Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/20/2016 – Bill Goldberg

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/20/2016 – Bill Goldberg

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Bill Goldberg

Recorded 01-19-2016 – Release Date 01-20-2016

Production Number #1739

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Adam opens the show to a very clever in memorial intro referencing Glen Frey, nice work Dawson and Lynch.

BB has a topical #Nerds! Top Drop form ‘Revenge of The Nerds’ because Gina was just schooling him on battery life and his iPhone.

Adam teases tomorrow’s show and today’s 2nd recording with Russell Simmons and today’s guest Bill Goldberg, Goldberg is calling in for his 2nd appearance, he was first on ACS #1390 and did a great classic episode of Carcast back in 2011


Adam is telling them about the drive out for the weekend of shows and the return to LAX, he brings up their local driver Nick the new lackey.

Adam explains how Nick got to drive the fully loaded jag all weekend and brings up how Caelan scratched the rim when he borrowed the car, Nick didn’t damage the car.

Adam talks about the weird panic mode of his youth and compares that to today’s young people and their matter of fact reactions to their own fuck ups.


Adam says this will not be good for our society and says that fucking up should immediately result in a rush of fear and concern of how to cover it up.

Gina shares her jealousy at people who are able to go through life not sweating the small stuff, Adam jokes about dogs taking a shit on The Tonight Show right next to George Lopez, gold!

Adam is jealous of pets as they can shit anywhere they want and don’t know they’re going to die.


Adam is back to the story of Nick driving them and the resulting “key fob controversy” he came home to, Gary gets on mic and Adam explains how nick left his black key fob in Adam’s car, he shares Lynette’s efforts to find said fob.

Adam is talking about the black on black interiors that don’t help when searching for a key fob, they should be made bright orange.

BB has Adam clarify the story and he screams “who knows” and says it’s nice to have the two old millionaires searching the garage with a flashlight and arguing.


Adam asks how much of your life you would like to dedicate to crawling around the backseat of the car, BB asks who he’s blaming, obviously Nick and says it could be Lynette getting some payback for the keys in the purse mistake from last week.

Adam is getting to the collateral backup conversations, Gina says they become like Nick’s parents and he comments on adults who spend years of their lives walking in a circle wasting time.

Adam says he found out today, Nick is now on mic again…


Nick is telling them about his conversation with his roommate and he explains the key fob was in his futon, Adam is now riffing about prioritizing eating ice cream and beating off over this waste of energy.

Adam is talking about the resistance he’s met with when he brings this up, Nick says he has a lot of what Adam’s describing, his grandmother raised him and Adam tells him he’s good and absolves him of feeling badly about this, it’s alright dude.

Adam says it’s a trickle down collateral damage, Gina asks if they actually drove the car, she says she would garage it and wait till they got back.


BB has a funny ‘Resume’ podcast one liner, Adam is talking about his regular placement of rear left pocket for hotel room keys.

Adam is explaining how the last place they played had an oversize key, he was a little superstitious and shares how he gets near anal (literally) with his back pocket and room key.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Staring at your wife’s ass searching for something that doesn’t exist edition


Adam is back to his mentor Cliff ‘Cuzzi’ Averre, he’s out of town on business and will be calling in next week. He’s in the carpet cleaning business.

Adam is talking about cleaning carpets and how they used to fight over sludge tank detail as the actual carpet cleaning was such brutal back breaking work.

Adam talks about carpeting tan lines, BB is asking about moving things to clean underneath items and furniture.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Corey, he wants to know about Adam’s mom and her career history.

Adam says he was driving a van for retirees, the closest she ever came to a career.


Bill Goldberg is joining them over the phone, Adam is giving a plug for his upcoming Legends of Wrestling event.

Adam brings up his NFL career before wrestling, he tells them about being drafted by the Rams.

Adam brings up Bill’s love for cars and he tells them about his wife and checkbook keeping him from going to auto shows to acquire more vehicles, he says he has 21 cars and he mentions a few of them at Adam’s request.


Bill is telling them about his Boss 209 and Adam mentions ‘Heat Like a Wheel’ and Shirley Muldowney and Adam is riffing about drag racing accidents, hilarious Vietnam riff talking about a race car that was used on an aircraft carrier.

Goldberg tells them about the legacy of his car and how it’s the last surviving of the Air craft carrier mustangs.

