Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/22/2015 – Manny Pacquiao

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/22/2015 – Manny Pacquiao

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Guest Manny Pacquiao

Recorded 01-20-2015 – Release Date 01-22-2015

Production Number #1495

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Adam opens this incredible one on one with Manny in studio, nice work August!

Adam doesn’t bother to explain the controversy he went through and how Manny defended him from nearly 4 years ago, instead they jump right into this very rare chat.

Dawson and Lynch have a solid intro joke as well, Adam starts right off mentioning how Manny grew up “Old School Poor” and shares what he learned from the documentary about Manny’s life.


Adam is talking about how only a tree remains of Manny’s childhood home, Adam asks if he grew up with money we would know Manny as a boxer, he says no and explains his origins in the sport to make money to feed his family.

Adam talks about Manny turning pro and gets to his relaxed ring entrances, he uses the term “all gravy” and then explains it to Manny, he has a thoughtful reply and Adam cites his legendary career.

Adam is now taking it to Freddy Roach and sharing his love for the man and his honesty, Manny compliments Freddy and explains the things that Adam sees are exactly why he’s been working with the man since 2001.


Adam plugs the documentary and says you don’t have to like sports nor boxing but watching someone overcome adversity, Adam is now sharing a love for delayed gratification and its role in boxing/training.

Manny agrees and Adam asks him if camps for fights are easier, harder or the same now or have become more difficult for him as he gets older.

Manny is telling Adam how he prepares his mind and body for impossibly long amounts of rounds for a fight, so he doesn’t gas I presume.


Adam is taking it to the Mayweather fight that may soon be happening, he has a theory about Floyd and it being a business decision more than anything, he says he loves Floyd but he feels like the consensus is he’s been ducking Manny despite claiming to never duck anyone.

Manny explains the 40/60 percent split he’s agreed to, Adam explains the various minute issues and stipulations regarding venue, glove manufacturer and weight etc. that are at play when trying to negotiate a fight like this.

Adam asks Manny if he’s happy that Floyd put him through all this shit after 5 years of buildup, Manny seems to like Adam’s metaphor about it being like foreplay.


Adam gets Manny to explain the charity offer he initially suggested for their bout, Adam was asking him if it’s purely about pride and legacy.

Adam is asking if he won or lost he would still be satisfied with his record, he’s cemented, and he’s going to the hall of fame.

Adam is trying to clarify his point and gets Manny to admit he’s set for life financially for life.


Many says it’s about the fans and they just simply want to know who would win, wow!

Adam brings up Ricky Hatton and critiques his flat footed style and how Floyd could easily see his weaknesses vs. someone like Manny.

Adam gets Manny to confirm that Freddy thinks he can win this fight, hence why he’s wanted it for so long.


Adam is now marveling that all of the Philippines will be halted to a stop when the fight is happening, Manny is enjoying the idea of the empty streets of his country all because of his fight.

Adam is asking if that attention and support lends to anxiety, Manny says the Philippino people are fighting along with him, supporting him every bout.

Adam asks Manny about exercise and staying in shape, they talk about his professional basketball coaching and team ownership, he clarifies he coaches professional and plays D league.


Adam brings up the Pernell Whitaker vs. Julio Cesar Chavez fight from 1993 and jokes about Lou Duva being upset for something that was caused by him. Adam is actually talking about the 1990 Julio César Chávez vs. Meldrick Taylor fight.

Manny is enjoying this and contributing right along, great boxing chat.

Adam and Manny are talking about the crowd and trying to keep them entertained as Adam shares what Lou should have told his fighter.


Adam is doing an Arctic Ease live read

Adam recommends a water heavy bag to Manny much like the one he custom made out of equipment from


Adam is asking Manny about the Philippines and his political aspirations for the government, he follows it up with another question about where he wants the country to be in 10 years.

Adam is asking him about his ideas to reduce poverty in the Philippines, Manny is telling them about building houses for poor families and wants to know about industries in the Philippines.

Adam once again plugs the documentary and asks him about selling his stake in vice related businesses, Manny tells him about his life before finding god and mentions cock fighting, Adam has a great Roy Jones Jr. joke reference that Manny laughs knowingly in reply too.


Adam is asking Manny about the battle of the “Fight against the flesh” that Manny discovered much like Adam after coming from poverty, Manny is praising god and sharing how god changed his heart, he no longer cares about the earthly life after finding that love in his heart.

Adam and Manny are talking about his moment of clarity that came to him in a dream where he felt like he was being spoken to by god, Adam says it’s nice that Manny had the realization about his past lifestyle so early.

Adam coins Pacquiáo Poor” and “Pacquiáo Money” and says that he’s not sure he knows of anyone else who started as poor as Manny nor as presently successful.


Adam is talking about Manny’s journey and asks him how he thinks you can bestow that fire he had into other people, Manny tells them about traveling to Manila without the knowledge of his mother, he tells him about crying alone at age 13 after stowing away on a boat to get there.

Adam is asking him about his education and how Freddy Roach likes traveling to the Philippines, he wants to know if Freddy would prefer Manny spent more time in the states.

Adam is asking Manny about the UFC and cutting weight, he asks him about his own weight in training and out of training.


Manny confirms the Mayweather fight will be at 147, he tells them about having to eat more for that bout instead of cutting weight.

Manny is sharing Adam’s concerns for weight cutting and the physical damage it can cause.

Adam asks Manny about doing catch weight championship fights, they talk about Antonio Margarito and his Tampered hand wraps controversy.


Manny has a joke that Adam seems to miss or admits to using plaster in training to protect knuckles, I think it was a joke.

Manny tells Adam about wrapping his own hands and Adam asks him about the sports book odds for the upcoming Mayweather fight.

“That’s good cause we can convince him more” – Manny

Adam and Manny like the odds being in Floyd’s favor and Adam once again references Ricky Hatton.


Adam is doing a Radioactive Media live read


Adam references Jimmy Kimmel and explains how they first met to Manny, Adam tells Manny he used to teach boxing and quickly tells the story of meeting Jimmy Kimmel and working at KROQ.

Adam asks him about his singing career and he says he stopped doing it 7 years ago and Adam talks about all of Manny’s other projects.

Adam brought his focus pads in and wants to hold them for Manny, he tells him about his hand surgery and then asks if Manny could hold them for him instead, did one of Manny’s people indicate it’s a no go?


You can watch the video of this via the show page link above, Adam is telling Manny about also being southpaw and too old to warm up like Manny does.

Gary is now doing some lite commentary over the action, describing what’s happening.

Adam is winded and Manny gets on mic some more, Adam compliments him on holding the mitts /focus pads and says he holds them very well as most fighters don’t.


This is perhaps the most winded Adam’s ever been on air, he sounds weird as he gives out some closing plugs for Manny and his documentary.

Manny leaves along with his


Adam is doing a Tri-Calm live Read

Adam comments on how out of breath he is and plugs Take a Knee and Sonny’s new ringtone.