Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/27/2017 – Rhett and Link, plus Vinnie Tortorich

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/27/2017 – Rhett and Link, plus Vinnie Tortorich

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Rhett and Link, plus Vinnie Tortorich

Recorded 01-26-2017 – Release Date 01-27-2017

Production Number #1996

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Adam opens the show with Gina back in studio and a “Internet Comedy Duo” intro form Dawson and Lynch, Vinnie Tortorich is in studio and BB has a “Will Andrew Eat It” themed #TopDrop of “I Don’t like anything hot” and Adam is now explaining what pisses him off most about the picky eaters at his warehouse.

Adam loves potato salad, he says the shittier the better and he shares his love for the dish.

Adam learned both Brian and Andrew don’t like potato salad nor macaroni salad, same for this mysterious Jacob character.


Vinnie talks about starches and human reactions to consuming them that these 3 guys don’t seem to possess, Adam is asking about his weight loss and how he can’t drop the lbs. despite being a pretty good boy.

Adam is convinced it’s the football Sunday marathons he’s been doing, Vinnie is trying to frame it as him being less motivated and strict on his eating.

Adam wants to know how to expedite this weight loss and Vinnie tells him he only has 2 weeks before he films, he’s yoyoing due to blowing it out on the cheat days.


Vinnie says when you’re in your 20’s and fart you lose weight, when you are 52 you fart and gain weight and BB plays the ‘The More You Know’ drop and Vinnie asks about 7 layer dip.

BB talks about kids missing school and Adam brags about his kid’s truancy, Adam says eating and cheat days are a bit different then missing a single day of school.

Vinnie talks about Adam’s eye of the tiger as Adam busts out the “no but” bad groundlings form, he insists it’s the Sundays and he answers his own question with his own preloaded answer.


Vinnie talks about water retention and he comments on the instant reaction to things like Mexican food, the body is reacting to the contents of the food, it’s not made up shit.

Adam plugs the lives shows and he welcomes Andrew and Brian to the show.


Will Andrew or Brian eat it?

1st WAOBEI Bratwurst, they all weigh in and Adam shares his preference for the darker meat in his sausages, BB agrees and Vinnie says they’re not touching that.

Gina says no, Adam says nobody likes the look of beige meat and Adam says Brian yes, Andrew no.

BB says no to both.

They’re all talking about brats and Adam jokes about asking if they eat hamburgers and how showing them a chub pack of beef with your hand shoved in it, is not fair, Gary needs to get a good example photo that represents what they are talking about in the survey.


2nd WAOBEI Guacamole, BB says this is desert island dish, he could eat it until the end of time and never gets sick of it, one of the picky eaters says “white bread” which Adam acknowledges as a ‘Blues Brothers’ reference and they all weigh in.

Adam reveals that BBQ side dishes and Mexican beans and rice are both things he could eat for all time.

The guys reveal they both don’t eat Guacamole and Adam says he gets the “I don’t want to try monkey brains” bias and shares how he would react to women trying to drop a digit on him during a BJ, just the BJ please!


Adam says he’s the insane person and has a killer 3 other guys who farted in an elevator scenario for dealing with Andrew, Adam is challenging him and he says he’s brand loyal to chips, he likes mission circle chips.

Adam asks if he will live a little and taste the Guacamole, he tells him not to make a face before trying it and he jokes about it being like the movie ‘Jackass’ and Andrew says it’s not great, Brian says it’s his body and his choice, which isn’t funny and comes off entitled, you’re on this show and you won’t eat guacamole? Bad pod.

Adam has a killer “another thing he won’t be eating” line.


3rd WAOBEI Artichoke Dip, they all weigh in and Adam recalls that Andrew likes Perdue brand chicken fingers and they find out neither guy has tried it.

Andrew shares how Nate Adams took him to Thai for lunch, he told his wife he was going to die after eating it half of it.

He went home and went to bed, he has a wife?


4th WAOBEI Pulled Pork Sliders, Vinnie says you can’t not eat that and Gina says no to both as they’re both being assholes today, as opposed to?

Adam says Brian yes, Andrew no.

Gina mocks the potato thanksgiving dinner of one of the picky eaters.

Adam says this is akin to ISIS and parents who let their kids blown themselves up, Vinnie says this is beyond ISIS and Vinnie talks about Mike August and him and their shared lover for Alligator parts and other weird bayou delicacies.


Adam shares how August finished off a bottle of zesty ranch to “un-health’ify” his salad.


5th WAOBEI Bud Light, they joke about them drinking Endless Rant IPA, Adam thinks Brian has more leeway and Andrew claims to be Mormon, is he joking?

Adam says Andrew no, Brian would drink it.

Vinnie says this is such a horrible beer they must say yes to this, they get the results and Brian drinks the beer?


Adam says he gets a little padding as he spends so much time with them, Gina says this ends her winning streak.


Bet DSIBB shares his key bets of last week and how he just edged out Gary edition


Adam gives out the plugs for Vinnie and he sings the praises of Gina who assisted him on his last live show, Adam says she’s a mirth enabler.

They head to break


They’re back from break

Rhett and Link are making their ACS debut after a new ‘Great Moment in Local News’ and Adam plugs their show and 11 million YouTube subscribers.

Adam brings up their danger eating and thrill eating, they joke about nasty avocados and Adam asks them the worst thing they ate that didn’t turn out to be that bad.

They tell them about eating fish sperm dumplings, Adam calls it a jizz jawbreaker and they talk about the pig anus soup, Gina brings up the myth of the pig anus substitution for calamari.


Adam is asking them about not having to go through the Hollywood system, being able to get famous and successful on their own.

