Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/28/2014 – Jo Koy and Deaf Frat Guy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/28/2014 – Jo Koy and Deaf Frat Guy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jo Koy and Deaf Frat Guy

Recorded 01-27-2014 – Release Date 01-28-2014

Production Number #1248

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Dawson has a hilarious apology intro and BB has a nice “Tracy Metro” flashback #TopDrop, Adam is giving out the plugs after saying hello to Alison.

DFG is now warning Adam about buffalo wing varieties and he’s riffing the names and accoutrement, DFG has a great “ulcers from your tongue to your butthole” comment that wraps this up.

Adam is sharing how All Balls or J.V. and the “Rotten Tomatoes” game are his new favorites, he’s explaining why he likes it so much.


All Balls or J.V. – New intro song from Richard Banks.

Adam is immediately calling the song J.V. and DFG is joking about not knowing what’s happening, gold!

Adam is lamenting the original song by commenting on how Rich and his instrumentation is actually better in the Kareoke version unlike most other songs with rich horns and instrument work.


1st Topic Grammy Awards

Adam enjoyed Pink and her high wire act, he can’t sort out his feelings Ringo Starr, hilarious snatch usage and comedy with DFG.

Adam is calling it the “Ishtar” backlash, his take on Ringo and Ringo’s overall acceptance, Adam blames the point shitting society where everyone is eager to correct, nice assist from Alison.

DFG has a “not the best drummer in the Beatles” quote from John Lennon. Adam says stay behind the kit and is back to Pink who he thought looked pretty crazy in a good way.

Bb has a great point about the lack of experts in the skills Pink was demonstrating, Adam agrees and Alison says she’s up for anything death defying.


2nd Topic beating off on your birthday

They’re voting right away, DFG is adding a footnote.

“You don’t want to be living in the past and beating off in the present, so you should be thinking about whom, like someone from the future, like a robot you haven’t fucked yet?” – Adam on DFG beating off to ex-girlfriend on your birthday scenario.

This comedy gold!


Adam is now on his Jamie Gillis riff, about why he likes him because of his average sized dong and closed eyes when speaking.

Adam is now quoting a conversation he had with Ginger Lynn about Jamie and his nature, she was guesting on loveline and told him this infamous quote about dry anal rape.

Adam says he’s was almost a passive aggressive sexual partner, DFG is quoting him from a scene where he threatened to punch a woman.


Alison’s reaction is gold, Adam is driving it home and Alison has a great reply.

DFG claims he’s seen the very scene and calls her remarkably stoic during the intense encounter.

DFG has a funny comment and Adam’s reply is great, DFG is trying to defend his sexuality and they’re having a great back and forth, he’s not like moose bro.


They’re on a great riff, now DFG is further defending his porn viewing habits and has a crazy delivery on his line about how a woman should be treated and an even crazier one about his love of full bush.

Adam is now a crazy riff with DFG about the passing of Jamie. They’re getting the date of his death and now Adam is joking about only seeing the man nude and what remarkable shape he was in.

Alison has a great moment when they find out its skin cancer, holy shit!


Adam is now talking about how these guys either find Jesus, get into real estate and painting or all of the above.

DFG is giving a touching history lesson on the man, Adam has a great Cumming in hair “the More You know”.

Adam is commenting on him not hanging up his cock ring until 2005, DFG is referencing some super obscure pornography and Alison is daring to ask, hilarious sex poop terms from A-Rose, those are gonna be drops.

DFG is bringing up President Obama calling Al Qaeda “J.V.” and Adam is sharing how he was tweeted about that, DFG is now asking what the people in that origination must think about being called that.

DFG is now riffing about his love for Obama and his bong hits history, Adam is agreeing.


3rd Topic Mitt Romney saying that Putin is a better president than Obama

DFG is citing how Putin TKO’s a Klitschko brother with a liver kick, Adam is asking as if he believes this scenario, great acting.

This is hilarious, they’re now weighing in on Putin taking Robert Kraft’s super bowl ring, DFG is now mispronouncing Putin and Alison’s muted reactions is gold, Adam is riffing this out with him, wonderful!

DFG is citing the photographs of Putin nude (he’s only topless) riding a horse, Adam is sharing his cock based policy of not whipping it out in front of a horse, and nothing good could come of that.


Adam is joking about weird thing among Russians, the idea of a president thinking he’s tougher than another president and he’s making note of other countries who live that life.


