Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/26/2017 – Rob Weiss and Mark Geragos

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/26/2017 – Rob Weiss and Mark Geragos

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Rob Weiss and Mark Geragos

Recorded 01-25-2017 – Release Date 01-26-2017

Production Number #1995

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Adam opens the show to a “wild berry blast” intro from Dawson and Lynch as Adam is fresh from the dentist, he’s now immediately signaled to go on a jag about it, Gina is out sick and BB has a Tom Leykis drop as today’s #TopDrop as Adam jokes about Gina on who’s on her way to the hospital to get some fluids put in her and Adam jokes about putting fluids on her, he says he would like to.

Adam is now on a crazy riff about Jizzing on Gina, holy shit!

Gary cleaned the notes out of the studio, indicating he was just taping this week’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’ before this episode, Adam is switching gears to the dentist and things like bubble gum flavoring and how it only confuses his mouth.

Adam asks for all things dentist to be spearmint flavored, Adam mentions bubble gummed flavored toothpaste and tooth cleaning “pumice” to candy cigarettes and the negative messages they send and Mark ponders it as Adam riffs about Piña colada flavoring being the most inappropriate.


Adam is sharing the “inline water heater” story with Mark, Adam is still mocking the hubris of the dentist who was proudly aware of them but hadn’t bothered to get one installed.

Adam is telling them about his 9am dental appointment and the freezing water that was brutalizing him, Adam asked about water heaters again and was told they were aware of them.

Adam is sharing how one of the cleaning tools had a hard-plastic handle, Adam uses cars and modern engines with plastic components, BB says his daughter’s plastic bottles can be sterilized and Adam says the mirrors still had the metal backing, as the hygienists and dentists use the mirrors as tongue prods and clang the back of the mirror on your teeth, causing the horrible sound.


Adam says they’re going to talk about yesterday’s episode with Leah Remini and how they talked about it today on Reasonable Doubt which airs this Saturday and was just taped before this.

Mark is now giving a backstory on Scientology and their scorched earth legal strategy, BB brings up the movie ‘The Founder’ and Mark talks about percentages charged by lawyers and legal teams, he explains why he won’t charge 50% as he never wants to make more than the client.

Mark is going in depth on a new law in San Francisco about financing arrangements for funding of lawsuits, in reaction to the Hulk Hogan case against Gawker.

Adam compares scientology to the patent trolls and explains how the spotlight always ruins these businesses that operate in the shadows and empty pockets.


Mark is talking about the differences between class action and mass tort.

Mark gives his take on Scientology and it’s future, Adam teases the arrival of Rob Weiss and explains how he was early on the ‘Entourage’ bandwagon and took a lot of shit from the cool guy comedy club.

Mark wanted to play himself on the series and Adam explains how he almost got cast on the show but his agent never told him as he didn’t want the show and it was off of his radar, Adam offers a caveat to be fair to him and they move on.



Q and Ace

1st Caller Itis, he wants to be the black correspondent and he explains his qualifications, he was previously married and raising his kids, so he was disqualified but he’s now separated, he does pay his child support as revealed in reply to BB’s query which does cost him a few more points.

Mark asks him about the capital hotel and if he’s smoked a cigar there, he has indeed.

Adam asks Itis how he feels about Trump and they get a solid “he is not my president” and Adam is now bringing up the inauguration and he asks for some photographs of Michelle Obama and Kevin Hart.


Adam says women do not have the poker face that men have, he talks about being disconnected from one’s feelings before he contrasts Obama’s reaction to the speech vs. Michelle’s and Adam further describes her facial expression and how in a few still frames she resembled Kevin Hart.

Adam asks Mark about his jurors and poker faces in the courtroom in general, BB has some comments about his wife Christie and her reactions to Trump’s shenanigans and Mark shares a story of a courtroom bestiality revelation.

Adam is now explaining how he reacted to the bestiality disclosure vs. the jury.


2nd Caller Eric, he wants some tips on how to keep his confidence through Chemo and BB is drop crazy, Christina Dolce, Gina etc.

Eric asks about how to get his confidence back up when it comes to interacting with women and BB shares his feelings about being positive while in treatment.

BB explains how he will have a limp the rest of his life and Mark asks about the unquantifiable element of attitude in healing.


BB is saying he was 10 years older than him and he powers through a very powerful pep talk, Adam says he always felt Bryan’s wiring was well suited to this diagnosis, Adam says people could have tied BB, not done any better than he did.


3rd Caller Mike, he sent Caelan a YouTube link he wants them to mock and Adam knows the commercial before it plays a single frame, he describes it and jokes about the guy jizzing on the coats in the spot.

Adam is talking about the 5 different vignettes in the spot and how if they shuffled the order a bit they would better promote the product, Adam thought the ad was for Viagra, it’s a jewelry commercial.

BB says the actress is the 5th or 6th lead in the show ‘Chasing Life’ and his feelings about how one should evolve past commercial acting once they get regular series work.


Adam jokes about being upstairs 69’ing and stealing away to bone in a neighbor’s house is kind of immoral, Adam says he agrees with himself and they move on.


4th Caller Brandon shares his sock purchasing logic and how to replace them all with a new batch, so you never have mismatched socks.

Adam says he has a problem where his computer is making him login every time he turns his computer on, Adam is sharing his need to replace the passwords and date them.

