Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/20/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 499

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/20/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 499

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Ami Horowitz

Recorded 01-12-2017 – Release Date 01-20-2017

Production Number #499 – Ami Horowitz

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Adam and Drew open the show with Ami Horowitz in studio making his ADS debut, Adam was turned onto his work from listening to Dennis Prager’s show.

Adam says Ami’s work echoes what a lot of us sane, non-partisan people think.

Adam is now talking about the “voter suppression” and the notion of a race of people being unable to get identification, he says it’s the ultimate form of racism.


Drew brings up Obama’s farewell speech, Ami is weighing in and explains what making it easier to vote actually means.

He explains how they could mean a variety of things with the claims of wanting to make voting easier, Adam says it’s been nonstop election talk for a year, if you wanted to vote, you know how to vote.

Adam talks about his history of voting and not voting, he chooses when he wants to participate.


Ami and Drew make a point about class over race, identification is not a bridge to far for black people, nor any race living in America.

Drew asks Ami about his video asking white liberals about voter suppression and identification among black people, Adam brings up the ultimate racism, hubris and narcissism white liberals express regarding the notion that other people are incapable of simple tasks.

They play the clip from Ami’s video.


Adam comments on the ample bosom on the black woman who closes out the video, Ami says it’s sweet over racist, it’s a form of ignorance and it’s good natured.

Adam says it’s beyond racism and he cites his old-school counselor Mr. Tomey who told him which classes were and weren’t for him, treating him like he was lesser than his peers.

Adam jumps in and makes a point about the perceived bias of the videos and Ami’s work, Adam has Ami tell them about the actual stats of the people documented.


Ami says he only shares videos with super majority opinion differences he doesn’t cheat it nor share the stuff that is too close to make a video for.

Ami says only one person recognized him and skewed the polling in the videos.


Ami is telling them about his attempt to support the opposing candidate at each of the political conventions, he shares how kind the conservatives supporting Trump were toward him vs, the democrats who spit on him for supporting Trump.

Adam shares his theory about hippies being covertly angry and aggressive, Drew says it’s a disavowal of their own aggression and Adam uses Rosie O’Donnell to make a point about how she hid her true nature from her daytime TV audience.

Adam is explaining why they program TV that way, Rosie had to be fake to be successful, he cites his friend who worked on her staff and he cites Ellen who didn’t dance at the weeding they both attended.


Adam is making a point about portrayal vs. reality and he cites Dennis Prager as a counter example and goes back to the hippies putting flowers in the barrel of guns.

Ami references Howard Stern along with Dr. Drew and they say “peace and love” and then Drew mentions Joey Boots.

Adam is talking about the professor who demanded some “muscle” the infamous story where Melissa Click was fired, after her hidden rage bubbled over on camera.


RiverdaleAdam and Drew pretend they’ll watch it edition


Adam and Drew are both talking about being sick of everyone and being nonpartisan and Drew still wants apologies for the various affronts to science and his advice over the past 30 years.

Adam shares how he fell out of the democratic party after they started painting everyone as victims and he saw what a negative effect that has. They get into Israel and how people have turned on the country.

Adam is talking to Ami about growing up in the same area and working at KROQ back in 1992, Adam talks about his friends who were from Hebrew Heights and how they turned out compared to his local North Hollywood boys.


Adam explains how this connects to the differing view of Israel among leftists over the past 15 years, Ami explains it and shares how the history of anti-Semitism has been part of the secular left for hundreds of years.

Ami brings up cultural relativity and the myth of equality, he explains the victimhood blaming comes into play when you compare Israel to the rest of the middle east.


Adam is talking about what Whoopi was saying on ‘The View’ about the risk we all have to end up in prison, Adam is making a point about luck having little to do with avoiding a life of crime and Ami is now telling them about the fallacy of drug related convictions statistics for prisoners.

Ami has some real information and Adam talks about inequality and the obvious answer that a culture might be responsible for the quality of their own lives.

Dr. Drew brings up a Bernie Sanders town hall where a small business owner couldn’t get a relevant reply as Bernie kept talking about the 1%.


Adam is talking about how nobody thanked the corporations for creating all of these jobs, he cites the Obama “you didn’t build it” speech and Gary gets on mic and asks for some heads up on what he needs to find.

Ami makes a point about being dependent on the government creating a sense of entitlement, Ami talks about the whack pack on The Howard Stern show and Dr. Drew brings up Dr. Bruce who experiences the new entitlement of the Obama Care insured in the E.R. every day.

Adam is now talking about the hypocrisy regarding Ferguson and Gary has the clip of Obama’s speech, Adam is reacting to it and commenting over it, mocking it by cheering along.


Adam says fuck that horrible message and Drew tries to look for the most positive element of the speech, regarding interdependency among humans in society.

Adam says he grew up knowing that nobody was going to anything for him, he still had a strong sense of community and responsibility to protect it while not expecting the same from it.

Drew talks about an environment where we can all thrive and Ami jokes about Adam only being successful due to his parent’s involvement and Adam wraps up the episode with a plug for Ami’s latest video regarding Palestine, Ami is enjoying his Mangria and they close the show.


If you want to hear more of this conversation check out Dr. Drew Podcast #259 (feat. Ami Horowitz) recorded immediately after this episode, sans Adam Carolla.