Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/23/2015 – Iliza Shlesinger and Drew Bledsoe

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/23/2015 – Iliza Shlesinger and Drew Bledsoe

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Iliza Shlesinger and Drew Bledsoe

Recorded 01-22-2015 – Release Date 01-23-2015

Production Number #1496

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Allie McKay is once again today’s newsgirl and BB plays the “WhatIDoNow?” Dr. Drew Drop in light of Tom Brady’s press conference.

Adam is now leading off with a rant, he jokes about his origins with losers and in loser town, he says that people want shit from him and brings up his buddy Ray and Ace on the House.

Adam jokes about being like J-Lo and gets back to the “how much?” story of Ray trying to get paid a small amount of cash upfront instead of waiting for the big bucks.


Allie mocks Ray and his logic with a funny “that’s not fair” and now Adam explains the live Ace on the House he setup along with a personal appearance he was hired for.

Gary gets on mic to tell Adam who hired him, Adam is explaining how Ray wanted half of Adam’s cut for a public appearance and that was a no go with him and August.

Adam is explaining the wheels up time and how Ray showed up late, Adam proclaimed this was going to be a teachable moment for Ray.


Adam is mocking Ray live on stage, Allie has a funny comment and BB is getting Adam to further describe the events.

BB has a funny one liner about Ray’s fate after Adam explains how he told the staff not to call Ray and alert him, he lost a teachable moment as Caelan was tasked with driving Ray.

Adam told Mike to deduct 25$ from whatever Ray was being paid for the trip.


BB asks how the show went, Adam has a telling throat noise and asks about people who can’t stop themselves from the weird passive aggressive tone/reply.

BB demonstrates it as his reply, clever.

Adam is now telling them about the “let me guess your weight” incident with Adam’s car guy Les, Adam is excited recounting this experience.


Adam talks about their guests and Ray’s challenge to him to name their two guests, Adam screams “Thanks Dickhead!” in a very funny way, get that drop!

Adam shares an experience with a woman who demanded a picture with him but kept saying she would never ever ask for a photo-op with a celebrity and Adam tried to explain how her comments came off, he says it was cute and a funny exchange.


Adam is now doing a live read for Blue Apron


BB wants to get something off his chest, he shares how Gary told him that he thought BB was tuned out and missed the pronunciation of Allie’s last name, Adam is now complimenting BB’s subtle and dry delivery, he tells him he likes him goofing around.

That seemed healthy, they worked it out and Adam says keep it up.

Adam is explaining his Kevin and Bean phone call scheduled after his long weekend, Adam brings up how Mike Lynch keeps track of his topics, he says that 4 times a year Mike whiffs and this time he whiffed.


Adam says he was a vacuum of ideas, a conch shell of ideas a shofar, good stuff.

Adam says he was hung over at 8:33 in his bathrobe without any topics, he then frantically searched for last week’s email.

Adam brings up Manny Pacquiáo doing the one on one podcast and confirms that Manny indicated he wanted to hold them for Adam, so it was Manny, solves that.


Adam is now showing them the footage and doing some live commentary over it, it seems Gary’s commentary has been quieted down or we’re hearing it off mic from the room.

Adam is now comparing Oswaldo Castillo’s “uppercut” word delivery and pronunciation vs. Manny’s and how similar they are, they joke about the missing link between them being.

Adam brings up the Julio César Chávez vs. Meldrick Taylor fight from 1990 that he referenced on the last episode with Manny, he explains he was corrected online after it aired.


Adam is now playing the end of that fight for BB and Allie, explaining the stakes of the fight before playing the last 30 seconds of the last round.

BB asks about the controversial finish and Adam explains how the ref is supposed to not be aware of the clock and that’s technically his job and why he’s torn on the call, Adam says Drew Bledsoe is on the line and they segue to his phoner.


Adam says he’s a big fan and is now bragging about Drew for a minute, he’s reciting some of his stats.

