Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/26/2015 – Eddie Kay Thomas and Dr. Drew

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/26/2015 – Eddie Kay Thomas and Dr. Drew

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Eddie Kaye Thomas and Dr. Drew

Recorded 01-25-2015 – Release Date 01-26-2015

Production Number #1497

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Adam opens the show with Hesley Harps guesting as the news gal and Dr. Drew already in studio, BB plays Adam’s “Hey, Hey Hey!” reference as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam tells her that he uses names like Hesley as examples for a tortured life, she is in full agreement and then Adam misspeaks and says Matt the Porcelain Punisher D’andria instead of Fondiler.

He is recounting their exchange and his attempt to understand the pronunciation, she’s telling them about all of the lost time in her life spent explaining and correcting her name.


Adam is now admonishing Drew for turning her name into another made up name, he’s telling him he shits on his points and Adam jokes about their being a new shits on points sheriff in town, to Bryan?

Hesley is telling them about her journey and is sharing a possum attack anecdote, she gets a little sharp on the word basement the first time.

Adam is joking with her and has a salvaged car analogy for her, Adam is bringing up his grandparents and the story of his Grandmother and her brother’s suicide.


Dr. Drew claims to have ever heard this part of the story, he’s wrong, he’s been told it a few times.

Adam is now retelling the story about his step grandfather using the room that her brother committed suicide in as a study.

Adam is sharing the struggle he had with her to explain the legal disclosure about death and suicide for realtors.


Adam plugs Drew’s new radio show on KABC called Mid-Day Live, Drew plugs the Adam and Dr. Drew show and Adam’s appearance on Drew’s wife’s podcast ‘Calling out with Susan Pinsky’ and now Adam is riffing with Hensley about the scam of psychic readings.

She’s in the mix and making a deal with her dead grandma not to do anal anymore, weird.

Adam is further describing the psychic reading and the part where the woman conjured the words ‘Man Show’ and BB plays the crazy pills drop appropriately.


Drew is defending the idea of psychics while trying to address the reality of the situation, BB says he’s pretty open minded but the man show mention was a weak pull.

Adam is explaining how he and his wife were trying to install some grit into Sonny, he explains his daughter broke the 70 inch remote for the TV they use  and now they’re setting up in the den surrounded by stuffed animals.

Adam explains that his wife always gets to Sonny before he’s hungry, asking him if he liked to eat.


Adam brought Sonny a tuna sandwich from Subway but Lynette offered to make him a homemade one instead, Adam says he was doing the corner mouth speaking thing.

Trying to prevent waste and toughen him up, Adam says he doesn’t bother fighting it and turns up the ear buds and downs a beer instead.

Drew recommends football for Sonny, Adam once again describes him as the vegetarian cheetah and describes how he is hesitant to pounce and jump in the game.


Drew is now recommending baseball for Sonny and telling Drew about inviting them to dinner and never getting a reply, Adam explains that his wife went out for a drink and brought the food home late.

Drew says it was 10pm and Adam says he’s in pajamas by then.


Adam is now plugging Take a Knee and teases some upcoming guests.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed live read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Mike, he wants to know about the initial shows on the network and if they all came from Adam. Adam is now asking the caller to elaborate and Drew is giving his take.

Adam plugs tomorrow’s one on one with Kevin Costner another huge get form Mike August and Ace.

Adam is telling them about watching some ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ and the “you go girl” display of celebration, Adam asks if you remember parents and adults acting that way when he was younger.


Adam is observing the adolescent behavior among many adults that continues well into the 40’s if not a person’s entire lifespan.

Drew blames the 1970’s and plugs his upcoming live show with Mike Carano, Hesley asks about the Peter Pan syndrome and Adam is now riffing about Patti Pan and says chicks are doing it too.

“Balls Deep in Tinkerbell” – Adam as one of Peter Pan’s parents, Adam is now doing an improv scene with BB, solid.


BB has an amusing anecdote involving a baseball.


2nd Caller Dennis, he wants to complain about getting change when buying things, Adam says he thinks the change on top of the bills is a sanitary move and Drew is now breaking down the logic of it.

Adam says you should always throw out pennies, don’t let them into your car nor home.

