Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/22/2013 – Nick Kroll and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/22/2013 – Nick Kroll and Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-21-2013 – Release Date 01-22-2013

Adam is opening the show with some mandates and giving a classic “Tell a friend” request to the audience.

Dave is in studio and he’s joking about the staff all growing beards, funny bit about Alison’s beard.

Adam is now telling the gang about his table of trophies and awards they keep at the studio, he’s telling them how his award from the “Big Brothers” organization was damaged.

Adam is now comparing the attitude that allows someone to damage an award and leave it that way without attempting to fix it to the hit and run rate in los angles.

Dave is now telling the gang about his disappearing Burberry tie and how it mysteriously reappeared with a stain, Adam is joking about Dave’s Bill Simmons impression turning into Herbert from Family Guy.

Now Adam has Dave doing his Chris Berman impression while telling him about the tie, Adam is now explaining how he thinks Kevin Hench and Bill Simmons are legitimately pissed off at him for betting on the patriots.

Adam is telling the gang how his twitter feed was almost all hatred from Patriots fans who blame him for the team not making the super bowl, Adam is now joking about how it’s a fine time for him to be heading to Boston to perform.

Dave is now explaining how New England/Boston sports fans became this way, very interesting insights I wouldn’t have connected the dots on without his take, nice work Dave!

Dave is now sharing his take on the Super Bowl he attended in New Orleans with Adam 11 years ago, Dave is taking him to task for leaving at half time and now Adam is explaining his take, awesome.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports

They’re now discussing Jimmy’s visit to the podcast yesterday, Adam is telling the gang about commuting to the studio with Jimmy and how he couldn’t hang out for a beer for a hilarious reason.

Dave is now lamenting the end of football season and explaining why the Super Bowl is not the same, he’s now got an interesting angle about this being the furthest away from the season that we’ll ever be and tomorrow puts us that much closer, super upbeat explanation from Dave!

Adam is now in character as Ray Lewis, this is amazing! Dave is now going off on the profound narcissism of “Tebowing” and the act of renaming prayer, Adam is now back in character and riffing some more, gold!

Dave is now reporting on “T Swizzle” and his trash talk, Adam is explaining how “T Swizzle” is the only guy who looks dumber than he does, Dave is arguing that Eli Manning looks dumber too.

Dave is now asking Adam about the legacy of “The Patriots” and how he posted some stats about their wins over the past 8 years.

Adam has now got Dave back on the topic of New Orleans 11yrs ago and hanging out with Michael Irvin, BB and Adam are having one of their awkward discussions about gambling on the NFL in front of Dave.

They’re discussing the Super Bowl and Sanchez vs. Tebow turns out Adam’s predictions about this season and the “Jets” were dead on.

Adam is now doing an in character Ray Lewis riff during his live read.


Creep of the Week

Dave is now going off on Tom Brady, he’s got some nice comments and now he’s transitioning to how Tom gets petulant when things don’t go his way, he’s now citing the recent controversy over the slide/kick.

Dave is now asking Adam about his fake NFL players; Adam is now sharing the names of all 3 he’s come up with so far.

Dave is now going off on the NFL commercials and claims that 2012 was the Nadir of football commercials. Adam just came up with a new fake player based off Dave talking, hilarious!

Dameshek and Adam are giving their take on “Pitbull” hilarious riff from Adam, he’s dead on too!

Dave is now giving an update on his “Sheky Awards” and explaining why he didn’t have Adam come guest on that episode, makes total sense and now inspired by Alison’s objections Adam is riffing about Dave’s “fruit of the year” hilarious quotes!


Nick Kroll is now making his ACS debut, Adam is responding to a listener voicemail and now Adam is explaining how he tore his meniscus in his knee a 2nd time while skipping rope.

Nick is enquiring why Adam was jumping rope and now he’s explaining it’s a boxer’s workout and that he wasn’t hanging out in the breezeway with 2nd graders on recess.

Adam is now telling Nick about his custom shoes and how they lead to his injury. Adam and Nick are now riffing on the “Monkey’s Paw” style payoff to the story and Adam compares himself to Icarus.

Adam is now plugging Nick’s new show and proclaiming that sketch comedy is like an omelet in how it can vary and now Adam is telling Nick how he’s intrigued by “El Chupacabra” he’s now telling Nick that Jimmy actually did a similar character on morning radio in the mid 90’s.

