Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/21/2014 – Book of Mormon Stars David Larsen and Cody James

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/21/2014 – Book of Mormon Stars David Larsen and Cody James

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Book of Mormon Stars David Larsen and Cody James

Recorded 01-20-2014 – Release Date 01-21-2014

Production Number #1243

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Adam is opening the show to a joke intro from Mike Dawson @DawsAngeles and written last minute by Mike Lynch @MLynchTweets as revealed by Gary on twitter

Adam is now clipping for a minute and BB is kind of apologizing for sound issues, Adam is riffing about what if he had a period and cramps and conditions that rendered him unable to work, female troubles as it were.

Alison and BB have some good additions and he’s wrapping up the riff with some gain comments and giving some plugs.


Adam is thanking the fans for the patent troll’s feedback and he’s giving a tease about the crowd funding video script and reaching out to a celebrity woman, hmmm. Aniston?

Adam is now riffing about the crappiness of the Rolling Stones crappiest songs, Adam is explaining he had Gary cull a list of 128 songs and how they’re going to use Dawson as the expert for finding the hits and known crappy songs.

Adam is citing “Going to a Go-Go” a cover song, Adam is singing the praises for Smokey Robinson and “Tears of a Clown” as one of the greatest pop songs ever.


BB can only find the live version, Adam and Dawson both insist that there is a studio version, Adam has a great “sound hamster” comment that Alison appreciates, Adam possibly revealing he’s discovered a new free adult video website.

According to the internet sources I found there is only a live version off the 1982 release “Still Life” a live album.

Adam is now getting to the strange “you know the haters” type condolences he gets from other industry people and others assuming the worst.


Alison wants to know why she gets so much hate, she doesn’t take the easy road and simply blame her gender, and Adam is giving his take on why someone will always argue with you, BB has a hilarious one liner that Alison and Adam both appreciate.

Alison is surprised Adam doesn’t get hate from people who don’t listen to the show, but many of her guests have actually expressed hatred for Adam online and on podcasts.

Adam is making the point that giving your all is how you avoid the negativity, epic analogy and Fred Durst/Limp Bizkit references.


Adam has a series of examples of things that will cause you to get negative feedback from fans, he’s got a line cutoff example that Alison mistakes for something Adam actually did, Adam didn’t of course as he’s always burning calories for the fans.

Adam says you can earn your shitty tweets even more so than ones you don’t deserve, Dawson is now explaining that the only version of the song is live and the single no longer exists.

I tend to believe Dawson on this one and all music matters but even the secret sites don’t have a copy, so even if they did banish it from their archive it would exist somewhere, almost more so.


They’re now playing the live version and Adam is doing some light commentary, he’s got a quick Adam Sandler movies comparison.

Alison has a nice bit of comedy mocking the “gah” noise after each lyric, Adam is now calling for the Smokey Robinson version and calling it a piece of shit.

BB has it ready and it’s playing,


Dawson is bringing up the Michael Damian cover of “Rock On” by David Essex, Adam is claiming this song is so bad he’s cleansed it from his brain and forgets to add it to his all-time worst song lists.

Adam says his brain protects itself by not letting this song back into his brain, he’s got an epic fireman/fire/rape analogy, and Alison is right in the mix and riffing it with him, gold!

They’re playing the song and Adam is joking about the session musicians objecting to this as a job, he’s got a great moral guard at a concentration camp comparison, wow!


Dawson is blaming the early cocaine era and they’re trying to figure out which version they’re hearing, Dawson is in the mix and Alison has an amazing Michael Damian on “Facts of Life” reference.

Adam is asking if anyone listening knows him they can scream in his face how much Adam Carolla hates him and his work, BB has a killer show booking joke that everyone appreciates.

Adam is angry that he didn’t hear this while in an incredibly specific and kind of spooky setting, he heard it on a radio and Dawson has a great bit of passion about the music selections from program directors.


Adam is on a great mean/smelly/ugly riff with Alison and some fantastic drop work from BB using his “Macaroni and cheese” drop.

Adam is now referencing all of his shitty teachers and how he doesn’t reminisce about them and hopes they’re dead, just like he doesn’t have a soft spot for those people, he doesn’t for these terrible songs.

BB has a great joke about Adam as valedictorian, Adam is now launching into a live read with BB and some fresh discussion about the SEA vs. SFO NFC championship game and the notion of losing after taking the lead and having confidence in the outcome.


Adam is now having them play the Rolling Stones “Going to a Go-Go” a song like a painful tooth as Adam puts it.


Mr. Brightside

Adam has an update on the songs billboard ranking and now wants to know John Hiatt and Graham Parker’s highest ranking billboard singles.

Adam is wise to point out that they cannot include Bonnie Raitt’s version of “Have a Little Faith in Me”.

