Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/21/2016 – Russell Simmons

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/21/2016 – Russell Simmons

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Guest Russell Simmons

Recorded 01-19-2016 – Release Date 01-21-2016

Production Number #1740

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Adam opens the show with a “The biggest” proclamation and BB has a new drop from Gina quoting Will Smith about his “deal” and Adam welcomes Russell to the show, making his ACS debut.

Russell was last on air with Adam on the KLSX ACS on Nov. 25th 2008, Adam is asking Russell about a vegan lifestyle and Russell has some great replies.

Adam is talking about the school lunch program of his youth, he talks about the one fat kid of his childhood and the one skinny kid in today’s classrooms.


Adam is now bringing up TM and Russell’s journey through life, he’s sharing how he’s learned about comfort and ease, he says that getting stuff sometimes contributes to sadness for some people.

Russell is sharing some intense wisdom, Adam says the only part of being poor he misses is the illusion that making money would make him happy, Russell really enjoys that comment.

Russell is talking about driving a 300k car and how ultimately having tons of stuff ultimately makes you sad, he has a wise point about acceptance.


Adam is asking if you should work your way from Vegetarianism to Veganism, BB plays the “more you know” NBC drop which Russell asks about.

Russell is telling them about a pea protein used in place of real eggs, Adam asks Russell if he hangs with John Salley and Russell calls him his pal in a great turn of phrase, Adam tells him it’s ok they can swear on the show.

Adam and Russell are talking about what a great guy John Salley is, Russell is telling them about his recent experience on New Year’s Eve, he tells them about meditation.


He’s talking about how meditation becomes science and how to view it outside from the spiritual angle, Adam talks about mental health and therapy.

Russell is talking about Bernie Sanders and says he doesn’t know about Adam’s politics, he says he’s an asshole, Russell is talking about arguing about global warming with a politician.

Adam is talking about dish washing detergent and how you get the worse product based on promotion, the more money the more likely to win and the least quality.


Russell is talking about changing the Rockefeller drug laws and the war on drugs, he says it’s a business and a lobby.

Adam brings up Sean Penn on ’60 Minutes’ and asks Russell about it, he says he’s friends with Sean.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


Adam takes it back to Sean Penn and the interview he gave about going to interview El Chapo, Adam is talking about the way people abandon things that aren’t working from their personal life but refuse to do that when it comes to something like the drug war.

Adam jokes about the money his parents spent on him vs. the 60k per year to imprison the drug offenders in the united states.

Russell talks about entanglement and our democracy, Adam brings up the new drug Czar who wants to be viewed as the rehab Czar.


Russell talks about the white kids shooting heroin now ending up in the same place as the black kids before them, Adam asks Russell how he avoided being trapped in this game/business.

Russell talks about his brother and his jail time after getting busted for cocaine, Russell says his other brother is more of an artist than him or Rev Run.

Adam asks him what’s the climate like today, has the internet ruined the ability to build a company like DefJam today?


Russell is talking about the great new artists who stand out and are able to use the medium to get their voices heard, Russell references ‘Christmas Rapping’ and Adam asks him about the band ‘The Waitresses’ and their hit Christmas Wrapping, BB explains things and Adam apologizes for being a honky.

BB now has some Christmas rap for the gang, Adam wants a comparison.

Adam says he’s never felt whiter in his life, Russell tells them about traveling to Amsterdam, he tells them about his request for cocaine and pussy upon landing and how he knew he had made it.


Adam is now playing the song he was referencing from 1981, Russell predates the waitresses.

Adam is asking about Russell hooking up with Rick Rubin and he comments on the way that punk kids embraced their art and rap music.


Russell shares how he became friends with Rick Rubin and his ability to transcend any genre with his sound, Russell says god touched that motherfucker and further praises him as the best producer of all time.

Russell asks about ‘Slayer’ and why he didn’t take a piece of their publishing as discussing Rick’s separation from DefJam, funny.


Adam is doing a Live Read for


Adam is talking about money as units of success measurement and nothing else, Russell is sharing how he wants to teach Yoga and how he is able to greenlight movies and TV shows.

