Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/22/2014 – Tyler Labine and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/22/2014 – Tyler Labine and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Tyler Labine and David Wild

Recorded 01-21-2014 – Release Date 01-22-2014

Production Number #1244

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Adam is opening the show with a nice Mandate to Get It On and a plug for the upcoming stand up and podcast live shows across the country.

Adam is welcoming Alison and BB to the show and he’s got a great #TopDrop from Alison with amazing inflection and delivery.

Adam is welcoming David Wild to the show for his 55th credited appearance and they’re discussing the 56th Grammy Awards as Adam is addressing David’s comment about him being the Podcaster of the year.


Adam has a great hip hop award category example to make a point about arts and mediums of art that aren’t appreciated or given legitimacy in their infancy.

Adam is getting to the Grammys and the addition of categories throughout time, BB is weighing in with his opinion and David is explaining he worked on a book breaking down the history of the award show and all of the categories.

David has a nice joke that Alison appreciated about trying to get rid of copies after BB’s slick “no thanks” reply.


Adam is joking with David about the upcoming Grammys and LL’s duty as host once again, David is teasing some potential acts with some linguistic blurring.

David is telling the gang about Pink trying to outdo her last performance, Adam says he loves Pink and is citing her 2003 Loveline appearance with a great “punched me in the arm and called me chuck” reference that Alison seems to dig.

Alison is asking Adam about Pink and her music, Adam is now doing a live rendition of “You can’t have me boy” after Alison references it, this might be the best version yet, especially the part sans music bed.


Adam is explaining how that while Pink may not be his genre of music he respects her talent and says her songs “have teeth to them” unlike other pop acts, David has a nice plug for her performance with Fun! and Adam is now riffing a great who’s on first about them all watching “Good Times” together, gold!
Adam is now getting to his take on “Nine Inch Nails” and saying he never got the whole Trent Reznor appeal, many people who hate Adam love that man’s work, so it’s extra fun to hear this.

Adam is sharing what he experienced seeing Trent in concert for a work thing and Alison proclaims it “good fuck music” whoa!

Adam is now asking the gang for their take on a workplace event from earlier in the day, he’s citing the giant cardboard coffee box someone brought to set, and you can view it via the show page link above.


Adam is now comparing his pouring of this box to that off removing a Saddle, comedy gold!

Adam is sharing his experience with the cold coffee spittle at the bottom around 2am and how they make another coffee run around that time.

Adam is telling them about “an animal” who left the cap off the jug-o-coffee and Adam is sharing how he’s obsessed with these people and hates them all, he’s explanation the gradations of these types of supreme narcissist assholes/possible serial killer.


Adam is ranting about this person’s behavior and David has a killer coffee themed reply, good stuff and Adam even stops for a moment to appreciate it.

Adam is sharing a “commuter mug” return request from a coworker and how he had to tell the guy it was “going off a cliff” when he started weaving his wife’s concerns about his mug into the request.

The gent observed that Adam had cleaned the mug before returning it to him and Adam has a nice Self Satisfied Sniff in response.


Alison is asking Adam about the commuter mug and he’s now on an epic riff joking about the 8.75-13.00 dollar price tag range, BB is now sharing his own experiences trying to find a new commuter mug for his wife, he’s going insane and Alison has a great reaction.

Adam is explaining the “Dr. Drew car keys in the fridge” move he pulled to ensure he had this man’s mug on hand, Adam is explaining his dilemma of bringing it inside the house where it’s likely to get bussed and lost in a sea of other cups or left on the floor of his car.

Adam is explaining his decision to leave the cup by the door and how he immediately knew it was Olga, he asked her about it and David has a funny question asking about her verbiage, Adam has a killer “Metallic Chalice” reply.


Adam is proclaiming himself a hero, not quite on the level of a veteran but still hero.

Alison is responding and Adam has a killer “Beast Mode” joke in reply.

Adam is doing a live read with BB. Adam is asking David about his upcoming work on the Grammys.


Q and Ace


1st Caller Brian, his wife is in labor and Adam is getting to the lack of pregnancy humor from classic sitcoms, he’s citing the 7 jokes recycled amongst all sitcoms from the 40’s to the 90’s, Adam is now explaining the typical pregnant wife gag with the wife calm and left behind.