He asks Drew about his winery and he tells them about Walla Walla Washington, he thanks him for getting the legislation changed for shipping alcohol to Massachusetts.

Adam is asking him about now being able to ship his wine to New England and he shares that it’s now right up there with Washington in terms of demand.


Drew is sharing an anecdote and the phone cuts out, Adam stops him and has him repeat it and has a funny one liner that Drew roles with.

Adam asks how the New England fans treat him, he tells them about taking out ads and thanking the fans after being replaced.

Drew shares his POV on being replaced and how he came back around to now be a fan and root for the coach and player who replaced him.


Adam is now sharing a super homoerotic thought and Drew roles with it excellently, hilarious.

Adam is now joking about Bill Belichick hiring pretty QB’s and clarifies he’s not saying he’s gay but…

“a little too dapper for this Dan” – Adam on Drew’s thoughts about Tom Brady’s recent fashion moves, Drew tells them about being popular among some gay men, Adam jokes about it with him.


Adam and Drew are now on a hilarious riff, joking about his wife offering to make dinner for Tom, this one of the best phoners ever done on the show.

BB is in the mix and now Adam is bringing Doug Flutie into the mix and Allie remains present in the conversation without being overbearing.

Adam is now asking Drew about the ball inflation controversy, he says it’s a slow news cycle and Drew says that back in the day Tom Brady “had to play with his balls” and Adam is now asking Drew about who he’ll be rooting for and he shares his dilemma of wanting to root for his old team and his home team who are facing off.

Adam wraps up with Drew, gold!


Adam is now doing a live read for

Adam says Chillax


Q and Ace

1st Caller Luke, he wants to know about fire trucks speeding by at frequency that doesn’t match the amount of fires in the area, Adam is saying that we’ve put a bunch of full grown boys being tasked with hanging out in a clubhouse with a truck they’re dying to use.

Adam jokes about the life of a firefighter, he’s now perfectly describing the reasoning and has a funny “suicide machine” reference when describing cops and suicides.


2nd Caller Vincent he wants to know why Adam doesn’t play ‘Hocus Pocus’ by Focus for bands when they come in the studio, BB is now in the mix and they’re discussing the song.

Adam says that anything he likes or notices like this song from a bygone era will then be picked up by someone else and used in a cool movie or commercial or something, he’s right.

BB brings up the “Everyone in this band is a star” quote from the lead singer of ‘Hot Hot Heat’ when they guested on the show on ACS #355 from 2010.

BB tells them about this featuring strongly in the recent Judge Dredd reboot film.


Allie is shocked by a transition in the song and has a hilarious reaction, Adam is now mandating they play the full track and Adam is asking if Limp Bizkit could pull this song off today, further exploring his idea that the musicianship of today’s artists is lacking, BB mocks him for thinking of ‘Limp Bizkit’ as a current band.

Adam is joking about guys having funny exchanges off mic while playing music on stage.


Adam is doing a tax act live read.

They nail the closing of the song perfectly, good stuff.

Adam heads to break.


They’re back from break with a Terry Crews on TAK promo, good stuff.

Adam welcomes Iliza back to the show for her 3rd appearance, she was first on ACS #367 and then ACS #496 and is now back on the show exactly 1000 episodes later, what are the chances.

Great Magnet!


Adam is telling Iliza about trying to get an advance copy of her special to download on Matt’s “Silver” but it didn’t work, she shares her misunderstanding from Matt’s unusually phrased email reply assuming it meant that they saw it and didn’t like it, funny.

She is now telling Adam about constructing bits and touring, Adam asks her what she likes when it comes to touring, she’s lively and Adam mentions Addison Texas, the improv.

Iliza is from there, I wonder if Adam read that in advance or it was another bizarre moment, Adam jokes about former restaurants converted into new places, Iliza is right in the mix.


Adam is now calling for a coffee table book of architecture being repurposed, like a Taco Bell turned into a gynecologist’s office.

Iliza is very funny and Adam is riffing with her about a place converted from a Mexican restaurant.