Adam asks him about their not being enough hours in the day, he says no, it’s about doing work on the ground and he says all he does is spend money and show up, Adam talks about farming out duties and tasks.

Russell says his financial services company invented a form of banking for people who can’t normally take part in the system.


Adam asks about Russell’s parents and he talks about not knowing how to wash his own clothes, he’s been successful since 79.

Adam is trying to get him to explain if they saw the success and Russell shares his feelings about living a quality life without money, Adam asks what they society is obsessed with money and things.

Adam talks about walking with his kids, Russell is back to his “be comfortable in your seat” rule for living.


Adam talks about talking pride in his work to get through the day faster, he talks about not wanting to be a carpenter and embracing it anyway.

Adam is making a larger point about satisfaction and Russell talks about living in the present and promoting presence in all ways.

Adam asks about passing things down to kids and how to get past the fireworks show of society, Russell tells them about his kids and how their mother makes them read his books.

Russell shares his daughter’s reaction to his book vs. Oprah’s reaction and his daughter’s take on veganism and eating in Switzerland, BB shares a drop of Sonny mocking Adam’s books.


Russell tells them about taking them to buy anything they want and Adam talks about his feelings of raising boys vs. girls.

Adam shares how boys only want to be around sports and talk sports, Adam says his daughter wants to get you to kill yourself, that’s all she wants.

Russell says you’re not going to believe it when she hits 15, Adam shares the “prove it kill yourself” line she used.


Adam quotes himself from a live show in New York, he comments on his daughter still believing in Santa Clause while being fully aware of The Black Lives Matter movement.

Russell says that’s a good thing and they’re good parents for having her aware of the world while believing in fantasy, Russell has a “while she’s playing with dolls and her friends are playing with dicks” one liner.

Adam talks about open game on fucking at high schools and how skipping grades only leads to statutory rape, Russell says that Adam just scared the shit out of him and he usually leaves it to his ex-wife.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Adam is asking Russell about his ex-wife, he’s talking about her being a “muse” and how they first met and fell in love.

Adam says the thinks kids crave direction and authority, authority is security, Adam says what kids want is what we want while lost in the jungle, we don’t want a clueless guide scared for their own life.

Russell talks about his kids sharing secrets with him, he says their secrets are fucked but he can’t tell their mom ad he’s stuck in the best friend role.


Adam talks about taking his kids on “speed runs” and telling them not to tell their mom, his daughter went right in and tattled on him.

Russell shares more scarf stories regarding his daughter, Gina weighs in and they move on.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Michelle, her husband drinks and smokes pot every night after the kid is asleep, she is addressing her spouse’s replies.

Russell asks if it is affecting his sex drive, Adam says what will fuck up her sex drive is built up resentment, it doesn’t result in a deluge of pussy.

Adam is bringing up the Dr. Drew rules for addiction and Russell asks if it’s legal pot, Adam asks if there is movement happening.


She says no, Gina says she’s over it and sounds that way, Adam says if the only consequence is her resentment, Russell brings up the N word of nagging and has a funny back and forth with Adam who implies the other n word, Russell affirms he’s allowed to say it but Adam isn’t.

Adam shares a bit of containment advice and Russell is saying that he must have a belly if he’s doing a 6 pack every night, Michelle says he still looks good.

She says her husband is very kind and lovable after smoking pot, Adam ends the call.


Adam is asking Russell where he is with his kids and pot, he’s very insightful and explains how his kid tried booze and got in trouble.

Adam is back to the book reports his ex-wife makes his kids write about his books, Russell explains how his daughter wrote insight into what the chapter could have been, if written by a better writer.


Adam is doing a Tax Act Live Read


BB asks about music and Russell asks about Trump, Russell is making a point about the parallels of Sanders and Trump.

BB brings up the Beastie Boys, he wants to know how to convince Adam that they’re actually talented and Russell is making a point about the guys and their art.

Adam asks Russell about Yoko Ono, he doesn’t and they move on and wrap up the show with some closing words from Russell talking about “Super Salmon” and the poison in meats and dairy.

Adam gives out some plugs and pledges to download the audiobook version, BB wraps the show with a new drop from Russell Simmons and a great “yeah!” from Dawson, as matter of fact as possible as he closes the show.