Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/18/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 497

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/18/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 497

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-12-2017 – Release Date 01-18-2017

Production Number #497 – You Don’t See How This Is Gonna Go?

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Adam has an enthusiastic intro and they’re enjoying the meat and cheese from Matthew who brought it over, Drew brings up millennials and his efforts to get into the mindset of someone of this generation.

Drew brings up studies that show people become unhappy with too many choices, Adam has a solid TV selection analogy and he says when he picks his new automobile, no matter what he chooses, he knows there will be something better out there for him.

Drew brings up ‘The Founder’ the movie about the origin of ‘MacDonald’s’, he goes on about Ray Kroc and Adam is now telling Drew about talking to his nephew about his aspirations for a career and his desire to get a job working at the studio.


Adam is now joking about his family never discussing ‘The 24-Hour War’ as his nephew didn’t even know that Adam made it, they watched it at Adam’s house and had no idea.

Adam talks about his monosyllabic replies and lack of interest in or affect in reaction to information.

Adam thinks he should skip the junior college, he should learn to work and Adam explains what that means, Drew agrees and takes it back to college, where you learn problem solving while learning to work.


Adam is now talking about the president and how these discussions about race leave him lost, he can sort out morality himself, he doesn’t need the guy on the corner to wax poetic about fuel and the nature of going places, he need to know where to get gas.

Drew is defending Obama’s point from his final speech as president, Adam is picking it apart and the racial elements that he finds to be insulting and from a bygone era.

Adam says nobody is discriminating against anyone, he brings up Olga’s report of never experiencing discrimination since immigrating.


Adam doesn’t want the president talking her into being marginalized when she’s not experienced that and doesn’t feel that way.

Adam shares his hard-working loser hypothetical question he ran by Olga, he asked if she knew anyone who was generally responsible and not getting by, not making it.

Adam is commenting on Jay Mohr and his “bust your ass” reply, Adam is not saying that, he’s saying hard working and life not working out.


Adam wonders if the system is even as close to broken as we all presume, he talks about personal responsibility and the socioeconomic gap.

Adam talks about his nephew and his paralyzing world of unlimited possibilities, they go into some sponsored content.


Riverdale A twisted spin on the classic comic strip, Drew focuses on the darkness edition


1st Caller Aaron, he wants to know about vacationing in the Dominican Republic with his pregnant wife and Gary has a side question, asking about Zika and its possible latent affects for people planning to get pregnant.

Adam asks Drew about Zika and Drew is very negative on them traveling and he asks why take that small risk, Adam says they’ve already paid and brings up DDT.

Drew recalls it was banned as it was softening egg shells and Adam makes a point about banning DDT being right in his mom’s sweet spot, she was really down on this point made by DOW while million of people died by the spread of mosquito based diseases that could have been prevented if not for insane narcissist hippies.


Adam is now talking about the black lives matter movement and the messages about cops, the narrative that doesn’t help anyone nor help the dialogue progress even an inch.

Adam is mocking ’60 Minutes’ and their “what’s going on?” piece addressing the cops no longer stopping and frisking black youths in Chicago.

Adam is now addressing his criticism of Obama and how it all connects back to him going along with the narrative about Ferguson Missouri and Michael Brown.


Adam talks about how he menaced the store owner after robbing him, Adam is saying it’s not a great example of the unarmed black youth being killed, there are other “fantastic” examples of that happening, let’s use those, not this one.

Drew brings up his friend a former LAPD sergeant and her “bad things happen” take on policing and suspects not listening to commands.

Gary has the info on her book ‘Black and Blue’ and Adam jokes about Fletcher from Pennywise having more leeway with a suspect and makes a solid point about female cops who have less options before shooting a suspect.


Drew has an anecdotal example of a little brown woman shooting a crazed white man at the hospital, Drew and the doctors tried to save him as they were well versed, but she killed him.

Adam is now making a point about the 1% chance of a cop being killed being enough for them to shoot you preemptively.

Avoiding the situation is a better plan.


True Car2017 standard edition


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.