Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/27/2014 – Brandi Burkhardt

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/27/2014 – Brandi Burkhardt

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Brandi Burkhardt

Recorded 01-26-2014 – Release Date 01-27-2014

Production Number #1247

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Adam is opening the show fresh from Seattle, he’s got some opening comments on his upcoming destination of Detroit and BB has a Harland Williams #TopDrop.

Adam is sharing the team spirit and city pride on display in Seattle with most of the denizens sporting jerseys and shirts in support of the “Seahawks”.

Adam is now riffing on a drunk take and comparing it to Los Angeles with a series of different strangers all locked up unsure why the other person is there, unlike Seattle right now.


Adam is telling BB and Alison to dig the general vibe of “it’s not working out” among all the people in L.A. who moved there for Hollywood aspirations.

Alison has a fine summation of Adam’s point and Adam is sharing an argument he got in with a dude at the liquor store where he was signing, regarding the “12th Man” fan meme in Seattle.

Adam is sharing how he found out that the “12th Man” was started about a decade after the team was founded, Adam is citing a great moment from NFL past.


Adam is telling them about Steve Largent and a dirty hit that Steve paid back two weeks later, Adam is explaining the rarity of a play like that, let alone the follow up.

Adam has a funny back and forth with Alison about Mike August proclaiming his love for Denver while in Seattle doing the signing, funny lines from Ace.

Adam is now telling the gang about an experience with TSA and is describing the scene at LAX, Adam is quoting the TSA woman and all the people who told them 1st class security was downstairs.


“All they want you to do is leave” – Adam on the answers given by angry shitty employees, great Twilight Zone reference from Ace.

Adam is explaining that if nobody was ever born to go through security they wouldn’t have a job, 5-7yrs after people stopped coming through due to their union employment.

Adam is sharing the snack mix he brought from the flight and the almond count, he’s sharing an accidental bit of motivational speaking he ended up doing thanks to Mike August.


Adam is sharing his decaf dilemma while in Seattle, he’s reiterating that we don’t need to split things 50/50 in life, we only need to account for the usage, and we don’t need coffee equality.

Adam is using beer and non-alcoholic beer to make his point, he’s got a party scenario and its perfect logic.

Alison wants to know about these corporate gigs yet there seems to be no evidence of them ever taking place, she asked Pete Holmes this question but still doesn’t feel like she got an answer.


Adam is explaining the way celebrities do certain jobs overseas for huge financial gains yet won’t do the same work in the states, Adam asks what’s the difference, why not just do it here too.

Adam is explaining that his speech was recorded and while the companies aren’t free to distribute it online or sell it, they can repurpose it within the company.

Adam is asking why everyone is so picky with when it’s ok to make money, BB and Alison are in the mix helping him flesh out the idea.


They’re now watching the two classic Steve Largent Seahawks clips, with the added detail of Steve losing two of his teeth.

You can view the clips via the show page link above.

Adam is telling the gang about “Steel Dawn” coming on over the weekend, BB is joking about Adam being too drunk and mistyping the title “Red Dawn”.


Adam is sharing the synopsis for the movie and he’s now mocking the “after world war III” tagline and how the cast still has the same well coifed hair from the late 80’s style.

Adam is asking why there aren’t more guns in the post apocalypse, hilarious Pat Benatar reference from Ace, this is a great riff.

“He Made two movies ending in Dawn and he had the same hair in both of them despite taking place 200 years later” – Adam


Adam is sharing how they were circling over SeaTac with a possible diversion due to the fog engulfing the area during his live read.

Adam is now citing all of his Urban Dictionary entries in light of the new “Falutin Free” and he’s listing off several more entries, this is gold!

Some of these are coined by BB and “Emotional Chiropractor” was coined by me on the “Adam and Dr. Drew Show #9”. They’re breaking down “Whore-so” BB’s masterpiece.


These are all thanks to Ed Malinowski aka @Griffin_T_A on twitter, the resident Carolla Superfan for Urban Dictionary, love that dude!


Hooray for BaldyWood

BB saw the movie “Her” and is explaining the plot and cast to Alison and Ace.

Adam is asking about the bearded Joaquin Phoenix stunts from a few years back, BB is commenting on how it doesn’t seem fair the screenplay for this film is competing with true life stories like “American Hustle” and “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

Adam is giving his take on how it takes half the creativity out of the effort, Adam is asking BB about writing his book.