Adam is now bringing up an anecdote about Dr. Drew and his horrible radio technique, he’s mocking some of his fighting, and Alison has a nice way of describing it.


Adam is now reading John’s number #8 ranking for “Slow Turning” and Adam is back to the anecdote about Drew and his manager, his old manager.

Adam is talking about the Adam and Drew Show #109 with Fred Stoller and his attorney, Gary has the info and Adam is explaining the bad radio instincts Drew has, citing how nobody gave an introduction for the attorney.

Adam is asking for Gary to get the clip and set it up.


1st Caller Mike is calling about his wife who left him and took the kids after being caught in an extramarital affair.

Mike is a real estate agent and Adam is calling that “Rich Man Poor Man” and Alison thought it was the “I work with my family” line and Adam agrees, he’s got a hilarious spittoon to shit in mix-up one liner, nice.

Adam is sharing Graham Parker’s highest ranking and going back to Mike, asking him about his love for his wife and what took the kids actually means.


Adam is doing his “if I asked her what her take was, what would she tell me” and has a killer self-congratulatory one liner in reply mocking Mike’s response.

Adam is sharing how he couldn’t break someone’s heart, he’s got a Brightside of someone you don’t like leaving your life and you not having to hurt anyone.

Adam is really selling the upside of this scenario. Adam and Alison are telling him to think of the pity sex and he’s got a shocking reveal about his homemade Fleshlight constructed out of her favorite slipper.


Adam is joking about modern day voodoo dolls, homemade fleshlights, Alison’s reaction is priceless and Adam is killing it with one liners, this is Ace Awards 2014 material, make note fellas!

Adam, Alison and BB are killing it with comments and reactions to each other’s comments “a new fuck buddy named ugg” and Adam is telling him that he’ll always be the hero to the kids who will blame their mom.

Alison’s muted laughs are wonderful and Adam is just killing it with Mike asking him about his homemade device.


Gary is now playing the clip of Fred and his attorney from A&D #109.


2nd Caller Pat, he’s got some praise for the Mangria after sharing his upcoming trip to Chicago for the live show.

Adam is now contrasting the SR-71 Blackbird and the space shuttle to the state of the laws in the US pertaining to booze and other trivial matters, he’s citing the caller’s inability to get it in his state.

Adam is asking why, why do people have to drive to another state’s border to get a bottle, hilarious exaggerated what would happen scenario from Ace.


Pat is back on the line and pledging to pack light so he can smuggle a bunch of Mangria back with him, Pat is sharing his dilemma with his family and Adam is asking him about his family.

Hilarious Mexicans in Vermont riffing from Ace about Pat’s mother’s various partners,

Adam is sharing the double name rule for implying someone’s an asshole and he’s now explaining why “he did the best he could” is the worst thing a child can say about a parent’s attempt at raising them.


Alison and BB agree it’s the worst thing you can say while still complimenting someone, Pat uses “heart of gold” and Adam says that’s the other sister version of the last example, Adam is now joking that “Heart of Gold” means they have no gold and comes on the heels of something horrible they did.

Adam says the less you have, the less you give and the less you do for people the sooner someone is going to proclaim you have a heart of gold, BB says it’s just for the destitute.


3rd Caller Matthew, he does the one mistake Alison warned callers of during her bit of advice during a recent Q and Ace segment.

Adam is now working Matthew into his “Life Lock” live read, hilarious!

Matthew is a dude who’s 31 and didn’t lose his virginity until 29, he feels like has problems with women due to his 6 older sisters.

BB has a great bit of drop work and Adam has a middle sister one liner, Alison’s reaction is solid.

Adam is sharing how he can only feel a certain level of sorry for single dudes in large metropolitan cities with computer access, citing the availability of internet porn or dating sites, hilarious slipper callback from Alison.


4th Caller John, he’s calling about his 8yr old daughter and noting her awareness of his ex-wife’s 3rd pregnancy and 3rd baby daddy.

Adam is taking the route of John showing this concern being enough of a Brightside to take the worry off of John’s shoulders.

Adam is explaining how daughters view their fathers as the template for men, not what their mothers are up to, Alison has a nice closing rebellious one liner.


BB is getting the outro in and Adam is plugging their upcoming guests, the cast members from “Book of Mormon” Adam and Alison are eager to see it and BB actually has tickets courtesy of his wife, SHOCKING!

Adam is commenting on the universal praise the play has received and going to break.


Adam is back from break with David Larsen and Cody James making their ACS debuts, Adam is asking them how they got involved with the coolest play running.

Adam is sharing his beef with the ‘Pantages’ theater and citing the seating count and his difficulties with the bar tenders, lines and getting drinks mid show.

