Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/23/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 111

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/23/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 111

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The Adam and Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-16-2014 – Release Date 01-23-2014

Production Number #111 Life after Cheating

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Adam is opening the show asking Drew about his gut/bowel problems, Drew thinks it’s giardia he picked up in Prague.

Adam is now joking about that being the name of a prostitute that Drew picked up in Europe, hilarious riffing, Drew is telling Adam this is the infamous “oral/fecal route”.

Adam is now explaining all the tweets he gets confirming his theories on germs etc., Drew is now weighing in and explaining how being overseas can change those rules, hilarious one liner from Drew.


Adam is now agreeing and making a point about location based illnesses, Adam is putting a pad under Drew’s coffee mug and Drew is pointing out that Adam could even hear it.

Adam is getting to the news reports on fecal matter on shopping carts handles, he’s explaining how his wife and everyone reacts to that news vs. how he reacts to it.

Drew is explaining that fecal matter misses the point, fecal bacteria is the issue.


Adam is making a point about temperatures in Los Angeles and the insistence of his wife to bring a coat for the kids, despite it never dropping below 71 degrees.

Drew has an excellent point about relativity and kids who live in the east coast and how the same kids there go outside in their bathing suit for 65 degrees, which is it?

Adam is making a point about misdirected energy and how religious people don’t often get too hung up on the worries about germs and the uncontrollable, people without faith then use the extra room in their head for worry and efforts to control mortality.


Adam is taking it back to the Rose Parade and the giant Styrofoam check he spotted in the attorney’s house, the guy with the cool wife who provided “road sodas” for Adam and Lynette.

Adam is explaining how the man acquired that check, winning the case for Ed McMahon, Adam reveals to Drew it was for the “black mold” case from 2004.

Adam is referencing the Calabasas mayor debate and the Dow corning lawsuits about silicone breast implants, Adam is now listing all the great boogey man type concerns of “the hysterical lake” other people are swimming in.


Adam is now asking how much time anyone wants to devote to these pointless causes that people try to frame as the source of all health problems on earth.

Adam is saying that black people should be offended by all the ways black is used to denote negativity, mold in yogurt or antibiotics, mold in your house becomes “BLACK MOLD”.

Adam is bringing up Olga’s recent proclamations about needing a water purifier on the kitchen sink for when they run out of arrowhead.


Adam is now making a point about the gate outside the pool at his old house that was left open the entire time the kids were under Lynette’s watchful eye and the “concern-o-meter” was focused on tap water over drowning in a pool.

Adam is clarifying the point so nobody can tattle to Lynette and try to frame this negatively on him, Adam is being clear that Lynette instructed “the fucking donkey” who did their gardening to close the gate every time he worked on the property.

Adam is bringing up the efforts to remove e-cigarettes from California entirely, Drew is making a point about the logic involved in this, and Adam is now making it clear that if you can hear the sound of his voice you’re going to die, everyone is.


Drew is bringing up the broken thinking of cancer only being caused by something you’re ingesting or experiencing, Adam is now asking for people to work big to small, E-cigs should be the last priority.

Adam has a great point about 1% of the population being effected by E-Cigs, 100% of close to it will be using the school systems, and 90% will be using the roads.

Chris is now on mic and got his ID swiped for Census declaring he’s a smoker in order to get a free lighter.


Adam is sharing how plastic bags being banned doesn’t impact him and although he would prefer a world where everyone brings a satchel to the Trader Joes, but he would rather the government focus on the traffic and the roadways.

Adam wants to know why people in charge focus on the shit that nobody gives a fuck about, Adam and Drew are both offering up their theories on this.

Adam is doing a live read and giving out the plugs, Adam and Drew are having a nice “Lord Jeff” back and forth.


1st Caller Corey is calling about his brother who has memory problems after years of Meth use, he’s sharing the family’s theory on what’s going on with his memory function.

Adam is now citing all his loser family members and how he’s 0 for everything in life, not a single person who can give him a favor, hook up or even a discount.

Drew offered up some medical insight and now he’s riffing out all of Adam’s family members who haven’t accomplished much.


Drew references Adam’s stepdad locking up his tools and Adam is now giving the most in depth explanation of where he kept them that he’s ever told, complete with how Lotzi built his sister a loft bed, which possibly inspired his own loft making skills he employed for friends as a young adult.

Adam is sharing how some people are on their own track and won’t listen to Adam, he’s citing a conversation with Olga about people listening to him and following his advice for success.

Drew is ordering that Gary book Olga for this show or his own, Adam is commenting on the “fuck off” posture people employ before hearing him out.


“People’s first move is push” – Adam on people resisting change, Drew is referencing Ray’s most recent appearance on the “Dr. Drew Podcast” and his reaction to Drew revealing he was in some ways the opposite of Ray.

Adam is explaining “Just the Tip” from Ace on the House and how he’s been trying to get Ray to steer it towards household tips away from construction advice.

Adam is sharing his experience at open mics and not preparing enough, Drew is citing the “Vick Vegas” character and Adam is telling Drew about winging it vs. when it was time to do “Kevin and Bean” and why he felt it was important to try hard for that.


Adam is taking it back to Ray and declaring him the poster child for not listening to Adam’s wisdom and pushing back, Drew is now launching into a live read.


2nd Caller Corey (again?) is calling about life after cheating, he wants to know how to repair things and deal with the stress of what he’s been caught doing.

Adam has a workplace analogy for Corey about punctuality and declarative statements, Adam is explaining that you can only prove your intent with actions, 6 months of not being late, not promising not to be late.

Adam and Drew are putting Corey in his place and letting him know how he needs to act and treat this situation he created to hopefully resolve it.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping the show.