Alison and BB both have key details of this plot structure, so cliché everyone knows it.

Adam is asking when the husband being the heel will be fucked out and declared hackneyed, he’s asking what will be eliminated first black female judges in movies or men being the butt of all jokes.


Adam is now just mocking “Yes Dear” and he’s citing some Disney shows he watches with his daughter and how the men are always the buffoon.

Alison has a key point about writer’s rooms and Adam is clarifying that it’s just a safe comedy zone, BB is using Fake Jack Silver to make a point about mocking the boss and the patriarchal society he seems to believe still exists.

Adam is back to the caller Brian and is asking him why he wants to be surprised by the gender upon birth, Adam has a great joke about someone telling you really early like when you’re in high school.


Alison says she would want to know and David said his wife agrees with Adam, Adam is asking Brian about picking names.

Adam is responding to Brian’s question, Adam is explaining how many people he talks to about their family and how common it is to have really shitty stories of siblings from somewhat normal people.

Adam is now listing off some examples of these very common stories, Alison has a killer USA Today poll reference that Adam appreciates.


Adam is bringing up the narcissism prevalent in society and how it only encourages this type of shitty behavior.

“Isn’t the greatest gift you could give a fuckup to tell him that he’s a fuckup?” – Adam

Alison is now giving her take on how being yourself gets misconstrued for self-destructive behavior and acting out.


Adam is now joking about not calling himself a hero, Alison and the gang have a funny reaction and now Adam is riffing about his “Mrs. Olson Medal of Honor”. Mrs. Olson aka The Folgers Coffee Woman.

Adam is now having Gary look her up so they can laugh about it and all get the reference.

Adam is now giving an example of behaviors not to employ when you make a mistake, he’s telling Brian to raise his kid to not be a victim and why that’s a bad thing to walk around defeated by ideas.


“I don’t mean shoot yourself, I mean eat bullets until you die, because you eventually will” – Adam

Adam is joking about the cliché “best you can” and David is suggesting the name Hero inspired by Adam Carolla.

Alison is giving her take on what she would feel if she was in labor and her husband was on the phone with Carolla, Adam is now explaining how he would use Hero with a G, like Gyro and pronounce it like hero.

David has a killer feta comment and Adam has a nice flatbread topper.


2nd Caller Joshua is clearly an Ace on the house and ARIYNBF listener, he’s clearly shooting for a caller of the year nomination.

Adam is shocked by Joshua’s straight revelation and is scared shitless about his twins, Adam is stopping him to explain it’s all about temperament and sharing an anecdote about a conversation with Matt and how Sonny respectfully stopped bouncing his basketball to be considerate.

Adam is sharing the funny question from Gary about Sonny’s whereabouts, Joshua interrupts and BB has a killer “ball bouncing across the street” reference.


Adam is sharing his reaction and first impulse upon not finding him in the parking lot, Adam found him sitting in the back of the car playing with his tablet and “Angry Birds”.

Adam is saying that if Joshua has 1 or 2 kids like Sonny then it’s not like raising any kids, great examples and quotes from Ace.

Joshua wants to know what age the kissing on the lips stops, Adam is sharing his own background from a stilted and weird family and how the physical affection needs to be practiced early and often in order to not end up like the Ol’ Ironing board hugging Carolla’s.


Adam is now going in depth on memories from his childhood and Judy Brooks who be overtly affectionate and Adam is sharing how terrified he was of her because she might show him attention and affection, wow!

David has a funny comment and now Adam is riffing about not wanting to hug her because he’s anti-Semitic and has a funny word mix-up joke to exit out of the riff.

Adam is really explaining how truly withdrawn his family was, David Wild says the lip kisses don’t go away and Adam wants to know when to stop using his tongue, gold!


Adam is now doing a live read. David is asking a fan question for Alison Rosen about when she first learned her family was Jewish, she tells him 22 and David wants to know if she ever had an anti-Semitic thought before finding out.

She’s sharing her reaction when people would assume that about her before she knew and being super honest about it, Adam is explaining how he gets mistaken for Jewish and corrects people and how that can be misconstrued.

Adam is sharing how he’s half Italian and is trying to think of the cool nationalities, Adam has a funny Hungarian comment while discussing nationalities that are essentially a push.


Adam is now getting to the celebrity move about claiming your 1/16Native American and the baggage of certain countries.

