Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/23/2017 – Jordan Harbinger, and Jenna & Bodhi Elfman

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/23/2017 – Jordan Harbinger, and Jenna & Bodhi Elfman

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jordan Harbinger, and Jenna & Bodhi Elfman

Recorded 01-18-2017 – Release Date 01-23-2017

Production Number #1991

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Adam opens the show live in studio right after the episode with Adam Ray and Brad Williams, #1990. Taped on the 18th.

BB has Sonny’s “Cool” #TopDrop and Adam updates the gang on his family almost trying the cold pool dips, Lynette has actually tried it now as well.

BB asks him about the rain and if that effects his pool activities, Adam says it’s better and thanks the fans for the showering recommendations but he explains he does it now just to see his dog look at him with a puzzled expression, it’s infectious.


Gina asks Adam if he’s noticed any health improvements from his new technique and he tells her about his years of hitting that wall, wanting to nap mid-day and never fully waking up for the first hour of his day.

Adam says it’s eliminates his need to nap, he says he can only do it as he’s done it, he talks about only being able to pull it off as he’s now so used to it.

Gina talks about this polar bear bullshit she’s supposed to do next month and she wants to know about doing it in advance to prepare himself.


Adam has a crazy riff about Mother Theresa and Hitler in the same body, he’s now on a tangent about Patrick Swayze and Don Swayze who looks like the Bizarro slightly malformed clone of Patrick, proto-form Swayze.

Adam is coaching on Gary and tell him not to rush into the picture on google, Adam is back to his point about human potential and how we all contain the multitudes to be either Hitler or Mother Teresa and everyone in between and beyond.

Adam is back to the pool and Lynette trying to get her bearings doing it the first time, Adam talks about his 25yrs spent not making documentaries and not being aware he could simply make one.


Adam is sharing how he now has 3 simultaneous docs’ going 24/7 and he says he tries to explain this potential to other people but they can’t accept they have the same ability and relative starting point he had.


Gary fools the gang with a picture of Don Swayze who looks like Patrick in a photo he found, Adam tells him to give himself a raise,

Gary has another example of him looking like evil Swayze and they move on.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Greg, he’s asking if Adam has ever been to a chiropractor and Adam talks about his neck damage in the end of his Junior College football career, explaining he couldn’t tell what was causing the pain.

Adam shares his realization that he was never going to transfer form JC to real college, the pipe dream was simply an illusion.

Adam is talking about how bad 1983 was for the county and he brings up how they were giving 19% interest on T-Bills and how he thought of Molly Ringwald having about a million in the bank and her making about 200k per year in interest off of it.


Adam asks Greg about his work as a chiropractor and he asks them about Colin Kaepernick whom he calls “Cabbage patch” and Adam’s thoughts on the relative dangers of football.

Adam is sharing a tale of two takes on football, he shares how Sonny was practicing hitting him while Lynette was telling him about Cousin Sal not allowing his son to play the game.

Adam is making some great points and Greg says this seems like further “Vagination” of your society, funny reaction from Gina.


Adam says it’s like being in a cult, our current society and Adam’s immediate surroundings if people, he cannot use logic to get through their fears and misconceptions.


The BouqsRegister at Bouqs, no additional fees. Worth the price of admission edition

Mike August and Norma Pattiz birthday phone call awkward encounter edition, Adam says “boss” and they move on.


Gina is sharing how she went back to a chiropractor after she was kissed on the back by the masseuse, she shares her own internal struggle and shame over the encounter.

Adam says there is no harm in that and he shares how Ray would pee on women and fart in their faces, being caught off guard is fine.

Adam is now asking her about the dude who did this, Adam is picturing exactly the nationality and build he was picturing.


Adam says there is a young gay man in the movie ‘Papillion’ and he describes him perfectly, BB admits to never seeing the movie.

Adam is complimenting Dustin Hoffman’s portray in the film, how he was able to play the age of his character.

Adam says he has a friend who went to a chiropractor who dropped a digit on him, Adam loves that story but has few details.


Adam says he’s not into victimhood and gives her some logic about how this probably happens many times, Adam asks her about her “deep bra grooves” and Adam jokes about that being a good Sirius station, with only busty female artists.

