Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/25/2016 – Adam, Gina and Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/25/2016 – Adam, Gina and Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Gina and Bryan

Recorded 01-24-2016 – Release Date 01-25-2016

Production Number #1742

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Adam opens the show to a funny ‘The Lord of The Rings’ intro courtesy of Dawson’s delivery and Lynch’s writing.

BB has a #TopDrop of former OG* ACS Newsgirl Teresa Strasser quoting being told to “Leave the jokes for Adam” and Adam explains that her brother Morgan passed away, he’s trying to give a non douchey eulogy.

BB shares a memory of when he was first diagnosed with a spinal tumor back in the KLSX days and he explains how much inspiration he gained from the man, he apologizes for crying and Adam tells him it’s ok.

Gina is crying too, Adam switches gears and teases the arrival of Dominic Monaghan, he riffs about the lack of technology when it comes to handling snakes.


Adam is talking about Dominic’s TV show and he transitions to Phil Rosenthal and how he made his bones working in comedy and now spends his time pursuing his love of food much like Dominic loves animals, nature and all of the creatures of the world.

Gina says speaking of Phil she saw ‘Exporting Raymond’ for the first time over the weekend, Adam jokes about thinking she was talking about his dog Phil and he gives a message to all of the dumb people who think you are talking about the thing they’re stuck on, like referencing a dog named Phil instead of the dude you were just talking about.

Adam explains that Charles the “Sound Dude” who does all of the work around the studios rigged a new switch attached to BB’s replay 360 as the original switch broke apparently.


Adam talks about Charles being so hands on and having such a great work ethic, he can do all of these things yet it doesn’t translate to one ounce of pussy.

Adam says if he grew a longer bear, wore a scarf, pouted and said he was in a fake band, Adam is so angry wanting to know why women go after loser without skills, just an attitude about getting laid.

Adam is really trying to get women to blow Charles, Gina has a killer line about sucking his dick and Adam essentially orders her to go fellate him, holy shit.

Adam is back to Charles and his brilliance that doesn’t get any pussy compared to the dude getting his facial hair sculpted, Gina agrees and brings up the female version of this form of sexism/preference.

Adam talks about how men never said they wanted anything more than looks, BB agrees and mocks hefty gals.

Adam is now talking about custom gutters being shaped for his house and how he can’t replace them, he needed it to be remade and instead of patching it, they pulled the section out and had a their sheet metal guy bend it instead of hiring a custom installer.


Adam dismisses a picture Gary brought up, Adam is talking about the metal recycling that goes on in the area, he told Lynette about the “stuff” outside of their house, he saved them 3k on gutters and she still doesn’t care, it’s just what Adam does.

Adam says for the single gals and guys out there, look for the crafty dude, it’s much more worthwhile than going after the loser bassist.


Adam is now telling the gang about his daughter who is home sick and his son’s basketball league that is competing with the two championship games of the NFL before the Super Bowl.

BB is now passionately arguing the point and brings up USC tailgating.

Adam says he thinks Manning is done and he thinks The Patriots will win big, Adam says he took Carolina and apologizes for Phoenix.


Adam is confused why people think these two games today are going to be this close, BB is giving his take and their going in depth on NFL talk.

Adam talks about the years he watched San Francisco beat his rams, he talks about Joe Montana and compares him to Tom Brady.

Adam talks about playing like that high school team that doesn’t punt.


BB is adding onto the hardcore football talk and brings up the good looks of the various QB’s in the final 4 games.

Adam shares the hand written note sent to him from a guy deployed to Afghanistan, he mentions the man’s wife and moves on.

BB asks Adam about the movie ‘The Big Short’ and Adam moves onto a live read.


Adam is doing a Tax Act Live Read


Hooray for Baldywood

As discussed on The Film Vault, BB’s other podcast he saw the movie ‘The Big Short’ and BB talks about the messianic template for all of Brad Pitt’s latter day career turn and Gina classifies them as “Heroic Cameos” and now Adam is talking about Charles beating off with tears, no lithium grease, he’s so prepared.

Adam says Brad Pitt looks like he knows what he’s doing and the public is so dumb they buy into it, Adam comments on his secret “I suspect you’re stupid list” that he has Brad Pitt on.


BB is now contrasting this to the movie ‘Spotlight’ he says this movie moves and shares a fun clip of Selena Gomez breaking the 4th wall to explain the concept of some of the more complex financial concepts to the audience.

Gina mentions another clip of Margot Robbie from the movie and Adam jokes about beating off to it and then watching SportsCenter.

Gina is now sharing her take on the film, no spoilers.


BB says he was far more emotionally moved by this film and Gina talks about Christian Bale’s character.

BB wraps up the segment and Adam jokes about pausing films to beat off.

Adam gives out some plugs, he tells Gary to remind them when Dominic shows up which obviously never happens.


Adam jokes about bringing a cuckoo clock in place of Susan Pinsky when she can’t make a Mangria tasting, Adam has a killer “you’re a  sandal filled with cum, fucking douche fucker” line contrasting that to calling someone crazy, like he does with Susan.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Jay a 911 dispatcher from North Carolina, Adam asks him about the amount of calls he takes per day and the percentage that aren’t real emergencies.

Adam is now making some excuses for certain people, the smoke alarm going off in a garage type stuff.

Adam is ranting about calling 911 and not getting through, he shares the story of the time his wife and him drove up on a broken down VW bus in 2004 as he told on Classic Loveline.


Insane 911 rants!


Adam talks about the 200 yards between the warehouses and he explains Gary jumped in and the annoying alert was going off, Adam says it’s the definition of unnecessary, hence no need for “Click it or ticket” signs, instead we could have “don’t call 911 for non-emergencies” sign.

