Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/21/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 302

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/21/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 302

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 01-14-2016 – Release Date 01-21-2016

Production Number #302 – The Los Angeles Rams

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Drew opens the show with Adam stuck behind a bad accident, they’re talking about WAZE, Drew and Gary.

Adam enters the studio and they both discuss the “you get what you get” element of technology and Adam shares his Richard Gere theory.

Adam is now talking about the guy with the one fastback mustang, he stops to compare the single owner selling point in automobiles to women and marriage.


Adam comments on this guy who builds his whole world around this car, this 13k car you can get anywhere, he contrasts that to the woman who loves Barry Manilow, Adam says those people seem very content.

Adam is waxing poetic on a simple life and minimal interests, Drew talks about aiming that energy and he talks to Adam about not having the time to play a round of golf, they could make the time, but they can’t do to their internal compasses.

Adam is making a point about simple gratitude and distraction, he compares his own busy life and insane schedule.


Adam talks about the guy who has a Michelob at home chilling while you’re busting ass around the country, who is the fool?

Adam talks about blowing an engine on a car while racing and the woman who had a scrapbook of her basic mustang.

Drew has an interesting angle about people trying to preserve memories and the feeling of a bygone era via restoring an old shitbox like Drew confesses to doing.


Adam is talking about how miniature guys look childlike for long stretches of time, unlike giant dudes.

Adam talks about listening to John Hiatt, 85, 95, 2005, it all holds up.


Drew is doing a Blue Apron Live Read


Adam is now “riddling” that people hold onto their mustang or their classic non-valuable collector’s item/useless thing because they can’t admit they’re wrong, they’re unwilling to judge themselves and their past actions accurately.

Adam talks about how people should honestly assess their past interested and brings up the “Vacation syndrome” where people love that crappy half assed excuse of a comedy and remember it with rose colored glasses.

Adam explains why Kentucky Fried Movie holds up in comparison not ‘Vacation’ and Dr. Drew brings up
Chevy Chase and his notorious reputation.


Adam wisely charts the courts of a narcissistic dickhead who loses his looks and hair and gains weight and grudges.

Adam is citing ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’ as a good movie and says he doesn’t give a shit about the Rams coming back to Los Angeles, he is excited for his son and that’s about it.

Adam is talking about Inglewood California, Adam brings up a recent settlement with a cop who refused to be part of the ticket writing quota/frenzy.


Adam is explaining to Drew why they don’t bust the temporary bazars setup on the sidewalk in Los Angeles, Adam says if you say anything about it you’re racist and comments on the 3rd world nation in the middle of the city.

Adam asks why the people in Inglewood wouldn’t want this for their neighborhood, Adam is talking about how they don’t do racially based casting in the Mad Max movies, its white dudes ruining shit, no diversity casting choices.

Adam comments on how everyone gets a stadium while shunning private small business owners and taxing the shit out of them, you will tax break the giant stadium but over tax 3 small businesses that have equivalent revenue that now operate out of Texas.


Drew is doing a Casper Live Read




1st Caller Marci, she saw Adam live and thinks Adam smiled at her, at the Royal Oak Theater in Michigan.

Marci is telling Adam about her husband who turned her onto his books, Adam remarks that he is her 69 notchback mustang.

She wants to know about limiting electronics time for kids, Adam is sharing how he doesn’t want to create energy in his kids and he explains how they are wired to want to be outside and he comments on how taking the controller away only causes excess focus on energy where you don’t want to direct necessarily.


Marci talks about social media and her concerns, Adam is sharing his overall approach to life and he mocks the Hillary Clinton Cradle to College pipeline.

Adam says you work on raising good people and focus on that, he transitions to ‘MacArthur Park’ and sings “someone left a Mexican out in the rain” and now Drew tells Adam he is singing the national anthem for the L.A. Kings in March.

Drew says what Adam is really advocating is individual healthy relationships, Drew shares his distaste for big government and Adam talks about bureaucrats deciding how much bureaucracy we have and how that makes no sense.


Adam is talking about the people in politics who aren’t products of the very bureaucracy they endorse and create, Adam is sharing his pros when it comes to the government.

Adam talks about the journey of the average homeless person in MacArthur Park and he shares a blown engine analogy for how to repair it and Drew gives a funny anecdote about the need for state run mental hospitals.

Drew says it’s now a cradle to Junior College according to Obama, Adam is talking about the left and their obsession with education.


Adam is giving a great gold medal analogy, where you lower the requirements and we end up with a nation full of gold medal winners, we didn’t actually earn the gold and therefore don’t reap the benefits of the hard work.


Adam is doing a Live Read

Adam is giving out the plugs and emphasizes how much he wants to sell out The Moore Theater in Seattle, Drew stops him and asks him about the live album ‘Road Work’ and he quickly explains what it is and where to get it, he closes out the show and wraps it up.