They are now looking at the guy from ‘Papillion’ and Adam says he would be fine if he looked like that, Gina objects to the use of “fine” and they riff about her as the guest DJ on Sirius Depp Bra Grooves 248.

Dawson is on mic and suggests Pattie Labelle and Adele, Adam has a funny “areola super set” line and they move on.


Smart Mouthscience and it works, sitting in that Lamborghini Miura listening to Deep Bra Grooves edition


BB has some ‘Blues Traveler’ music for dude to balance out the Sirius playlists and avoid claims of sexism, he also suggests the Notorious BIG, BB only lost weight so he could mock and abuse fat people…

Adam talks about Samantha Fox not having enough chops to match her cans, they bring up Frosty, Heidi and Frank and they move on after Gina hints at Heidi’s fake titties.


2nd Caller Cody, he’s asking if Adam has a sentimental picture of Molly around the house, Adam brings up the painting a fan made. Robert Phelps of ‘Painted Poetry’

Gary asks if she isn’t the background of his phone still as well, Adam says she will not be forgotten and he talks about her like she’s still around.

Adam says Phil looks at you and he stares for al on period of time, a sincere stare that Molly never did.


Adam says there is a huge different between male and female labs, the chick version is great the dude version is raping your wife and desecrating synagogues, holy shit!

BB asks them about the movie ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ and he explains the plot, Gary shares the news that broke from TMZ and PETA about the filming.

Gina is now talking about how angry people get about dog abuse and BB shares how he left his daughter in the car and went into a store to get an item, with her in sight the whole time, worried someone would freak on him.


Adam talks about leaving his kids in the car and his knowledge about it being a safer place for the babies than in the liquor store.

Adam brings up the stats that were on his side and how he hates that he was still doomed to be yelled at by superstitious natives “get my booze on bitch!” – Adam’s hilarious reply to Gina.

Jordan didn’t make it and they play the video of Lynette demanding a towel for Sonny and how even the dog was laughing at her, he remarks on their dual natures and their odd coupling which BB also remarks on.


Life LockAdam shops online now edition

They head to break promising the news.


They’re back from break with Adam jumping in from the future, he has a segment with Jordan Harbinger and some plugs.

This intro was recorded on Saturday Jan 20th with Jordan Harbinger who came into the studio, Jordan from ‘The Art of Charm’ is returning to the show.

Adam talks about the 10th anniversary of his podcast, he says “YouTube people” which means he wasn’t on iTunes, Adam was on iTunes in 2006, the KLSX ACS was a top 5 and #1 show before this podcast ever started so he actually predates Jordan by a year.

Jordan is now talking about not checking his download numbers and he comments on how people give up if they don’t hit the numbers.


Adam says they didn’t keep track nor tally the numbers for years, Jordan talks about the website hit tracking service that disabled and Jordan congratulates Adam on being the first Forbes interview, Adam says he never feels things like that, he doesn’t experience pride and he comments on a recent conversation he had with Mike August about how pride can harm someone.

Adam says he was talking about his buddy from high school he that he tried to get hooked up with a writing gig as he was struggling in the Bay Area, he goes off on pride and how it only hinders people.

Jordan talks about self-hatred and how it’s just as bad as pride, he echoes Adam’s sentiment and Adam says pride is predominant and it brings people and groups down, their own hubris.


Jordan talks about cults and how people can’t back out of it, can’t lose the “sunk costs” and Adam says people used to talk about throwing their lives away with bad partners and asks if they should move and lose the 4 years they already invested in a broken relationship.

Adam asks Jordan about the new Forbes podcast and what it is exactly, Jordan talks about shredding writers and getting them to churn out better product.

Adam asks if they should send people anywhere else and they wrap up the segment, they head to break.


They’re back from break with a clip of ACS #1992 with Jenna Elfman and Bodhi Elfman, a live show so funny it inspired me to sign up for PodcastOne Premium and pay the full $59.99.

They have a funny “full tit” intro with Gina, Adam talks about his wife cleaning up and making him suspicious, he gets right into Pandas and Panda Porn.

