Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/26/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 112

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/26/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 112

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The Adam and Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-16-2014 – Release Date 01-26-2014

Production Number #112 Making Time

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Adam is opening the show to an inquisitive Dr. Drew pondering the “Carolla #1” label for the studio, he wants to know if the new studio would be #2.

Adam doesn’t seem to have a definitive answer and he’s now telling Drew about the Paul Newman documentary and how creatively rewarding it’s been for him.

Adam is trying to express the feeling of accomplishment he has, Drew is getting him to compare it to Adam’s 1st published book.


Adam is sharing the anecdote about not knowing the name of his 1st book publisher and comparing that to his lack of interest in his new Spike TV show, he’s explaining why he’ll bring it when working on a project regardless of his interest level.

Adam is now giving his take on people mailing it while guesting on the podcast, Adam says he’s never done a documentary and his hinting at Lynette shooting him and Drew performing live at Stanford and “that documentary” hmmm.

Adam is sharing Lynette’s query about how one starts making a documentary and Adam is giving his “I don’t know, go do it” take on making projects and Drew is referencing the guest from Episode #108 Joseph Sorge.


Adam is sharing even more detail on the production of the documentary, he’s sharing all the details and the crown jewel interview of Robert Redford, Adam is joking about him not guesting on many shows.

Adam is sharing the process of booking Robert for this documentary and Adam says stop trying to talk people into things, he’s saying they cut together that sizzle reel to lure him to show they meant business in honoring his late friend and costar.

Adam is now telling Drew about the NYC location and strict time schedule for interviewing Robert, Adam is explaining the journey of this project and why it feels so great to land him for an interview.


Adam is breaking down the comedy of the booking for Redford and his own schedule with his Spike TV show, he’s telling Drew how he rearranged his schedule a month prior for the CES/Ford Carcast and how he needed to rearrange again to be present for the interview.

Adam is explaining how he decided upon not going and how they can deal with his absence in post if needed, Adam is citing the unbelievable “Willie T. Ribbs” interview that was done in Atlanta.

Adam is explaining how this will be the definitive piece on Paul Newman and his racing career/passion and how rewarding that feels to him.


Adam is sharing how they have found some Tom Cruise footage from his time racing with Paul, Adam is describing this an archeological dig, what he’s saying is right in line with what us fans do with his Classic Loveline, interesting.

Adam is sharing with Drew the process of deciding what goes in the doc and how much time it gets in the final cut.

Drew wants to know if Adam has next documentary lined up and Adam is making it clear he’s for sure making the doc about Willie and his career in motorsports.


Adam is explaining to Drew how segregated motorsports are and he’s now on a funny “Newport Cup” idea, mocking menthol cigarette stereotypes.

Adam is sharing the details of Newman going to bat for Willie and getting him his first major sponsorship.

Adam is making a point about satisfaction and executing ideas, Drew is complimenting Gary and Chris and making a point about them not having the time and freedom to work on creative ambitions.


Drew is commenting on Adam’s “follow me” style advice and explaining that what the young people are dealing with is harder, Adam and Drew have a back and forth about the use of “luckily”.

Adam is now calling for a new yardstick to measure success, he’s saying homeownership was the old one, he’s now commenting on Gary and Chris’s lifestyles, decent cars, perks, free beer and all the things that didn’t exist for Adam or Drew when they were their ages.

Adam is explaining what his younger employees or Drew’s kids need to do to get home ownership, he’s now citing the opportunity everyone he knows has to get involved and make money by chipping in on his projects or contributing to the “business of business”.


Adam is citing his horrible schedule and backbreaking hours, Adam is saying the question is time, how much do you want to spend doing things on your weekends and all the shitty times when you don’t feel like working.

Adam is explaining his work on Stern and the hours he kept for that opportunity and why exposing himself to Stern and his audience would be a net positive experience despite not getting paid.

Adam is now sharing how Jimmy Kimmel used to cut tape on his thigh with a razor blade and scotch tape and how that was the early progression of a work ethic that led him to be the king of late night TV.


Chris and Gary are now on mic giving their take and sharing how they’ve increased listenership since working on the show, Adam is explaining how building a case is better than bragging about achievements.

Adam says they’re “here and liked” Drew is making note and trying to comment on how being present on staff is a huge part of it, they’re now on to how doing a good job transcends being pleasant.

Adam says the first part of the equation is getting in, the 2nd part is taking over and Adam is commenting on Chris and his role in the online store for the network.


Adam says he pays a guy name Mark Leonard who sells Mangria, he’s saying that if he can make Mark a millionaire that will be the best day of his life, same for Babydoll Dixon.


1st Caller Sal, he and his wife are worried about their kids and Drew is commenting on the ages of Sal and his kids.

Adam is asking Sal about his 330-400am wake up time for his truck driving schedule, Adam wants to know if the kids have given them cause to worry.

Adam is citing how parents often worry more about their daughters than sons, Adam has a hilarious Kodiak bear one liner.


