Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/28/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 304

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/28/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 304

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Jake Wood

Recorded 01-26-2016 – Release Date 01-28-2016

Production Number #304 – Jake Wood

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Adam and Drew have a great “I don’t Even Know You Man!” intro and they welcome Jake Wood to the show making his ACS debut.

Adam is asking him about his business and how it helps veterans’ put their skills to actual use.

Adam says he loves people who know how to do something, who actually get shit done.


Adam wants people who have millions in tax payer financed training to use their skills in the real world, Adam is talking about his step grandfather’s brother and his time as a “radio man” in the military.

Drew is asking Jake how people can get involved with his company and Adam is recalling an experience in a TSA line with a solider he was able to spot from afar.

Jake is talking about his time as a sniper and his battalion and their suicide rates, Adam is recalling a ’60 Minutes’ with the CEO of Apple where they talked about the skills gap.


Adam is recalling his advice from Classic Loveline and he says the folks he work with who have a skills involved profession are far happier than the people he know who have non skill based employment.

Adam is making a comparison between an outdoor project vs. an endless series of boardrooms and office environments.

Adam talks about how everyone who works for him is poor and he comments on their quality of life, how they are able to watch the latest UFC fight, go out to eat, go to shows etc.


Adam says when he was poor he didn’t go out to dinner, and Drew goes into a live read


Drew is doing an Onnit Live Read

Adam jokes about his preferred Native American buffalo jerky recipe.


They are back to the topic of depression and Jake is very informed and clear in his comments, interest.

Drew is asking Jake about women in the Marine Corps and the future of the military, Adam is ranting about how not everyone can be a firefighter due to the physical demands.

Adam comments on Drew’s lack of sleep last night and he tells Adam about drinking a coke too late after a flight across the country, Adam is joking about his wife heading to NYC, to see Bruce and work on Mangria brand stuff.


Adam is talking about the rules for kids when it comes to going to school sick, he shares how Natalia called Olga and had her come over and Drew says he doesn’t know whether to be sad or impressed by Natalia’s awareness of her life and parents.

Adam is talking about watching flag football practice and Drew praises that time as some of the best time he spent raising his kids.

Adam says it was a flag football clinic, there was no game and he explains how his son is reticent to getting hurt, Adam is sharing his toughness that early football gave him.


Drew and Jake are both singing the praises of the game and what it gives to them, Drew talks about the way kids would get their facemasks grabbed while getting screamed at by their coaches.

Adam talks about people internalizing vs. externalizing and Drew shares how young males are able to bond with team sports, by sacrificing and protecting each other.

Adam is ranting about this new era of pussies, he talks about the lack of infrastructure and how we need people to build bridges and get shit done, hilarious labia one liner.


Drew is getting real about the risks on children’s health and overall wellbeing, Adam says he doesn’t know anyone that played who got injured who regret playing.

Jake is sharing the way that we’re blunting the Military training for Marines and Adam comments on the retrarded good intentions that everyone seem to want to force into every aspect of society that doesn’t concern them.

Adam talks about seeing James Babydoll Dixon’s house and he told Adam about his shitty cunt neighbor who demands to know why he needs a new chimney or anything with this home that’s his business.


Adam asks where are that woman’s children or spouse or relatives, it’s their job to wrangle these old crazy morons.

Adam is now sharing the story of his shitty neighbors whose house literally caught on fire and left Adam with one of his funniest and darkest dilemmas.

Adam says he views himself as Drew Barrymore from ‘Firestarter’ and he quotes that shitty neighbor and his insane rants, he talks about how he declared he would never call 911 even if he saw the guy’s house ablaze.


Adam says it would’ve been worth it if the fire spread and damaged his house too, Adam is now making a point about putting down bad people and he asks Drew why he should care about this asshole while other people are dying right now.

Adam talks about the good vs. bad person list.

Adam talks about the wrinkle he could never figure out where someone rang his buzzer and told him to call 911.


Adam is doing a Five Four Clothing Live Read

“It’s Impossible!” – Dr. Drew


Drew takes it back to head injuries and football, he comments on the NFL vs. pop warner leagues and the improper way they were trained vs. what’s done now.

Drew talks about raising a pussy and how that’s a life sentence.

Adam talks about the evolution of Jewish people in American society, from boxers and poverty to doctors and above middle class.


Jake shares an anecdote and Adam brings up Chris Borland and comments on his family’s safety net, Jake tells them about Chris and his personal choice, Adam refines his comments on the luxury of having his head on his shoulders and being able to keep it there.

Adam talks about his kindness and sensitivity as a child that was removed and extracted from him by Chris and Ray, Drew is telling Adam about the stories he’s heard and they move onto a live plug for Jake.


Adam is back to careers and kids, he says shouldn’t a car you can drive be factored into the equation, Adam gives out another plug and wraps up the show with some closing comments from Drew and Jake.

Adam wants some pics of Chris Borland’s father’s business, he likes when someone quietly follows their inner divining rod and he actually closes out the episode, Drew has a labia callback while plugging his show.