Adam is citing his German brother in law and David has a quote from someone he knows.

Adam has a great use of his airplane made by ____ example, he’s contrasting the Italian plane against the German one and making a great point about preconceived notions and stereotypes.


Alison is bringing up how she grew up thinking about Jewish people and self-identifying even in the face of certain doom, Alison is making a point about assimilation and how it was a really fucked up situation.

Adam is now asking what the Porcelain Punisher what he is and bringing up Matt’s father’s job and profiling that would lead him to think Matt might have some Jewish in him.

Adam has a great one liner about what his dad could be that would make people never consider he was Jewish, Matt reveals he’s Jewish on both sides with a great back and forth with Ace.


3rd Caller Mike wants to know how to effectively shame people into changing their behavior, he wants to know a better way to do it. BB has to point out that Adam’s a millionaire and gets away with it because of his status.

Adam is joking about how he probably would’ve been fired most of the gigs he’s had for what he’s said about them if not for his job level.

Adam is saying not to shame people as it doesn’t work the way you intend, Adam has a “look at people like dogs” example for how to effectively deal with people who you want to effect change in and get along with.


Mike is now giving an example and Adam is onto the subject of passive aggressive notes and his example regarding the trash room.

Adam is predicting what the person would say about the nauseating smell of the chute as the reason why they don’t have to clean up after themselves.

Adam is now giving him some passive aggressive note writing tips, Alison suggests tattling to the building owner and Adam is now suggesting a Tom Cruise movie style assassination.


Adam is citing his lack of shitty tweets from the other show and how he replies to the few angry tweets he gets that lead to him writing a polite goodbye and result in the person apologizing.

David is updating the gang on his quest to gain twitter followers, Adam is giving out the plugs and David has yet another show to plug, Adam is addressing Kevin Spacey hosting the show David is working on.

Adam is asking David about Kevin’s personality off screen and is hoping he’ll guest on the podcast in some way, Adam is plugging the arrival of Tyler Labine and the connection to Road Hard via a director of photography.


Adam is opening the show to a listener voicemail about an idea for the Podcast patent troll defense fundraising.

Adam is plugging Tyler’s newest movie, Adam is bringing up the DP and how that job is often overlooked by people not involved in a films production.

Bryan is bringing up “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” and singing its praises and Tyler is appreciative for the kind words, Adam is now asking Tyler about his new HULU original series.


Adam wants to know if HULU and Netflix are now on course to become the man, Tyler agrees and sums it up with his take on Netflix.

They’re discussing the demise of “Blockbuster” and Adam is explaining their stance on porn left a bad taste in his mouth, hilarious riffing about Adam’s reaction.

Tyler has a mention for WGN the local Chicago affiliate now doing original programming, BB calls it “The superstation” but that’s TBS.


Adam has a point about the weird sound for the channel/logo and he’s having Gary search for it online.

Adam is asking Tyler about his journey and he’s telling the gang how he lost his Canadian accent after working on his first American production at age 13.

Alison is asking questions about his origins in acting and he’s telling them about his early days making movies with a video camera that led to his parents taking him to get an agent.


Tyler is telling the gang about his brothers and one who owns a black box theater, Adam is explaining the fire code and the 99 seat rule, Tyler is now understanding what Adam’s saying and telling him he’s correct.

Tyler is telling the gang about a movie they made where he fucks a computer, Alison is asking him about the models of computers he was humping.

Adam is sharing how depressed he is that 1999 is used for a past date in new period specific films.


Adam is getting the gang to play some WGN intro sounds, Adam is trying to hear the logo station identification sound effect.


Alison’s News

Adam is telling the guys they can remove the naked picture of Tyler from the screen, funny joke about Alison taking it in.


Her top story is on the new Rob Ford video and Tyler is reacting to the Jamaican slang used to mock the other government official.

Adam is sharing how he falls deeper in love with the man with each video release, they’re playing the video and it sounds like all the white guys in Hawaii who try to adopt the local accent.

Adam and Tyler just made up Jamadians, Jamaican Canadians. Alison is sharing Rob’s pledge about giving up drinking and the public never seeing a video of him drunk again.


Adam is now asking for Rob’s marital status and family, Alison is citing the “plenty to eat at home” comment and Adam wants to know what her take is on all of this.

