Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/27/2015 – Kevin Costner

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/27/2015 – Kevin Costner

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Guest Kevin Costner

Recorded 01-26-2015 – Release Date 01-27-2015

Production Number #1498

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Another great booking from August, Kevin is now making his in studio ACS debut to promote his new film ‘Black or White’ and Adam plugs it while complimenting the movie.

Adam says it’s very good, full of laughs and does have some tugging of the heart strings.

Adam is explaining that it made him realize the true acting chops of Kevin, he’s explaining it’s not a backhanded compliment and Kevin understands it.


Kevin is giving his take on the film, how he’s not into political correctness but also not into outright cruelty, Adam says he was very impressed by Kevin’s band and comments on him being the MC.

Kevin shares his experience giving prepared remarks, speaking at Whitney’s funeral and an award show counter example.

Adam says this movie is actually an honest discussion on race, not the fake proclamations about finally having one.


Kevin is now explaining how the language flies in the new movie and how they didn’t pull any punches, Adam says it doesn’t feel like an independent or small movie.

Adam and Kevin are going in depth on the process of pitching a film and Kevin tells him about investing his own movie into the project.

Adam is now waxing on about legacy and how he was envious of filmmakers leaving such a specific legacy that seems to survive longer than most of the arts of our day.


Adam is telling Kevin about watching a seen from ‘Wedding Crashers’ whit his wife and why he wanted to share it with her, Kevin comments on how humans are wired to share things they enjoy with other people.

Kevin tells them about someone breaking in to his house and the only thing the clued him into the break in was a note left by the guy.

Adam says it’s because Kevin had a one way relationship with that guy, Adam cites his time on Loveline and how people trust those they feel they know.


Kevin shares an anecdote from after the charity event he performed at with Adam, Adam agrees and then they edit in a live read pre-recorded or post it seems.

Adam is doing a read for Arctic Ease


Adam takes it back to the movie and how he saw a preview of it a few months back, Kevin is telling them about some upcoming projects he wants to make.

He teases about 10 hours of Westerns and upcoming Disney movie.

Adam is telling Kevin about his interview with Francis Ford Coppola where he revealed he can’t make the movies he wants to make, Kevin says he needs to create his own work and hustle, still.


Kevin is telling Adam about running into Francis in Amsterdam after partaking at a “Coffee Shop” and Adam is now getting inspirational explaining that even Kevin still needs to hustle this way.

Adam says the best way to make money is to just “do pools” in construction terms, he says you don’t make money by trying to be diverse and adapt/grow.

Kevin is going in depth on his upbringing and journey into show business, telling Adam about growing up in Compton and about his awesome sounding parents.


Adam is addressing the notion of white privilege and Kevin being lumped in with those who benefited from nepotism in Hollywood.

Kevin is telling them about wearing a suit to his first acting audition.

Adam shares why he feels sorry for the guys most people think had a career and sweet gig, like game show hosts, Adam says the reason he got into this line of work was to have variety in his life.


Kevin is now explaining how the work can make the time fly by.

Kevin tells Adam about turning 60 and mentions his kids, he tells Adam about his kids bringing him on stage to speak about him.


1st Caller Matt, he wants to know what Kevin’s favorite project was and he explains that he likes when people tell him about their favorite project of his, Adam shares a favorite scene from ‘Bull Durham’ and Kevin talks about the writer.

Matt has a follow up question asking him if he ever does movies for the sake of his film legacy, Kevin is telling them about a project he did after the director politely asked him for to work on it even though he wasn’t that enthused, he says it was a good movie though.

Adam is asking Kevin if he would do a movie he’s not passionate about now, even for a big check.


Adam asks him if making movies for money is something in his past or never existed for him, Kevin is bringing up the art by committee element of film making and cites a movie among several of his that started out great and became just kinda good after being run through the studio filters.

Kevin is now sharing a brilliant anecdote about the production of ‘Dances With Wolves’ telling Adam about the audience testing part and how the studio wanted only two scenes removed, Kevin knew those two scenes were needed for the film to hit the right notes.

Kevin has another anecdote about the testing for that movie, about the scene where his journal is used as toilet paper.


Adam has a great “haggling over dates at a Turkish bazaar” analogy for giving studio executives what they want.

Adam takes it back to the new movie and wants to know if Kevin is going into the edit bay, he says he’s encouraging the director to not edit nor censor himself.


Adam launches into a Shari’s Berries live read

Dawson gets on mic to recount the St. Archer Beer story.


Adam takes it back to Kevin’s latest movie and he tells Adam about taking it to Missouri even after people discouraged him because of the situation in Ferguson.

Adam compliments the film and thanks Kevin for stopping by as he wraps the episode.