Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/21/2015 – Jim Jefferies

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/21/2015 – Jim Jefferies

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jim Jefferies

Recorded 01-20-2015 – Release Date 01-21-2015

Production Number #1494

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Adam opens the show to a topical deflated balls intro courtesy of Lynch and Dawson, Allie Mac Kay from KTLA is joining them for her first crack as the news gal and Adam explains she was telling him about doing a live hit/spot from the feast of San Gennaro that he now seems to recall or at least pretends he does.

BB has a solid Penn Jillette #TopDrop and explains how he resisted playing it while live on stage with Penn, Adam teases the upcoming episodes with Manny Pacquiáo and Kevin Costner.

Adam explains he’s just looking for clarity and hates that push and pull start with the same two letters, he says in the time he’s been talking about it people all across the country have banged their heads into diner doors.


Adam explains he was going over his rule of thumb on “this” and “next” being used for describing a day of the week, as in “this Wednesday.”

BB says he goes over this with his wife all of the time and Adam is prepared for him to disagree, Adam notes some audio feedback and alerts Dawson.

BB agrees with Adam as he jokes about building a time machine to travel to the previous Wednesday, Allie gets in the mix.


Adam is explaining that right after he was wrapping up his rant about this Mike August sent a confusing email about Kevin Costner’s booking for the podcast next week.

Adam says that if he and BB are agreeing it’s huge, like the Jews and Palestinians coming together in agreement over an issue.

Adam explains how the football Sunday at Kimmel’s evolved from his various homes to his studio, Allie asks about the catering situation and Adam explains it’s every man for himself and Jimmy no longer cooks for everyone every Sunday.


Adam is now describing a guy he encountered in traffic near Jimmy’s theater, Adam jokes about Hollywood high no longer pumping out the acting and comedy legends as the days of yore.

Adam described “Lord Douchebag” who nearly got T-boned by carelessly entering an intersection, Adam describes how he quickly reduced speed after Adam gave a single toot of the horn.

Adam is describing the angry narcissist and BB cites Adam’s observation about motorcyclists signaling thank you to considerate drivers who get out of there way, making a point about overall discourtesy on the roadways of America.


Allie is in agreement and shares her own traffic courtesy observation, Adam is closing it out with a funny bit of yelling at the guy who pulls a dangerous UI-turn but won’t then put some speed into it.


Adam is doing a live read.


Adam is telling BB and Allie about driving home from football Sunday and hearing a Paul McCartney song from the 1980’s, Adam says that even his beloved John Hiatt got fucked by the 1980’s.

BB brings up the recent use of Paul McCartney solo work appearing in movie trailers, Dawson is now reading a list of Paul’s biggest solo hits.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw ‘The Theory of Everything’ and explains the plot of the film and its surprising edge, he describes the plot of the film much like he’s done on his own podcast ‘The Film Vault’.

Adam has BB compare it to other recent films and BB is now going in depth on the cast before then comparing it to his other favorite films, Adam is clarifying and wants this movie’s place in his power rankings for the Oscars.

Adam says his simple question for movies is “do you care?” and shares his own frustration with the 3rd act of ‘Birdman’.


Adam is now asking about Stephen Hawking being “milked” and BB tells them about his caregiver holding pornography for him.

Allie laments Stephen’s multitude of lovers and her current single status, she mentions she’s nutty but doesn’t own cats, Adam compliments her beauty and BB seems to agree.

Adam is now having Gary queue up some ‘Friends to Go’ which features the lyric “slippery slope” as described by Adam.


Adam quickly dismisses it, saying it sounds too acoustic and not 80’s enough, more synth-poppy.

BB closes out his thoughts on the movie and wraps up the segment.


Adam does a legal zoom live read.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Cesar, he wants to know about people playing the “race card” and how he got a coworker fired and Adam jokes about her obtaining a new career at LAX working for the TSA, based on her physical description combined with her personality.

Adam is now mocking the idea of an open dialogue on race, he says that assuming that white people have it out for all other races is in itself racist.

Adam is sharing his opinion of a segment he saw on ‘Entertainment Tonight’ about the academy awards and the nominees.


Adam cites the stats about ethnicities and school suspensions and how Asian people are always left out, Adam then takes it back to the ET segment and mocks the idea of Hollywood being racist and ’12 Years a Slave’ being the reigning best picture winner.

BB says it’s naive to point at the Awards and blame the nominations, the problem may start much earlier in the process and maybe it would be smarter to look at the parts being written for feature films or the casting.

Allie chimes in after Adam mentions seeing all of ‘Roots’ and tells them that LaVar Burton follows her on Twitter, Adam asks about his marital status and is reminded once again that he’s married to a woman, he mention the ‘Man Show’ phone call incident but quickly moves on.


2nd Caller Nick, he has another NFL rule campaign for Adam.

He describes a “Touch Back” and BB is now explaining and Adam is further probing him trying to figure out the rule, Nick is funny and says he’ll take it to Rich Eisen.


