Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/19/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show – 110

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/19/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show – 110

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The Adam and Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-15-2014 – Release Date 01-19-2014

Production Number #110 Rent-A-Girlfriend

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Adam is opening the show with a unique thank you to the listeners that support the network of shows and the employees there, Adam is now asking Drew if he remembers when jobs used to be crappy.

He’s on a riff about sweating being a “Rich man poor man” thing, either in a sweatshop making Nikes overseas or a rich person doing yoga in the states.

Adam is explaining his job and luck to have the best job he could fathom from his humble upbringings.

Adam is now singing an impromptu song in the vein of Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp about having a cool boss, he’s got multiple lines and rhymes, gold!


Drew just got Adam to drop a last name, he’s telling Drew about running into an ex-wife of a former construction boss.

Adam is now bringing up the last time that Drew demanded Adam reveal the buddy who boned a bean bag chair and became a teacher.

Adam is now sharing the anecdote of the subsequent phone call, Drew is reacting like he’s never heard this before, and he has heard this before several times.


Adam is giving all the details including the 2nd phone call after MTV re-aired the episode uncensored.

Adam is getting back to his asshole boss and his greatest goal for future employment “not to be miserable” when he’s on the job with the aforementioned Mike.

Adam is getting to his stand in work on “Judgment Night” and what it paid along with all the benefits of being on set, Adam is really breaking it down for Drew.


Adam is now contrasting his upbringing against Dr. Drew’s and his trajectory that was already in place, Adam is bringing up his “feeling out of control” theory and Drew is in agreement.

Adam is bringing up some deal with the devil scenarios and has a bizarre hallmark job offer he would have jumped at the chance for when he was younger.

Hilarious flaming paper and virgin ink comments from Ace, comedy gold!


Adam has another bizarre job offer that involves staring at a clock that was stolen from a school for 8hrs per day, what a weird job.

Adam is getting to the idea of that being a wasted life, whoa!

Adam is explaining how this is a sign that his parents and the school system didn’t do such a good job, Drew is sharing his recent podcast with Ray and the information he gleamed.


“His version of it, is lying” – Adam, Adam is responding to Drew bringing up the time Ray wanted 75$ per episode for “Ace on the House” and Drew is consulting with Chris and Gary about what else they learned in the interview.

Gary says it was Ray, the episode will be released tomorrow on the 20th of January 2014.

Adam is giving his take on Ray taking what he wanted all the time in the non-grown up world, Adam is going super in depth on the psychology of his peers.


Adam is now asking Drew if he would want his son to be a year older than his peers and be able to bench press 200lbs more than them, would Drew wants his son to be the strongest guy around and never face challenges.

Adam is saying that’s what Ray had and how the IRS reacts to Ray vs. how kids on the schoolyard reacted to the larger Ray.

Adam is making a lot of sense and Drew is sharing that Ray said he feels like he’s getting paid back for all the years of him dominating.


Adam is sharing how he hasn’t quite done enough in explaining delayed gratification, he’s citing Ray’s demand for 75$ up front per episode, Adam is now citing internships and working for free.

Adam is citing an off air conversation with Dr. Drew about Michael Narren, Drew wanted to get ahold of him, he could have simply called me as I am Narran’s agent for Carolla work and played an unspoken role in bringing him to the podcast.

Adam is now sharing how Narren is doing at his job over at “Family Guy” sitting in the catbird seat, Adam is sharing how he got that job, and Adam put in the call after Narren created “Gay Eye” for free.


Adam is telling the full story and he’s now back to how it contrasts Ray and the 75$ story.

Adam quickly references his catholic little brother Nate and the phone card.

Adam is sharing his reaction to what happened and now has given up and dropped his vested interest, saying it’s like when the school counselor stops calling your house because you’ve stopped showing up past a threshold.


Adam says the worst day for anyone that works with him is the day he stops telling them to do stuff the right way as it means he doesn’t care any longer.

Adam is sharing an incident with Gary where he told him how apologies don’t help, he’s comparing it to “you better respect” me commands from shouting assholes.

