Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/28/2013 – David Alan Grier

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/28/2013 – David Alan Grier

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-21-2013 – Release Date 01-28-2013

Production Number #997

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Dag is back; Adam is welcoming him to the show and saying hello to the gang.

David is now quizzing Adam about the top podcast charts, Adam is genuinely unaware and a Bill Simmons mention just lead to a quick plug of Adam’s interview with Mike Tyson which you can now find uncensored for free in the Carolla Store.

Adam is asking DAG about the Tony Awards, Adam has proclaimed David the black Susan Lucci if he doesn’t win this time.

They’re playing DAG’s old morning show intro music and Adam is riffing as a morning radio DJ, David is initially protesting and trying to bail.

He’s digging into Alison a bit, Adam has now named their hybrid morning radio show team, its part classic Adam “traffic and weather” part DAG changing the reality of the bit, awesome!

DAG just wrapped the scene against Adam’s will.


They’re discussing DAG’s work on Broadway and him receiving the key to Harlem, Adam and Alison are on a funny riff about the keys to the city in the future.

DAG is telling the gang about the bizarre turn the ceremony took when the woman presenting him the key whispered something to him, wow.

Adam is riffing on black people making the best elderly people, hilarious quotes!

Adam is now quizzing DAG on his level of interest in women’s asses, Alison is chiming in and now DAG is picking on her again.


Peanut is now making her first appearance of the show; Adam is asking her about her new flip flop business, this is gold!

This is a nice 7min bit so far, Dag just tried to bail and even Bryan is force quitting with a drop.

Dag is now bringing up the death of Huell Howser in reply to Bryan’s drop, Adam and Dag are discussing Huell’s legacy and the argument of “don’t have time to settle down” for men who don’t get married no longer working.

They’re now discussing DAG’s brother and how their mother conditioned them to graduate from college and not have children outside of wedlock.

They’re now discussing Alison’s Jewish lineage and the lie her parents told, DAG is busting balls and now Adam is giving a great analogy to the latest Spiderman movie.

Dag is now agreeing and referencing the movie, Alison jumped in right in time to deliver the punch line, Adam is rolling with it and she has another great one liner.


They’re now discussing Manti Te’o and Adam has a great theory that references “To Catch a Predator” and Adam is now off on a tangent about that show.

Dag is pitching a hybrid show based off of Adam’s critique on the guy’s attire that appeared on “To Catch a Predator” and it’s amazing. Adam is now offering up a new theory on these guys, hilarious.

Adam is now explaining why he likes that show, DAG is snoring and now Alison is jumping in to help Adam plow through it, rad!

Adam is now making an analogy comparing the steps involved in realizing your car was stolen to the guys on “To Catch a Predator” slowly realizing they’re fucked.


Dag has taken it back to Alison’s Jewish family tree and the way her family dealt with their heritage. Dag is now telling the gang about meeting a girl on twitter who he already intends to meet in person and how he can’t understand how Manti didn’t see her in 3 years.

DAG is going in depth with his take on the news story, Adam is letting him roll and now Peanut is making a cameo, this is great!

Dag is now quizzing Alison about being overweight as a kid, he said something unfortunate and Alison’s reply is amazing. Now Adam is jumping in and giving a great analogy for what David just did to him.


1st caller Parker is having a kid next month and wants some tips on being a dad from Adam and Dag. Adam is now giving his standard advice and even replying to Bryan’s challenge on it, Dag is explaining how for the first 6 years it’s “not about him” and offering some practical advice.

Adam has a hilarious reply and now DAG is going in depth on his advice for Parker.

Parker just revealed his profession and Alison had an audible wince noise in reply, DAG is now giving more advice and tying Parker’s job into it.

Alison is now asking Parker if he knows her take on guys in his profession, he does and now she’s explaining it to DAG. David is riffing and saying horrible things to Alison while apparently poking her; Adam is trying to get him to knock it off and now rolling into a live read.


They’re now returning from break with some classic “Nicaraguan Name That Movie” and now Adam is asking Bryan about the most famous one that he really enjoys, now he’s telling them what it was like working with Ozzie.