Adam is sharing how Matt reset the password and his “now” designation instead of a timestamp, BB says this is ‘Spaceballs’ shit and they go into some sponsored content.


GeicoNow according to Matt Fondiler edition


Matt gets on mic and apologizes for his confusion, saying he wrote “new” and not “now” and BB jokes about them having a sign reminding them to apologize to Adam under the window into the studio after Mark observes how quick they all are to apologize first.

Adam is now forgiving him and giving him a doggy sized door for his window of negligence, Mark references Jean-Paul Sartre and Adam gets to a letter from Matt Casey a fan going through a tough time.

Adam is trying to explain that Matt lost his family, he mixes it up and says brother but it was his sister and father, Adam was planning on reading this on Matt’s birthday and Gary dropped the ball apparently, he gets on mic to take the blame.

Adam has the tragic details on the plane crash and he says some very kind words about how much they love the fans and the clearly good time Matt had with his family, he brings up his wife’s best friend Jennifer’s early demise and he has a nice message about what they leave behind, the memories of time well spent and the blessing in having that in the face of tragedy.

They head to break.


They’re return from break with Rob Weiss making his ACS debut with a new ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ intro and he shares he’s part of the tribe and Adam says that’s why they played the intro, what!?

Adam says Paul Newman was not a Jew and Rob says he was half Jewish, Rob praises the documentary and talks about how he met Nate and they talk about wrestling with your kids, Rob tells them about Nate bragging to him about wrestling his 1 year old son when they met in a gourmet coffee shop.

Adam asks about ‘Entourage’ and he asks if it’s dead forever, no plans right now and he explains how he met Doug Ellin the show’s creator.


Rob tells them about how Doug tried to get him to work on the show, Adam asks about ‘American Psycho’ and Rob explains how he was first attached to direct the movie and Rob confesses that Nicolas Cage is a weird guy.

Rob says Nicolas ran backwards with his kid when he was congratulating him about his Oscar nomination, a bizarre reaction.

Adam talks about his single interview with Nic Cage back on the KLSX ACS and how he refused to talk about his Lamborghini Miura and Rob says he has had many conversations with brick walls in the industry.


BB recalls the interview as well from September 2nd 2008, Adam and Rob are talking about the evolving business model of film and television and Rob breaks the news that Mary Tyler Moore passed away today.

Rob is the newsgirl today, Rob tells them about ‘Ballers’ and how he’s just starting to get to know Dwayne The Rock Johnson, he wasn’t on set with him for season 1 nor 2 in Miami.

Adam is saying that The Rock and Mark Wahlberg should go on a self-help crusade inspiring people to get off their asses.


Rob tells them about his lean years and humble upbringings, BB brings up ‘Pain in Gain’ and makes a point about the early success that both The Rock and Mark Wahlberg had to transition out of or evolve from.

Adam says he has skinny arms in common with Mark Wahlberg, Adam argues against the idea of being type casted and Rob makes a counter point about human limitations.


BB tells Adam he is “set in his ways” and Adam jokes about the best documentary category now being a “who’s got it worse” competition instead of the best movie, ala ‘King of Kong’ and now it’s all about a struggle to overcome or pure bummer.


True CarYou will not have a trail of tears if you use True Car Edition


BB and Adam are setting up the list, Adam is now reading the list and explains the premise of the films, wow!

Adam is 2 for 2, he’s describing the plot of ‘Life Animated’ and the 7 hour OJ Simpson Documentary, he shares the penultimate doc which Rob assists with some pronunciation help.

BB shares his efforts to see every Best Documentary nominee each year, Adam is sharing the news that ‘The 24-hour War’ is coming to Amazon Prime.


BB talks about movies being nominated based on their subject matter over the production quality of the films themselves, he cites some glaring omissions, Adam talks about how you look like a hero if you nominate the doc that seems more progressive.

Adam says we’re now more focused on appearing as if we’re something instead of actually being that thing, Adam has a great point about the greatest generation and storming the beach at Normandy, how you’re a hero if you talked about it or not, but taking selfies in a peaceful protest is not the same thing.

Rob says he pulls himself out of all of that shit and makes some good points before BB brings up the movie ‘Gleason’ and Adam says on one hand he has a disease on the other hand he’s a jock, BB says if you get any sort of success or financial success you lose your chance to get nominated, it’s too main stream.


BB has the Best Picture nominees, Rob gives his take on ‘Moonlight’ and ‘La La Land’ and BB gives his take on ‘Moonlight’ and BB shares the other nominees.

Adam says he feels like he was being hit over the head with the same note in ‘Fences’ and BB talks about Denis Villeneuve’s body of work.

Adam is describing his DVD player that drops sound out for every 2nd line of dialogue, that’s not the player, the signal is clipping, it’s a setting in his sound system, call Ed!


Adam and BB are talking about ‘La La Land’ and Adam’s discovery of there not being a DVD player in the main room, Adam was pissed they didn’t have a $20 player for the living room.

Lynette revealed they had one in the bedroom but told him to not dare tell them as she didn’t want them tying up the TV for 2hrs.

BB wraps the fake news.


Bet DSIGary made his money off Tito Ortiz in Bellator


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, Rob was a great guest and Adam gives out his plugs, I hope Rob comes back again!

BB plays the clip of Adam saying “I am not your negro” to close out the show.