Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/24/2014 – Joe Casey and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/24/2014 – Joe Casey and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Joe Casey and Matt Atchity

Recorded 01-23-2014 – Release Date 01-24-2014

Production Number #1246

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Adam is opening the show with Matt Atchity returning one again.

Adam is fresh from a photo-shoot and he’s referencing the childhood school picture package options and how his dad never had a wallet nor a desk.

Adam is sharing the joke on the photographers and the deals they were running with the schools, the joke being when they offered Adam the packet/package of photo size options.


Alison and Matt are joining in and making comments about the experience, Adam is explaining why he didn’t have year books and how they were considered durable goods and big ticket items.

BB has a funny comment about the meaning of a yearbook and looking back fondly upon a year, Adam is stating that he never had letterman jackets nor any photo albums.

Adam is contrasting that to these photo shoots and how it makes him uncomfortable and he wants to tell everyone just to relax while also being aware these are their jobs and they are trying to work.


Alison has a great starlet nude scene idea for Adam to clear the set as he shares how uncomfortable he with reading from a teleprompter, BB and Adam have a “cocksock for your brain” riff.

Adam says in the studio he was at today, more photographs were taken of him than in his entire life before showbiz, Adam is commenting on the photographer hype person from the network commenting on the results in the monitor.

Alison says she always believes the kind words and encouragement, Adam never does.


Adam is now commenting on the looks of photographers and how they should be overweight acne riddled people, not the former models they seem to be.

Adam is joking with BB about “he who works the log” and the differences between Steady-cam operators and still camera photographers who take modeling shots.

Adam is saying he always asks Camera guys about using smaller gear, Adam says much like a marksman the heavy gear helps them steady their shot and gives them something to hang onto, interesting.

Adam sums it up with a nice football coach’s analogy.


Adam is revealing his new book cover for “President Me” which you can Pre-Order via the show page link above.

Adam is asking Gary about cover, his QuickTime just crashed and now he’s got it up for the whole gang to see.

Adam is explaining why he didn’t fight the publisher and how it appeals for airport purchases, BB wants to know about a “super confusing joke” for the back cover.


Adam is now relaying the story of the last book, his editor and James Babydoll Dixon, he’s asking the gang about conversations that turn and you realize the person you are talking to is making the same ridiculous point you are stunned by from the first party.

BB wants to know if Adam was able to keep the Uncle Same hat, Alison has a wiser “was it your hat to begin with” question as Adam sported a similar outfit on Kimmel for the Guinness World Record announcement.

Adam is sharing the Marlon Brando style hat he wore for the first book and how his former publicists encouraged him to keep it.


Alison is sharing her picture frame dilemma and she wants to know how Adam ended up with all of the framed photos at his home.

Adam is telling her about stealing a bunch of them from “The Man show” and his growth meets narcissism of getting artwork of himself framed and how eventually you will do these things for yourself to at the very least protect these rare items from your life.

Adam is now sharing the key to framing and telling Alison she needs to have an assistant, that they’re not emotionally up to ordering someone to frame a picture of you.


Adam has a nice set of questions for Alison, “can you eat steak?” “Can you kill a cow?”

“I love pork roast but I could not choke out a pig, I don’t know how they kill them but I imagine they choke ‘em out” – Adam.

Matt is jumping in to explain what it was like spending time on the farm and naming cows only to come back and eat them the following year.


Alison’s reactions are great and Adam is now riffing some funny shit with BB, Adam is now saying you must “farm out the frame” and get someone else to do the dirty work.

Alison thinks that must work for many things and Adam is saying that rich people don’t kill people themselves, they have them killed.

Adam has a killer ‘Dramalogue’ reference and Alison is responding to the idea that she has an emotional resistance to this and it isn’t just her being lazy.


Adam is making a point about true laziness and how this isn’t that, nice mud run comparison.

Adam is now sharing the anecdote of Lynette becoming sickened at the realization that there were no framed photos of Adam in the entire the home, Adam is explaining what he told her in response, gold!

Adam is now doing a live read for Audible, he’s using Tina Fey’s “Bossy Pants” for his example of what’s he listening to, hmmmm.


Rotten Tomatoes Game aka “Rotten or Fresh”

Chosen Theme/Genre: Universal Monster Movie in light of the release of “I Frankenstein”.

Adam is going off on the premise for the film and accidentally discovers this movie is based off of a comic book, Matt is explaining the plot and Adam is further ranting about the stuff he saw in the trailer.

“Who the fuck isn’t the son of their fucking dad you asshole!?” – Adam


1st Movie “The Wolfman” 2010

Matt is explaining the details of the film that Alison has stricken from her memory.


2nd Movie “The Mummy” 1999

Adam is recalling the film and saying he didn’t see it, but remembers the box office success.

