Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/19/2017 – Adam Ray and Brad Williams

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/19/2017 – Adam Ray and Brad Williams

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Guest Adam Ray and Brad Williams

Recorded 01-18-2017 – Release Date 01-19-2017

Production Number #1990

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Adam opens the show with a solid “Invitation to the inauguration” intro and Adam thanks the fans for spreading the word, BB has a killer #TopDrop from Brad Williams regarding a black president.

Adam welcomes Adam Ray and Brad Williams to the show and mentions how great it is that they now have sold out crowds for live podcasts and what an interesting genre that is.

Adam compares himself to Tony Hawk and Adam Ray has a funny circumcision riff, Brad has a funnier “burst into gold coins” comment and Adam is now setting up a “differences between men and women” discussion.


Adam says that all relationships become a climatologist trying to explain science to a heavy set woman of color with her bible open who credits everything to god and god’s will.

Brad busts out some Donald Trump and Adam jokes about arguing that dwarves are burrowers and they get back to Brad’s wedding dilemma.

Adam says he actually recorded this bit and comments on his family and their efforts to get junk gathered together for the kids to use for their school projects.


Adam says Sonny is a dude and he is a conscientious objector to participating and he riffs about the “do you have cotton?” question form Olga and his cotton balls counter offer.

Brad is now doing his impression of Olga whom he’s never met, hilarious!

Adam is setting up the recording of his daughter and son and their stark contrast of concerns, this is after the yelling slowed down Adam explains, his daughter wanted an apology and Sonny didn’t understand why he needed to do that.


Adam is now playing the clip of his kids arguing, Adam says Sonny is being very logical and BB comments on how this reminds him about his own past and Gina comments on Adam’s conversation with his own mother regarding a demanded apology.

They’re all commenting on the argument and you can hear Adam getting involved after he filmed Phil in the corner, Adam says he’s going to approach the boy tonight and propose they both go gay, not with each other but in life with other dudes.

Adam says they need to wrap this up and just live an easy life, Brad and Adam Ray are riffing about how much better a life is when you’re gay.


Adam is joking about being a “Claymate” and spending time with Clay Aiken and Brad is now telling them about a buddy who sampled cock before learning he wasn’t gay, they’re now riffing about him mid blowjob realizing his mistake.

Adam jokes about this guy having too much couth to stop mid cock suck, he doesn’t want to give this other guy an eating disorder, Adam would try to brain himself with something from a bookshelf.

Adam Ray is now riffing about the books and ashes from the urn falling and covering up Adam’s reaction to the taste of jizz.


Adam observes that Adam Ray sounds like Tony Danza and now he’s jumping fully into the character and talking about sucking dick, hilarious!


AudibleWalking the dog, the new copy from Matt Fondiler. Adam actually walks his dog with Audible edition

“Be The Boss of that dick” – Adam Ray as Tony Danza


Made Up Movie

1st Caller Keith, he congratulates Brad on his upcoming nuptials and Adam tells Adam ray it’s quietly understood we’re all jealous of his good looking single life.

Keith suggests ‘Tongue and Groove’ after fucking up and trying to cast and shape the plot of the movie, Adam is now shaping it into a rap music industry plot, inside of the ship for the acoustics for recording sick rhymes.

Adam casts Matt Damon and Terrence Howard and Whoopi Goldberg playing the same character.


Brad mocks the movie ‘Monster Truck’ and Adam brings up ‘Prison Train: On the Rail to Jail’ and they take the next caller.

2nd Caller Sam, he tries to ask questions and then gets to the name ‘Havana Hospitality’ after Adam remarks the calls weren’t properly screened.

Gina says she immediately sees this being a name for some new street drug and Adam jokes about his idea for ‘Rave Doctor’ inspired by Dr. Bruce.

Brad is now doing his Al Pacino impression and they move on after Adam casts Tom Hardy.


3rd Caller Chuck with ‘Forth and Inches’ which Adam Ray says out loud before they get him on the line, Adam Ray is now setting up a concentration camp plot in the modern era.

Adam is asking for a little bit of plot from the Escape movies with Kurt Russell, Adam Ray busts out his Dr. Phil and now Adam has Brad bust out his Donald Trump to counter Dr. Phil.


