Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/21/2013 – Jimmy Kimmel

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/21/2013 – Jimmy Kimmel

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-20-2013 – Release Date 01-21-2013

Adam is opening the show with Jimmy Kimmel in studio; Adam is now explaining that after the accolades and feedback for his hard hitting Mike Tyson interview he did for Bill Simmons podcast he now wants to conduct a similar interview with Jimmy.

Adam is now explaining Jimmy’s reaction to obtaining the 11:35 time slot and asking him if he anticipated having the success he now finds himself with.

Adam is now explaining how he pitched a radio show for him and Jimmy but was shot down for even what at the time was a ridiculous reason. Jimmy is now breaking down some of his low times in radio and Adam is weighing in with his take and comparing show business to professional sports.

Jimmy is now explaining how he first got into radio and telling the gang about his first program director Ken Jordan from “The Crystal Method”.


Adam is now having Jimmy breakdown his living situation in Seattle while doing morning radio, some great details so far.

Adam is now explaining what Jimmy was to him and giving a great sea related analogy to how he hung onto him. Adam is now pondering why producers and executives can’t recognize talent, Jimmy is now explaining why that is and how it works in radio.

Jimmy is now walking the gang through his return to AZ and his work valeting cars for the likes of Danny Bonaduce, he’s now sharing the horror story of damaging a truck and how it cost him a week’s pay.


Adam has now transitioned to Jimmy’s arrival at KROQ; Jimmy is explaining how he didn’t even have a confirmed job but moved out to Los Angeles regardless.

Adam is now asking Jimmy to help him confirm some of these details from their initial meetings, Adam is explaining how he first called in to the radio show and how Jimmy explained things behind the scenes to Kevin and Bean.

Jimmy is now explaining how he first got on air and how Adam was able to do the same. Adam is now explaining how it’s not important to be good all the time but just when it counts.

Jimmy is now telling Bryan that the first 80 or so Birchum bits were all gold, I’ve actually heard a few dozen and I can attest that he’s correct. Adam is now telling the gang about writing the Birchum bits and how he had to struggle to read and write.

Adam is now explaining how he actually drove to the grocery store to find a funny cookie name for one of the Birchum bits. Jimmy is now critiquing Bryan’s drop work and Adam is busting BB’s balls for not listening, awesome!


Adam is now telling Jimmy about his love of “Catfish” and how he’s being retweeted his synopsis of the show by fans. Adam is now telling Jimmy his take on the show and how it shows how shallow and fucked up guys are.

Adam is now telling Jimmy about his kids and their inability to conceive of a trip without shopping, Adam is now asking Jimmy if he reminisces about his early days and misses the simplicity. Jimmy is now giving a great funny anecdote about renting movies.

Adam is now making a larger point about anticipation and waiting making things better, he’s citing foreplay and has some good quotes.

Adam is now congratulating Jimmy on his success and explaining why no matter what Jimmy achieves it never makes him angry, envious or bitter. Jimmy is proclaiming that people are assholes who bring this stuff up and now Adam is citing the time a woman brought up Dr. Drew’s 3 TV shows during an interview.


Adam is now doing a live read and Jimmy is complimenting him on his newfound reading abilities, Adam is explaining how once you’ve hit 30 it’s really difficult to learn to read correctly.

Adam is now explaining how reading on TV is like being told to read in front of the class times 1 million, he’s now explaining a traumatic experience from his childhood where he misspelled girls.

Adam is now explaining how he was tested for his dyslexia and giving his famous take on how it can often be a racist diagnosis. Adam is now going over his entries to the Urban Dictionary.


They’re back from break and now Jimmy is telling the story of a bachelor party they attended in Mexico back in the pre “Man Show” days.

Jimmy is now explaining the story behind the George Wallace hotel prank and now Adam is asking him about his “John and Jeff” prank call.

Jimmy is now telling the gang about his former assistant who mixed up some instructions and accidentally sent over 10k worth of sports memorabilia to the wrong place.


Callers for Jimmy

1st Caller Mario has a cocky tone and in trying to be funny kind of insults Jimmy, he wants to know about Jimmy’s time spent at fox for their NFL Sunday show.