Adam is trying to get to his Panda that pulls out riff, but Bodhi interrupts him but it’s funny and Jenna objects to them pushing the female Panda in to be serviced.


Adam realizes that Panda’s might not be into fucking as they all look the same, the worst animal to be transgender hilarious one liner from Adam about them being very similar in appearance.

This feels like it’s a bit truncated from the full version, not only in length but with some possible slight edits and cuts to make it more focused, though I could just be recalling it wrong.

This is definitely edited and they are now plugging Jenna’s new show and setting up the trailer, they also edited this part of the show too.


They come back to the main show from January 18th, they have a new ‘Great moment In Local News’ and get right into the news as promised.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on ‘Humpback’ the giant alligator spotted in Florida, BB has a funny ‘Jurassic Park’ drop and Gary gets on mic to bring up the golf course alligator and how this one might be legit due to the multiple angles.

Adam is thinking man in suit or animatronics, he doesn’t get this could be CG manipulation, asking how they would photoshop a video…

They watch it again and Adam asks how this could be made, BB quotes Dave Dameshek “To What End!?” and he says they would make something happen if it was a fake video, he says 18 foot Alligators exist so why not see this.

BB says Florida is the worst and then plugs the cruise.


2nd Story Is on Lamar Odom’s plea to get Khloe Kardashian back in his life, Adam asks about Lamar Odom minus basketball, what do you have a guy who hits his head on the doorframe, he brings up Lamar’s dad and how much he misses him.

Adam is now asking what Khloe gets from being with him now, his fame and success was part of what made them a couple right, the chunky Kardashian and Lamar the NBA player made sense.

Adam asks if it must feel weird to be a guy who dates women who only date guys who look like you, Adam says the Kardashians are just one big corporation and they don’t exists outside of publicity and promotion of their promotion.


3rd Story is on the recent study that shows Techno music encourages the development of fetuses in test tubes, Adam asks about the term “test tube baby” and BB asks at what point the babies are put back into a person.

Gary says it’s IVF, Adam has Test Tube Babies and so did Dr. Drew, Adam says you can outsource everything if you have money and you miss out on things.

Cooking meals for your family, working on your own house, doing things that are difficult that come with luxury and comfort betters you.


Adam says carrying women for 9 months inside of you does something and he would like to see some studies on how mothers and children feel about each other who are carried by biological mom vs. a surrogate.

BB shares how his wife wanted them use a surrogate and use formula until her body turned on with each stage of the process and she ended up loving being pregnant and loves breast feeding, she never thought she would.

Gina brings up her feelings and wiring by saying she wants to adopt, Adam says there are too many choices and Adam jokes about her bring broken, hilarious!


Adam says he’s wired like Gina and he says kids are just a constant cost and blame, Adam talks about people who hire dog walkers and just because you can afford them it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be walking your own dog.

Adam says having a feeling of worth aside from a digital bank account involves these little things you should and need to do.

Adam talks about the biological clock and the statistical challenge of having a child in a woman’s late 30’s.


4th Story is on a Reddit thread about wastes of money, Funerals, expired food, old cell phones etc.

Adam says Olga was leaving for the night, she had a giant 7-11 cup filled with coffee, she was bringing it home for her daughter as she doesn’t like throwing coffee away and her daughter likes it cold and strong.

“give it a sniff and have at it!” – Adam on eating expired cheese.


Adam is joking about the 13k casket he bought for Lynette’s late father, Adam was admiring the casket the whole time and thinking about the sucker who spent the dough.

Adam says it was like the time Matt was wearing his dad’s shoes, something was up.

Adam says he would definitely rent a casket and he says people try to mock his 4.8 million spent on a car that will be worth 10 million in 5 years, he also drives that car in theory.

Adam says it’s cheese dealing days as someone dropped some quality cheese off, they wrap the news.


True CarAdam is going to by the new Jaguar, if you’re looking new or used go with TC Edition

Geico Doubled up “don’t entomb that money” Edition


Adam is bringing up the couple’s renovations segment for his new show and asks for people to send in their dilemmas.

Adam wraps up the show and plugs PodcastOne and the news Forbes show.

BB closes the show to Gina’s “What He Do” comment.