Adam is asking the guys about their performance schedule and is trying to prove that “eventually fucking Claudia Schiffer becomes work” by getting them to admit the two show days are difficult/unpleasant.


Adam is now asking how they were cast, joking about nepotism along with talent levels.

Alison is now having them explain the premise of the stage play and Adam is asking them about the audition process.

Both guys are giving their experience and how they dealt with the pressure of Matt and Trey signing off on their casting.


Adam is asking the guys where they go from here, he wants to know how many versions are running of the stage play right now.

Two national tours and the Broadway engagement as well, Adam is asking them about where they head after this run is done.

Adam is asking for some honest takes on the different companies playing the roles and the fluctuations between casts, Adam is getting to the idea of cherry-picking the choreography and performance choices of the different casts.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the recent Obama interview and comments from him on Marijuana, Alison’s reading the quotes from the President.

Adam gives an “absolutely” in agreement with the President’s quote, Adam is now onto the problem of Alcohol, and how it’s almost worse than every illegal narcotic.

Adam is sharing a point about the dry countries that ban alcohol and what pieces of shit they are, hilarious points and logic.


Alison is now reading the rest of the comments and Adam is giving is take on modern pot and how powerful it’s become.

Alison is giving her take and Adam has a killer laudanum reference, Adam is sharing the ingredients in laudanum and now wants to get ahold of some along with a skull and a cape and an abridged copy of “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe.

Adam is giving his take on pot vs. booze as discussed on The Adam and Dr. Drew show #110, BB and Alison are joking about Adam’s drinking schedule.


Adam is now making it clear how much he drinks and how often and the problem with weed smokers who can’t regulate their use to a specific time frame.

BB is throwing Adam’s beer in his face and Adam throws Dawson under the bus, he has a killer “that’s right” reply and Adam has a nice yardstick/tardstick back and forth with Alison.

Adam is on a killer weed legalization rant/riff, he’s explaining that nobody who wants weed couldn’t get it and making it legal won’t cause people who aren’t interested to use it, citing his dad and BB.


Hilarious Dawson comments throughout and references, BB loves the idea of an amendment to the law requiring all legal pot users to have to follow Dawson to the park to score.

Hilarious “Wake and Grape” one liner from BB in response to Adam’s grape soda analogy.

Dawson is sharing his take and recent conversation with some buddies about legalization, Alison is bringing the guests into the mix who have an anecdote about performing in SFO.


Adam is explaining that people want to get altered and it needs to be addressed and handled in a responsible manner, he’s mentioning all the lost tax revenue and has a great back and forth about the number of kids he has with Alison, good stuff.

Adam is saying that he’ll never rely on the government to keep his kids away from drugs, illegal or otherwise, Adam says you would be the worst parent to rely on the government for anything involving the upbringing of your children.

Adam is giving his advice he’ll give to his kids with Lynette and his trophy wife.


Adam is sharing his own compulsion for In and Out and eating like an asshole, the “you can’t just do that every day” policy on substances and crappy food.

Adam just invented “Raven Style” after another Poe reference, Alison agrees about the ineffectiveness of prohibition.

Alison has a great bit of logic asking “how it’s working” and Adam has a great point from a future POV studying our laws of the last 100 years, he’s got a killer JFK and Al Capone comparison/reference.


2nd Story is on the death of Ben Starr, she’s referencing all of his work and calling him prolific.

Adam is now onto how overrated “The Brady Bunch” despite its cultural relevance, Adam says “The Partridge Family” was not that bad but never gets played in syndication.

The guests are chiming in with their take on how comedy doesn’t age well in old sitcoms, Adam is bringing up the episode where Marcia got hit in the nose with a football.


BB is now explaining the Robert Blake drop and Adam is getting to “The Silver Platters” storyline from “The Brady Bunch” and now Adam is joking about how gay the song is after singing it, great ironic bit of comedy.

Adam is trying to remember “Johnny Bravo” Greg’s solo project that Alison referenced, Alison and Adam are half singing “Sunshine Day” and Adam is getting to the storyline of Peter Brady’s changing voice.

They’re now watching the clip of them performing and Adam is getting the guests to join in for the chorus, this is wonderful!


Adam has a great bit of “bad load” comedy regarding Peter’s voice that everyone seems to appreciate, Adam is launching into a live read and Alison is now wrapping the news.

Adam isn’t done with the fucking Brady Bunch and he’s addressing the concerns of them being too harsh on the cast and creators involved in the show.

Adam is bringing Sherwood Schwartz into the mix and joking about his follow up work and lack of new ideas, the “Sid and Marty Krofft” rule of rehashing.


Adam is giving out some plugs for the guys and their production of “Book of Mormon” extending an extra 8 weeks.

Adam is now riffing with the guys about the former cast who visited Los Angeles in 2012 and wrapping up the show.