Adam is asking Gary to get him the year “Timecop” is set as it was bugging him over the weekend, BB is dead on with his review and recommendation, this movie is terrific.

Adam is now asking for the synopsis for “Timecop” and saying that whenever you spell out the premise nothing is inherently good or bad, he’s citing the five worst and five best sitcoms and how execution is what matters.

BB is being really intelligent in his description of the plot and the recasting of Scarlett over the original choice “Samantha Morton” and Adam is defending how productions and creative endeavors end up different than your original vision.


BB gives it an A, he’s right.


Q and Ace


1st Caller Chaim, he’s down for 100$ towards the podcast defense fund, he wants to know how to apply Adam’s lessons about breaking down and employee, so he can do it to himself.

Adam is now quoting what he told the people at the airport during his motivational speech, Adam is saying one must not put themselves down, that’s not being hard on yourself.

Alison has a hilarious comment and Adam is riffing with it.


Adam is telling the caller he needs to start kicking his own ass and citing his rope skipping that now he added push-ups to, he’s sharing how he struggled to knock out 10 of them after taking years off.

Adam is sharing how he figured this was a sign of his advancing age and in protest he went back and knocked out another 10 push-ups and agreed to knock of 10-12 as he could with no declarations of a goal number.

Adam is saying that within almost two months he hit over 40 push-ups, holy shit!


Adam is sharing how every night he starts making excuses about the push-ups, mini deals with himself about putting off exercise.

“Fuck it, get down there, lets knock this out”- Adam, he says this is how he got out of being a complete loser and away from his friends and their seas of excuses.

BB is now saying it’s the key to having a goal, despite Adam not having one aside from doing the work, Alison is making a superior point in reply.


Alison is sharing her own desire to finally do a cartwheel, I share that desire. She wonders if adults can even learn that skill, Adam is now advising for people to practice head stands.

Adam is now back to skipping rope and how every boxer he’s worked with are negligent of rope skipping as it’s too difficult and unnatural to them.

“They skip, skipping rope because they’re bad at it” – Adam, he’s saying that you should focus on the things that are embarrassing that make you look stupid and are difficult to pull off, Adam says people always try to look and play to their strengths as BB puts it.


2nd Caller Marcia, she’s been dating a man for several years, he’s white and she’s Mexican.

Adam and BB have funny questions after she shares what the family calls him, she’s telling them about the time his sister bleached the bathroom after Marcia finished showering.

Adam wants to know what the sister would say in reply to being asked why she would do that, Adam is explaining how novelty and weird disinfecting the bathroom is for a move.


Marcia she’s misunderstanding what Adam’s implying as he’s trying to say the opposite, Adam is now quizzing her on her bf’s family and heritage.

BB is referencing the movie trope o the rich father trying to get you to go away, BB is citing the guy who did that to Adam, Gordon the dad of Adam’s USC girlfriend that broke his heart.

Adam is sharing a quick version of what he told the gang after he got back from tour with Dennis Prager and had met the man 30yrs later, hilarious decontaminated joke.


Adam is having her put her boyfriend on the phone and he’s telling them about why he has no options, Alison is giving a very insightful opinion and Adam is summing it all up.

They’re now going to break.


Brandi is making her ACS debut and Adam is plugging his book cover on the website and Alison Rosen’s excellent podcast.

Brandi is telling the gang about her career and stint on the soap opera “Passions”, Adam seems to recall it was the crazy one and she’s confirming it.

Adam is now comparing it to “Trapped in the Closet”, BB helps him with the title and has a funny aside mocking himself for knowing it.


She’s now telling them about working live on stage for “Mama Mia!” and Adam is in the mix getting more information from her.

Adam is asking her if she visited the actors’ only secret “speakeasy” that DAG took him to when he visited him in NYC.

Adam is comparing the “did you play ball” questions for tall guys, to the questions people must ask to hot blonde ladies, she’s sharing the “are you a model” question.


Adam says that’s perhaps the best question anyone could ask you, Alison is sharing how she tells people she works with Adam on the show and they assume she’s a producer.

Adam is asking her about her status, she’s telling them she got engaged on NYE and she’s looking to get married in June, Alison is chiming in as she’s also in the midst of it.

