Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/26/2016 – Joel McHale and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/26/2016 – Joel McHale and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Joel McHale and Jo Koy

Recorded 01-25-2015 – Release Date 01-26-2015

Production Number #1743

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Adam opens the show to a pumped Joel McHale in studio, Adam is explaining how Kevin Hench was able to see McHale’s phone number on Adam’s cell and tell him to pick it up, somehow knowing it was Joel’s number even though they’ve only spoke maybe twice.

Joel compliments Kevin’s physique and Adam is now plugging the new iteration of The X Files and reveals he’s not seen it nor did he watch the original run, but he’ll “put it in his queue” and Joel gives him some fake outrage.

Joel a KLSX ACS regular is making only his 7th appearance on the podcast, you can hear his first appearance on ACS #15 (feat. Joel McHale) from the first two weeks of shows and then again on ACS #88 (feat. Joel McHale, Jimmy Pardo & Adam Perry Lang) which became the stuff of legend and lead to a one sided feud against two men who were unaware of it and meant no harm.


Joel says Adam loses control of his bowels, Adam says his daughter was staying home sick and his kids now take turns staying home and brings up the new rule about prohibiting kids from going to class within 48hrs of vomiting.

Adam plugs the new X Files and some live dates for Joel, he says he might try and skype in to the live show in Seattle.

Adam says if you own something or invented something, don’t show it to Mike August, he talks about the Snowden “Skype Plus” device that they’ll be using, the free robot that Mike gets to use for them trying this technology.


Joel mentions hover boards and Adam says he was talking to a fitness guy and Joel asks what that job entails, Adam is bringing up a conversation he had with the guy and references his insane balance, BB asks if there is a balance to balancing.

Adam is suggesting a unicycle esque device that had a fully automated to fully manual training function that gradually decreased over time as you learned how to operate it or could be switched based on experience.

Adam is now joking about his son being knocked over by pollen, hand to god, hand to god.


Adam is sharing how he used to play this game of “whose mom is worse” and references a buddy Chris, not the one we know, a dead one, so he’ll leave his last name out of it.

Adam is sharing the story of his unicycle and his families’ rule of advertising their code of having no code of ethics/values.


Adam says Chris and his 3 brothers and how they died, Adam shares the lie after Chris borrowed his unicycle at his mom’s behest.

Adam asks whose mom is worse and calls this the battle of the titans of shitty moms.

Joel is now weighing in, he uses the evidence of his early death and his brothers to say it was his mom’s fault.

Adam says his mom could’ve been the one to blame as she could’ve lied and never even asked Chris’s mom what happened and just made it up.


Adam explains how he gets free unicycles for Christmas every year because he tells people this story and Joel says he needs to switch to watches, Adam jokes about his son being blown over by a stiff breeze and some pollen.

Adam is now sharing how his kids wants hover boards and Joel explains how his kids feel about them.

Adam is now riffing about hiring guys to throw a handful of pollen at his kids, Joel wants him to name one.


Adam is now adding mosquitos and his son, talking about empty vs. full mosquitos and their weight knocking his son over.

Adam says his son will probably end up in a flume, he tells Joel to check it and then apologize.

Adam is now referencing the old radio bit where Joel would play Jim Carolla answering Adam via his trumpet, they’re now trying to recreate the bit, he doesn’t even know how it worked, kinda like this!


They’re doing it, hilarious!

Adam is working his movies into the riff and asking his dad about the movies, Joel is shitting on ‘Road Hard’ by clearing his spit valve and making poop noises.

Gina is defending it and now Adam is riffing about The Man Show and getting his dad’s opinion on it via trumpet of course.


Joel talks about the old show and the way they had bits and breaks to interrupt a bit, he says his lips hurt and Adam plugs The X Files and his live dates.

Joel is there picking up his Tesla Model X.

Joel is telling them about playing The Paramount Theater and the recent enhancements, Joel is asking him about the Moore Theater and Adam dubs the 3rd balcony ‘The Beaner Balcony’ and he jokes about the Mexican population of Seattle.


Adam is answering Joel’s questions with questions and Joel is protesting talking about his childhood in Washington and they’re arguing in hilarious fashion.

Adam keeps telling him to look it up and saying hand to god, Joel is busting his lame arguing techniques.

Adam is insisting upon his theory about Hispanic immigrants in Washington State, he connects it to Boeing and WWII.


Adam tells him to Google Image search him and he looks smart in every photo, sometimes with snifter in hand.

Joel is back to the trumpet impression of Jim Carolla after wrapping up the insane argument imrpov, Ace Awards 2016 material.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Jo Koy returning to the show to a ‘Nicaraguan Name That Movie’ and Adam goes right into a live read.


Adam is doing a Tax Act Live read


Jo is making his 55th credited appearance on the show, he’s telling them about his home remodel and the insane costs involved.

Adam is talking about the modern underpinning for homes and compares it to the way they used to just set homes on their foundation on blocks even, relying on gravity and he talks about the homes from the 1910’s that survived until now.


Adam is making a point about the letter of the law vs. the idea of the law, Adam says if you live in the hills you’re literally having to build Hitler’s bunker.

Adam says at least terrorism exists now, in the 1950’s there was no such thing and TSA wasn’t needed, he’s saying there have always been earthquakes so what’s the deal now?

