Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/24/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 303

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/24/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 303

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 01-14-2016 – Release Date 01-24-2016

Production Number #303 – Powdered Milk and Adult Coloring Books

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Adam opens the show asking Drew how he’s doing and Drew shares an anecdote about drinking a Red Bull late and being stuck awake.

Adam brings up the one positive influence of his mom, he cites Gatorade and the weird chemical taste of it along with Sunny D and how never developed a taste for it.

Adam talks about the kids who would eat processed cheese, he has a funny Dow not Cow Makes That, one liner.

Adam is asking why so many people like weird chemical and he’s talking about red bull, they’re now going off on powered milk and how awful it was.


Adam says he gets it, it’s what you would eat during war time or up in space, funny Skylab reference from Ace.

Adam doesn’t get people who like the synthetic cheese over the real jack cheese in their omelet, Adam is talking about the fresh cut fruit offering he used to sample in the 1990’s it was coated in a preservative and Drew recalls Adam could smell the chemicals.

Drew thinks it might have been sulfates and they move onto a live read.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


Gary tells Adam it was a chemical called “fruit fresh” and Drew is recalling Adam’s bitching about this and he comments on the airplane menu always trying to pull off shit they can’t do at 35k feet.


1st Caller Antonio, he wants to know when Adam is coming back to Atlanta, Drew has a plug for his show with Bob Forrest ‘This Life’ and Antonio asks them about buying a kidney and how they feel about purchasing organs.

Antonio tells them about his mother and Adam is asking about incentivizing organ donors and he asks how we might incentivize people at the DMV with a 10lb reduction on weight or a 10% discount on registration costs.

Adam jokes about the death penalty and why they argue against his bring back the firing squad idea, he says the only thing that would be banned now is the prisoner smoking, secondhand smoke for the guards.


Adam is sharing how he would like to be able to buy organs for his family if needed, Drew tells Antonio to be patient and says out system is pretty good.

Antonio has an interesting point about the total cost for insurance companies vs. doing this, Drew has a great counterpoint and they’re now exploring this logic and Drew brings up carbon offset taxes/credits.

Adam is talking about how dangerous it is to drive old 1980’s cars today and makes a point about wealth equating with safety in all forms of society, from drinking water to transportation etc.


Drew talks about the invisible hand and they move on.


2nd Caller Pedro, he calls up with a “Mijo!” and mixes up the Mexican mom/dad role from the old bit recreated on the KLSX morning show.

Adam asks Pedro about his mom and joke about how Mexican mothers pick up the phone, almost in fear and with funny delivery telling you they’re not home.

Pedro is calling about Drew’s lost manuscript, he mentions working with Judith Regan on a new project and Adam reminds Drew of their first meeting.


Adam is going in depth on the meeting and how he and Drew found themselves hanging out in her hotel, they were instructed to write a book on chivalry and due to her being 51 and mean she wasn’t aware of Loveline.

Drew says he had a great experience writing ‘Cracked’ with her and Drew now quizzes Adam about the most popular books of 2015, adult coloring books.

Drew swears and asks if he is able to keep swearing these days, an ominous question that implies some sort of corporate or network mandate to reduce or stop swearing, PodcastOne?

Adam says no, thank the great magnet!


Adam is doing a Live Read for Life Lock


3rd Caller Shannon, she’s a big fan and even listens to Classic Loveline, Drew is kind of dismissive and wonders how they hold up, Adam stops to make note of how much people enjoy them to this day, they hold up!

Shannon talks about Adam sounding different, Drew immediately steps on her and blames the tape medium and compression, citing Howard Stern.

Adam says there is some of that but is more balanced and nuanced in his explanation that he has also yelled and drank his voice into a different timber over the years.

In actuality on some tapes it’s tape age or the recording source and the pitch is off but for the most part Adam sounded a bit higher, Drew too and both has slight different deliveries that have evolved and merged over time.


Adam is asking Shannon about adult coloring books and Adam says it’s all part of the unspoken 13yr old girl culture that everyone is being forced to consume and take part in.

Shannon is calling about initiating intimacy with her partner, Adam and Drew ask her about a possible abuse history, and Drew is sensing something.

Adam is arguing that she has no trauma and ignoring Drew’s Spider Sense, Drew reacts to her “freeze response” and he hammers it home with Adam.


Drew is imaging a possible situation from Kindergarten involving some fooling around or early abuse.

Drew talks about the difference between childhood exploration and actual sexually charged activity and Adam once again takes his opposite stance.

Adam says he can’t deny Drew is feelings though he would like to shit on them, hilarious!


Adam is talking about her inner voice keeping her from initiating sex, Drew has a hot girl across the room you’re afraid to talk to analogy.

Adam is now quoting his son shouting “Phil No!” as the dog steals one of his stuffies, Adam jokes about Drew having a bullseye shaved into his chest for his wife to aim for while shitting on him, hilarious!


Drew is doing a Casper Live Read

What if the Government was in charge of mattresses, you’d be sleeping on hay Edition

“Speaking of you, your wife and the pooper” – Adam

Adam is talking to Gary and Drew about Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom and her first porn movie, Gary recalls what James Deen told them when he guested on the ACS after filming that movie.