Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/27/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 504

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/27/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 504

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-17-2017 – Release Date 01-27-2017

Production Number #504 – Mr. Vaginismus

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Adam has the standard intro and he asks Drew what he’s been up to, Drew points at something regarding the movie ‘La La Land’ and Adam is now sharing how he’s convinced his screeners are being pilfered as Drew even got his copy.

Adam says he has all of the least desirable screeners but none of the good movies, just Oprah crying but not “Big Tits on Pogo Sticks” something he would actually like to see.

Adam swears someone in the office is lifting them, Adam jokes about being in a movie he doesn’t know he was even in.


Adam is sharing how Gina has seen ‘La La Land’ 3 times as she has possession of the screener, Adam is higher on the show business food chain than both Gina and her boyfriend, Gary tries to cushion the blow and he gets in a solid one liner.

Drew says he watched ‘The Crown’ and explains how he cannot recommend it more, Gina brought Adam the screener and that’s what Drew was pointing at.


1st Caller David, he was diagnosed with Herpes Simplex 1, he says he never had an outbreak before, after or ever.

He brings up the blood tests for the virus and the false positive element, Drew says there is no longer any differences between the types of herpes as the both can show up in both places.

Drew says almost everyone has the type 1 in their mouths, Adam has a funny “he wants the dude to suck his dick” line and they move on.


2nd Caller John, he does a “Bo Bo Boys” Bark and tells the guys not to worry about it, the guys know what he’s doing, it’s from ‘Resume’ and Alison Rosen’s show before that.

John gets to his question kind of and Adam is now sharing the “fuck my daughter in a snow bank” line from the ACS when he was talking about the snow day and the “because of the kids” line that was used in reply to him regarding booze on the mountain.

Adam says there are too many sidebars and he mocks the “real quick” instructions at the airport, what would happen if he jumped around and did a kick move as they instructed, the would be shot to death due to their extra speak/cop talk bullshit.


Adam is back to John and he explains how his lady is not into oral, it’s not natural.

Adam says his wife doesn’t like ground meat, she likes steak but not ground beef and she doesn’t care about logic, Adam shares his life of craving meat crumbles in Sunday gravy while his wife was disgusted by it.

Adam is now sharing the “3 minutes of doing something you don’t want to do” rule of thumb for relationships.


Drew is asking if she orgasms with intercourse, she has vaginismus, Drew thinks she had some sexual trauma and John isn’t aware of any childhood trauma.

Drew says something is off and he mentions pelvic muscle physical therapists.

Adam jokes about Vaginismus being an African American holiday that didn’t catch on, he’s now thinking about the scenario John described of his girlfriend being assaulted by an ex while she wasn’t an adult.


Gary has a picture with the last name Vaginismus, they all react to it and move on.


3rd Caller Chris, he wants to know if Drew knows about the effect of marijuana odors compared to smoke on young children.

Adam is now arguing as the hippy who thinks marijuana is the cure to everything in life, hilarious “they add gluten” line from Adam.

Adam is now arguing the usual talking points, hilarious sarcasm and mockery of the hippies for whom marijuana can do no wrong. Drew is playing a great shocked straight man, reacting to the built-up plaque and toxins that have built up in his body.


“car feels tired” – Adam and Drew

Adam says he was stifling his laughter at the beginning of his yoga class, he describes the “stale air” comment from the instructor, he says if he was 31 he would have piped up but he’s too old and doesn’t care, he wanted to “pop off” but he couldn’t.

They’re back to Chris and Adam says he wouldn’t worry about it too much, Chris explains his roommates smoke and he describes how he’s heard about the marijuana having a permanent effect on a child’s brain.


Adam shares how self-conscious he would be about closing the door and what a reasonable request this is.


4th Caller Tina, she is a big fan and tells them about her ‘Cushing’s Disease’ and alcoholism, she describes her son and Adam asks about him, he’s 9.

Adam asks if she’s drinking every day, she says the dad is in the child’s life and doing what he’s supposed to be doing.

Tina says she doesn’t get paid unless she works, she’s a contractor and tells them she does computer programming.


Adam says he knows the pain of not being able to take time off from the various projects you’re running, Adam says when he used to do ‘Catch a Contractor’ for Spike and he says he loves both Skip and Alison, he says he would be shocked by how she could cash in her 152 personal days she never used.

Adam says it only works that way when you work for the city, Adam says he can’t tell Norm Pattiz he’s taking a few months off from podcasting, Adam used to marvel at her ability to take time off to shoot her TV show.

Adam says you must be part of a union to engage in this insanity, Drew has some practical advice for Tina.


At least two weeks is required and Drew recommends a clinic in Houston, Adam says do it for your kid.


Rich Uncles.commonthly cash dividends, nowadays a T Bill is under .5%, not like 1983 Edition


5th Caller Seth, he’s calling about his son who is 2 and just had a seizure for the first time. Drew says this is very common and even when it’s nothing you can’t be guaranteed it won’t recur.

Drew says when kids are sick they can have seizures, he explains how this usually works out and Adam says he’s doing everything he can do.

Adam tells Drew he called in as he trusts Dr. Drew, you can’t fault him for that.


Adam gives out the plugs and they wrap up the show.