Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/19/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 498

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/19/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 498

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-12-2017 – Release Date 01-19-2017

Production Number #498 – And It Will Be What It Will Be

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Adam has a “we love that, about you” intro and they go right into the calls.


1st Caller Victor, he wants to know about Melatonin and what Drew’s take is on the stuff, he says he’s thrown off by the dosage.

Drew says you should never be thrown off by the “naturally occurring chemical” bullshit when it comes to pharmacology.

Drew suggests taking less than 1mg, Drew says he gets knocked out by it and experiences muscle relaxant effects, anecdotally he experiences tremendous results.


2nd Caller Jeff, he was a daily pot smoker for over 3 years and he is worried about some information he read in a recent study.

Jeff is telling them about his withdrawal symptoms, Drew asks how this isn’t a physical withdrawal he’s experiencing, Drew says the sleep problem and the panic can persist.

Drew tells him to work on the sleep, he tells them he’s 3 weeks removed from smoking and they both recommend exercise to replace the pot.


Adam is now saying that his jam is “oversimplifying shit” and he tells the gang about parking on Franklin when he was living with his ex in Hollywood, there was no parking and he painted his stereo brown to prevent people from stealing it.

Adam further explains his simple solutions that allowed him to prevent his car from being stolen and the stereo from being snatched.


3rd Caller John, his friend has a back pain and he prefaces his question with a comment about his own addiction.

John is asking about non-addicted opiate users who are dependent on the medication to prevent the pain, unable to escape the cycle.

Adam says it’s like putting a sticker over the check engine light of life, it can’t be a long-term solution to try and avoid addressing the problem.


4th Caller Scott, he compliments Scott Carney’s appearance on the ACS and mentions his archeology studies, Drew asks how this pertains to archeology.

Adam is now going super in depth on the evolution of mankind and his own childhood activities that were very similar to early life, the lives his kids are living now might as well be in a spaceship.

Adam says that every chance you get, get out there and hike and experience the old-world activities of human kind.


Scott is telling them about his girlfriend and he says he’s petrified to death of her cheating on him, he’s her first boyfriend.

Scott explains he subscribes to Adam’s logic about not creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of infidelity.

Adam tells Scott that he’s dating a pretty girl and she’s like a celebrity, our society has made it that way and it’s very difficult to be on equal footing with her while you’re both as school.


Adam tells Scott to be philosophical and to use his studies to help him process the meaninglessness of most petty stuff of life and in the big picture we all die, Adam jokes about gourds and digging up “gourd bones” and they go into some sponsored content.


RiverdaleOn CW January 26th, lots of secrets edition!


5th Caller Jay wants to know about his cholesterol dropping as he’s been walking 4 miles per day, Drew says it’s not the exercise but the diet changes would cause that.

Drew is now telling Jay about Cholesterol and its role, they ask him how he changed his diet and he credits “the Vinnie” and Drew is talking about bacon moderation.

Adam says it’s troubled him that we’re all this dumb and says he’s almost entirely out of participating in the madness of listening to the news or media reports.


Adam mocks these old studies and the food pyramid, Drew has a great point about the government and Adam once again brings up the final speech Obama gave and how it kept going back to the government and what they need to do, which he didn’t like as they didn’t accomplish much of it in the 8 years they had to do it.


Adam says he likes it when presidential speeches go towards the foundation of democracy and Gary sets up a clip form the speech, part of what Adam was objecting to.

Adam and Drew are providing live commentary and mocking the “easier to vote” concept.

Drew asks why states don’t complain about how disdainful it is to vote, only the federal government.


6th Caller Daniel, his wife is about 12 weeks pregnant and he brings up the cute and simultaneously lame Facebook announcement pictures/videos.

Daniel wants their take on what they should do, Adam likes his idea and tells him to go with it.


7th Caller Andrew, he lost his father to alcoholism the same way his father lost his dad and Drew explains the genetic role of addiction and he really powers through it, wow!

Adam talks about his mom and her lack of addictive behavior but seemingly odd quest to be an addict and seek treatment for it, Adam and Drew jokes about 1970’s pot and the dangers of exploding seeds while Adam minimalizes her drug use.

They riff and wrap up the show with some plugs, great episode!