Adam says an apology minus modification of behavior is meaningless and he’d rather just have the modification, keep the card he says.


Adam is explaining respect and how it plays a role in who he wants to spend time with, he’s citing a hypothetical guy picking up litter without knowing he’s being observed.

Adam is sharing what causes him to be “turned off” and he’s got a nice female sexual attraction metaphor and he’s comparing it to a national geographic scene with an excellent lapdog analogy.

“Talk to the ashtray that is my vagina” Adam is now sharing a Jay Leno anecdote that’s actually kind of heartwarming and is right in line with Adam’s theory on respect and being turned off by a person.


Adam is giving out some plugs and doing a live read.


1st Caller Molly, they’re trying to hear her, nope.


2nd Caller Mike, he wants to know about Marijuana and the addictive qualities of it, he’s citing the bogus information his friends cite from the internet.

Drew is explaining that people who don’t want to hear this, simply won’t listen and he citing a guy who has published the data on the addiction rates and properties.

Adam is now sharing his take on marijuana use, he’s citing the less harmful effects of marijuana but he’s making note of the percentage of users who use it during the day and how it dwarfs the percentage of people who are day drinkers.


Adam is making a great point and Drew totally agrees, Adam is citing his own drinking after 9pm and rare earlier drinking when traveling.

Adam is bringing up the “wake and bake” element of pot and saying that’s the aspect he hates of the drug, he’s citing his party friends who drink on weekends but not on Monday morning.

Adam is summing it up nicely and saying people that smoke pot, smoke pot, in that they do it all the time.


Adam is citing all the people who enjoy a glass of beer or wine and consume it with dinner from time to time, he’s now asking who has a relationship with marijuana like that as he doesn’t know of any.

Drew is bringing up Adam’s occasional pot use and Drew putting it together with “there is no intermediate zone with pot” and Adam is further citing the people who don’t drink much but will have a cocktail with dinner and Ray’s stance on pot.

Adam is sharing how he would rather have someone high operating a motor vehicle for example but he is citing the difference in percentages of people who spend their time high/altered and what that means.

Drew is citing the weird energy around the drug.


3rd Caller Matt, he’s calling about his cousin through marriage and Adam has a great “hire a hobo” comment, gold!

Adam is asking what the question is and Drew is bringing up his existing medical intervention and suggesting Matt contact his cousins Dr. and talk to him.

Adam tells Matt there is only so much he can do and Drew is giving his professional advice, Adam is now bringing up his theory on sending over a whore to help the guy, but his hesitation on how it wouldn’t work.


Adam is now pitching “Rent-A-Girlfriend” as a service to help improve men and change their lives by giving them a little motivation and building their confidence through positive reinforcement.

Adam is describing a super sad implosion of a man and what men can become with depression spirals and weight gain.

Adam makes it clear these are Jr. College girls and is spelling out the service and how it works to improve the lives of these young men.


Adam is really fleshing out this idea and Drew is reacting nicely, Adam has a great hike example and funny lonely fat dude word usage.

Adam has a great closer and Chris chimes in perfectly, Adam is taking this in a great creating jobs angle, nice one Chris.

Drew is launching into a live read.


4th Caller Shawn, His wife was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and he experienced a divorce, he’s praising Adam and Drew for Episode 108 with the director of Divorce Corp.

Shawn is explaining how his ex-wife is spiraling in her behavior and he’s trying to move onto the next chapter of his life.

Shawn is sharing why he was provided full custody of the kids and Adam is offering up firm and consistent actions and words from Shawn.


Drew is sharing how borderlines will inject their feelings into other people to make them feel what she’s’ feeling and reenact the traumas of her past.

Adam is now wrapping up the show and giving thanks to the listeners and telling all the rest of us to subscribe to the show via PayPal.

He’s got a Mangria plug and another plug for his new book “President Me” available for pre-order via the Amazon link via the show page link above.


Adam is now sharing how he knows his mom read his first book and how he got verification form his mom via a phone message and Adam is sharing the Complisult she used in said message.