Adam is now refining a better question and wants to know if Jimmy is better at comedy now than when he was 25, Jimmy has a very insightful answer.

Adam is now telling the gang about Jimmy inviting him and Lynette to Cabo for a dream vacation and how he had to leave early to perform in Addison Texas and Jimmy has a great joke about Mexico.


2nd caller Sarah who’s not on the line wants to know how Adam feels about Jimmy’s relationship with his parents, Jimmy is now explaining how he feels about Adam’s parents, very interesting!

Jimmy is now explaining that his parents actually take more of an interest in Adam than his own parents, Sarah is now on the line to elaborate on her question.

Jimmy has some very interesting insight into why his relationship with his parents can be far more beneficial than one like Adam’s. Great anecdote about his mom forcing his fiancé to eat 5 pieces of cake,

Adam is now asking Jimmy how he feels about his prospects of being a husband now in his 40’s, very deep material. Now Adam is telling the gang about the first time he met Jimmy’s ex-wife and how “Boogie Nights” was filmed at the club they were at.

Adam is now sharing the anecdote about the first time he talked to Jimmy’s ex-wife about the boxing match he was training for and her hilarious reply to him.

Adam is now making a larger point about being ready for marriage and what needs to change in a guy’s mind before he truly is ready to be a husband.


Alison’ News, her top story is about the ceremony to swear in Barrack Obama for his 2nd term; Adam is now on a hilarious riff about showing this Country’s founding fathers the New England patriot’s starting line.


2nd story is about a news reporter who had an unfortunate slip of the tongue while reporting on the president’s inauguration.

Adam is now riffing about slips of the tongue and brain and he’s now riffing with Jimmy about the curse of unwanted boners.


3rd story is on “The Ace of Cakes” making the cake for the president’s inauguration, Alison is now asking Adam his take on the “crazy cakes” and Adam is riffing about everything now being packaged with attitude.


4th story is on Barbara Walters being hospitalized for falling down; Jimmy is immediately suspicious and now speculating on what age falling down becomes a news story.

Adam is now speculating on broken bones in your youth vs. when you’re elderly and now he’s riffing about coat hangers and their usefulness, Jimmy is agreeing and sharing an anecdote about luggage.

Adam is now riffing on old guys losing the “variable speed” on their handshakes.


5th story is on Katie Couric getting the first televised interview with Manti Te’o; Jimmy wants Adam’s theory on the controversy with Manti.

Adam and Jimmy are sharing their theories on what happened as Alison reads the rest of the story, Adam is now explaining how news items like this preoccupying our attention is proof we don’t have real problems.


6th story is on an Australian library that’s made headlines by moving all of Lance Armstrong’s books to the fiction section. Adam is now weighing in on Lance and explaining how at least now we’re talking about cycling as a sport.

Adam is now going off on super repetitive actions and how people with personality can’t do it, he’s explaining that the type of person who can put up with that repetition is not necessarily the most interesting person.


7th and final story is on Hooters getting a redesign. Adam is doing a live read and now Alison is walking the gang through some photos of the redesigned restaurants.

Adam is now explaining how he sees surfboards on the wall as a cop out for a bar, Alison is agreeing and getting him to expound on the topic.

The control room now fired up a photo of Adam and Jimmy at hooters from the 90’s, they’re trying to figure out what they were doing and now Adam is telling Jimmy about “Christmas Time in the LBC” coming on his IPod on Christmas.


They’re now playing the amazing “Christmas Time in the LBC” and now I need all copies of every year of KROQ Christmas tapes, this is gold!

Alison is wrapping the news and Adam praises Jimmy for the song holding up, Adam is now teasing some upcoming guests including Dana Gould and Jimmy expresses his condolences for the loss of Huell.

Adam just announced their 1000th show is coming up this week, Jimmy is joking about the odds of them keeping the recording order correct.

Breaking News, Alison just announced the winner of the Patriots/ Ravens game and Jimmy is explaining how this shows just how busy Adam is. Adam is now explaining how he shouldn’t brag about betting on The Patriots as Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal will believe he jinxed them.

Adam is now doing some plugs and explaining how sad it’s going to be to miss Kimmel get his star on the walk of fame.