Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/24/2017 – David Packouz and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/24/2017 – David Packouz and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest David Packouz and Jo Koy

Recorded 01-23-2017 – Release Date 01-24-2017

Production Number #1993

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Adam opens the show with a “ass hair in pool filter” intro form Dawson and Lynch, Adam welcomes everyone to the show and BB has Jo Koy’s “You Suck” as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam is now sharing the details of his teeth cleaning this morning and the sad state of affairs of his gum recession, Adam says he can’t stand to look at bad orthodonture and he thought up that it’s a bad sign if a bunch of dentists fly over and do some “doctors without borders” type stuff.

Adam is joking about the bad signs for countries’, if you need donated dentistry it’s gut check time and he compares it to the Olympics in Rio where they suggested carrying dummy wallets and cell phones to fool street criminals.


BB asks about Adam’s kids and their oral hygiene, Adam talks about not sweating the details about things involving his kids, while he’s Johnny on the spot with his cars and their various issues and needs as well as with architecture and building.

Adam tells them about his dentist Dr. Ho, a sweetheart of a guy who does the dental work for the whole Carolla family, Jo is now impersonating Dr. Ho and he’s riffing with Adam during the cleaning.

Dr. Ho is a great new character, he’s asking if the kids brush their teeth with chocolate, Adam is insulted by the questions and he can see Adam’s brain from his position, it’s too the bone, he measures infinity!


Adam is now telling him he didn’t come there to insulted like this, BB is now joining the scene and sharing information about Carolla’s family and their horrible teeth of legend.

“he says he’s a Jew but his teeth look’a Japanese” – Dr. Ho

Dr. Ho is telling Adam about his “carpool tunnel” in his mouth and they wrap up the scene, gold!


Adam is sharing how he learned something during his visit, he says flossing is good but it doesn’t get down to the lower level and he advised Adam to start using the water pick.

Adam says Dr. Ho shared his novelty problem with his wife over their arguments about him getting water pick spray on his mirror, Jo doesn’t think it works at all and he gives his tank, Dr. Tonsil Stone…


Adam gives out some plugs and Jo says Adam has destroyed himself so much people actual follow Joy Koy on twitter, Adam asks Gina about the march and the unknown total numbers.

Adam asks if we can’t have a measurement for analyzing groups of human beings, grid based math for measuring crowd sizes, Jo says it’s brilliant and further praises Adam for his infinite wisdom.


Gina shares the messages behind the march and Adam jokes about the potential ‘The Man Show’ bit they could have filmed revolving around this march.

Gina shares how her and her friend parked where the march ends and she further tries to explain the reason behind the march and the spirit of the event.

They all remark on the lack of crime and Adam says there would be no violent crime without males in the 16-32 range, Adam says out all of the events for there to be no damage, it shows you that women and the likeminded fellas with them are not responsible for the violence in the average street protests.


Adam got a few tweets from douchebags wearing picture frames around their heads with signs that said “the face of feminism” and Adam goes on to say he’s down with the cause but thinks many people are simply narcissists and indulging in their own need for everything to be about them.

Gary has some info on the celebrities that did speak during the protests and Adam gets to the football picks, he shares his offer to “tease” the bet and Adam says all white guys have in the NFL are ball security skills, they hold it and inch towards the goal line.

Adam is going on about the game and Aaron Rogers performance, Adam is sharing his frustration and says he then bet on the Patriots after and made his money back, breaking even for the day.


Jo is talking about teaser bets and super teaser variants, Adam is going on about them as well and they tease ‘Blah Blah Blog’ but first some sponsored content.

Gina has a fan provided update on rental caskets for display and Adam suggests guys do with caskets what women do with cocktail and party dresses, returning them after wearing them, hilarious “Grandma wasn’t feeling it” return bit, gold!



Blah Blah Blog

1st Blog George Takei, Chrissy Teigen or Amy Schumer

Adam riffs about the crowds missing from all of the Sunday brunch facilities, Adam could have cleaned up if he had gone out for breakfast while all of these women were marching.

Adam hopes Amy would write something funnier and BB shares his take on the perspective of the blog about “being there for each other” and they all move on after Gina takes the point.


2nd Blog Alec Baldwin, Patton Oswalt or Quentin Tarantino

Hilarious riff from Jo about Mike Tyson and the possible writer of this lame blog, Adam notes that Patton is down with the cause.

They find out the blog is from Patton.


3rd Blog Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw or Norman Lear

Jo met Dan Rather and he told him about why and how he got fired and he was chewing tobacco the whole flight, Adam says that guys who dip gotta tip, their dentists.

Adam says Lear is the easy choice, Adam goes with the opposite of what Gina picks.

They put the whammy on Gina with their accusations about cheating and reading blogs.


4th Blog Lena Dunham or Christie Brinkley

Adam and Gina duke it out for the final round, Adam takes the wind and Gina blames Jo for tripping her up.

Adam brings up his “Blacsimile” term and he adds a new one “AksCusation” which is when one black person accuses another black person of something.

They give out the plugs and head to break.


They’re back from break with a listener voicemail about child support related graffiti, Adam talks about the insane amount of graffiti in Los Angeles where wildlife and hardscape things are graffitied.

Adam is asking David about the “Beat Buddy” pedal for guitarists and his work as a massage therapist, he says you get less massages when you date a masseuse.

Adam is asking David about the movie ‘War Dogs’ and Adam says he has “gay guys hitting on him” and “offered happy endings” from masseuses are things he would like added to his list of life accomplishments, just to feel pretty.