Nick seems very intrigued and is explaining how he came up with the character; he’s now busting out the voice for the gang.

Adam is now asking Nick about Hispanic people and sharing his newly worded theory about how they don’t have a “you’re getting on my last nerve” gene and now Alison and Nick are weighing in with their takes as to why.


Nick just stumbled onto “Ranchero” music and now Adam is attempting to explain his outrage at this type of music and now he’s setting up a reenactment of what it’s like when he shows up at one of his job sites early in the morning.

Nick is now describing a show he tunes into that is almost like Loveline, he’s doing an example of the show as he impersonates one of the hosts.

Adam wants to know if there is a Mexican “Ira glass” and now Nick is riffing as Mexican Ira, hilarious!

Nick is now asking Adam about his broken trophy and sharing his own observations, they’re now riffing on why trophies have to be made out of materials that can easily be turned into a weapon.

Nick is now asking why Glass has to travel on the outside of trucks and now Adam is telling Nick what’s like to haul a giant glass pane, hilarious analogy!


Alison’s News

Her top story is about Obama’s inauguration and how he paused to take a look at the crowd as he realized he won’t be seeing it again.

Adam is now giving his take on how the secret service must feel about Obama standing still, very funny.

Alison wants to know if Adam ever does things like that, Adam is now explaining how he will walk back out on stage after a show if they’re in a fancy theater; I’ve actually done it with him!

Adam is now setting up a clip of Obama’s speech that bumped him; he’s going off on the BS rederick from the speech.

Adam is now explaining how his Buddy Chris was the luckiest guy they knew because he got kissed into a higher paying gig from his stepdad when they all entered the workforce in the early 80’s.


2nd story is on Michelle’s Obama’s bangs after Adam stepped on the Beyoncé story, Adam is now calling for all black women to go “full natural” with their hair and why Michelle is the perfect person to set the trend. Alison has Adam show his hair to Nick so he knows where Adam is coming from, Nick’s reply is gold!

Adam is actually calling for it as it would save millions of dollars on products, devices and “WoMAN hours”. Adam is now transitioning to the swimming issue.


3rd story is on Alicia Keys singing the National Anthem at the Super bowl; Adam is now pitching a new reality series, hilarious!


4th story is about Katie Couric getting the first interview with Manti Te’o and now Alison is explaining why she might have got the first interview.

Nick is now remarking on his “PubLIZity” sketches from his new show; Alison loves it and wants to know if it was inspired by the old E! Reality series about publicists.

Adam and Nick are now discussing how 9/11 trumped all the Gary Condit and Paula Poundstone controversy at the time.

Adam is now doing a “” live read in character as a guy who doesn’t know anything about sports and can’t pronounce words correctly; Alison chimes in with some gold!


Adam is now riffing on the Mary Kay Letourneau story at Nick’s behest and now they’re riffing on her husband and his move to Alaska.


5th story is on the “BatMobile” selling for over 4 million at auction, Alison is now asking Adam about the time he drove the vehicle and Nick wants to know which one.

Adam is now explaining the premise behind the bit and how the producers of his Car Show ruined it, wow it sounded hilarious!

Adam is now explaining his other choice bit that the producers kept monkeying with where he was finally going to test his “Heavy Weight” status and all of their attempts to ruin it.

Adam is now explaining how the bit was never aired because it was ruined and how he spent the morning getting drunk with the Fontana PD, hilarious!

Alison is now reading the details of the Paula Poundstone accusations/story, Nick has a funny reply.

Adam is now wondering how these accusations manifest, he’s citing his nephews who used to sleep over and have movie nights and how he can’t fathom them ever thinking he was inappropriate.

They quickly referenced the “McMartin Preschool” trial and now Nick brought up Michael Jackson and Adam is jumping in with his take on how he would’ve responded to being molested by MJ, very funny!


6th story is on a Glendora man who is attempting to set the world record for most hugs in 24hrs. Adam is now sharing his own campaign to set a world record, nick is riffing with him and seems to be digging it, good stuff.

Adam is now doing a Go To Meeting live read, with some BatMobile tidbits thrown in midway.

Adam is now doing some plugs and thanking Nick for making his debut on the ACS and now he’s getting some “El Chupacabra” to close out the show.