Bill tells Adam he’s heading to Goodwood and Adam interrupts to tell him he’s driving this year, Adam is talking about “Hemi Under Glass” racing and how they used windows in the floor to see the track, Adam says this is awesome he’s going to get drunk with Goldberg.


Adam is plugging his event once again and mentions the charity they’re supporting along with some other wrestlers attending the event.

Adam asks how you set the price on a one of a kind car, you have nothing to gauge it by.

Goldberg says he’s not going to ever sell it, he thinks only an offer he can’t refuse might make him consider it and shares an anecdote of talking to an interested party about it.


Goldberg says Top Gear has the Stig and he has the twig, while talking about his beloved wife.

Goldberg is telling them about ‘Combat Crate’ and how it supports veterans.

BB plays the new drop of Bill shouting ‘Nice!” in response to Adam also heading to the event, he also plays Mick Foley saying he loves to “suck cock” when he was quoting a porn star.


Adam is doing a Live Read

Caelan is signed up if you want someone to ruin your rims edition


2nd Caller Mark, he lost 200lbs after listening to Adam’s advice 2yrs ago, he shares how he got into weight lifting and tells them about losing his first 100lbs in 4 months, he plateaued at 300 and listened to Adam which has led to another 135lb of fat loss.

Adam says BB had the same story and comments on soda and walks and the effect both have on a physique.

Adam is talking about the soda sizes and the gap between IQ’s in this country, the have and have nots, he says fast food used to advertise the taste not quantity.


Adam says everything is based off gross weight, not quality and BB mocks the latest “2 for 2” McDonalds commercial.

Adam is talking about the average cost of cars and homes and how fast food is the only commodity that hasn’t gotten more expensive over time.

Gina talks about upcoming guest Russell Simmons’s book and how he talks about this, Adam is joking about the Jeff Foxworthy Golden Corral commercials and the strap on feed bags they’re advertising.


Adam is now mocking the dominos ads and the big load of carbs they serve up, with carbs on the side.

Adam says this will be the only period in history where rich people are trim and poor people are obese.

Mark is telling them about his leftover skin and asking if he should get the surgery.


BB asks Mark about his personal life, he tells him to do the surgery and get it over with, he has a new body and a new lease on life.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


3rd Caller John, Adam apologizes and says they will touch on his question at a later date, he doesn’t’ want to get into it due to time, and perhaps Russell Simmons monitoring from the guest waiting area.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy and the pledge of Jada and Will Smith not to attend, Adam is now being realistic about academy awards and how they’re a thing of privilege.

Gina has a clip of the original aunt Vivian from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ who has her own take on Jada’s video message and the boycott.

Gina says the video goes on and shares how Will Smith refused to partner up and get a group deal for the show, like the ‘Friends’ model.


Adam is now sharing how everyone is pre-loaded to assume/presume something happens because of a conspiracy.

Adam talks about the “not thinking about it” way the Oscars nominate people.

Gina has a statement from the president of the motion pictures Academy, Adam talks about going after the trophies doesn’t move the needle much for your culture, mascots and trophies are insane approaches.


Adam asks about Hispanic and Asian nominations for the awards, they’re mostly at work today?

Adam shares his umbrage with racial based hiring and filling quotas, Adam is explaining how Mexico has turned itself into a Narco state and that has caused the influx of Mexicans who now demand they elect people who look or sound like them, even fakers like Tony Vilar.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Legal Zoom

Dragon Snake mixup edition


2nd Story Is on Jamie Foxx’s heroic rescue of a man outside of his home, Gina has the frightening details and she asks about cars catching on fire.

Adam uses ‘CHiPS’ logic to explain how cars do and don’t explode, they’re trying to figure out what kind of car they’re looking at and Adam is using the axel to determine what kind of vehicle it is.

Adam, says he’s not happy about the G Wagon being destroyed but he thinks the car is really douchey, Gary has a picture of the Kardashian’s driveway where they have 6 of them.


Adam is now riffing about Native American life debts, mixing up Wookies and humans.

Adam is now riffing as a “Chief Thunderbear”: esque character, BB is now riffing as Jamie Foxx who saved his life in the pickup truck out front.

BB is not doing his best, Adam is joking about being eastern Indian now, little known trivia.

Are BB’s improv classes ruining his timing and getting him to try for more when he was already perfect?

Gina wraps the news


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live read

Some Sales Tax too edition


Adam is giving out the closing plugs and getting ready to record with Russell, coming up tomorrow.