Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/23/2013 – Dana Gould and Greg Fitzsimmons

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/23/2013 – Dana Gould and Greg Fitzsimmons

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Recorded 01-22-2013 – Release Date 01-23-2013

Adam is now opening the show with some questions as to where their microphone covers went along with his beard; he’s now giving some instructions for how you can ask questions to the show through VPN who hosts the YouTube stream of the show.

Adam is now explaining to Alison why he got rid of his beard, he’s now describing how everything that comes out of his body is brutal and pube like. He’s now joking about not being able to think because his beard hurt his hand.

Adam is now explaining how fans will tweet him links and articles just to piss him off, he’s telling the gang about being tweeted how Barbara Boxer claimed Mayor “Villaretardo” would make a “terrific” transportation secretary.

Adam is now ranting about how Los Angeles is the number #1 city when it comes to horrific traffic and shitty transportation, Adam is now busting out the “Stupid or Liar” for Barbara.

Adam is still ranting about “Villaretardo” with Alison and BB chiming in, Bryan has a great point about being tweeted the signs from other states telling motorists to pull off the freeway for minor “fender benders”.

Alison is now having Adam explain what the traffic problem is actually like and he’s now predicting his commute time for the upcoming live show with Gilbert Gottfried.


Adam is now going off on a new “super depressing” sign he’s seeing pop up in Los Angeles the “Hide it, Lock it, Keep It” digital signs. Dana Gould entered the studio mid rant like a comedy ninja; Adam is welcoming him to the show while Alison drops a hilarious quote about the new sign.

They’re now trying to figure out the premise behind the sign/campaign, Adam is mocking Dana’s “man purse” and has Alison chime in to make a hilarious point.

Adam and Dana are now riffing about the bumper stickers in Los Angles, Adam is now on a funny human trafficking riff and Dana has a funny “Take back the night” bit to top it.


Adam is now switching gears and asking Dana about his family, Dana is saying he’s happy to be out of the house because of his daughters “shart week” currently under way.

Alison is getting some specifics about Dana’s situation and now Adam is telling the gang and Dana about his kids personality types, he’s explaining Natalia’s lying about shitting herself at age 2 in order to prevent Adam from hugging her.

Adam is now explaining how a shitty diaper really highlights differences between men and women, now Dana is sharing his take on changing the diapers of his daughters, hilarious and creepy!

Adam is now plugging their show at Amalfi tomorrow, Bryan is jumping in with some Mike August comedy, and Adam is now explaining an even funnier twist involving Mike that I won’t commit to text or spoil.

Adam is teasing the arrival of Greg Fitzsimmons and the thank you’s he owes him for what he said on Jay Mohr’s “Mohr Stories” podcast about him.


Greg is now making his 2013 ACS debut for his nearly 40th visit to the show, Adam is thanking him for what he said to Jay on his podcast, Alison is now asking for the short version of what he said.

Adam is now explaining how there are comedians who are actually funny and those who are lucky to be in the business, and it counts more coming from those who are actually talented. Adam is now explaining how magicians have parallels to comedians.

Dana had a hilarious reply about how you would refer to a guy who was actually talented and now Adam is on a bizarre tangent about what would happen to someone if they actually possessed magical powers and revealed it to the world, hilarious quotes abound!

Dana just brought up Doug Henning and now they’re riffing about him and white jumpsuits, Greg is weighing in with some more jumpsuit comedy, good stuff!

Greg just unknowingly proposed a “Rich Man Poor Man” with the jumpsuit and Adam noticed it too, Dana is reacting if he wasn’t aware of Adam’s book “Rich Man Poor Man” featuring many of his classic examples. Purchase Rich Man Poor Man


Dana is now sharing a story about Ronald Reagan and his “Go November” code phrase with the secret service, Adam and Dana are now speculating on how they come up with codenames for the presidents.

Adam is now bringing up the death of Huell Howser and now Dana is explaining how his twitter feed was on fire with activity and how he was actually asked to write up a piece in memoriam of Huell.

Dana’s reply about why he turned down the offer is gold, Dana just said there is no reason to stop doing the bit (YES!) and now Greg is chiming in tying it all together, good stuff!

Dana is now riffing as Huell in heaven talking to Abe Lincoln, Adam is now asking Dana to clarify and setting up other premises, this is wonderful!


They’ve now looped back to Doug Henning and Dana has brought up how Evil Knievel pulled off the jumpsuit best, echoing Greg’s earlier point. Now Adam is riffing about Evil needing a leather jumpsuit for business reasons, gold!

Greg is setting up a story about the kid from his neighborhood that was “off” and now Adam is chiming in with a funny riff about Greg being that kid, Greg seems to be confused but it could just be comedic riffing.

Now Greg is right there with Ace and joking about how you can tell when he’s talking about himself vs. the kid who was slightly less off than him, hilarious!


Adam is now explaining how great it was when Evil would insist upon getting on mic after a failed stunt and now they’re playing the famous clip of the reporter falling while stomping grapes.

Dana Gould is now explaining how the noises remind him of the doll chasing Karen Black and now Adam is replying and they’re out geeking each other with their knowledge of “Trilogy of Terror”.

Adam is now riffing about how no matter what happened he would’ve faked that he was ok until they threw it back to break, very funny. Greg has a great point about the hypothetical value of the wine made from the grapes in that clip, awesome!

Greg is now jumping in and fucking up a “Go to Meeting” live read with great comedy.