She’s sharing her recent wonders about if it’s even worth it, Adam has a funny comment telling Brandi that Alison’s fiancé is a different dude.


They’re all going in depth on the wedding proceedings and Adam is sharing why he had to get involved more, saying you cannot be the guy who just cuts the checks, you need to contribute without getting too involved.

Alison has a funny “Groomzilla” comment, Adam and BB have a funny series of replies, nice understated comedy.

Adam is asking her about a location and the profession of her fiancé, Adam is remarking that being a jeweler she must be getting a “step-up” ring from the average guy.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the “Grammy Awards” running concurrent to the ACS, Alison is sharing Gary’s reaction to Macklemore winning an award.

Adam is asking if the song isn’t too old now and how they seem like douchebags, Alison is telling Adam about “imagine dragons” and Adam wants to know if the key is just to get that one weird hook into your dong, like “Brass Monkey”.

Alison is reading the rest of the winners awarded so far, BB is now playing some of the “Imagine Dragons” Adam and Alison now recognize and Adam says there is nothing worse than “Important Rock” and he’s riffing about U2 with Alison.


Adam really feels like this song is older and remembers seeing this already happen, he thinks “Thrift shop” has been out too long to be nominated.

Alison is further going through the list, Adam is asking about “Skyfall” the movie came out in 2012 and Gary is confirming it, Adam feels old as he wants to take a hose to all of this and yell “get off my lawn”.

Alison has an update on the “Same Love” marriages taking place during the award show.


Adam wants to know if Queen Latifah has declared a major or if she’s just going to go on as a single 50yr old gal, Alison and BB are weighing in and Adam wants to know if people like Lance Bass and Queen don’t have to say anything.

Adam is making not that he doesn’t like the declarations, he likes people having the freedom to choose if they say anything or not.

Alison is giving her take on the “Grammys” and Adam is sharing his take on what they used to mean as a TV program.


Alison and BB are going in depth on the ratings of these types of shows, Brandi has a good point about music and BB is right that the “Grammy Awards” are often a few years behind trends in music.

Adam is now explaining why the lyrics to “Maneater” are complete shit and BB has a nice bit of “Fake Jack Silver” to great effect.

Adam is even being generous and giving “Maneater” a 1 in the lyric department, Adam says he could write better lyrics and everyone inside the studio and outside of it could do the same.


Adam is now breaking down the hollow tinny and soulless music, Adam is now doing a great car analogy and Brandi wants to know why Adam hates “Thrift shop”, she calls it hysterical.

BB is now playing it for Adam, Adam is saying he doesn’t like any sampling or stealing and wants people to come up with their own music, hilarious comment aimed at P. Diddy.

Adam is analyzing the lyrics and he’s turning the corner on the song, BB says it’s a great jump roping song and Adam agrees.


Adam is saying they can stop it but he hates the repeating hook is too annoying and that all the dumb people like that hook.

Alison is sharing Adam’s fandom of “Pink” and they’re referencing her 2003 Loveline again.


2nd Story is on the arrest of the crime family that worked on the “Lufthansa Heist” as depicted in “Goodfellas”.

Adam is now saying he feels sorry for anyone who has a name that sounds like a name you know, he’s using “Loretta Lynne” with BB to make a point about name “Loretta Lynch”, BB is on his game and they’re doing a recreation of how this would go.

Alison and Adam both have funny additional suggestions and Alison is sharing how the arrests came about after a funny word mix-up.


Adam is saying that “Raiding the Queen’s home” is one of those things that sounds good like the Loretta Lynne and Loretta Lynch thing.

BB just got Alison to reveal she never saw “Goodfellas” and BB is now asking if they can order her to see it, He’s sharing the Dr. Drew vs. “The Shining” loveline issue.

Alison is sharing how she walked out of “Goodfellas”, BB and Adam are in agreement that it’s superior to “The Shining” and it’s actually full of laughs.


Alison is sharing an update on her instructions to see “The Mighty Ducks 2” from her show, BB is ordering her to see the first one before and Adam is joining in.

Adam is now doing a live read and thanking Brandi for guesting on the show, Adam just predicted that her fiancé was an Armenian dude, she wants to know how he knew and he’s got a funny stereotype riff about profiling.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping the show.