Adam is asking her about club vs. theater gigs and Adam plugs her upcoming standup dates.


Adam asks her about ‘Last Comic Standing’ and if they brought back again, she’s even unclear and Adam agrees with her about never communicating with people from past projects and competition shows.

Iliza is telling her about her jacked up tooth and eye patch, she is being self-deprecating and explains the dilemma of being attractive and what people think of you regardless of how you feel about yourself, either conceited or fake humble take your pick, good point.

Adam is asking her about what she wants for the next stage of her career, Adam is now giving a stepdad’s car analogy for her current situation.


Adam takes it back to Rosanne Barr who Allie mentioned when ‘Last comic Standing’ came up and Adam is now connecting her to Terrell Owens and saying you can act like and asshole when you’re winning.

Adam is now comparing the network notes process to NAVY SEAL training and jokes about scissor kicks in the sand, BB notes the ‘American Sniper’ reference.

Iliza is getting Adam’s points about the process of developing a network sitcom, Adam says it’s them testing you with run-throughs to see if you can handle the pressure.


Iliza has a point about her standup past to rise above when in these situations, Adam is saying it’s a fucked up scene and he asks her if she prefers multi-camera sitcoms or single, she is telling them about trying to write various film projects.

Adam tells her to make her own movie, he says it’s doable and says she’ll learn a lot more and get a lot more of it, She explains that her dilemma is the possibility the movie gets changed without her say.

Iliza is explaining her current home buying situation and has a killer don’t fuck with me, wow.


Adam is doing a Smart Mouth live read

Iliza is in the mix, “Smart Smoothie” edition


The News with Allie Mac Kay

1st Story is on the parents facing a neglect investigation after letting their kids walk home alone, Allie is now quoting the parent and sharing the details of the story.

Adam says we’re all becoming colossal pussies and shares his tap water/open pool gate drama regarding his kids and the relative danger at hand.

Allie quotes the “Free Range Parent” comment again and Adam jokes about people reading ‘Huck Finn’ as if he’s read it, BB has a nice reply and Iliza is sharing the story of a girl who was abducted from her school.


Adam is now quizzing her about her 4th grade experience, a girl from her school was abducted and killed and she has an insightful take on it that reeks of years of therapy.


2nd Story is on LL Cool J hosting the Grammys, Adam is explaining how he likes him but doesn’t think he needs to host all shows.

Allie name checks some not threatening media personalities.

Adam has a great “momma said shut your mouth” one liner and jumps into a live read.


Adam is doing a Radioactive Media Live Read


3rd Story is on the NBC news team for the upcoming super bowl, Allie mentions Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski, BB mixes up where the Super Bowl is being held, funny comments about Johnny from Adam.

Adam is now describing the Boston version of an asshole, broad shouldered and smart.

Adam is asking what’s up with these two hosting news coverage.


Adam is predicting Johnny’s ensemble, this is great.

Iliza has a funny “Tailgate Prison” reply and Allie jokes about Tara leaving in a puff of glitter.

Adam is back to his marveling at Blue Collar Boston guys.


4th Story is on Wal-Mart’s tax refund policy and Adam is now breaking down the logic and agrees it’s a good idea.

Allie has an angle about it being unsafe to walk out of the store with that money.

Iliza is now reiterating what Allie said and fleshing it out, Iliza has a funny question and impression and then jokes about losing her network deal.

Iliza explains it’s not a refund, it’s your money already, and they just took too much.


Adam is now asking for the Mason Dixon line for the sweet spot of tax refunds, he’s asking Gary.

Iliza gives her take and Allie compliments her CPA.


Adam does a live read and BB plays the new drop of Iliza and her “impression.”

Adam says alright now we have a top drop and is closing out the episode with some plugs, BB is drilling him with the impression.

BB plays the other drop of Iliza talking about her standup skills coming in handy when dealing with executives and the development process of network television “oh yeah, well here’s my dick.”