4th Caller Phil has ‘Ball-Less’ and BB sets up a melodrama of Lin Manuel Miranda as a man who loses his testicles to cancer and prefers life without testosterone, Adam casts Edward James Olmos the old-school religious stereotype.

Adam has Jared Leto essentially reprising his role from ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ and Adam Ray has a funny ‘Free Willy 3’ reference possibly unaware it’s a real movie.


5th Caller Cate, she suggests ‘Jpeg’ and Adam starts with a buddy cop premise, ala ‘Coffee and Donuts’ his old premise that singer songwriter ‘Poe’ infamously wrote an outline for after falling in love with the idea on LoveLine.

Adam asks Cate about the premise and Brad suggests he play the supervisor and Adam Ray is now playing the flight attendant from the requisite scene where he out sasses the screenplay and cast, Adam jokes about Brad telling Shaq not to eyeball him.

Brad talks about driving around in a neighbor kid’s Barbie Power Wheel, they play some video of him doing it and Adam Ray riffs about paying him to drive across country in that thing, BB has a killer sound bed and Adam Ray hits the post, gold!

They wrap the bit.


Tommy JohnAdam can’t throw out his old midways but he wants to edition


Gina’s News

1st Story is an update on Johnny Manziel and his efforts to clean up his act, Gina has a clip from TMZ and Adam riffs about getting Johnny together with Tim Tebow and he mocks the irony of one man’s efforts vs the others, hilarious “worshiping the devil” reply when BB jumps in the improv scene with Adam playing Johnny bragging about his various debaucheries and hitting the bottom depth of depravity, worshipping multiple devils. Holy shit!

Brad is commenting about short NFL players and how the comments about size are all relative, Adam ray gets him to quiet down and they move on.


2nd Story is an update on Trump’s inauguration, she reveals that ‘The B Street Band’ dropped out and will not be performing, Gina hints about a possible booking of ‘The Beach Boys’ but Trump nixed it after they requested over a million dollars.

Adam says that when John Stamos joined them on stage they lost their edge, they all riff about the various bands ruined by ‘Full House’ cast members.

Brad reveals that John Stamos is frightened of midgets, Adam is making a point about good looking dudes and why other men appreciate them, it should be neither here nor there, it must be tapping into the reptilian part of our brains that presume god loves him more than us, more time was spent on him.


Gina is further expressing her enthusiasm for John Stamos and he asks the gang if they would accept a peck on the check from Stamos.

Adam Ray jumps in and Brad has his own twist, hilarious idea from Adam about taking an ad out and he suggests a tumescence monitor and he jokes about John saying things to turn him on more and other things to turn him off.


Life LockThe Crime of 2017 is going to be identity theft, we all know it Edition


3rd Story is on Steve Harvey apologizing for mocking the ‘How to Date White Women, a Practical Guide for Asian Men’ and Gina plays the clip of the non-joke, joke attempt and then she explains all of the media shit-storm that resulted from Steve’s comments.

Adam says he enjoys it when black guys have to apologize the same way white guys have to, he’s now doing an impression of MLK who dreamed about a future of apologizing, white men and black men together apologizing to everybody!

Adam says there is always one white cop with his poker face on in these historical speeches and he remarks on what kind of reminder that must be for the grandchildren, seeing grandpa being a racist for all of time.


Everyone is weighing in on the joke and Adam once again shares his Steve Harvey is the black Dr. Phil and Adam Ray busts out the Phil impression.


4th Story is on Waka Flocka Flame wiping his ass with a Trump jersey at one of his shows, BB has the clip of Gina saying “Waka Flocka Flame” and they all watch the footage.

Adam is inspired and they all riff about it, Adam is now suggesting a new FUBU, FEME a Donald Trump created line of clothing and jerseys.

They comment on the various teams that refusing to stay at Trump owned hotels and Adam Ray is riffing as Trump and he jokes about them bringing in a minor-league team.


Adam gives a strong “No! But” instead of a yes and, he brings up the Washington Generals instead as they can’t get a real NBA team to show up.

BB has a killer one liner and Brad is now riffing about the equipment manager showing up, Adam has a solid Steve Kerr reference despite saying “Kern” and Gina wraps the news.


GeicoStandard 2017 edition


Adam plugs his new Spike show and have the guys give out their plugs as well, BB closes the show with Brad as his “thought he was gay” buddy tasting semen, wow!

Hilarious Episode, don’t miss this one!