Adam talks about the insane amount of water conservation that happened after they alerted people to the drought problem.

Adam is now joking about talking about the horrific things outside of the car, the talk to your kids PSA’s.


Adam says they play these PSA’s on AM conservative talk radio.

Adam is asking Gary for one of them, these condescending “Talk to your kids” ads.

Jay is telling them about a bogus call and gives them the details, hilarious “in his ass” one liner.


Adam says if you’re proving a much needed rest and entertainment for the bewildered 911 phone operator.

Adam is talking about the portable massages at the airports could go a long way to relax 911 operators, Adam is talking about a massage practitioner slush fund, 4 bucks per shift we all get massaged!

Adam jokes about judges sentencing masseuses to 2k hours at the phone bank to do a different form of community service.


Adam brings up Johnny Cash in prison and how they judges could better utilize talent and skills for the community benefit, don’t have Charles picking up litter.

Gina is now asking Jay about a specific type of call, the pizza delivery prank/mistake but he has had the casual crazy old ladies variant.

Gary is now playing a PSA for Adam, he mocks the PSA and brings up his mom yelling freak out from her smoke filled bathroom/bedroom.


Adam asks why kids must walk in a circle at preschool when they can just do that at home, he brings up the miracle of everyone getting by without preschool or pre-k.

Adam pitches and says he would use this PSA phone line to round up bad parents, he brings up the racism of the advertisement.


2nd Caller Nick, he wants to know about Window seat etiquette for flying on a plane, he brings up the couple he was seated near, he explains how they kept getting up over and over.

Adam just invented something while tuning out Nick, Adam talks about flying 1st class and the people next to him and in front of him are both in full recline mode, Adam uses his legs to pivot over people.

Adam asks why he has to be the one to think over everything and pre-addresses the straw man of shitty tweets coming at him.


Adam invents handles along the plane, strategic “grabs” for hanging onto things and could even alleviate turbulence related injuries, Adam says it would be nice to have wisp of burlap to grab.

Adam talks about super smooth luggage containers, Adam asks Nick his take and he takes it back to the rule of thumb for etiquette and the window seat.

Adam thinks passengers should have conversations about this, he says any human being shouldn’t have super strong aisle or window preferences.


Adam cannot stand when they show the movie and someone won’t shut the window shade so he can enjoy the picture.

BB says it’s even worse one something like Virgin where every seatback will have the glare.


Adam is doing a Live Read for LegalZoom

Adam says Geragos told him they bundle things… pay in bundles edition


3rd Caller Mameet, he wants to know Adam’s favorite airline and he shares his preferences and brings up the things he doesn’t care about, funky lighting etc.

Adam talks about ingratiating yourself to flight attendants and he comments on how Virgin infuses the cool/nice attitude into their staff.

Gina brings up the legacy airlines and BB admonishes them, ouch.


Adam brings up how American Airlines can spruce up service, he brings up the two women, the perpetual 51yr old ladies who run the entrance for the First class Lounges, and they should have the latitude to allow for celebrity and passengers of notoriety.

Gina is commenting on the power trip and how using power to bend rules feels much better than using it to deny someone access with exacting measures.

Adam says airlines don’t run their business the right way and don’t acknowledge things like equivalent mileage, ticket cost, status nor even celebrity for making decisions.


4th Caller Matt, he brings up the way certain drivers will camp in a parking space when they know you want it, Adam says we need a PSA that says “get your asses moving in parking lots” and he blames the way cars have become the modern mobile office.

Adam says nightclubs used to have signs telling people to be quiet, we need a busy parking lot “please be efficient” signage and tells the audience that there was a time mixup and Dominic will be back to guest some other time.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the escaped prisoners in California, Gina has all of the details and Adam riffs about one of the mugshots where the guy looks like the cops just kicked the crap out of him before the picture was taken.

Adam says at least these guys earned their freedom, Gina lists the names again at Adam’s request and leans back to scream “What country are we in!?”

Adam is now asking BB about immigration and borders, he wants to know about the incredible pushback from the left about trying to enforce laws and border protection.


Adam mocks the “fence never stopped anyone” logic and even suggest a national guardsman hands across America wall of humanity.


Adam is now mocking the arguments against enforcing borders, Adam doesn’t get how parts of California can announce themselves as “sanctuary” and go against the federal law.


2nd Story is on the Flint Michigan water Contamination State of Emergency, Adam is riffing about Legionnaires disease, it sounds like a backup band.

Powdered blue tuxedos and banquet halls, Gina brings up the jungle born causes of the disease.

Gina reads the details about the origins of the disease and its name coming from an American Legion hall banquet.


Adam comments on lead poisoning and how it just reduces your IQ, he calls it sad.

Gary is now sharing the only race he was able to find of the escaped prisoners, the guy who cut the cock off his pot dealer/medical marijuana supplier is Iranian.


3rd Story is on Winter Storm Jonas, she has all of the grim details including the deaths and air travel cancellations.

Adam talks about how a pilot once told him that the winter in New England is better on a plane than the desert in Phoenix in the middle of summer.


Adam is back to the border argument and he comments on American Exceptionalism, he cites the things that make us better than other places.

Adam comments on the bad things and trial and error, BB has a killer joke where he implies that slavery and internment camps were good things from history.

Adam says the other countries have not “put in the reps” to achieve a country as stable as ours.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

Better Guard your junk edition

Adam is now telling them about a husband and wife team who installed his last security system, and he comments on his wife standing beneath him spraying white powder while drilling in the ceiling.

Adam suggested she vacuum the falling debris while he was drilling, Adam was then told the wife wasn’t talking to him and they were in the middle of a lover’s quarrel.


Adam is giving out some live dates and wraps up the show with some closing plugs.