Adam is calling Anthony Weiner our version of this guy, joking that he’s too boring in comparison to Rob and his antics while bringing up the angelfish faces of Anthony and his gluten free wife.

Tyler has a funny reaction to Anthony and his wife and her dour look, Adam has a great top and bottom analogy and Tyler is now riffing up some with BB too, good stuff!


Alison has a great “fist or mitt” topper that Adam and Tyler seem to enjoy, Adam has a nice Canadian themed “Ear or Muff”.

Alison is sharing how she thought Adam was asking about Rob’s relationship to organized crime families, not about his marital status.

Adam is explaining how he wants to always see who the wife is, figure out who would support guys like this.


Alison has a perfect use of Torontonians and is asking Tyler as a native one what he thinks about Rob Ford, he’s got some interesting insight and seems to enjoy the man.

Adam is explaining we only tolerate this behavior from someone in politics because it’s such a meaningless job, he’s citing all the other professions where these kind of shenanigans would get him fired instantly.

Adam is asking Tyler about Canadian mayoral term limits and Alison is sharing how he’s announced to run again and Tyler is referencing the internet polls that show him a lock to win again.


Adam is pitching Tyler on his next comedy film, the Christian man running against Rob Ford and Adam is riffing as Tyler’s campaign manager in the film.

Alison has a “Soul Man” reference that Tyler appreciates and now they’re doing an impromptu “Made up Movie” and BB is titling it ‘Race to the Bottom’.

Adam is asking Tyler about the political party mascots, their version of our donkey and elephant.


Tyler is getting scrambled by Mangria and trying to figure out what animals Canada used for their political mascots.

Adam is now doing a live read.


2nd Story is an update on the raid on Justin Beiber’s house, she’s explaining the details and Adam is citing the 11-12 cars that rolled up to check out the Beebs Mansion.

Alison is sharing the results of what they found at his home, she’s citing all the drugs and paraphernalia.

Alison is explaining Justin’s drug of choice sizzurp a combination of life savers candy, sprite and codeine cough syrup.


Adam is now learning about the Canadian political animals and responding to the Rhino, BB has a point about the elephant not being indigenous to North America, Adam has a great yeah but still.

Adam is now getting to the Kevin Nealon speech on behalf of the elephant at the L.A. Zoo, Adam is bringing up how the climate seems about right for elephants in Los Angeles and contrasting how one would fair in Canada.

They’re now playing the Billy the Elephant speech, Tyler and Adam are doing live commentary.


Adam is commenting on the stilted speaking Kevin was doing in the clip, Adam is riffing about everyone wearing a T shirt with your image on it and how it’s either a really good thing, or a really bad thing.

Adam is saying he wouldn’t flip a magic coin to find out why a lot of people are wearing his likeness on their shirt, BB and Alison are weighing in and Alison has a great point about chanting names.

Adam has an additional point about candles pushed through paper plates.


Tyler is telling the gang about the polar bears at the Vancouver Aquarium that were yellow from living in the wrong temperature.

Tyler doesn’t don’t know what happened to the bears and Alison is trying to figure out what he meant.

Adam is saying he would grab the rhino if he started his own political party, “talk to the horn bitch” and he’s now riffing from the POV of a rhino, gold!


Adam is sharing why he doesn’t want anything to do with a Hippo for a mascot, he’s now describing hippos shitting to Alison.

Adam has a great joke about Tyler shitting underwater, he can’t even get it out without laughing, Adam is saying man was meant to shit in the water and this is the closest to a water birth for men.

“We were meant to shit in Sea, it’s how man was meant to shit” – Adam, Adam is now using Tyler for his Hippo avatar telling Alison to picture him shitting and really going in depth on the hippos “flop”.


Adam is trying to figure out how much a full grown male hippo weighs, they’re all responding to the facts they have on the screen and Adam is sharing his take on animals that kill humans eating said humans, not just nibbling and then spitting it out.

Alison has a great “Adam Toe Soup” comment as Adam is reading details like he’s at the zoo.

BB is joking about posting Gary’s search history after every podcast recording, Adam is really amazed by the sheer size of hippos.


Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is jumping into a live read. Adam is wrapping up the show with book plugs and BB is playing the drop of Adam as a negative tweeter from earlier in the show.