Adam and Matt are commenting on how hard critics are on these types of genre movie

“You don’t lick mummy balls” – Adam on critics response to the movie, Killer understated and lighting quick one liners from BB and Alison, hilarious!


3rd Movie “Bram Stokers Dracula” 1992

Adam assumes he saw it but it all blend together with “Angel Heart” and “The Devil’s Advocate”

Matt is explaining how the film faired at the box office and the reaction to Coppola’s work on this compared to “Godfather Part III”.


4th Movie “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” 1994

Matt is explaining the participants involved in the film, Adam is mocking the idea of including the authors name in the movie title and how it only made him care even less, Alison has a great one liner again.

“I didn’t like these movies anyway and then when they started telling us who wrote the book, it made me give even less of a shit” – Adam Carolla


5th Movie “Memoirs of an Invisible Man” 1992

Matt is explaining this movie that Adam and BB almost have no memory of being made, Alison either.

Adam is now sharing his theory on movies like “Fletch” and he usually included “Three Amigos”, “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” and “Space Balls” in that list of movies that are only funny if you first them in a comedy sweet spot age where you’re more likely to enjoy them.

“Go with Bryan’s 2nd instinct, I think it’s still better than your first” – Adam in reply to Alison

Adam is on a great fullback with an opening and the rock in your hand analogy for what Alison did to herself when she gave up her lead, this is excellent.


Q and Ace


1st Caller Elliot, he’s new to a city and can’t seem to meet girls, he’s referencing Adam’s lack of pity for the modern man with internet access in the 1st world.

Adam has a hilarious joke about Elliot’s 70yr old coworker having a sister.

Adam is asking Elliot what the internet dating scene is like and he’s being very honest without being shitty about his prospects and their appearances.

Adam is asking Elliot what’s good about him, Elliot can’t muster up much and everyone agrees that no women are interested in men for their coding skills.


Adam has a hilarious “everyone would like to think they’re good looking” observation and Alison has a funny misinterpretation of where he’s living, Adam has a funny one as well.

Poughkeepsie and toughkeepsie comedy from Alison, Adam is blaming Elliot’s attitude and letting him hang in the breeze.


2nd Caller Joe wants to know if Adam and Alison have ever gotten into an off air fight, Adam and Alison both have hilarious reactions to the idea of Adam protecting Alison.

Adam is saying he and Alison have very different politics but I’m not sure how true that actually is, they seem to agree on most topics that arise, even partisan politics shit.

Adam is making some great points about caring about people in your life regardless of their political affiliations or anything petty, he’s got a great attraction/courtship/marriage metaphor.


Adam is getting to how the love of your life devolves into the biggest mistake of some people’s lives, Adam is making a larger point about vilifying those you disagree with.

Adam is explaining the nuances of this idea, why it’s not good to vilify those you disagree with vs. being required to in war and why you must vilify your enemy to rationalize killing strangers who are not all that different from you, Adam says “your contemporaries”.

Adam is making some great points, he’s sharing how these impulses inside us change shapes but never go away, and he’s mentioning all the ways people alleviate this primitive tension.


Joe wants to know if Adam has ever removed Alison’s tampon, Adam has some great replies and Alison is sharing how she nicked herself recently while “going in not out” and now Adam is joking about what a terrible woman he would make.

Adam says he would use Persian cats as impromptu tampons, Matt is asking about female comradery, Alison has an excellent twist on his idea and is joking about stealing tampons from enemies mid use, gold!

Alison is now honestly asking his question about using a lent tampon and agreeing she would lend one to a woman in need.


Adam is now joking about using a bundle of cigarettes as a tampon, wow!


3rd Caller Travis, he’s calling about Adam’s character “Vick Vegas” that Ray mentioned on his most recent episode of Dr. Drew’s podcast.

Adam is now clarifying he did it one time at an open mic at “The comedy store” and how the bit was quickly retired after it didn’t go over well.

Adam is explaining that this was the very night he overheard the answering machine message from Pam about Adam’s standup performance and the continued phone conversation between Pam and his friend Janie’s sister, Janie the “box of sex toys from Adam’s landlord” story Janie.


Alison is surprised Adam stuck with comedy after that and he’s clarifying how that was one of the motivating factors that lead to him trying sketch and improv which also wasn’t the best fit for Adam.

Adam is sharing he only has his career out of sheer desperation and an unfinished furniture factory owned by his dad would have meant he never entered into show business.

Adam is getting really intense about how much his life sucked at the time and how it motivated and almost gave him no other option than to keep trying to make something happen.


Adam is now doing a live read, giving out the plugs and saying goodbye to Matt.


They’re returning from break to a listener voicemail, guys has bruised balls, weird message.