4th Topic A photograph of a dog wearing a straw hat, resembling DFG’s attire.

Adam is joking about Rick Springfield’s 1982 offering “working Class Dog” and saying he hasn’t seen a dog like this since then, the image is available via the show page link above.

DFG is defending the look the dog and citing the few imperfections, this is hilarious.

Adam is now asking about the guys in DFG’s frat and how he never understood why not give everyone a nickname, Adam is joking about having too many guys named Mike.

They’re going even further in depth on this and several other tangents, this is great.


5th Topic Tiger Wood’s new romance with Lindsey Vonn

DFG is quoting his friend about how hard Tiger was banging this lady in the hotel, Adam is being hilarious riffing with DFG about this.

Adam is now sharing the diverging cock math, citing the tales of Tiger’s dong size and Adam is saying you just need to hope that the first person that gets out of the gate in a sex scandal says you have a huge dick and then everyone else will have to agree.

DFG has a hilarious pole comment and wants to know if Adam would want to be with Lindsey after this.


6th Topic Richard Sherman’s post-game interview

Adam is giving his take and DFG is too, this is the quickest one.

Adam is about to wrap up, there is some funny confusion of an outro and DFG is telling Adam he’s the voice, then public face of his product Mangria.

Adam is now joking about hiring DFG for this job, hilarious delivery from DFG and reactions from Alison.


Q and ACE

1st Caller Matt, immediate bad sign.


2nd Caller Jimbo to know the best way to pick up women if you’re not in a frat, DFG has a hilarious delayed reaction “reading” the question. Gold

DFG is getting emotional as they wrap up, this is great.


3rd Caller Matt, the same matt? He wants Adam’s take on competition pole dancing.

Adam is giving his “keep it out of the strip club” take, he’s now fucking pissed and referencing the “Falutin Free” bit from last week.

Adam has a hilarious Iron Maiden record cover reference when describing the physicality of the modern stripper, he’s also commenting on stripper now forcing “their” version of sexy on the people in attendances.

Adam says he doesn’t want to be worried about the stripper’s safety and the weird thing he’s doing trying to watch out for the gal’s safety.


4th Caller Koi, he wants Adam’s take on electric cars and Adam is now telling him what he would do, he would install his 240 power in a convenient place outside his house.

Adam tells him to forger the slow trickle, he’s clarifying his take on not being one of the guys who call electric cars weak or imply they’re for pussies.

Alison has nice follow up question about the practicality and Adam is explaining why the batteries need high voltage power to properly charge them, Adam is answering her question about solar and Adam is explaining what the dream would be.

Adam has a crazy riff on “Race the Sun” type solar vehicles and now he’s launching into a live read.

They’re going to break.


They’re returning from the break with Jo Koy racking up another guest spot, he’s now a weekly regular like Atchity and Wild.

They’re listening to a listener voicemail explaining how PayPal contributions work to a network that has been using it for years, nice sentiment nonetheless.

Adam is explaining the 1.25-1.5 million dollar attorney tab they’re trying to wrap their heads around, he’s telling this to Jo Koy and he’s using the R rating for “The Hammer” to draw an analogy to the reactions people have to that and this bogus lawsuit.


Adam is explaining that they were doing this podcast before this patent was bought by this troll, Adam is now predicting where this ends, BB jumps in with a slippery slope reply and Adam has a killer one liner.

Adam is further explaining his very limited options of being fist-fucked with handful of hot glass or just fist-fucked, Jo is now asking Adam if he’s sure he doesn’t want the glass, great Jergens and cocaine reply from Ace, gold!

Adam is sharing that’s it’s already cost 50k trying to get the venue moved out of bum-fuck Texas and why they use their fake storefront there to use a biased populace that are easily manipulated in these cases.


Jo is making a point about not seeing a guy (lawyer) after paying him tons of cash until you actually see him outside the courtroom.

Adam is getting to the idea of billable hours and has a funny hypothetical thoughtful roof riff he’s comparing to how lawyers bill for services.

Jo is pledging 10 dollars and Adam is now explaining how this is not some little guy with an idea being a trampled, it’s a person who bought a patent to use to try and sue the internet to its knees.


Adam is giving out the plugs for Jo and talking about the “Comedy Works” and Adam is telling Jo about the time Mike August stole the toilet paper from the comedy condo.

Jo is now narcing on August for pocketing desserts at the Carolla Christmas Party in December.

Adam is telling the gang about his recent trip to Seattle with August and their stop at “Dicks” the local Seattle burger location.