Adam says he doesn’t give a fuck about fomites nor germs and ate a bite from his sick daughter’s grilled cheese sandwich.


Adam is now describing that his kids were taking their temperature and he asked if they put it in their ear as he never takes his fucking temperature and Drew references the time Adam got sick 12 years ago.

Drew is lamenting the unused vaccines in the United States that people in the Sudan are literally dying while waiting for.

Adam is now ranting about people listening to idiots and not experts, Adam is once again harping on his life surrounded by retards posing as adults. Drew says its primitive unregulated emotions and behavior.


Adam is picking on people listening to Jenny McCarthy and says that he thought he could talk to other people’s kids as a voice to authority but can’t even speak to his kids that way, it’s all out the window.

Adam says he only keeps coins for parking meters.

Drew brings up the Volvo Saab story, the time Oscar cut his hair and wanted to trade in his “BolBo” for a “Saav” and Adam is explaining how he can toggle back and forth and gets upset that other people cannot who in theory are bilingual and should be able to.


Adam does an E Voice live read


Adam is now referencing his take on over cleanliness and how everything he says comes to pass, Adam says he likes a woman’s musk and Drew says people are no longer able to tolerate any of the funk of another person as our noses have changed from the scents and chemicals.

Drew has an Anal Lingus comment while describing how you might clean yourself in preparation for various activities.

Drew is critiquing the idea of stoking your metabolism to lose weight, saying there is 0 evidence of that being true.


Adam asks about being cold and catching a cold, Hesley has a funny callback.

Adam is now describing the scene at his house when his wife’s friend Jodi was leaving after their Chinese food dinner.

Adam is now breaking down the back and forth with his wife about his JKL hoodie and whether Jodi should or shouldn’t leave it at his house.

Drew picks on Adam for not putting him in his movie ‘Road Hard’.


3rd Caller Mike he wants to know about Iggy and the Stooges, they’re now playing some of his music and Adam asks if we all have to like him much like Lou Reed.

Adam says it’s David Wild’s job to love these guys, Adam doesn’t know what Iggy Pop does and now Adam and Drew are recounting the time Iggy ran into Adam when he brought him on stage.

Adam is now adding Iggy to a list of guys who love rock and roll and want to be involved so badly they don’t allow their lack of talent to slow them down.


Adam is now playing a clip of Dr. Drew on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Adam brings up the Manny Pacquiáo one on one and says he always thinks of Drew when it comes to the topic of marital infidelity.

Adam is citing Drew’s P-Whipped nature and he brings up how guys from other cultures can lump in “womanizing” with other negative bad behaviors, in the United States we’re the only culture that has completely carved out womanizing aka fucking strangers out of the realm of possibilities.


Adam says he shouldn’t have been as animated in his kitchen when he protested this in front of his wife and her pal Jodi.

Adam calls Drew the tip of the labia and is asking about the concept of womanizing, he says can you ever picture his wife calmly explaining that drinking, gambling and womanizing were all relatively equal activities that he’d given up.

Drew says not without his blood all over a knife after she killed him.

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back form break with a solid Definitely Not a Jew

Eddie Kaye Thomas is finally back on air with Adam Carolla after almost 12 years, he never guested on the morning show nor has he yet to appear on the podcast.

Eddie always seemed to be a fan of Loveline when he appeared on the show and had a very fun energy, he has two known appearances with possibly 1-2 more lost in the archive (for now) from 1999-2000.




Eddie is now on ‘Scorpion’ working with Nick Santora and Walter O’Brien, Adam says it’s always funny to see the boss drunk and brings up the last time Nick was on the show and the time before that when he got very drunk.

Eddie says he wants to be better friends with Nick than he is, he is jealous of Adam and Nick’s friendship.

Adam is asking Eddie about his journey into acting, he explains his first job and Adam jokes about the extended cut of a ‘White Lion’ music video.


Eddie explains that no matter how man gigs he does and how many high profile films he works on it’s never enough, he’s just learning this at 34.

Adam is now setting up a song by ‘The Chicago Transit Authority’ and further jokes with Eddie about various name changes to organizations.

Adam now has them fire up another song, Dawson is amazed that people don’t know this track.