Adam is mocking the voicemail and has a nice “finishing school” one liner and his sharing the pours nature of the scrotum with his classic gasoline theory.

Joe Casey is making his return to the ACS, he was on ACS episode #483 (Production Number #815)


Adam is asking Joe about his interest in comics and how it developed throughout his youth, After Adam has a nice “Arabian Nights” reference.

Adam is asking Joe if there are any characters he likes but thinks are lame, he’s saying he likes them all and finds them all lame.

Adam is sharing how he used to like the Spiderman Cartoon series, he’s referencing the animated series from his childhood, but the plotline he’s discussing are from the 1994 series that aired on “Fox Kids” which is the 2nd time he’s left a clue about that in the past year.


Adam is now asking for the swinging Spider-Man theme from the original animated series, the most surprising part is Adam responded to the Peter Parker parts of the story, if only he knew how much he’d enjoy the full canon.

They’re all now listening to the theme song, Adam is now getting to the classic theme songs of shows like “Johnny Quest” and Adam is getting 60’s session musicians vs. technology and how we probably won’t be going back to the old style, unless it’s a Seth MacFarlane production.

Adam is asking Joe about his work appearing in “Playboy” and Alison is asking if every dad had a subscription, Adam is explaining that every other dad had 2 of them.


Adam is explaining how he found his first two at Rivi and Roni’s house, the Jewish kids he would babysit and how he found their dad’s Playboys.

Alison has a killer summation of Adam’s description of the extreme boner’tude of a teenage boy leering at an adult magazine, nice work A-Rose!

They’re now enjoying the classic “Johnny Quest” theme song and Adam is commenting on the big band sound.


Joe is telling the gang about the first few seasons of “Ben 10” and the big band theme they used.

Adam is not bragging about co-writing the “Man Show” theme song and they’re playing it now, Adam is getting to his lyrics, the part about “fart lighting” he reveals.

Adam is asking Joe where people should go to buy his comics, Adam is now asking him about sales figures and publication numbers.


Joe is telling Adam about the old days where they would push 200k-300k units over the 70k-80k of today, Adam is making a point about television ratings and adjusting expectations as times change.

Adam is now setting up the latest installment of “The Most Interesting Man in the World’s Ex-Wife” Mangria advertisement.

Adam is blaming Narren’s gainful employment for the 6 month production schedule and BB is jumping in to bust Narren’s balls, some bald on bald crime right there.


Everyone’s reactions are pretty great throughout and Joe is complimenting the Cheetos dust being animated, Adam also admired Narren’s detailed work.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Justin Bieber being back in the news after being arrested for DUI in Miami, she’s citing the facts of the arrest and quotes from the officers at the scene.

They’re now displaying the mug shot and Adam has an impromptu “he looks like Miley Cyrus”, Alison is noting the Reddit meme about that very thing, whoa!

Alison is quoting Seth Rogen’s tweet and its massive popularity and what that might indicate about public opinion of Justin.


Adam is viewing the internet meme and he’s citing Paris Hilton and her super cars, Adam is connecting it to Justin and his Lamborghini Gallardo and how people who don’t know about cars will mispronounce it, clueing you into their ignorance.

Adam is now joking about Paris driving around in an engineering marvel and citing all the technology in the McLaren that he witnessed up and close.

Alison is asking Adam about the intended application of a McLaren, Adam is explaining it’s about status much like the 21k mountain bike being piloted by an overweight man.


Adam is using 7k handbags vs. these types of cars and how men can’t get the purses and women may never fully get the cars.

Adam is getting to the aerospace technology being wasted so Paris can circle around “The Ivy” and why it pisses him off that these little shits are driving around in them.

Adam is getting to the sheer power of 550HP and why it encourages people to speed, Adam is bringing up the bubble that many celebrities find themselves in and how that explains the behavior from Justin.


Alison has a great “Game of Thrones” reference and Adam has heard legend of the boobs on the show, Adam is now calling for one guy to be added to every posse, to be the guy who keeps the celebrity in check for when they have to deal with reality in the form of a cop.

Alison is getting to how weird it must have been for Elvis to have been drafted into the Army and Adam is explaining the wide range they had back in the day, Joe DiMaggio on bomber runs with Ted Williams.

Adam has a nice “splendid splinter” reference and he’s citing the cushy work for Joe Lewis and Elvis upping morale instead of engaged in combat.


Alison has a funny mix-up about “The Colonel” and Adam is talking about mobsters in prison and the perks they enjoy, comparing that to Elvis in the Army.

Joe has an interesting factoid about Elvis only ever leaving the US while enlisted.

Alison is sharing how she read “Elvis and Me” as a child and found it oddly romantic, Adam is getting to the murky details of all these stories and underage sex, Adam and BB are riffing about the staring at a calendar and waiting Elvis was probably not doing.