They talk about how inaccessible Hollywood was and Adam asks them when they decided to make a go of this work, they tell them about the blood oath they made before going off to get college degrees.
Adam asks about the type of engineering they got into, industrial engineer is explained and how that gets people fired as you rearrange the conveyor belt scheduling, Adam jokes about the premise of Link’s job and then he asks Rhett about his engineering involving power plants.

Adam is telling them about working with Tom Johnson at an industrial lot in Chatsworth, Adam is trying to recall the surveying tool name that he was using, Adam shares how he didn’t know the sign for inches in text form.

Adam keeps calling it a “transit” and he mocks the engineers for not knowing the terminology.


Adam is perplexed at not being able to name the device, Gary says Automatic Transit level and Adam was right all along, Adam is now baffled at how this went down.


Gina’s News

BB says it’s a transit level and Adam thinks it’s just a transit.


1st Story is on the death of Mary Tyler Moore and Adam talks about the death of her son who died via gunshot wound, Adam is sharing how he would rather his kid commit suicide than die via accidental gunshot wound.

Adam says finding out that both Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke drinking only inspires him to drink more to be more like them, diabetes later in life be damned.

Gina plays a clip of Mary on Larry King, she says she just seemed like a nice lady and Adam agrees, Adam shares a memento from Danny Bonaduce and his wisdom about drug and substance abuse problems among child stars.


Adam is now talking about his sense of humor and Jimmy Kimmel’s as well, he makes a point about comedy being forged in tragedy and how much more common comedians would be if that was true, that pain and tragedy was required to create comedy.

Adam talks about the snobbery of trying to trace psychological dynamics behind people’s professional ambitions and career aspirations.

Rhett and Link talk about their differing background and they joke about Rhett’s dad spanking him.


Gina asks about how the discipline and spankings stopped, Rhett explains how he was throwing rocks at passing cars and how his father was embarrassed.

Adam recalls a weakened at Pebble Beach, he’s into turning wrenches and building as he’s just into it, his dad never exposed him to anything.

Adam talks about the three guys at the table who all had different upbringings, yet they’re all gearheads.


Adam goes over the condescending presumption that all artists are an empty bucket with a hole that prevents it from ever being full, Adam talks about respect and needing strangers to love you as Gina puts it.


2nd Story is a list of the various Best Picture nominees, Adam is now talking to whitey and he shares how someone black needs to take home a statue this year, Adam is saying he’s going to tell Kimmel to say a black actor’s name in place of the winner who might not be black.

BB is now sharing the various odds of for the possible nominees, Adam says Asians don’t care about representation at the Academy Awards, it’s not a top priority.

BB now shares his frustrations about the #OscarsSoWhite campaign and hashtag and Adam asks whom is more pound, Phylicia Rashad or Jada Pinkett Smith and Gina shares an unpleasant encounter with Phylicia Rashad.


Adam asks if you wish you could be proud for 10min.


3rd Story is a list of the Razzie nominees, BB reacts to Henry Cavill and Gina tries to recall which actors have accepted their awards in person.

Gina tries to recall the movie Sandra Bullock accepted hers for, BB and Gina both can’t conjure the name ‘All About Steve’ and Gary gets on mic to tell them, Adam is bizarrely aware of the plot.


4th Story is on the Katie Rich controversy that was invented to hurt a powerful woman who people disagreed with politically.

Gina has all of the details and BB and Adam both agree it was a solid joke, Adam says you always got to factor in if the joke is funny or not, he talks about Steve Harvey’s goofy face and noise vs. the joke in question.

Adam says she up against the two “no-fly zone” of school shootings and kids, Gina brings up how SNL made fun of Chelsey Clinton as a kid, Adam is crushing the excuses he gives in reply about her hair.


BB says Adam was right on his mind when this whole story was breaking online, Adam says his only thoughts on it is he loves it when someone on the Huffington Post side of the aisle has this happen to them, with their hand caught in the cookie jar as they’re the ones often on the other side doing this to people.

Gina has a great point about the modern scalping of sorts this is, Adam says you have to try and build something and you will see what it’s like to suffer fools and practice an endless cycle of futility.

Adam talks about being the coolest neighbors and coolest comedy traffic school instructor, he didn’t care nor punish people.


Adam asks why one wouldn’t want their home to increase in value thanks to their neighbor’s investment in their property.

The guests jump in to share some of their own struggles and Adam is now talking about his annoying neighbor who complained about the trucks parked on the street.

Adam is saying he told the neighbors they were at the end, he then shouts for someone to get Mary Tyler Moore Son’s shotgun to blow his head off to make it up for her, she said it wasn’t good enough.


Chris is on mic sharing the details of the insane neighbor who left two notes on his car and then appeared in his headlights in the dead of night.

Adam says he would have killed himself at 9 had he known adults would be this immature and insane, educated adults in regular neighborhoods act like this.


Gina shares a “you are an idiot” encounter she witnessed at the grocery store and Adam brings up the bygone threat of being punched that kept people in line, the new modern era of attorneys and protection form danger has produced this hubris and insanity.


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5th Story is on Shia LaBeouf’s latest arrest during his “He Will Not Divide Us” protest, Adam asks what’s going on and the guys brings up the infamous view of Shia staring a motorcyclist and they reveal that was a good friend of theirs.

Adam asks about the constant surveillance camera element of the helmet cameras, Gina is asking them about the video and Adam says he thinks he likes Shia LaBeouf.

Gina wraps the news.


The BouqsFree deliver and no additional upsells, grow in a volcano, something about the soil edition

Adam suspects lesbian couples are not that into flowers and women only pretend to like them because men don’t and it caused men pain to acquire them.


Adam is giving out the plugs and he wraps up the show.

BB closes the show with the “You are an idiot” quote from Gina.