Dag is now telling the gang about cooking up some steak with Ozzie’s famous flap steak spice blend; Dag now wants the guys to Google Flank/Flap/Skirt steak and thinks they’re all the same thing.


Adam is asking DAG to apologize to Alison and now he’s calling for some music, we’re at the part featured in the clip on the episode with Dana Gould and Greg Fitzsimmons.

Now the context for “You’re not that Fat” makes sense and DAG is singing and riffing as Teddy Pendergrass and Dag is referencing “Young Girl”.

DAG is now singing s Teddy Pendergrass as Adam explains the differences between white guy songs and black guy songs from different eras.

Adam has DAG do some more Teddy and tell Alison what he would like to do to her, Adam is now asking what was Teddy up to and now DAG is telling the gang what happened to Teddy, wow!

They’re playing some “I’d like to get to know you” and riffing on it, now Adam is demanding some more of Teddy Pendergrass from Dag, this is gold.


Adam is now riffing on the idea of being so straight you could have sex with another man, he’s joking about being “prison horny”. Adam has a hilarious bit about activities being so gay they come back around to straight again.

Dag is sharing a story from a guy he knows about one of his friends growing up, Adam is now giving a double analogy comparing the last one to guys who eat bugs you won’t eat being manlier too.


2nd caller Tommy, he’s about to graduate and want’s Adam’s professional advice about how to find a job in building. Adam’s got a funny one liner and some practical advice.


3rd caller Scott, Adam is telling Dag about visiting Detroit and eating at “Coney Island Dog”. Dag is telling Adam why his mom wouldn’t let him eat there and now Adam is rolling with it.

Dag is telling the gang about “Coney Island Dog” and the backstory behind the dueling restaurants.

Adam is now doing a stripper DJ bit in reply to Dag’s reveal about meeting a woman in Florida, Dag is now sharing an anecdote about being in the all night drug store in NYC.

Adam is plugging his uncensored Mike Tyson interview that you can download via the link posted earlier in the blog, DAG is now telling the gang about seeing Tyson’s live stage show and how great it was.

DAG keeps bringing up Mitch Blood Green and now they’re going in depth on Mitch, much like the 2004 Loveline with Rich Eisen.

Adam is now playing a clip of the interview and DAG chimes in to disagree. DAG is now busting Adam’s balls to ask if he did research and telling him about the jurors featured in a documentary he saw.


Alison’s News, Dag is chiming in on the theme song with some less than helpful but still hilarious barbs.

Her top story is about Mike Tyson guest starring on Law and Order SVU, Alison wants to know what Adam thinks it would be like to direct him.

Adam is now telling her and the gang what Mike is like to be around, he’s citing the question from the interview about Mike’s change in demeanor the past 3 years and the very telling substance he didn’t quit.


2nd story is about a Harvard Professor who is searching for a woman willing to bring to term a Neanderthal baby.

Alison is asking everyone’s take and Adam is giving some hilarious quotes explaining why he’s overwhelmingly for it, awesome!

Alison is now asking Adam what dinosaur he would want and DAG is talking about Whale Sharks, great Bryan Posehn joke from Adam too.

DAG is now doing some more Teddy Pendergrass and Adam is losing his shit cackling in the background, Alison just tried to intro the 3rd story but Adam jumped in and got DAG rolling some more.


3rd story is about baby name trends; Alison is now asking Adam how someone cannot be aware the baby name they’ve picked out is the number 1 name.

Adam is now reacting to the top names and “Sookie” seems to be throwing him, Dag is complaining about the running time of the show.

Adam is now telling an anecdote from his own life about a girl named Ella; Dag is now riffing as Teddy and giving his own Ella anecdote.


Adam is now trying to get DAG to list off the black kids names that are ingredients in the morning after pill, he said “Peanut’s kids” but DAG is bailing on it and now it’s back to the new Teddy Pendergrass bit.

Adam is now doing an improv with DAG, where DAG is Teddy Pendergrass as a background singer in the recording session for “I’d like to get to Know You”, this is hysterical!

They’re still in character and Adam is jumping in right at the perfect times, they’re wrapping the bit and Dag is mocking the running time, he just got serious and commended Adam on them finding some new bits, nice!

Adam is doing some plugs for upcoming shows and Go To My PC.