Jo says Adam needs to come see his new place, he loves doing a walk through and he says Joel is doing a new place and had no idea what was going on, Jo begs Adam to please come by and check things out.


Adam says people ought to pay him 2k to walk through their homes and tell them what to do.

Jo is ranting about the inspectors and how he didn’t knock or let them know he was there, he shares how they hammered two nails into the pillars outside of his house, he now needs to replace them, he doesn’t get why they couldn’t tape or hand it to him.

Adam talks about the “you piss them off you’re going to be in an oven” element to building and safety inspectors in Los Angeles.


Adam shares how an inspector made him install sprinklers even though the plans were signed off without them, how he then paid 1400 and wasted a week getting a contractor to add sprinklers to the plans, he was then told again by the city they weren’t required.

Adam asks what he does then, yell at the inspector the guy that can fuck him and Gary has just penciled in Adam to inspect his home on Wednesday.

Adam is now having Bung Lu Su riff over El Chicano and Adam is trying to explain what is going on, his producer character is off his game.


Bung is insisting that “bushy pussy” is OK for radio and Adam is telling him to go with the lyrics they have in the song, Bung is really pushing it and does another round of the song.

Adam is now coaching him on the lyrics and he keeps trying to get that bushy pussy into the mix, Adam is now guessing what he forgot from the song, of course the bushy pussy idea, they all love it.

Adam is taking it to a discrimination and united minority angle, Adam says he’s lost almost all of his accent despite his similar genetic heritage.


Bung won’t stop with the bushy pussy; Bung is screaming for them to cut the music.

Bung wants to bury his face in your hairy pussy, Adam is telling the guy to pot down the music and Bung takes it a Capella for a few bars.

Adam is now dismissing Bung from there session and trying to get rid of him, he talks about his country not valuing copyright and he shits on the real ACS while bragging about his counterfeit version from his country.

Adam wraps up the bit.


Adam is doing a plug for some Mangria tastings.


Adam is doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the Justin Wilkins ruling, she shares the story of the motorcyclist who was speeding and then assaulted by an officer recorded on his dash-cam footage.

Gary is telling them about the car and the incident, revealing the officer said he didn’t think the dash-cam was on at the time.

Adam is now breaking down the game film and Jo is predicting the driver was going 115mph.


Gary shares how the driver was clearly trying to stop once he realized the cop was behind him, Adam talks about riding his motorcycle like an insane person and the great visibility you have on a bike, he talks about taking corners without stopping.

Adam says this guy was putting himself in quite ab it more danger than the cop’s assault on him.

Adam says that what happened to him could happen to anyone on their 2nd night of Jujitsu classes at the YMCA.


Adam is saying that cops are assholes and Jo is taking the cops side, Adam is explaining how this looks bad but the cop was just trying to take control of the scene.


Adam is explaining that cops will do this to any color, not out to get black people.

Gary has the info on his injuries and Gina says the kick is unfortunate as it makes the cop look like a douche, he can’t kick well.

Adam is explaining how this is akin to a dog shitting in the house and getting chased.


2nd Story is on the investigation into the death of the former KGB agent who accused Putin of pedophilia.

Adam has a fantasy of going to other coulters and asking them about what era they think we’re living in, to get them to stop this shit, it’s not the 1950’s.

Adam says it’s like 2021 in Holland, they agree that Canada is right on point, mostly.


Adam says that Russia and the Middle East need a conversation, they talk about how far in the future Japan is, Adam is now riffing about rhino horn imports to famously smaller cock nations, or at least perceived smaller cock nations.

They’re all riffing up a storm and Jo sumps up Adam’s take that black people in Africa are blessed with big cocks but can’t build robots, Jo does a great Japanese guy who has a small cock building robots.

Adam is making a larger point about kooky beliefs and how the cock is on lock in Africa.


Gina asks what year North Korea would proclaim they’re in, Jo has a funny one liner.


3rd Story is on an officer who called in some backup in the form of Shaq to play some basketball with some neighborhood kids after someone called the cops on them for playing basketball.

Gina plays the clip.

Adam talks about building parks and places for kids to play sports and the unrealistic odds of that benefiting them in life, instead build a place to learn.

Jo is back to his small dicked Japanese robot scientist character.



Adam is doing a Live Read


4th Story is on the newly approved changed to the Motion Pictures Academy and the voting pool, Adam is now saying this will be excellent and only be a form of racism where everyone thinks that the different minorities around them were only included for this reason, instead of earning it, akin to affirmative cation on college campuses.

Adam is talking about how old white guys built this country and won WWII, he hates this resentment and insult to old white men.

Adam says this is insulting and to write people off as all racist and how racist it is to make that decree, he asks about female racist and all of the old white guys who died to free slaves.


Gina has some details about some Julie Delpy and Charlotte Rampling, Adam has some great points and they move on.


5th Story is on Chris Rock’s editing of his Academy Awards intro to now address the Oscars So White controversy, Adam is talking about people ratcheting up the race dialogues and cries of racism as we approach the end of Obama’s last term.

Adam gives a solid rant.


6th Story is on the supposed new liquor invented by North Korea, Adam is back to the year conversation and Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Gary has strong feelings about Arizona colleges edition


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.