Adam shares the “you want to go get high” gay code, asking if there is some other code for jacking dudes off in a massage parlor.

David says “happy ending” is the code, Adam says when you got to the Brazilian steakhouse you have a sign you flip and Gina shares Al Madrigal’s “would you like me to make banana cry” and Gina tells BB not to isolate that for later use/abuse.

Adam is asking David how the story first broke in ‘Rolling Stone’ which led to the movie being made, Adam asks how much of the movie is true and David says some things were added like the whole desert scene.


Adam asks David what is the biggest hole in the U.S. Military and in the government when it comes to arms and weapons.

Adam asks him the best year he had in the arms business vs. his best year as a masseuse, David was never paid by his former partner and Adam talks jabot up the Paris air show where they have an arms trading event as well. David tells them about who they were selling arms to and how it works

Dawson is now on mic and he plugs an “ultimate ears” box for using with your own in ear monitor, Adam asks about the sneeze guards around drum kits that were only uses for about a decade from the late 80’s through the 90’s.


Dawson explains how and why they use those guards to prevent sound bleed and Dawson is plugging the manufacturer of their console and comments on the new one they’re trying to get.

Adam says it must be great to be poor as you can edit and create on very inexpensive technology, Dawson is also plugging some Bluetooth speakers.

Adam brings up someone who came into Loveline who had his headphones plugged into his guitar.


Chris is in studio and he’s playing one of his own songs with the ‘Beat Buddy’ assisting him, he sounds incredible and this song is solid too!

David is so impressed as Chris only got the device just yesterday, David is bragging about the ‘Beat Buddy’ drum machine that sounds realistic and how they developed that, Gina says David put the should back in the drum machine and Adam jokes about the ad they took out asking drummers to come play their last gig.

Like actors assisting the CG versions of themselves that will replace them eventually.


Adam is talking about drummers and drummer clichés, he thanks Chris and they move on to the news.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the crowd size controversies regarding the women’s marches and the induration of the president.

Gina has the details and Adam says it will go down as Adam’s squandered brunch day, Adam says if he was Trump he would put Los Angeles on a breakfast dining ration program, he only gets on free say for breakfast every few months and the same assholes are seemingly there every week.

Let Adam go to Hugo’s or Hector’s or whatever.


2nd Story is on Madonna’s speech during the women’s march and Gina brings up the way the Secret Service takes every threat seriously, Adam doesn’t want these types of claims investigated, Madonna ain’t gonna do shit.

Gina is asking why she would say this and take the attention away from the actual cause, Adam says Madonna is on the precipice of men no longer wanting to fuck her and she’s collapsing in front of us now that the specific attention she craves is fleeting.

Adam is talking about Ashley Judd’s speech and Gian gets to the next story.


3rd Story Is on the press conference with the crowd size admonishing from Sean Spicer, Adam says he likes Trump’s brass tacks take on certain issues but he doesn’t like this bullshit.

Adam has a killer “black folk Don’t work” joke and Adam says you cannot compare the historic event of the first black president to Trump’s inauguration.

Gina has the clip from Spicer, Gina and Adam both comment on his statements and Gina brings up the ‘Wag the Dog’ element of this being nothing more than jangling keys to distract people from what’s really going on.


Adam is commenting on the differences in the crowd sizes and says he agrees with Gina about this being a possible distraction and she sets up another clip with “alternative facts” being coined by Kellyanne Conway and Adam is talking about the weirdness regarding using liar in comparison to racist or something else like it.


4th Story is on the insane rainfall in California, she has the specifics of a guy who lost two cars to trees in one day, Adam jokes about this putting this guy’s buddy in an unfortunate situation, fearing the idea of lending him their car as it would be crushed too.

Adam just got a note from Gary about Dave’s flight, they excuse him and Gina continues with the news.


5th Story is on a survey on the quality of life among doctors and other medical professions and how Dentists rank the highest, Adam talks about the fine motor skills required to be a dentist.


Rich UnclesFirst Rich Uncles spot of 2017 Edition


6th Story is on American Airlines new “Basic Economy” tickets and how it’s going to reshape the industry, Adam says making everything so cheap anyone can afford it doesn’t help anyone, it only ruins things and lowers the overall quality for everyone else.

Adam is talking about the bygone era of dreams of faster air travel and all of the time and Scientific American covers devoted to hypersonic travel which has been replaced with budget flying dues in flip flops and cutoffs.

BB is not well versed in flight speed and they talk about the Concorde aircrafts that were retired from service and he explains the last accident that doomed the aircraft.


Gary tells them about the fastest production aircraft and BB tells them about a flyby he witnessed at 13, a live Sonic Boom warped a hangar door in front of him.

Adam jokes about the worries of a bygone era of breaking the sound barrier, hilarious “end up the in caveman days” one liner and Gary fills them in on the final Concord.

Gain wraps the news to her new drop “Would you like me to make Banana Cry” and Gina tells them about Danny Bonaduce’s pro-tip for getting jacked off in a massage parlor.


Adam is now telling people about his new Spike show and the desire to get couples going through a renovation on the show to hash out there building dilemmas.

Adam, gives out the plugs and wraps up the show. BB plays Gina’s “Ovaries before Brovaries” drop from her description of a protest sign from the women’s march.

Dawson has Oswaldo Castillo next to him and he gets on mic as they go over the closing credits.