Adam is sharing the pulled pork mandate August was left with when given directions to a local pulled pork establishment.

Adam is explaining how he was sleep deprived, full on a burger and only wanted to curl up and sleep in the back of the SUV they were riding in as they drove to the airport for Adam’s motivational speech.

Alison wants to know how August doesn’t gain weight and Adam has a hilarious sleeping upside down reply.


Jo wants to know if Adam has ever been to August’s house and if he has a stash room with all the things he’s stolen over time.

Adam is giving some more plugs for Jo’s upcoming live dates.

Adam is sharing Olga’s love for “Bung Lu Su”, hilarious “Thank/fuck your nanny” mix-up, Adam is now trying to help Bung pronounce her name.

Now they’re full on riffing about nanny fucking, whoa!


Adam has an update on songs that Mike Lynch thought up for Bung Lu Su to sing along with, he’s got some Barry White and BB has a killer one liner reply to Jo stepping out of character, Alison has a solid follow up.

Jo has some hilarious quips, great Nicaraguan reply from Bung and BB has a nice reaction to it.

Adam has some great reactions to the hilarious scenes that Bung is painting between him and Olga, Adam is objecting to “fuck your mouth” and the facial comedy, holy shit!


“Now we squint together” – Bung Lu Su on what he wants to do with Olga after he finishes in her face, Adam’s outraged reactions are the funniest thing of all time, gold!

Adam is now defending the honor of his nanny, who he says is “practically a family member” and Bung is telling Adam he’s practically a god, awesome!


Alison’s NewsI can’t remember where my Nanny’s from edition

Her top story is on the death of the former “Marlboro Man” and she’s explaining the cause of his death and giving a nice refresher on his acting work outside of the ad campaign.

Adam is complimenting his pretty good run from 14-72 as a smoker.

Adam is getting to the misinformation regarding smoking, touching on 2nd hand smoke and then the myths about smokers taxing the medical system.


Alison is now asking Adam if he’s saying that it would have been better for society had his relatives died sooner from smoking related diseases, Adam is confirming it and explaining it to her, using his impeccable intergalactic logic of the universe.

Adam is using the example of his grandpa and how he gave up smoking, Adam is now joking about how he wishes Molly would have taken up smoking.

Alison is now offering the counterpoint about smoking related diseases and prolonged medical conditions that cost money, Adam is reversing the point and saying that nobody is healthy at 89, hilarious boner comedy between Adam and A-Rose.


Adam is making a ton of great points, this might be one of the best versions of this idea, Alison has an excellent cocaine counterpoint that spells out something she’s hinted at in the past, nice honesty.

Adam is summing it all up and everyone can’t help but agree.

Adam has a great “President Me” plug in there with BB and a great quote/audio clip that could be used for something …


2nd Story is on Movie theater owners calling for shorter theatrical trailers

Alison has the details on how long current trailers average and what they would like them reduced to.

Adam is now setting up a hypothetical scenario for Adam and he’s explaining how when you take your kids to see a movie you end up only seeing trailers for other shitty kids movie.

Alison has an interesting question about when people realized they could show up 20min late and still make the opening credits of a movie.


Adam is explaining that “The Arclight” won’t allow people to enter the theater late, he’s admitting that several times he’s been turned away with Lynette in tow.

Alison is sharing how her fiancé Daniel feels about seeing movies on time and watching trailers, BB and Jo agree with Daniel.

Adam is now reading some stats from the American Cancer Society about the total cost of tobacco related medical expenses, Adam clearly doesn’t have the info he wants and he’s explaining why that number is just inflated.


Adam is clarifying his point that you save money by people dying earlier, he’s sharing “Grandpa’s loose math” and Alison agrees again.

Adam is clarifying his love for his grandpa and contrasting that to how society views his costs, Jo sums it all up and Judges Adam, Alison is wrapping the news.

Adam is now further discussing this with Alison and he’s sharing the total cost of his grandparents and what it looks like his parents will end up costing.


Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is giving out the plugs for Jo Koy to some premature exit music, Gary has a last minute update and Adam is clarifying that Gary needs to alert him better in the future.

Gary is now reading the math of the savings in health care costs compared to smokers with earlier deaths than their non-smoking peers who live sometimes decades longer.

Gary is reading the full story, perfectly eloquent and no slip ups, nice work Producer Gary!


They’re wrapping the show to a mega mix of “more trim” drops from DFG, gold!