerchiefs and how they’re the ultimate signifier that you don’t beat women, Alison has a hilarious reply and now Adam is trying to find the ultimate “neck kerchief” guy.

Alison is now obsessed with finding out the name of Shari Lewis, the creator and voice of “Lamb chop”.


3rd story is on the Screen Actors Guild awards, Adam is interrupting to riff about jack Cassidy some more and now he’s really losing it, he’s going nuts and fake crying, it’s gold!

Alison is now reading the SAG winners and they’re all discussing Bryan Cranston’s win and what a nice guy he is, Alison is adding him to her list of older guys she would sleep with.

Bryan just chimed in with some confusion about the SAG awards; the guy who hosts a film show doesn’t know how the SAG awards work?

Adam is now bringing up Christoph Waltz and how without him Django wouldn’t be the same movie. Adam is now going off on the members of SAG who didn’t choose to reward Christoph with even a nomination.

Alison is now bringing Tim back into the mix, he agrees with Adam about Christoph in Django and Adam has a funny riff about Tim torturing himself.


4th story is on a bioethicist who has said we need to increase shaming behavior to curb obesity in society, Adam is now referencing an argument from 6 months ago where they were discussing childhood obesity.

Adam is now breaking down shame as a good thing while clearly stating it’s not meant to destroy someone verbally, Tim is now agreeing and offering up some scientific research from his own experiments.

Alison is now giving her take, very interesting insight. Adam is now explaining how the truth might shame you but isn’t meant to, he argues we need to be able to tell the truth as a society.

Adam is now citing the overweight women employed at Disney Land, Alison is making some great points and now Tim is weighing in with some science.

He’s breaking down how weight loss actually works and the role accountability plays in it.

Adam is now explaining how there will never be a level genetic or socioeconomic playing field and there will always be somebody behind you and in front of you, he’s citing his buddy Ray and making some great points.

Adam is now explaining the curse side of a “genetic lottery ticket” and once again using Ray to exemplify his point.


5th story is on the Boy Scouts finally reconsidering their stance on homosexuals in the organization. Adam is now riffing about how it’s about time; Alison is now citing parents who are weighing in on the “scouting ideals”.

Adam is explaining how even at age 9 he knew he was too cool for the scouts; Adam is now comparing scouting to religion and totally accepts it might work for other people and keep them in line.

Adam is now doing a live read and getting to the plugs, he’s now wrapping the show.