Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/25/2013 – Gilbert Gottfried Live from The Irvine Improv

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/25/2013 – Gilbert Gottfried Live from The Irvine Improv

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-24-2013 – Release Date 01-25-2013

Production Number #1001

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Adam is opening the show with Gilbert Gottfried on stage; Adam is asking him about his charity benefit and riffing about him not “owning” kids.

Adam is now asking Gilbert if he’s watching what he says, Gilbert has a great reply and Adam has an excellent hobo analogy.

They’re still riffing on the hobo bit, now Adam is talking about the premise of clothes being stolen by escaping convicts from nearby clotheslines, hilarious!

Adam is telling Gilbert he feels he would make a terrible inmate, Gilbert is countering that he thinks he would make a fine prison girlfriend and Adam is disagreeing with that too.

Alison wants to know who would be the Scarlett Johansson of the prison world, Adam has a great reply and Gilbert agrees.

Adam is now bringing up his riff about never being hit on by gay guys, he has a funny moment and then riffs right into the skid, amazing quotes!

Adam is joking with Alison and has come up with is own “Brown ops” squad.


Audience Questions

Adam interrupts the segment to riff about trying to move a folding table up while a drink is on it, even this is funny.

1st Question from Alison, she made Adam say hi too many times and now he’s ranting about it, hilarious reference to Japanese guys bowing over and over as a metaphor.

Adam is now explaining his 4 way stop finger point move and how this is like what happens; Bryan is chiming in to say how much he agrees with that advice.

Alison wants to know Adam’s take on people removing their shoes while on planes, Adam is admitting to being an offender and describing a hilarious scenario of trying to pee while wearing socks.

Adam’s bit about mind melding the plane, you must hear this!

Gilbert brought up Britney Spears being asked to put her shoes back on while flying and now Adam is riffing about the new nationality of 23yr old women.

The airport carpeting strips are now being riffed on and some pictures are being shown to the crowd.


2nd Question from Pete who wants to know if anyone who’s guested on one of Adam’s show but now died could guest again who he would want, Adam is listing off some perfect names and the crowd is shouting some.

Adam is correcting the lady who suggested George Carlin and he’s going with Robert Schimmel, he closes it with some very dark comedy about Schimmel getting into health food.

Adam is now riffing about meeting jack Lalanne for the man show bit and Jack’s wife’s name; he’s also bringing up the Learjet heiress.

Adam is now explaining how old/in shape guys will always grab your shoulder to let you know just how fit they are and about their crab like grip.

Adam is now explaining how if you’re willing to have one shitty year and wear a jumpsuit all the time after that year you will have drastically improved your life and everyone around you will have accepted it, whoa!


3rd Question, Lonnie has an idea to solve the tagging problem in Los Angeles and want’s Adam’s take on it, Adam is now explaining the graffiti of a penis on the back wall behind the studio.

The gang is all jumping in and riffing on the picture of the Graffiti, Adam is now telling Bryan he also resembles a dong, Bryan is going with it and has a gross joke, and Adam is mocking him using Gilbert!

Adam has some more funny riffing about gay communities improving cities and how much he likes it, amazing quotes from Adam and Alison has some good one liners too and an awesome call back to “Brown Ops”.


4th Question from Laurie, she wants to know what to tell her brother to say to break up with his girlfriend, Adam has a killer reply and delivery.

Adam’s advice is sound and hilarious, Alison is jumping in and doing and improv with Adam, Adam’s closing line is gold.

Gilbert is agreeing with Adam’s sentiment and they both just agreed to be lovers and move to Hawaiian Gardens.


Alison’s News, her top story is on the Manti Te’o interview with Katie Couric, Alison mixes up his name and now Adam is riffing on names and how simple it used to be, Adam is now telling the audience what they’re all thinking.

Alison is helping Adam list off his fake NFL players for gilbert and the audience, hilarious!

Alison is now reading more details from the story; Adam is chiming in and explaining the endless layers of this “Hawaiian Onion”.

Adam has now “blown the coconut” off this whole scandal and Alison is sharing Katie’s reactions from the interview and setting up a clip.

Alison is now asking the guys how they feel about Manti’s response to Katie; Adam is riffing about it, good stuff.


2nd story is about a guy confronting a group of taggers and being shot. Adam is now explaining how the police aren’t going to do anything and citing the time a drunken guy drove into his house.

Adam is now going off on how tax payers are the ones who are punished whenever cops are sued; Adam is exploring the pov of the officer without incentive. Alison referenced “Sam Goody” again, rad!

Adam is now going off on fireman and the pension/retirement system employed, he’s going in depth and citing a personal example. Alison is jumping in with some good points and now Adam is polling the audience.


Alison is about to jump to the 3rd story and Adam is now bringing it back to the tagging, he’s now telling the audience about a picture he was tweeted by a fan of a cactus at the L.A. zoo that had been tagged, Adam’s one liner is gold, this is a quote heavy episode for Adam.

Adam is now ranting about priorities of local government when it comes to parking enforcement vs. stopping graffiti. Bryan just called out Gilbert and now Adam is asking him why he’s not participating.

Gilbert actually had lowered his mic, Bryan and Alison are getting some funny comments in and now Gilbert is telling Adam he agrees with him and is rolling with the barbs, good stuff!

Alison has a hilarious point about the cactus and now Adam is calling for the guys tagging buildings and bridges in dangerous areas to be employed as window washers and iron workers,.


3rd story is on scientists discovering how wolves evolved into dogs, Alison is reading some details and Adam has amazing quotes about parakeets.

Alison just brought up the theory Adam had about his dog not eating pie, Adam is explaining the video and the bet he made, Lynette’s reaction as described by Adam is the best.

Adam is quickly explaining the greatest moment of his life where he drove his car off the back of a tow truck; he’s now going into his 2nd greatest moment where he house sat for a friend.

Adam is now telling the Barney the dog and Zankou chicken story, Adam is now riffing on how it’s good that dogs can’t spit, hilarious!


Alison’s 4th story is on Shakira giving birth, Adam is now riffing on her hips and her soccer player boyfriend.

Adam and Gilbert are joking about women claiming to want men with a sense of humor, Gilbert has a Rod Stewart anecdote and Adam has a great joke that’s also a callback to Rod’s Loveline appearance in the late 90’s.

Gilbert is now riffing about women not being into funny guys, hilarious quotes.


Alison’s 5th story is about a man wearing a T shirt with a “The Princess Bride” quote being asked to remove it by the flight attendants.

Adam is now giving some tips to the TSA, he’s switching gears and giving tips on how to not be detected, Alison has a funny question and Adam has another killer reply.


Alison’s 6th story is on an abandoned goat cheese truck fire that raged for 5 days in Norway and shutdown multiple roadways.

Adam and Alison are riffing about the story and Adam is citing the multiple cheeses ahead of goat on his list, Alison has a couple great one liners and Adam adds one horrible type of cheese to the mix.

Alison had a great reply to the crowd’s reaction and Adam has a killer George Clooney one liner.


Alison’s 7th story is about Domino’s Pizza in Japan serving a mayonnaise flavored pizza.

Gilbert is explaining how he won’t say anything about Japan, Adam is running with it and now explaining we need people to focus things like toasters, he’s riffing about getting bored and watching his bread toast.

Adam is saying pizza isn’t broken and we can go ahead and stop trying to modify it, Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is giving some plugs and wrapping the show.