“Read more Nancy Drew, this is awesome!” – Adam as Elvis.


Alison loves the improv/reenactment/recreation bits between Adam and BB and calls for some love scenes.


2nd Story is on the end of the marriage of Captain and Tennille.

Adam is joking about rocking a style and maintaining “That guy” status, Adam is referencing his “isn’t it weird people are getting divorced so far along” observation.

Adam is sharing how he’s been hearing about friends of his who parents have gotten divorced when the kids were 30 and 40.

Adam has a great San Francisco driving metaphor and Alison gets him to spell out SFO stands for death, gold!

Adam has a killer “Coit Tower” reference in character as one of the aging couples he’s advising, Alison’s reactions are priceless.


Adam is responding to Alison, trying to figure out this newfound call for elderly divorce, Joe is giving his own take on one member of the couple aging faster than their partner and how that might be a newer development as well.

Adam wants to know how old the captain and Tennille are, Adam is sharing an inside bit of info about the medial bills and possible reason for this divorce.

Alison has a nice observation about how everyone should get divorced before dying if they’re facing huge medical bills, Adam is now riffing him trying to pull this off with Lynette.


Alison is sharing her own thoughts about the point of marriage and a wedding, she’s wondering why they’re doing this in light of all the costs and stress.

Joe noticed a stress related eye twitch from Alison while describing the planning of the wedding, Alison clarifies she’s not pregnant for those who are wondering.

Adam is saying that by the time she has kids it will be an almost judgment free zone in California so she shouldn’t worry about that, but Adam is citing how marriage and a family are best cure for poverty and the fastest track to social ascension.


Joe is calling it propaganda, unmarried Joe.

Adam is telling him it’s statistically accurate and has a nice South African mining comment in reply to Joe and Alison’s comments about a gem company putting out the study.

Adam is sharing how he talks about this with Drew, about the things in life one would rather do and why doing things you don’t want to is often better for you.

Alison is agreeing with Adam, she wants to be committed and in a relationship, Adam is clarifying he was speaking to Joe’s resistance to the idea.


Alison is sharing her realization about how complicated it would be to “get out of this” relationship unlike her previous relationships.

Adam is trying wrestle the shovel away from Alison, gold!

Adam is now asking about the song “Muskrat Love” and which one of them came up with the theme, he wants to know how it was pitched from either Captain or Tennille to the other one.


They’re now listening to “Muskrat Love” and Adam is offering up some light commentary asking if people misunderstood the lyrics, hilarious otter joke.

BB is offering his own commentary, Adam is joking about rodentia that are more romantic.

Joe is suggesting this has some hidden sexual meaning much like “Afternoon Delight” and BB is saying this song had to be the first dance song at many 70’s weddings.


Adam is now reading the history of the song, it’s not a Captain and Tennille original, they’re all theorizing on what a muskrat is, they’re actually similar to nutria and Adam is picking up on it right away.

Adam is now doing a live read with BB.


3rd Story is on the next live NBC musical “Peter Pan” and Adam is observing how in spite of the reviews it pulled in great ratings.

Joe has a solid Sandy Duncan observation about hiring a woman to play the role, Adam is getting to how it’s such a weird role as women often play it.

Joe is theorizing that it has to do with all the flying and ball discomfort, Adam is sharing how he just got a beautiful text from Clay Aiken.


Adam is thinking he would be the perfect casting for this project and Adam has a funny reaction to BB suggesting Clay is too busy.

Adam is going to share the text if someone brings him his phone.

Adam is sharing the text, where Clay says that Adam randomly texted him about how he crossed his mind and was thinking about him, Alison makes not he was just on “Blah Blah Blog” and Adam is bringing up an interesting note about the timing of it all.


Adam has a funny theory on taking the role from a woman, even though it’s a male part would there be outrage in having a man play it?

Adam is bringing up the actors dilemma, the live aspect, the inevitable shitty reviews etc.

BB brings up James Franco and Adam is saying they should be able to get him on the podcast, citing how he borrowed Adam’s car for a Gucci commercial.


Adam is sharing how they offered him money for the car, Adam in turn only asked for the cost of the transportation, detailing and babysitting of the car.

Adam is sharing how his guys hung out with Franco and refused payment even for the transportation costs, they pulled the “Lynette at dinner with Rich guy” move.

Adam is making a point about the money coming from Gucci, not a charity.


Joe is asking if Adam didn’t charge them a fee for even thinking about it, Adam is joking about his guys and they’re refusal to accept Gucci money.

Adam says theoretically they’ll have him on the show and has a nice muskrat callback.

Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is doing a live read and saying they’ll “clean it up in post” nope!

Adam is adding “text Clay Aiken” to his list of priorities, BB is in the mix and they’re joking about it.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.