Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/22/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 206

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/22/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 206

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 01-20-2015 – Release Date 01-22-2015

Production Number #206 – Virtual Porn

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Drew opens the show sans Adam, he’s stuck in traffic apparently.

Drew gives out some plugs for Adam’s live shows and this program, Chris on mic and plugging their new mugs sold on the website.

Chris describes the mug and Drew plugs his improv date with Mike Carano as Adam enters the studio, hilarious “top and bottom” reply from Adam about the nature of Drew and Mike’s relationship.


Drew is sharing the conversation about the 1970’s they’re going to be having on stage and the initial tangential arguments it presents.

Adam is now hooked and sharing how his parents could influence him in comparison to kids today, Adam says his kid will not see 3000, we all had the looming year 2000 that ruined things for us.

Adam is explaining it’s a mixture of happy and cataclysmic conversations about the approaching millennium and how it’s rather unfortunate to be around before that.


Adam has a funny year 1000 riff, he’s now off to the predictions of the doomsday world he would inherent and Drew argues that it was an ambient sense for everyone in America, Adam describes the depression and malaise of the 1970s.

Adam is now using Technicolor of the 1950’s vs. the shit stained brown aesthetic of the 1970’s style of filmmaking ala ‘The Deer Hunter’ and now Drew is using Penn Station to make a point about the architecture ruined by the 1970s.

Adam is now sharing his frustrations with hardwood floors being ruined by tack strips and shag carpeting common in the 70’s.


Adam is telling Drew about his batch elder fireplace that was painted over by a previous owner, this was at his first house.

Adam explains it had 20 coats of Sears Easy Living slapped on it, Adam is now explaining how he transplanted his fireplace from one house to another, he mocks his wife’s “are you still working on that fireplace!” question/criticism.


Adam says he will never internalize someone’s tone, he will never go “oh shit I think he’s pissed” he will immediately go into fuck you, you don’t appreciate this, fuck you mode.

Drew comments on his recent podcast with Duncan Trussel that was lost as he fucked up his recording device, Drew is sharing his reaction to Oculus Rift and the newfangled VR technology that will change the world, especially porn.

Adam says he doesn’t have that relationship with technology, he’s not interested in any simulations, he wants the tangible and Drew brings up Adam’s years of porn viewing.


Adam says he’s not imagining he’s in the porn, he’s purely a voyeur in the experience and Drew quizzes him on his take on Lesbian Porn, despite already knowing the answer from previous conversations.


Drew launches into a The Bouqs live read


Adam is giving his take on video games and now using the movie ‘Birdman’ to make a point about preferring something like ‘Master and Commander’ and sees it as a forward momentum vs. navel gazing.

Drew brings up aluminum windows and when that was brought into home construction, Adam explains that wood was viewed as the material of the past, Drew is further quizzing him.


1st Caller Larry, he wants to know about GRIT and brings up his sons 4 stroked last year, Drew is quizzing him about the events and if it was congenital or caused by something else.

Adam is now back to the jack off survey of the lackeys, getting their results if they just watch or put themselves in the shoes of the dude in the porn.

Drew elegantly takes it back to the serious topic at hand, Adam is taking it back to the initial question and Adam explains that his kids saw ‘Rudy’ for the first time and his son had some follow up questions about the teamwork message of the movie.


Adam is suggesting swimming and explains that sprinting and marathons are the two ways to build grit, to endure tedium and persevere.

Adam says that committing to 2hrs in the pool everyday will get you to the same GRIT level as something more immediate that requires more of a sprint, something more immediate.


Drew is doing a live read


Adam tells Drew he locked the movie yesterday, it’s done and in the can.

Drew asks about the color correction and digital spot removal, Adam explains that you can notice hiccups and editing tricks in film after working on one, it kinda ruins you to everyone else’s project.

Adam talks about seeing the movie ‘We’re The Millers’ and explains how they did some ADR to include a studio note about the age of the young man playing the son.


Adam says that the reality of locking the picture is not a yoo-hoo moment, it’s a moment of quiet acceptance and everyone is tired, it’s not winning a new Lexus, it’s building one by hand then being finished.

Adam says that for those who do this stuff it’s a deep sense of satisfaction it’s a deep bone density growth process that is arguably better than exciting, satisfying has more to it.

Adam says to not look for excitement in long-term projects, don’t run from hard work, run towards it like ‘Rudy’.


2nd Caller Josh, he wants Adam and Drew’s take on meditation and Adam is asking him more about TM vs. just meditation in general.

Adam asks how long should someone meditate per day, he explains the idea of meditating to achieve the state of pure consciousness.

Adam says he would have to put himself into a sensory deprivation chamber of some kind, Josh is now telling Adam how to achieve true meditation while the leaf blower is going and annoying him.


Drew once again name drops Duncan Trussel and Drew shares his meditation of listening to lectures while working out, Adam says his Zen is building things, quietly getting things done.

Adam is doing a Lifelock live read


3rd Caller Dan, he’s got what sounds like a practiced intro to launch into his idea about why American’s have become lazy and no longer are responsible for the greatest inventions of the world.

Adam explains how many things are invented to make things easier, but instead of freeing you up for leisure things have sped up, you’ve been freed up to work more and do more.

Adam says the calculator is the dishwasher for numbers, whoa!


Adam is now addressing Dan’s take on calculators being responsible for people no longer achieving, Adam is trying to conjure a song by James Taylor.

Adam says that the people he knows who use calculators are far more intelligent than the people he knows who don’t.


Adam and Drew are doing a Cremo live read

They’re now playing the song ‘(What a) Wonderful World’ and Adam plugs Take a Knee and Sonny’s latest ringtones, Adam jokes about not owning his son any money for the ringtones.