Adam is now setting up the clip of Evil Knievel from “Viva Knievel” and he’s riffing on the A list cast.

Adam is now riffing on Evil jumping over a pen of lions and how it doesn’t really count when it comes to danger, hilarious quotes!

Greg is jumping in and explaining that’s what he does in the hood, Adam is now topping it and explaining what it would literally be like if he was to do the same thing as Evil, gold!

Adam is now riffing on all the sabotage involved in 1970’s plotlines, as they speculate on the plot of “Viva Knievel” Dana is now jumping in and reading the actual plot, this is the best show ever!

Adam and Dana are riffing on the plot, now Dana has transitioned them to the post apocalypse, some great racial and survivalist comedy, Greg’s reactions are priceless.

Adam is now going off in depth on survivalists, he thinks they’re hoping for an apocalypse and has a great analogy, Greg and Dana are now jumping in and Greg confirms Dana’s fear about owning a generator in an emergency.

Adam is now going off about bank robbery scenes and the arbitrary time limits, Greg is jumping in and now Adam just ended it with an intense “Django Unchained” joke.

Adam is doing a live read and as he wraps it up Dana jumps in with some thoughts about getting a fatter celebrity for the plot in Evil’s movie, Cannon star William Conrad is brought up in a very great magnet fashion for this superfan.

Dana just told the story/myth(?) about Elvis and his impacted colon upon death, Adam just jumped in with a killer one liner and Dana is now recovering from the hilarity, awesome!


Alison’s News

Her top story is on how Beyoncé may have lip synched the national anthem at the Presidents inauguration, Alison is reading the details of the story and Adam is now explaining he would’ve done the same but used a different performance.

They’re now discussing Beyoncé and Obama’s skin tone and Adam is proposing his own take on the gray race, he’s giving a great analogy using car paint jobs to make his point.

Adam is wondering why she would agree to the lip sync now that we live in an age where “there is no more getting away with anything” and Dana and BB are weighing with replies to Alison.

Adam is now riffing on Mike from the Beach Boys wearing a hat with the name of his band while on stage, Adam has a hilarious and inspired riff, everyone seems to love it.

Adam has a crazy reply about Mike Love’s “first date hat”, wow!

Dana just mentioned John Mayer and now Adam has a killer reply about the hat, Dana has a funny one liner and now Adam is running with it, this is gold!

They’re now on the topic of bases when it comes to sex and foreplay, Adam has a funny opening gambit and now Dana is jumping in, Adam has another reply and now Greg is losing his shit, he can’t stop laughing and it’s great, the quotes are amazing.


2nd story is about Justin Bieber surpassing Lady Gaga to take the record for number of twitter followers; Adam is now explaining why you wouldn’t want to read Justin’s twitter feed with a funny Dale Earnhardt joke.

Adam is now giving his theory on attractive guys in reply to a comment from Dana who’s admiring a picture of Justin.


3rd story is about the TSA removing one type of the body scanning devices found at the airport; Alison is explaining which one to Adam. Alison is explaining why she’s uncomfortable with the devices and now Adam is riffing about the guy in charge of viewing the images, priceless!

Adam is telling the guys about the upcoming show with DAG that will be airing on Monday, Dag went on a brand new and epic riff as Teddy Pendergrass and Adam was losing his shit.

They’re now playing a clip from the show and DAG is killing it as Teddy, he’s also dipping into Gary Puckett, hilarious! Adam is now explaining the premise behind the clip and the full version will be out on Monday.

Dana is now riffing about Beach Boy lyrics and how tame they are, Adam is now bringing up their song “Tack It Up” and how specific it is about cars. They’re playing the song and Adam is breaking down the song with a funny Mike Love joke that Alison reacts to.

Adam has a funny point about the lyrics and now Dana is explaining where the idea for the song comes from, Greg is now doing an improv song about his “Prius”.

Adam is now going back to the song and riffing some more.


Adam is now explaining how he was saddened while recently watching “Boogie Nights” again, he was watching the scene where Thomas Jane’s character is describing “Dirk Digglers” car, and Adam is now explaining the mistake.

Bryan just jumped in with a great theory about it being intentional because the movie is so well written and Adam reacts as if he never considered that, nice work Bald One! Adam still thinks it’s a fuck up and explains the kind of mistakes he won’t notice in movies.


Alison’s 4th story is on golfer Phil Mickelson claiming he’ll leave California because of the high tax rate, Greg has a funny penn state joke and now Adam is explaining how he’s actually afraid to ask his accountant his actual tax rate.

Adam is now explaining his “woo me to your city” campaign to the guys, Greg is now trying to woo Adam to Venice despite his resistance, hilarious improv from both guys, and this is great!

Adam is continuing to riff about being wooed, Dana is sniping in some great one liners and Greg is bringing it!

Adam wraps the riff and asks Alison if she was done with the news in a very funny way, it reminds me of the drop from “Joe Walsh” from last year.

Adam is riffing about the noise “poof” during a live read, Adam is now dooming Greg’s upcoming trip to the “Addison Improv”, and Adam orders them to stop the music and is now telling Greg about his fate.

Dana is weighing in with his observations, Adam is now explaining how there is nothing wrong with the club, he’s just not sure it was “born an improv” Greg is taking this well and Dana has a funny one liner.

Adam is now breaking down his trip and what happened to him when he was performing there and how it was extra awful because of a where he was the night before, everyone seems to feel the weight of the description.

Dana has a funny closing bit and Greg is losing his shit again in a very strange slow build as Adam wraps the show.