Drew is citing crosswalk flags in Salt Lake City, they’re also found in my hometown of Kirkland Washington.

Adam is telling Sal not to waste his adult years to worry, “why lament something that never really occurred” – Adam.


2nd Caller Joey, he’s an estate manager and one of the estates is Valentine, the radar detector inventor.

Adam is commenting on the photo he’s scene of the man, Joey is defending him and Adam is potting him down to talk about the photo that cracks Adam up.

Adam is explaining it’s a photo that used to be in the back of the popular mechanics and juggs magazines, it was an advertisement for the company.


Adam is now getting to the woman who sells vials of pheromones in the same back of magazine ad space.

Adam is sharing how he bought several of the radar detectors, the caller is now asking if he can get Mr. Valentine to the show will Adam give him a nice plug, Adam just did.

Gary is now on mic to confirm it’s a very expensive product, Drew makes note of High Karate and Spider Sabich, the two 70’s references Adam and Drew have brought up this episode.


Joey is asking their advice on buying a home and renting it out, they’re both now looking at Spider Sabich the downhill skier and Adam is bringing up his death.

Drew is remembering it and they’re trying to figure out what happened, back in the days of the international playboy, not like present day Charlie Sheen types.


3rd Caller Dave, wants tips on where to get some BBQ while traveling and wants to know if either Adam or Drew are going to Howard Stern’s birthday celebration.

Adam is explaining how every year there is some magical event and how he’s stuck doing something ridiculously horrible in comparison, Adam will be in Detroit in the dead of winter doing standup.

Drew is sharing how Lynette wants to go and Adam says he told her no, Adam is commenting on the enablers of life like Drew’s wife.


Adam just revealed that Lynette is doing some SiriusXM thing and might be in NYC at the time, Adam doesn’t know if she’s going or not and Drew is advocating for why she should.

Adam is now asking Drew if he knows why he’s heading to Detroit in the dead of winter and he’s making a point about the cost of someone flying to NYC while he’s trying to go out and earn.

Drew is sharing his own breaking point with these types of things, Drew is trying to get Gary to setup some hypothetical Mangria event so Lynette can offset the cost of her trip.


Drew is telling him to get ribs in Austin and Adam has to apologize to Lynette after she was working all day with Mike August on an amazon deal, he reveals that the apology came after he heard the obligatory connection to Bruce that inspired her to work.


Adam and Drew are now looking at the pheromone ad, Drew is reading it and Adam is mocking the working and Drew agrees it’s poorly done.

Adam is mocking the appearance of the woman and how a 12 pack would be the only thing needed to be with her, Adam and Drew are further riffing.


4th Caller Matt, his wife is still grieving her mother’s death from 4 months ago, they recently attended a therapy group at church and a “grieving whore” was giving them grief at said meeting.

Adam and Drew are asking some of the details and Drew is explaining how non-professional settings might not be the best place to dig in.

Adam and Drew are doing a live read.


5th Caller Tom, he wants the guys take on people’s politics being connected to their own demons, Adam likes Tom’s angle and Drew is summing it all up using Adam’s logic.

Drew is bringing up how often times the left doesn’t trust other humans and views everyone else as inherently evil, Adam is stepping in to make a point about the “you need me” angle many left wing people have that in itself is racist.

Adam is now commenting on the Garcetti comments regarding the new graduating class of the LA fire department, Adam is now telling Drew about the Asian percentage of citizens and fire department graduates.


Adam is now riffing and ranting about Garcetti and the illusion of giving a shit that all politicians have to employee in order to get by and stay in office.

Adam and Drew both miss a fine chance to mention “Caroline Paul” sister to Alexandra, the female firefighter who was on Loveline and did pass all of the tests to get hired.

Adam is saying that politics are all just photo ops and talking points now.


Adam is making an analogy about the NFL and racial diversity, he’s giving a “so be it” for people being attracted to certain professions and excelling in them.

Adam is making his feelings clear on discrimination and testing, he says he does have a problem with discrimination based on gender and race, for all the haters out there taking notes.

Adam is now joking about pissing himself to douse the flames of smoking related house fires.


6th Caller James, He’s bringing up a point Adam made about men giving up their word, he wants to know the guys take on how hard labor and work leads to someone who keeps their word.

Drew blames the legal system and how it’s ruined everything, Adam is getting to the importance of physical labor.

Adam and Drew are listing off all the beneficial things that one can do with their kids to bring them up properly.


Adam says he would love to have a moment where he tells Sonny to dig a whole and put all the dirt across the lawn, then put it back in 2hrs, just to build character in him.

Drew has a funny “salt pills and no water” addition with a funny comparison to what the kids will learn from their angry college professor who hates the government.

Drew is plugging the 2nd “Swinging Sounds of the Dr. Drew Podcast” album on ITunes, Chris is now playing some of the fellas and Adam takes it back to Spider Sabich getting stabbed by his girlfriend.


Drew is describing what this music reminds him of, Adam is once again bringing up Claudine Longest and getting Gary to clarify the details of the Spider Sabich death.