“Here comes the flute” – Adam

Adam tells Eddie that he’s the guy in the room who doesn’t know the song despite not usually being in that role, he says he’s not hip to the new stuff and Adam mentions having RZA on his podcast after Eddie brings up the Wu Tang Clan.

Adam says that Nick Santora stole some dialogue from Adam but Gary couldn’t source the clip.


Adam asks Eddie about the schedule for filming the show, he says it’s the most regular work he’s ever done.

Eddie references “The WAZE” indicating he’s still a listener.


The News with Hesley Harps

1st Story is on the guy who caught the Seahawks championship winning ball refusing 20k and instead demanding Super Bowl tickets for it.

Adam is asking for the NFL to make the game more interesting by lowering the nets, allowing more balls to make it into the stands.

Adam says that you don’t want this guy as your dad but you would probably like to have a beer with him.


BB asks about this man’s “prison bound” status and she explains a bit before Adam jumps in and jokes about people voluntarily checking into prison.

Gary is now giving Adam an update from the guy in question.

Adam says this is how you know there is no god, the balls lands in the lap of the deadbeat dad going to jail and Eddie gets Hesley to reveal why he’s heading to the pokey.


Adam is now bringing up the “parole violation” response from Classic Loveline and the broken logic of it being used to defend/cover up the true crime committed by various youthful Lotharios.


2nd Story is on a restaurant staffed by prisoners in Cardiff Wales, BB brings up a local bakery that does something similar.

Eddie is now commenting on Swedish prison and the luxuries at hand.

Adam likes the idea of people having time to rehabilitate and learn a new skill over a prison sentence, Adam is commenting on lamb and mint jelly and what a weird combo it is.


Adam is doing a live read


3rd Story is on fake engine noises being added to new models to make them seem more desirable, she references her 2003 Buick LeSabre and Adam calls it the #1 “who died car.

She reveals that her grandfather did leave it to her, Adam says he would ask what happened to her grandparent when meeting her on a first date.

Adam is now commenting on how people tell him to stop profiling and BB admits this is a case where Adam is right to profile.


BB is asking her about driving the car from South Carolina, Adam predicts it’s got velour interior and Adam says it makes for a good story to have her situation.

Adam is now bringing up “son of a sharecropper” and how it adds character.

Hesley is taking it back to the news story, Eddie says he’s a fan of the fake engine noise and now Adam is explaining the trend.


Adam explains it’s not about the speed at which you’re travelling when driving or racing it’s about the sensation, he uses airline travel as an example and Eddie jokes about a fake breeze blowing into the car.

Adam is now describing how the noises only further amplify the sensation of speed, Adam brings up old cars and how you used to be able to hear them “cool off” after being driven.

Adam says he misses the old American cars that had the upholstered roofs, like old Cadillac’s and BB brings up the Chrysler LeBaron.


Adam says that every once in a while you will see a car with a giant windsock opening up on their roof when the upholstery wears through.

Adam says that Gary is not showing him what he’s asking for.

Adam is now joking about having a conversation with an older person about fake convertible designs for some Cadillac’s.


4th Story is on a North Carolina mom who has gone on strike after her daughter keyed her car, Adam is explaining you can now get a sporty minivan and shares his theory on a car being a piece of you that you leave out on the street every night.

Adam says you go through life and the people you’re on great terms with have access to a piece of you at all times of day.

“A 30 thousand dollar piece of you that you leave on the street” – Adam on cars and his surprise that people don’t vandalize cars more often.


BB asks about glass breaking vs. a car alarm and they all agree the sound glad breaking is far more effective and alerting.

Adam is now asking them about back up beepers, how many times have they heard them and had to physically move, beeps vs. moving.

Eddie is missing the angle of this question.


Eddie is shocked that Adam is against the back up beep and says he agrees with a lot of what Adam says but he does not agree with that.

Eddie says it becomes part of the noise of life of living in NYC and Adam is now bringing up the risk/reward of doing away with back up beepers.

Hesley wraps up the news, hesitantly.


Adam is now doing a Smart Mouth live read

Jacuzzi mouth Job edition

Adam is now closing out the show and plugging TAK, the upcoming live show with Greg Fitzsimmons and a plug for the bonus chapter in the paperback of President Me.

Adam says it’s a chapter about him having a sex scandal, he plugs Eddie’s show and wraps up.