3rd Caller Nick, he says hello to Adam, BB and Gina. Allie brushes it off like a pro and Nick has an elaborate hypothetical question and Adam says he misses the “would you go down on your grandma…” style hypothetical scenarios.

Adam asks Nick about his job and he feels like a douche as he works with Veterans, Adam jokes about women talking shit about their friend/coworker Shelley.

Adam is now using his experiences boxing to process this hypothetical question from Nick, Adam says that technique is everything and you would be surprised how many big guys can’t connect their skills and size in the ring.


Adam plugs the latest Ringtone from Sonny and they head to break.


They’re back from break with an angry voicemail from a listener calling everyone assholes, Jim Jefferies is once again joining the podcast.

Adam is talking about doing April Foolishness for KROQ and ‘Kevin and Bean’ and attempting to follows the likes of Jim, he has a funny and telling Doug Benson mention.

Adam explains he then followed Jim, the one thing he didn’t want to happen, Jim suggest that perhaps he didn’t want to follow Adam and that’s how it came about, nice.


Adam and Jim are discussing aboriginals and academy award nominations, Adam is now reading the set list for the KROQ show.

Adam is asking Jim about his take on Americans and he confirms that stereotypes are there for a reason, you’ve earned this.

Adam is now citing people he tells to write things down, they’ve earned that.


Jim tells them about his girlfriend being unable to stay awake during movies, Adam jokes about her being underage and Jim jokes about describing fake movies to her when she wakes up.

Adam says his wife also can’t stay awake during a film and blames her busy schedule, Adam says he also had a busy day but can make it through a movie.

Adam asks if chicks have the doze off gene more than dudes, Allie confirms it.


Adam is now sharing the “that’s how I know I’m asleep” reply delivered to his wife the first time she woke him up for snoring.

Adam asks Jim if he has a dog, he shares a funny anecdote of his girlfriend and mother of his child telling him he’s not responsible enough to own a dog.

Jim explains how he sells the majority of tickets in far off places, citing Spokane when he means Saskatoon, Adam is explaining that the people in these small towns are so appreciative but he appreciates them just as much.


Adam is describing a standup gig he had in Phoenix and how a guy attempted to scalp him a ticket to his own show, Jim has his own anecdotes of this happening.

Adam jokes about Jim’s large mother and how he recently found out she almost married the father of a top Rugby league player, good stuff.


Adam is doing a Me Undies live read


Adam shares his appreciation for the song ‘Dreamworld’ by Midnight Oil, Adam and Jim discuss voting for the sake of voting.


The News – Allie Mac Kay

1st Story is on the new severed foot sex toy for men, the gang react to the images of the device and Adam jokes about bringing this with him for TSA searches.

Jim shares the cliff notes of his TSA hemorrhoid tissue story.

Allie has the rest of the details about the foot, Jim says it’s not a woman’s foot as it doesn’t look damaged by overly complicated shoes.


Adam jokes about dishwasher safe sex toys and the idea of putting a “Jizz bucket” in with the silverware, Jim shares an anecdote of meeting a sex toy heir who didn’t appreciate him bringing that up, solid Riff from Jim.

Jim shares the details of some sex toys he was gifted for him and his girlfriend, Adam jokes about a roommate walking in on you fucking a realistic severed foot.


Adam is doing a live read for My USA Trainer


2nd Story is on the birthday no-show invoice given to a family after their kid didn’t make it to another kid’s birthday party.

Adam says the dad is a world class pussy and looks like an angry Sally Jesse Raphael, Adam is explaining that the guys who become wounded by something like this are world class pusses and he could sooner hang out with Don King over them.

Adam is now in agreement with the terrorists, this is a first world problem and Jim is sharing his own experiences with kids and birthday parties.


Adam is sharing his frustration with the goodie bags given at birthday parties, he says you end up spending more on the kids who are showing up to celebrate your kid’s birthday.

Jim is sharing the inside lingo for balloon guys at children’s birthday parties, he tells them about taking his kid to a party that had actual snow.

Adam shares how Jimmy Kimmel gave his kids an inflatable castle which Adam then placed in the pool, Adam jokes about having family members “claimed by castle” and segues into a live read.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings live read with BB


3rd Story is on Michael Moore’s twitter comments about snipers, Jim shares his own ‘Call of Duty’ frustrations with snipers, hilarious.

Jim brings up the ‘American Sniper’ controversy regarding the truthfulness of his accounts, he’s describing the various inconsistencies.

Adam jokes about Michael Moore having 100 million in the bank and his awe shucks nature, frumpy old Mike.


Adam and Jim discuss the use of “cowardly” when describing the acts of war, Allie closes out the news and Adam suggests “fuck a foot” for her closing tagline.


Adam is now doing a live read for Smart Things


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, he says .ning then gets corrected and comments on not knowing what goes on in this world.